k1lyou can install "ubuntu-desktop"00:00
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k1lthat should bring you the whole unity and lightdm00:00
k1lhachre: you got your connection right?00:02
hachrenot at all00:02
hachremy client is going crazy00:02
hachreand spawning more and more connections lol00:02
Elfinif I reinstall from the new iso, unity should be included, correct?00:03
hachreim giong to kill it00:03
k1lElfin: yes00:03
Elfinwill it  be default?00:03
Elfinperfect. thank you. oh and, do you have a link to an official changelog of some sort for 13.04?00:04
Elfinthough I know some features are being kept secret (rumor)00:04
k1lthere are no secrets00:05
Elfinwell then yes, it is a rumor. is there a changelog somewhere? (im after the most noticeable changes, as I'm coming from 12.04LTS)00:07
[Saint]Is audio/video being slightly too fast a known issue?00:21
[Saint]I had a brief look, but I may have fudged the search terms.00:21
Elfinhmm.. if I'm not mistaken, 13.04 gave me the wrong graphics driver00:22
Elfinacer says i have Intel HD Graphics (Pentium B960) and Ubuntu says Intel Sandybridge Mobile00:23
Elfinimportant question (n00b question though sorry) if I install this daily build, will it update to the release version at release time?00:35
[Saint]Depending on your settings, yes.00:35
Elfinso using the disc I create to install on multiple pcs, will be as If I have the release cd just requiring some update? (sorry, I just want to make sure)00:36
Elfinyou see, I'm low on dvds and the iso is bloated00:37
[Saint]It really doesn't matter how you install it. Whether you burn your own disc, buy one, use the net-installer - doesn't matter.00:41
[Saint]It will still prompt you (depending on your settings) to upgrade when the release drops.00:41
Elfinawesome. hopefully when I reinstall unity will come out of the shadows. i dont know if you were here for that issue00:43
Elfinmy installation of raring neglected to have unity, unity shell, greeter, etc. I have to reinstall to hopefully have it.00:44
[Saint]you did "something wrong)TM)" then.00:44
roastedAnybody running Chrome?00:44
roastedI'm unable to install it on 13.04.00:44
* [Saint] uses Chrome on 13.0400:45
roastedI have two 13.04 machines, one with chrome, one without.00:45
roastedThe one without I just can't win against.00:45
roastedI run dpkg -i chrome.deb, it of course fails, apt-get -f install, it says 163 MB to be freed, and that's it.00:45
roastedI can't INSTALL It.00:45
roastedevery single guide on the magical internet tells me to do exactly what I did00:46
[Saint]you're "doing it wrong(TM)".00:46
[Saint]find your .deb, download it, click it, done.00:46
ElfinSaint: I bet I did, I will pay closer attention to the install this time.00:46
roastedthat does not solve my problem00:46
roastedall that does is install chromium00:46
roastedI want to install chrome ;)00:46
qenghoroasted: chromium-browser is insufficient?00:46
roastedI'm not implying that. But why am I unable to install chrome?00:47
roastedclearly it should be possible00:47
roastedI also noticed with chromium it's continually asking met o "run this time" for flash sites. Unsure about that... if that's just Chromium or what.00:47
qenghoWell, no one in Ubuntu project made that package, and we don't know what's in it, so "should" doesn't mean a lot here.00:47
roastedI installed it on another system with 13.04, so it "should" be possible.00:47
* [Saint] points out that he is using the packages from the link above, and it is in fact Chrome00:48
Elfinroasted: The run this time means that the plugin is outdated or something similar. It happens in chrome too, even on windows..00:48
roastedElfin: I have yet to see that on Chrome on any OS I use. :(00:48
qenghoroasted: a deb you download will do nothing but add a new APT source to your system.00:49
qenghoI think.,00:49
[Saint]it does both.00:49
Elfinroasted: Maybe Chromium/Chrome doesn't have sufficient privilages to download and install plugin updates. Check your settings.00:49
[Saint]it installs the package, *and* adds the repo.00:49
roasted<[Saint] that link still failed00:49
[Saint]Works for me dude.00:49
[Saint]I literally just tried it then.00:50
roastedalso, if I run it into software center, , I get Dependency is not satisfiable: libudev0 (>=147)00:50
designbybeck_any of you running +1 yet in a semi-stable way? and/or if so do you just keep on using that build when the new one comes out this month? or do you do a full install over again?00:50
trismyeah, libudev0 was deleted recently, so anyone who already has it can install google-chrome, everyone else fails with a missing dep00:50
[Saint]designbybeck_: yes - and, why would you?00:50
ElfinI plan to just update, designbybeck.00:50
ElfinFurthermore, I am running semi-stable.00:51
qenghodesignbybeck_: I've using R, what will be 13.04. I never reinstall.  I installed one machine in 2004 and one in 2008.00:51
ElfinThere is no difference, is there?00:51
* [Saint] too - I installed Ubuntu on this machine ~4 years ago :)00:52
[Saint]No need to trash the install to update - that's just silly.00:52
ElfinThat's what I figured from our conversation earlier, Saint. I grasp that a reinstall is only needed to fix more serious errors and such.00:53
designbybeck_haha., didn't know if the "beta" leaves stuff behind or is backwards comaptable if it updates some repos or something like that00:53
qenghodesignbybeck_: well, don't run anything that's not released unless you expect to find bugs and report them on Launchpad.00:53
[Saint]Elfin: fwiw - a reinstall isn't even needed to fix "more serious" errors - people just do so because they're lazy and/or can't figure out how to solve their problems any other way.00:54
[Saint]you shouldn't ever need to reinstall.00:54
qenghodesignbybeck_: but, released is a statement of quality, not a feature of the system.  It shouldn't matter to the computer about "beta" or whatnot, and won't leave stuff behind or whatever.00:55
ElfinSuppose a buttload of packages wasn't installed. Would you reinstall or would you try to figure out which packages they were and install and configure them all?00:55
[Saint]the latter.00:55
[Saint]the former takes way more time.00:55
designbybeck_i have it running in a VM at the moment, was debating on taking it for a spin on the netbook00:56
designbybeck_i have 12.10 on there now and it seems fine for the lil' guy00:56
qenghoElfin: eh?  A metapackage will provide what is the basis of the system.  Installing "ubuntu-deskop" will get everything that was on the CD.00:56
designbybeck_1gb/ atom dell 10mini00:56
ElfinI seem to disagree. I'm missing everything associated with unity, even missing some schemas, and I'm missing various other packages. Also, the wrong graphics driver is installed..00:57
qenghoElfin: "apt-cache policy ubuntu-desktop"00:57
qenghoA wrong package that has an alternate is possible, but a CD wouldn't necessarily get that right either.00:58
Elfin-_- it says  Installed: (None)00:58
qenghoThen you don't have what's on the CD.00:58
Elfinlol how is that possible?00:59
qenghoYou might have tried to remove a package that WAS on a previous CD, and the "ubuntu-desktop" package Depended on it, so you agreed to remove both.00:59
qenghoElfin: Or, you didn't use an Ubuntu CD, but another variant.  kubuntu, lubuntu, et c.  Those have different metapackages.01:02
TheElfinGuymust've lagged out01:08
hachreI'm not getting any kind of notification about new updates, I've let a test VM run for days - it's now days outdated and the update notification is set to check daily but I'm getting nothing... What's up with that? Is it broken?01:18
roastedtrism: so how does one work around that lack of dependency? I guess it makes sense because my laptop was installed a week ago, but my desktop, just yesterday.01:20
Elfinlol guys. I burned Ubuntu GNOME to a disc, not the full ubuntu raring..01:30
ElfinI just ran the disc and it said Ubuntu GNOME01:31
ElfinSo I AM going to reinstall01:31
trismroasted: someone worked around it earlier by installing the libudev0 package, which is still available here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/udev/175-0ubuntu19 (click your arch under Builds)...otherwise going to have to wait for google to work around it01:32
sary!bug #116202703:00
ubottubug 1162027 in testdrive (Ubuntu) ""global name 'gobject' is not defined" error on TestDrive just installed on fresh Raring" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116202703:00
roastedhas anybody added printers yet on 13.04? I'm curious if my printer-box-crashing issue is related to ubuntu gnome 13.04 or 13.04 as a whole.03:16
otendI think Synaptics pooed the bed.  My touchpad isn't registering clicks right now out of nowhere.03:57
otendHas this problem been encountered before?03:57
otendmisdiagnosed yet again.  alt-tab is also out.03:57
otendI'm honestly not sure what's broken now.03:57
hachreroasted: I can add a printer to test it for you04:46
hachreroasted: I added a network printer via system-config-printer and it worked like a charm04:50
hachreroasted: im on unity 13.04 not gnome04:50
saryin addition to our Discussion earlier today in regards to Chromium project : http://benjaminkerensa.com/2012/06/28/help-wanted-chromium-ppas-for-ubuntu http://goo.gl/2WHr105:49
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qenghosary: have you seen chromium lately in Ubuntu?  It's very close to up to date, often ahead of Google Chrome, even.11:25
BluesKajHey folks11:27
streulmahello, I found 2 bugs11:28
streulmafirst, I can't get to the installer disk choose screen on Mac, had to make a new partition table and then it works and then I had to repartition with the installer11:29
streulmathen when I'm on the desktop, I can't change background colors11:29
lqhello everybody12:43
lq my tty1 cant be senn in the screen ,the screen is just black entirely ,other ttys appear the same12:43
lqhow to solve the problem?thank  you my english is poor ,sorry12:44
lqwhich window environment do you use now?12:52
Bauerguys, yesterday for the first time ever, my Linux restarted without my consent.. it showed up suddenly logout screen (where I select restart, shut down etc), I hit Esc, but it still rebooted13:19
BauerAre there any logs to tell me what caused it?13:19
Bauerwhat triggered it13:19
BauerI lost hours of work due to it, I want to know what happend13:21
bjsniderBauer, i am very disturbed to hear this13:47
Bauerbjsnider: me too, those annoying restarts are the main catalyst for changing to linux for met, but the important thing now is to try and figure out what caused it... are there any logs I could look through?13:48
bjsniderBauer, are you absolutely sure you didn't hit a key or something?13:50
Bauerbjsnider: well I specifically have a keyboard without  power keys, and if I did hit something in some weird wicked way, where would such action be logged? in what logfile?13:51
bjsniderit depends on what desktop you;re running13:52
bjsniderunity is in .xsession-errors13:52
Bauerthe default one for 13.04, I think its GTK13:52
bjsnidergnome-shell isn't. don't know about the others13:52
bjsniderthere's the /var/log directory too13:53
bjsnideryou could check syslog there13:54
Bauerhmm first one has no timestamps.. btw it was a shut down yesterday, not restart (wrote wrong word here..)13:54
bjsniderwell, obviously it's not goin gto automatically shut down13:56
bjsnideri could see automatic restarts after updates or whatever, but not shutdowns13:56
Bauerbjsnider: these are the last lines in syslog before system shut down: http://codepad.org/0twxRmnc13:57
BauerI think the last 4 lines are relevant13:57
Bauernot sure what it means however13:57
sublationnotify-osd and exaile are not playing nice together.  I can see the error in the terminal when exaile changes tracks13:57
sublation    WARNING : error showing OSD notification: Timeout was reached13:57
sublationWARNING : Perhaps notify-osd is not installed?13:57
sublationBut it is installed and works without issue SOMETIMES13:58
sublationHowever, every now and again when the track changes the entire system will hang with no graphical updates on the monitor13:58
sublationHowever mouse still moves music still plays.   Wait 20 or 30 seconds for it to timeout and everything goes back to normal13:58
sublationCan disable Exailes use of notify-osd as a workaround \13:58
sublationBut I want to see what is happening on notify-osd end when exail tries to use it.13:58
sublationhow do I watch in real time what notify-osd is doing?13:59
sublationlike I can with exail run from terminal13:59
sublationis it even possible?14:04
bjsnideri'd say so14:05
bjsniderit would have to be run from a console with a verbose switch though14:05
bjsniderand i'm not an expert in it14:05
bjsniderand there's probably no one here who is14:06
sublationbecause the problem may not be with how exaile and notify-osd are cooperating but how notify-osd and shitty ass nividia are cooperating14:06
bjsniderdon't use profanity in here14:06
sublationnotify-osd can't be run on its own  i don't think14:06
sublationsorry.  I have a deep seeded hatred for nividia drivers14:06
bjsniderseated i mean14:07
bjsniderwell, you might see more from .xsession-errors, which is updated in real time14:07
sublationno I meant seeded... as in THEY planted it in me and it grew big and strong14:07
bjsniderand also running exaile from a console in a heavy verbose mode14:07
GuySofthey all, is there a repo for python 2.7.3 for ubuntu 13.04. 2.7.4rc1 is unstable14:21
Bauerbjsnider: any ideas about the errors from my syslog?14:22
Bauerlast 4 are exactly the time it shut down, more or less around 1am14:23
Bauerhow do you suggest I proceed then?14:24
bjsniderfile a bug14:27
Baueron launchpad? to what package shall I attribute it?14:29
bjsniderthat's a good question14:34
abhi_using ubuntu 13.04 now16:08
abhi_i'm having problem with lightdm16:09
k1lwhich problem16:09
abhi_after login my desktop wallpaper isn't coming16:09
abhi_the lightdm screen coming everytime as wallpaper16:09
abhi_everything other looking normal16:09
abhi_panel, unity etc. are normal16:09
k1li have the same issue16:10
abhi_i tried to logout and login again16:10
abhi_this time no wallpaper is coming16:10
abhi_a black screen is there as wallpaper16:10
k1lsometimes its just black and sometimes it stays on the wallpaper with the ubuntu logo and the 13.04 in the left corner16:10
abhi_k1l: yes, exactly the same16:11
abhi_my system is up-to-date16:11
abhi_but problem not solved16:11
abhi_anyone with any solution?16:12
k1li was to lazy to search on launchpad for the bug so far16:14
abhi_is there any bug report about this?16:16
DJonesI must be the lucky one, I've still got a desktop wallpaper16:37
penguin42hmm, I've started getting some plasma shell crashes recently16:50
GuySofthey all, is there a repo for python 2.7.3 for ubuntu 13.04. 2.7.4rc1 is unstable. i cant develop django apps like that. it broke app virtualenvs16:54
IdleOneshould file a bug on that.16:59
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johnjohn101what is a decent xml viewer/editor?18:25
bazhangjohnjohn101, apt-cache search xml returns some possibilities18:26
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bjsniderjohnjohn101, gedit does a good job with context highlighting and whatnot19:15
johnjohn101i installed something that it doesn't even show the correct stuff19:18
johnjohn101like wtf19:18
IdleOnemore detail, less swearing19:20
johnjohn101xacobeo is reporting the wrong name space19:23
hsni am using 13.04 beta, virtual desktop switch is gone?19:42
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trismhsn: I believe it is in System Settings/Appearance/Behavior (to turn it back on)19:48
meetrican someone help me mount a mac (afp) shared folder on the command line. I want it to automount19:57
hsntrism: you are right19:58
genii-aroundmeetri: Probably like:  sudo mount -t afp  //username@server/sharename /mountpoint/place20:00
GuySoftheyall, how would i go about installing this? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/amd64/python/2.7.3-0ubuntu720:00
bazhang!addppa | GuySoft20:01
ubottuGuySoft: Since Ubuntu 9.10, a !ppa can be added using a single command «  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name » See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding%20PPAs for more details20:01
meetrigenii-around, i get unknown filesystem type 'afp'20:01
Picithat doesn't look like a ppa20:02
meetriif it's easier to mount smb shares i'm open for that as well. I can do either or.20:02
meetribtw. they mount find using nautilus20:02
genii-aroundmeetri: Try leaving out the -t afp     part then and see if it auto-chooses the correct type20:02
hsnin workspace switcher, i see 2x2 desktop grid and each destkop has yellow rectagle area20:03
genii-aroundIf it's already mounted in nautilus, try: mount     ..at  the command-line to see what filesystem type is20:03
meetrigenii-around, now i'm getting "mount error(95): Operation not supported"20:03
hsnand yellow area is about 2/3 of desktop size20:03
genii-aroundmeetri: Try removing username@   part then. eg just //servername/sharename20:04
GuySoftbazhang, but ther is no user, its ubuntu , no tilda before the name20:05
GuySoftbazhang, how can I add a ppa from ubuntu, its not a user20:08
meetrigenii-around, not sure how to make since of the results returned by mount,20:08
meetrigenii-around, this seems like the most relavant line: gvfsd-fuse on /run/user/meetri/gvfs type fuse.gvfsd-fuse20:08
hsnis there some demo html5 application for checking integration with unity?20:08
GuySoftisnt there something like debian's snapshots?20:08
bazhangGuySoft, there is a link that says "downloadable files " and a .deb20:09
bazhangdl it, and software center will install it20:09
genii-aroundmeetri: Yes, so gvfs is choosing the correct type automatically, no need to specify with the -t <filetype>  in this case.  And if it does not require username/password you can omit the username@ part as I earlier said20:12
* genii-around wanders back to work20:12
meetrigenii-around, so what i get now is: unknown filesystem type 'afp'20:13
meetrioops, sorry wrong error: i get "Unable to find suitable address."20:14
GuySoftbezhang, but i want the whole thing, that would not satisfy dependency problems20:25
bazhangGuySoft, see the middle left? depends on?20:27
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GuySoftbazhang, ill just have to download ll manually. dependency trees are a mess , ill try replacing 7 packages based on versions20:36
genii-aroundmeetri: Looks like you may need afpfs-ng and then can do:  sudo mount_afp afp://username:password@servername/sharename /mountpoint20:39
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designbybeckok so the conclusion, was if you don't care if it is stable or not, install away and play play23:47

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