roastedWhat would make Nautilus open with hidden files visible by default?00:00
roastedanybody offhand know what to run in terminal to bring up the printers dialog window?03:41
roastedmine is crashing immediately when I select a printer to add. I want to run it in term to see if there's an obvious error.03:41
timonticat filename > /dev/lp03:42
roastedI don't know what that is03:42
timonticheck out the lp / lpr command for printing.03:43
roastedlp and lpr launch nothing in terminal03:44
roastedI'm not familiar with them at all :(03:44
darkxstroasted, you can get a printer panel with 'system-config-printer'03:47
darkxstbut its not the same panel that you would get in g-c-c03:47
roastedinstalling now03:48
roastedit's frustrating because the printer box crashes any time I try to add a printer03:48
roasteddo you have printers installed?03:48
darkxstyes, but I can't even add printers under g-c-c for some reason03:49
roastedwhat are you referencing when you say gcc03:49
darkxstgnome-control-center (system settings)03:49
roastedso if you go into system settings and click printer, then add a printer, does yours crash too?03:51
roasted(also, system-config-printer let me add the printer successfully without issue)03:51
darkxst'add' and 'unlock' are greyed out currently ;(03:51
roastedwhat's funny is... now that I added a printer via system-config-printer, I can add more in gcc -  printers03:53
roastedI deleted the printer and re-added it in gcc03:53
roastedah, but remove --purge system-config-printer-gnome and it crahses all over again in gcc03:55
darkxstmaybe it needs that ;)03:55
roastedyep, reinstalled it but di dn't open it and added a printer in gcc without issue03:55
darkxstok, can you file a bug03:58
darkxstit probably should be added to ubuntu-gnome-desktop03:59
roastedyeah I'm trying to find out where to post it now03:59
roastedalwyas so confusing imo03:59
darkxst'ubuntu-bug gnome-control-center'04:00
roastedreported - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/116367404:14
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1163674 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "Adding a printer crashes Gnome Control Center (System Settings)" [Undecided,New]04:14
sary!bug #116365104:47
ubot5`bug 1163651 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "Gnome shell crashed with "apport" complaining about lack of memory to automatically analyse the problem " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116365104:47
saryjbicha: i hope you don't mind me subscribing you the this bug!04:49
sarythis issue got me confused.04:52
saryI'm also thinking about uprading to 3.8 for testing , unless more debugging or a backtrace is needed for 3.6 .04:54
darkxstsary, wouldn't worry about that if its a one-off08:52
darkxstcould have been anything that blew out memory usage08:52
darkxstricotz, hi09:58
darkxstok to copy these into staging? https://launchpad.net/~darkxst/+archive/js1709:59
darkxstg-s just has the periodic GC patch09:59
darkxstand gnome-sushi is just a  rebuild against gjs+js1710:00
ricotzdarkxst, hi, yeah, do that10:06
ricotzmake sure the gnome-sushi version is higher than the gnome3 ppa one10:06
ricotzand fix the gnome-shell changelog10:07
darkxstoh, what happened to the newline, I wonder!10:07
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darkxstricotz, also there are a whole bunch of bugs that appear when systemd is installed, but none of the gnome stuff is built against it (g-s just has runtime detection)10:39
darkxstmaybe we should explicitly break that, if we are not going to use it10:39
darkxstfor example lock screen will break if gdm and accountsservice aren't built with systemd10:41
darkxstgnome-control-center can't 'unlock' anything10:42
darkxstnautilus can't mount gvfs drives10:43
darkxstI guess the list goes on and on, and this is all in the archives now (just not installed by default)10:46
ricotzdarkxst, the systemd package was very in flux and settled now, so it would be fine to look into using it10:47
ricotzdarkxst, but some problem might be caused due not syncing with ubuntu again10:47
ricotze.g. gdm doesnt include the latest raring changes10:48
ricotzunlocking things in g-c-c seems to work here10:48
ricotzso are gvfs mount in nautilus10:49
darkxstricotz, do you have libpam-systemd installed?10:49
ricotzdarkxst, no10:49
darkxsttry install that, and see all the bugs10:50
darkxstall of which go away once I install my logind packages from my ppa10:50
darkxstI think it comes down to a combination of run-time detection and packages build explicitly without systemd/logind10:52
darkxstand actually logind works really well from my testing, provided dbus/polkit (from pitti ppa) and the few things in my ppa, are build against it10:59
roastedhello friends17:39
roastedanybody having their entire GUI crash when they open Nautilus for a 2nd time on 13.04 with Gnome3 PPA?
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camelinahatI see the downloads section on the beta2 builds, but there's no download to be had? Would the download be the same as the daily-build from the April 2nd?18:10
roastedDuplicated the crash on a Macbook Pro with both OSS Nouvea driver + Proprietary Nvidia driver, along with a separate ultrabook with Intel GPU. Filing bug now.18:12
roastednew finding - it only happens if Nautilus is the only active window. hmm.18:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 1164086 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "Gnome Shell non-recoverable crash when opening Nautilus more than once." [Undecided,New]18:29
jbichacamelinahat: I just asked in #ubuntu-release so it's being worked on18:56
camelinahatjbicha: Awesome thanks. I know in my virtual machine when I installed the daily build from yesterday, then installed the gnome3 ppa, gdm failed to completely load (it would show the background but not progress any further). I wanted to try the beta2 build and see what kind of details I can get before saying too much. But it was after a clean install.18:59
jbichacamelinahat: did you use dist-upgrade? I've heard of several people that didn't do that who had problems19:01
camelinahatjbicha: Nope. Downloaded the daily image. Erased entire disk during install. once installed did sudo apt-get update/update. Then added the gnome3 ppa (not staging). Another update/upgrade and gdm doesn't complete loading after reboots19:02
jbichacamelinahat: ok, you need to use sudo apt-get dist-upgrade after adding the GNOME3 PPA19:04
camelinahatjbicha: Hmm okay I'll give that a try too. Thanks.19:05
camelinahatjbicha: Thanks that seems to have corrected it.19:13
roastedif I put the gnome3 ppa on a 12.10 box would I get past gnome 3.6?19:23
camelinahatroasted: Nope. See: https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3?field.series_filter=quantal (You'll just get more complete 3.6)19:24
roastedthanks. I'll just have to be patient. I'm loving  3.7+ but everyday in 13.04 in hitting a new bug. :P19:38
saryroasted: :) you got that right ...20:03
sary!bug #116365120:04
ubot5bug 1163651 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "Gnome shell crashed with "apport" complaining about lack of memory to automatically analyse the problem " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116365120:04
saryroasted: gnome 3.8 for Raring , #see : https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-gnome/msg00273.html , http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=212173820:06
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roastedthose additional ppas are a little scary considering I'm working with my work laptop.... :P20:35
saryroasted: in your case, sure thing .. i just added those ppa's on this testing machine, doing apt-get update , upgrade , dist-upgrade .. lets see how ot goes.21:26
saryGoing,goin .. not yet!21:27
roastedsary: how's it working?21:39
saryroasted: the upgrade process is still going ..21:47
roastedsary: do you have a batter indicator?21:48
roastedbattery, rather.21:54
saryunpacking and installing ..21:59
roastedI haven't had a battery icon on any system since 3.6. I almost feel ike it's an add-on package that I'm forgetting or something.22:00
saryGoing,going ...22:34
roastedyou're fully updated?22:35
roasted3.8 on 12.10?22:35
saryKaboom! wlah!22:50
roastedhow's it working?22:50
saryroasted: i went smoth and successfully! ;)22:52
roastedyou're on 12.10 with 3.8?22:52
saryThat's right.22:52
roasteddo you have a battery indicator?22:52
roastedand you're on a laptop?22:53
saryHold up ..22:53
roastedwhat's up with the battery indicator22:53
darkxstroasted, perhaps its not finding your battery22:55
roasteddarkxst: on 5 different laptops?22:55
darkxstroasted, I have a battery indicator here22:56
roastedare you on 13.04 with Gnome3 PPA?22:56
darkxstroasted, yes + staging22:56
roastedI wonder if staging brought it back.22:57
roastedI'm only running Gnome322:57
roastedI haven't seen a battery indicator since the 3.6 days22:57
darkxstroasted, looks like dbus interface was renamed23:01
darkxstprobably it will work if you install gnome-settings-daemon via staging23:01
roastedor, if I just add staging itself?23:01
darkxstroasted, yeh thats what I meant23:01
roastedlet me try that. I can always ppa-purge it23:01
saryroasted: I forgo to mention that my laptop battery is is dead, and it's running on AC power .23:04
roastedyou're missing the battery icon...23:10
saryso, this internal error i got .. is about evolution-calender-factory .. should i report it!23:10
darkxstsary, yeh23:11
sarydarkxst: okay.23:12
sarydarkxst: negative regarding " gnome-settings-daemon "  #see http://imgur.com/7XYrIZc23:16
roastedwoooooo! staging brought back my battery indicator!23:16
sary!bug #116420423:18
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 1164204 could not be found23:18
saryoh! it's marked as private.23:19
roastedstaging didn't fix my nautilus crash though :(  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/+bug/116408623:21
ubot5Launchpad bug 1164086 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "Gnome Shell non-recoverable crash when opening Nautilus more than once." [Undecided,New]23:21
roastedbut it's nice seeing my battery charge23:21
roastedbrightness and lock missing all together from system settings.23:24
roastedsigh, alright. 12.10 and 3.6, here we come.23:25
darkxstsary you probably need to logout and back in again23:25
darkxstroasted, brightness and lock was removed23:25
darkxstthose settings have been moved  to different panels23:25
roastedI searched for brightness and "power" was the only thing highlighted.23:26
darkxstlock is under privacy23:27
darkxstbrightness under power23:27
roastedI have no brightness under power...23:27
saryI do have both.23:32
roastedmaybe it's just my  macbook.23:33
roastedI'll add staging to my toshiba and see.23:33
roastednice, software center is crashing on startup on my toshiba.23:34
sarylooks like there are few changes in 3.8, but overall it's an amazing improvements.23:34
roasted3.8 is really nice23:35
roastedbut there's enough show stopping bugs to make me go back on certain systems of importance23:35
darkxstroasted, http://askubuntu.com/questions/244853/brightness-controls-dont-work-on-macbook-stuck-on-high-nvidia-geforce-9400m23:35
saryroasted: lucky you, how did you got ubuntu on your Macbook! i've been strugling for 2 weeks in a row to have a dual boot on my Mac!23:37
roastedsary: I am dual booting.23:37
roastedinstall that on the Mac23:38
roastedon the OSX side of the Mac, rather23:38
roastedI have a 256GB SSD.. I put 50GB as OSX, installed OSX 10.8, left the rest unallocated, and then installed Ubuntu behind it23:38
sarynice ;)23:39
saryi couldn't even pass step one ..23:41
sarydo you mind walking me through this!23:42
saryi know it might be off-topic here , but am sure the kind folks here will pass this :)23:43
darkxstsary try unetbootin23:50
roastedI added the x11 entry for the macbook23:52
roastednow I can't get a GUI, and recovery mode from the BIOS screen locks up23:52
roastedlinux on this macbook has been the most problematic thing ever23:52
roastedat least, dual booting. I've had linux on 100% of the HDD on iMacs and they've been absolutely fine23:53
sarydarkxst: I thought about that, but on Unetbootin website it's stated that the tool will only boot on PC's not mac's .23:53
saryI've also tried with another GUI tool linux for mac .. didn't work .23:54
saryI'm just not quite sure what am doing wrong to dd the iso on mac! i mean i managed to dd ubuntu 12.04 on the exact mac to the same usb drive .. and this is how i got ubuntu installed on this old Dell laptop.23:58
saryand it's also mentioned that the start up creater won't make a bootable usb stick either.23:59

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