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coalwateranybody alive here?12:15
duanedesignjust me :)12:43
duanedesigni think /me checks pulse12:43
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yeehi1during installation of precise, I believe there is no option available for "physical volume for encryption". I want to create an encrypted partition. How do I do this?19:39
raubyeehi1: try using the alternate install or the server ISO19:52
yeehi1thanks, raub19:52
isiahyo wilee-nilee19:57
isiahI got an odd problem tonight. I have a hd that is running a bunch of NFS. The data is not actually important but the configuration fo the hard drive is. Trying to figure out the best way that I can replace the hd do to sudden failure.20:00
bill_gill_i'm looking for help with bluetooth headset and pulseaudio22:02
SilentBotHello, anyone in here that knows why my windows 8 partitions are not showing to the installer?23:14
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