pittiBonjour tout le monde !04:22
jibelgood morning06:47
didrockssalut jibel, ça va?06:55
pittibonjour didrocks06:55
didrocksguten morgen pitti!06:56
didrockspitti: not sure if Arte is broadcasting the same program at the same hour. Yesterday, there were an interesting show on Google books06:56
jibelBonjour didrocks ! Ça va bien et toi ?06:56
didrocksjibel: ça va :)06:57
pittididrocks: nous n'avons pas un TV :)06:57
didrockspitti: you can watch Arte online :)06:57
pittididrocks: we just returned from Dresden yesterday, though06:58
didrocksoh? how was it? did you enjoy those days off?06:58
pittididrocks: indeed I did, thanks! some days to meet family and friends again06:58
didrocksgreat :-)06:59
pittiquelques jours pour recontrer nous amis et famille06:59
didrocksil a fait beau? vous avez bien pu en profiter?06:59
pittididrocks: oui, mais il était très froid, et il a beaucoup neigé07:00
pittiça va mlankhorst07:01
didrockspitti: argh :( ici, c'est un temps de printemps07:02
didrockshey mlankhorst07:02
pittididrocks: pas encore là07:03
mlankhorstça va?07:04
didrocksça va bien, et toi? :)07:04
mlankhorstca va:/07:05
seb128hey desktopers07:45
pittibonjour seb128, comment ça va ?07:45
seb128pitti, salut, ca va bien, et toi ? ton w.e de paques était bon ?07:46
pittiseb128: oui, il était bien, mais il faisait très froid07:47
seb128j'ai vu ta photo de bonhomme de neige sur g+07:47
seb128ici aussi il fait encore froid :-(07:47
pittiseb128: "photo" est feminine ?07:48
jibelpitti, "photo" est féminin ;)07:51
seb128salut jibel, ca va ?07:52
pitticar "féminin" est masculin :)07:52
jibelSalut seb128 , ça va bien et et toi ?07:52
seb128nickel ;-)07:52
didrocks(grand soleil à Lyon, c'est le printemps, venez, venez! ;))08:06
xclaesseseb128, desrt: FYI it is that commit that break tp-glib unit tests: https://git.gnome.org/browse/glib/commit/?id=f91ef4ef15d220f6899c97aaf5b1c0a8f68cfe9a08:35
seb128xclaesse, hey, thanks08:35
xclaesseit seems intentional, so I guess it is tp-glib that should be updated accordinately, but I'm not an unicode guru08:36
seb128xclaesse, right, seems similar to https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=694669#c308:36
ubot2`Gnome bug 694669 in general "consider unicode corrigendum #9" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]08:36
xclaesseseb128, aahhh08:37
xclaesseseb128, our test is a copy/paste of glib's08:37
xclaesseI'll just copy they patch then08:38
seb128xclaesse, thanks08:39
seb128I'm surprised nobody noticed/did something until now08:39
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czajkowskiI've been doing a raring update for the last 20 mins and it seems to have stopped mid way and wont budge, anyone seen/heard of this in the last few hours?09:43
ogra_czajkowski, hanging at unpacking or configuring the kernel ?09:53
czajkowskiogra_: says preconfiguring  packages....09:59
ogra_hmm, then its something different10:00
ogra_checked the terminal log ?10:00
czajkowskiogra_: thats what I see in the terminal log10:00
czajkowskiogra_: http://ubuntuone.com/45FaItkRRfnFzcTKq8RTa110:01
ogra_ha, and i see myself in the background !10:01
ogra_probably the apt log has something in /var/log ....10:02
czajkowskiwas the safest irc channel to copy and show :)10:02
czajkowskiparanodi if I shut down now I wont have a resuming laptop10:03
davmor2seb128: Good news with cjwatsons apt in place update-manager is now working again :)10:03
xclaesseseb128, tp-glib 0.20.2 released with unit test passing ;)10:47
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seb128xclaesse, thanks10:49
czajkowskiogra_: any ideas how I get past http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5673254/10:56
ogra_kill the already running apt10:57
seb128czajkowski, that seems like the aptdaemon bug cjwatson fixed yesterday10:57
czajkowskiI'm sure I already killed it stabbed it10:58
seb128czajkowski, kill any running dpkg process10:58
seb128czajkowski, ps ax | grep dpkg10:58
czajkowskioh more to kill cheers10:58
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seb128czajkowski, dpkg -l | grep aptdaemon?10:59
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seb128czajkowski, just checking what version you have10:59
popey1.0.0ubuntu9 here10:59
popeyand I killed stuff10:59
seb128that's the fixed version10:59
seb128when did it get installed?10:59
seb128and did you reboot your system since that time?11:00
czajkowskiseb128: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5673263/11:00
popey5 mins ago11:00
popeynot rebooted since11:00
popeyi.e. after I killed and then dpkg --configure -a'ed11:00
seb128so I guess you didn't have the fixed version running11:01
seb128czajkowski, dpkg -l | grep aptdaemon11:01
popeyi didnt have the fixed version installed11:01
seb128ok, good11:01
seb128popey, thanks11:01
seb128czajkowski, in any case kill those dpkg processes, install the new aptdaemon and then you can enjoy using update-manager again11:01
czajkowskiseb128: cheers11:01
seb128k, you just got the updated version, so yeah, same bug11:02
seb128thanks for confirming ;-)11:02
davmor2seb128, popey, czajkowski: I have the fixed version install from yesterday but had to do sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade to install it, My machine has been rebooted since then and todays updates have gone in no issues.11:03
seb128well, good for the "no issues"11:03
AlanBellhi, I have a missing background and icons in raring, fully updated with the ubuntu-desktop^ task installed11:06
AlanBellright click gives me a menu, I can choose background but all I get is this white (actually light grey) background11:06
seb128AlanBell, gsettings get org.gnome.desktop.background show-desktop-icons ?11:07
AlanBellah actually the icons are there, they were offscreen or something, just arranged by name and they are all there11:07
seb128ignore that question then ;-)11:07
AlanBellbut on a grey background11:07
AlanBellit does this in a guest session too11:08
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seb128dpkg -l | grep nautilus?11:13
seb128is that the archive version or a ppa one?11:13
seb128does it work if you pick another wallpaper?11:13
AlanBellno, doesn't work with other wallpapers or plain colours, always the same grey11:15
AlanBellif I kill the nautilus -n that is running then the desktop goes black11:21
AlanBellrun nautilus again and it goes grey11:21
popeylooks like you're running nautilus from the gnome team ppa11:24
popeyversion string matches https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome311:24
AlanBellI probably am11:24
AlanBellthought that was just gnome shell stuff11:24
seb128AlanBell, that's your issue then, broken ppa version ;-)11:38
AlanBellso it seems11:50
ricotzAlanBell, you can re-enable the background plugin of gnome-settings-daemon11:53
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AlanBellricotz: is that in gconf-editor somewhere?12:10
AlanBellor dconf-editor?12:10
ricotzyes, in dconf -- org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.background12:15
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AlanBellok, I will log out and back in later and see if that worked13:01
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popeyseb128: got another machine with the aptdaemon issue, you dont want/need any info from it do you?15:15
popey  Installed: 1.0-0ubuntu815:15
popey  Candidate: 1.0-0ubuntu915:15
tkamppeterlarsu, hi16:03
seb128popey, thanks, I just wanted to confirm that you were not seing the issue still on a machine with 0ubuntu9 installed (and in use)16:18
popeyseb128: ok, will update then16:18
desrtpitti: this dia crasher.... weren't you going to upload a patched package?16:23
desrti see reports that there is still the crash in raring16:23
seb128desrt, hey, do you have an agenda for the fdo summit? can I add something to discuss on your list? ;-)16:46
desrtseb128: we do16:54
desrtwhat do you want discussed?16:54
seb128desrt, accountsservices16:56
seb1281- if other desktops plan to use it16:56
seb1282- if the GNOME guys are wanting to make it a real freedesktop project16:56
seb128it's on fdo but they are letting patches that don't benefit gnome-shell sit there or refuse to add features they don't need16:56
desrtya.... that's a bit suspicious16:57
desrtparticularly if other people are coming with patches16:57
seb128like we have patches to get the user keyboard locale and backport stored along the other infos there, mterry upstreamed them16:57
desrtwho is the main upstream contact for that these days?  ray?16:57
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desrtit's a bit of a meaningless conversation if he's not there :p16:57
seb128well, it would be good to see if other desktops are wanting to use it16:58
seb128that's an useful piece of infra16:58
mterryseb128, I threw them upstream, but I don't recall much interest16:58
seb128mterry, right, which is sort of my point ... if we can't get patches upstream and nobody out of GNOME is using it, it's becoming a GNOME tech16:58
seb128mterry, I'm trying to evaluate if we should keep it in our stack16:59
seb128it would be good, but not if it ends up being a "you need to maintain a fork because upstream doesn't want to include features they don't need"16:59
* didrocks waves good evening17:00
seb128xclaesse, do you think you would have any time to review https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=697197 from Trevinho this week? ;-) he would like us to distro patch that to empathy for raring to fix focus issues in unity17:32
ubot2`Gnome bug 697197 in General "Empathy ignores the platform-data when activated" [Major,Assigned]17:32
seb128xclaesse, I would prefer an upstream review before distro patching it ;-)17:32
seb128mterry, did you upstream your accountsservices patches for 0012-add-keyboard-layout-support.patch17:38
mterryseb128, I don't recall offhand17:39
mterryseb128, let me see if I can find the bug in their bugzilla17:39
seb128mterry, I found the one about the background, you didn't add the patch but they never replied either about whether they would be wanting to do that17:40
mterryseb128, looks like no.  I think I was waiting for their preferred approach for the background patch17:41
seb128mterry, ok, can you add it?17:43
mterryseb128, sure.  Do I have any other similar patches to accountsservice?17:44
mterry(while you're there)17:44
mterryseb128, ah, has-message17:45
mterryseb128, but that's maybe not something upstream cares about17:45
seb128mterry, layouts17:46
seb128mterry, but desrt is talking to them about adding a generic key/value storage17:46
mterryseb128, that's 0012-add-keyboard-layout-support.patch right?17:46
seb128mterry, yes17:46
desrti already designed it17:47
desrtit's going to be awesome17:47
mterrydesrt, oh really?  that would be useful, yeah17:47
desrtthe problem with key/value is that people can store too much junk there17:47
desrtlike, unprivileged apps can put anything17:47
mterrydesrt, you mean the problem is that people would use it?  :)17:47
desrtso we probably want schemas to be installed by the apps that would consume the data17:47
mterryI know what you mean though17:47
desrtie: lightdm wants to read background, so it would put a file for background there17:47
desrtand we reject any attempts to write data that doesn't have a registered consumer17:48
desrti figure that the appropriate response to dealing with writes to invalid keys is to do a kernel panic17:48
desrtsince it's a system-level service and all17:48
mterrydesrt, this sounds like dconf with a special database path17:48
desrtmterry: well... it's per-user, but outside of the user's homedir17:48
desrtso it's neither system-level dconf nor user-level dconf17:49
mterrydesrt, yeah we can't just drop in dconf and fix it, but it sounds pretty similar17:49
desrtwell... it's a way to store preferences, in the end17:49
desrtso ya17:50
mterrybut also the abililty for apps to register schemas etc17:50
desrtyou have me thinking now.....17:50
mterrydesrt, +1 on kernel panic btw17:51
desrtglad you agree17:52
desrti'm sure there will be haters17:52
desrtbut i know they're wrong17:52
mterrydeveloper might not notice a simple crash dialog17:52
mterrydesrt, but also, if there's a way we could just reuse dconf for the accountsservice, that would be swell17:52
desrtmterry: for the per-user data, you mean?17:53
mterrydesrt, yeah17:53
mterrydesrt, how advanced are these discussions with upstream?  Like, should I still bother trying to upstream these patches we have for one-off features?17:53
desrtmterry: upstream will take the patch if i write it17:53
desrti'd like to keep it simple for now, though17:53
desrtlike, add a dbus interface and expose a client library api17:54
desrtnothing more17:54
desrtgonna go walk larsu to security and grab some lunch now17:54
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Trevinhopitti: hey, I've noticed one thing in my laptop... I'have that Upower's HhibernateAllowed() result != logind's CanHibernate()... And this lead to the fact that unity shutdown dialog (when pressing the power button) shows the hibernate option, but the indicator-session doesn't...17:59
Trevinhopitti: so, I think we should fix that as well, isn't it?18:00
Trevinho(to support logind)18:00
mterryseb128, https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6308618:34
ubot2`Freedesktop bug 63086 in general "Add KeyboardLayouts property" [Enhancement,New]18:34
seb128mterry, thanks18:46
jbichatkamppeter: did you see bug 1157814? fixing it would beat having to use a usb stick to transfer files to another computer to use the printer19:00
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1157814 in cups-filters (Ubuntu) "Xerox Workcentre doesn't print any more in Ubuntu 12.10 and newer" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115781419:00
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bdrung_Sweetshark: synced liblangtag 0.4.0-6. thanks for your work on it.22:52

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