JoseeAntonioRjono_: ping01:13
vibhavgood morning04:23
vibhavbkerensa: Happy Birthday!04:23
bkerensavibhav: Thank You05:09
IdleOnejono_: +1 to less bureaucracy05:47
jono_IdleOne, :-)05:47
dholbachgood morning06:45
jussidholbach: I hope you dont have to go anywhere htis morning... seems some delays on the public transport in berlin...07:54
philipballewdholbach, go and see if you can snatch the bomb before anyone else. Might make for a good collectors item, or something to sell on Ebay.07:57
dholbachI didn't even hear about this08:07
dholbachbut whatever... I'm sure it's all going to be fine08:07
JoseeAntonioRhappy birthday, bkerensa!11:58
jcastroanother day, another AWS price drop13:00
jcastroheya popey13:09
jcastrodon't recommend people with freezes to post on AU, the question will just get closed13:10
jcastrofreezes/crashes are bug reports13:10
jcastrowhat can we possibly do to help that guy other than "try a new kernel"?13:10
popeybut we dont even know what it is yet13:11
popeykernel / driver / hardware / x13:11
jcastrohe's better off submitting whatever apport comes up with13:11
popeyit doesn't. he just gets a lockup13:11
popey(from my understanding)13:11
popeyah well.13:11
jcastroyeah its just questions like that never have enough detail13:12
popeyI assumed there would be a page "what to do about lockups"13:12
popeymy bad13:12
jcastrothough, I am willing to bet a new kernel/X/GPU thing in 13.04 will work13:12
jcastrothere is13:12
jcastrobut it's pretty much a list of educated guesses13:12
popeythat's better than "tough luck buster" <closed>13:13
jcastrowell it would be duped to that13:14
jcastrobut still, freezes are pretty much the hardest thing to try to figure out over the internet13:14
jcastroI am not trying to sound mean or anything13:15
jcastroit's just, hard.13:15
Riddellpleia2, czajkowski, dholbach: community council meeting with kubuntu tomorrow?13:16
jcastropopey: I am willing to bet a new kernel fixes it13:16
jcastroevery single time I've seen a freeze, a new upstream kernel or next ubuntu version tends to fix it.13:16
jcastro</knock on wood>13:16
dholbachRiddell, yes, according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda that's correct13:17
jcastrowho wants to make fun of me?13:57
jcastroso yesterday I watched this series called "classic albums", where they talk about how rock bands made their most iconic records. And Def Leppard was on. So now I am jamming to Def Leppard this morning13:58
jcastroI feel like I should have a mullet, and I am ok with that.13:58
jcastrodholbach: or mhall119: do any of you have a minute to post a link to the juju survey on facebook for me?14:08
jcastromy account is temporarily locked out due to some security thing14:08
dholbachjcastro, any preferred piece of text for it?14:09
jcastrosomething like that14:10
AskUbuntu_How to contact Canonical to sponsor an Event | http://askubuntu.com/q/27748314:10
dholbachjcastro, was that supposed to go on the g+ ubuntu page too?14:10
dholbachjcastro, facebooked14:12
jcastroI put it on the G+ ubuntu page14:13
jcastroman, the G+ ubuntu group has 65k members!14:14
JoseeAntonioRjono__: ping14:33
jono__hey JoseeAntonioR14:33
jono__JoseeAntonioR, is this re. the loco session?14:34
jono__I think I am going to need to pass again -14:34
jono__I will respond to the thread14:34
JoseeAntonioRjust wanted to confirm this is going straight after your Q&A today14:34
jono__JoseeAntonioR, I will still do my Q+A today14:34
JoseeAntonioRjono__: so, you're doing the Q&A and just after it the loco session, right?14:36
jono__JoseeAntonioR, no, I will do my Q+A, but not the loco session14:36
JoseeAntonioRok, so when are those starting?14:37
JoseeAntonioR(I assume you got to talk to Randall, I mailed him yesterday)14:37
jono__JoseeAntonioR, my Q+A is at the normal time - I can take care of it14:37
jono__JoseeAntonioR, I don't really need you to coordinate the Q+As now that I have the account, so don't worry about it14:37
JoseeAntonioRyeah, but I'm talking about the loco sessions14:37
JoseeAntonioRI'm still waiting your input on that, Randall said those would go right after the usual Q&A, but I need you to confirm so I can add it to the calendar14:38
dholbachhey JoseeAntonioR, did you write http://pad.ubuntu.com/communitywebsite-help-keepup-onair?14:40
JoseeAntonioRdholbach: yep, I did, and it's on the wiki too14:40
dholbachJoseeAntonioR, mind if I add a proposal for a bit different text at the bottom of it and we look at the two together?14:41
JoseeAntonioRsure thing!14:41
dholbachrock on14:41
JoseeAntonioRI'm here for one more hour :)14:41
dholbachok cool14:42
philipballewUpvote anyone?14:47
czajkowskiphilipballew: brilliant idea14:48
czajkowskiI'm in .ie atm will get one and send :)14:49
philipballewczajkowski, Thank you.14:49
czajkowskiphilipballew: are you free on Friday sometimes so we cna work on stuff together for slides?14:49
philipballewczajkowski, yes. I should be free most all of this Friday.14:50
philipballewWhen works best for you?14:50
czajkowskiany time up t 19:00 UTC as I plan on sleeping friday evening early :)14:50
czajkowskiin theory at least14:50
philipballewczajkowski, alright, How about on your Thursday or Friday morning, I catch you on irc and we plan when that day?14:53
czajkowskisounds good14:53
* philipballew wonders off...14:54
jono__balloons, call now15:01
JoseAntonioRdholbach: did you send the pass?15:31
dholbachJoseAntonioR, send the pass?15:31
JoseAntonioRto jono, he said he needed it15:31
dholbachnot sure what we're talking about :)15:32
dholbachyou mean for the ubuntuonair account?15:32
dholbachah ok15:33
dholbachwill do15:35
dholbachde nada15:35
jono__mhall119, UDS dates confirmed15:44
jono__mhall119, can you update summit?15:44
dholbachall right my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!15:45
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mhall119jono__: yup15:49
mhall119jono__: same rooms and tracks as last time?15:49
mhall119bkerensa: happy birthday!15:58
philipballewHey LoCo council people! Accidentally send t message to your list when it was supposed to go to LoCo contact list. Feel free to delete or whatever.16:28
czajkowskiphilipballew: tis ok I moderated it anyways16:33
czajkowskialways nice to get nice mail16:33
czajkowskimight get coolbhavi to send one from india16:34
philipballewczajkowski, thats a good idea. I would think the more I can get from "non American/European" places, the better.16:35
czajkowskicool will send one from .ie16:35
czajkowskiand one from .Uk when I get back there tomorrow16:35
czajkowskiand off to italy next week :)16:35
* philipballew just became aware that czajkowski is a world traveler16:36
czajkowskino I live in the UK but had to fly to .ie to my parents house for family stuff16:37
czajkowskinext week we're going ona  4 day trip me , my sister , dad and the mothership it's their wedding anniversay next month so 35 years married, so kinda small celebration16:38
philipballewah, I see. I do the same here in CA often as well. Apparently staying close to family is a good thing. 35 years sure is a long time.16:39
* popey changes ubuntuonair.com dns as per RT 60139 / cc jono__ jcastro mhall119 17:03
popeyand jose if he were here17:03
mhall119popey: what change is that?17:15
popeymhall119: YHM17:16
philipballewpopey, jose is at high school for 4 more hours iirc, but  he told me he is not online because znc is down.17:17
popeyphilipballew: thanks, mailed him17:17
mhall119popey: don't make me open the RT system, that's just cruel17:19
popeyno need, mail contains the content ☺17:20
mhall119popey: don't make me open my inbox, that's just cruel17:20
* popey pastes 40 lines in a pm to mhall119 17:20
popeyplus 20 more lines of amusing .sig17:20
popey /ignore mhall11917:21
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pleia2bkerensa: happy birthday18:39
nhandlerHappy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Benjamin. Happy birthday to you!18:45
=== nhandler_ is now known as nhandler
jcastroheya balloons19:12
balloonssi jcastro ?19:12
jcastrohey so19:12
jcastrowe're having some jenkins problems over in charm world19:12
jcastrotldr, we are publishing our tests19:12
jcastrobut can't get them to publish on jenkins.qa.u.c19:13
jcastrowe need some debugging help, etc.19:13
jcastrosomeone who has access to the logs and whatnot19:13
balloonsjcastro, ok, I can hook you up19:15
jcastrothat would be awesome19:15
balloonsjcastro, which job(s) is having issue?19:16
jcastrocan you hop on #juju?19:16
jcastroballoons: thanks for the hookup19:30
jcastroI think they have it in hand now19:30
jcastro<--- caffeine time!19:30
IdleOnejono__: I am hearing what you meant by c2c is awesome.20:05
* IdleOne turns it up!20:05
jono__IdleOne, :-)20:05
jono__their album, Tesla, is stunning20:05
IdleOnegoing to check it out20:05
IdleOneyou meant Tetra20:11
jono__IdleOne, oops, yep, Tetra20:22
jono__ok, heading to lay down20:22
jono__get rid of the sickness20:23
jcastroyou're not getting down with the sickness?20:24
jcastroopen it up your hate, and let it flow into me20:24
SergioMenesesbkerensa, happy birthday!!!22:42

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