zmoylany :-)07:14
czajkowskiso sleepy07:14
zmoylanyou're not getting enough tayto or red lemonade in your diet :-)07:15
czajkowskior supermacs07:16
czajkowskidying for a garlic chip )07:16
zmoylanglad to hear your cousins problem was not cancerous.  still serious but at least not cancer07:17
czajkowskiyup me too07:23
czajkowskibeen a long week07:23
czajkowskishe may be kept down there for the next 2 weeks as well07:23
zmoylanthey have to make sure she doesn't get an infection after brain surgery.  or start building up fluids in abcess again.07:24
zmoylanknew a woman who had similar problem, she has cerebral palsy.07:25
czajkowskiairurando: hi11:30
airurandohi zymoylan11:31
airurandohi czajkowski11:31
zmoylanairurando: has power gone to your head yet? :-)11:31
airurandoczajkowski: real good to hear you cousin is on the mend.11:31
airurandozmoylan: nothing can stop me know!11:32
zmoylanfirst the irc chatroom, then the twitter! :-D11:32
airurandowhatever dohickey was used to pull our photos from pix.ie into our LTP page seems to be busted or am I just missing something?12:16
czajkowskiandru183: if you knwo of anyone graduating and looking for work http://www.libertus.co.uk/about-us/jobs/7-free-software-engineer13:52
czajkowskiany ubuntu server users here - http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ubuntu-juju15:18
tdr112We use it a lot in work15:23
airurandoevening all19:26
airurandowe'll give it a few more mins19:31
zmoylani think people are sleeping off the 4 day weekend :-)19:31
victor9098Or turning up an hour late everywhere19:32
andru183hi all19:32
andru183sorry, distracted with projects19:32
airurandohi andru18319:32
airurandowe'll start I think19:34
airurandoshouldn't take too long19:34
airurando#startmeeting Ubuntu Ireland Team Meeting April 201319:34
meetingologyMeeting started Wed Apr  3 19:34:57 2013 UTC.  The chair is airurando. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.19:34
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airurandoevening all and welcome to this 03 Apr 13 Ubuntu Ireland Team IRC meeting19:35
airurandoThe agenda for this meeting can be found at:19:35
airurandoIf you are here to attend the meeting please indicate so by typing PRESENT19:35
airurandowait for it tdr11219:36
airurandoOnly one item on the agenda for discussion so lets get to it.19:36
airurando#topic Regarding Raring Ringtailed Racoon Release Revelries19:37
airurandoSo I was wondering would we like to host any Release Parties for Raring and if so when and where?19:37
airurandoI would hope we'd host at least one Release Party.19:38
airurandoIs there any interest in this?19:38
andru183We host one in UL no prob19:38
airurandonice one andru18319:38
andru183I'm not on the comp soc anymore but the lads will host one for sure19:38
airurandowill you take care of that?19:39
airurandogetting the details up on the LTP?19:39
andru183can do of course19:39
airurandogreat stuff19:39
airurandoI'd love it if there was a release party also held in Dublin19:40
airurandoI sincerely hope to be able to attend but it will depend on a few things falling into place for me.19:40
zmoylanif there were one in dublin how many here would turn up?19:40
airurandozmoylan I'd love to19:40
tdr112I cant am away that time19:40
zmoylanme too but i can't guarantee it either19:41
airurandobut it depends on how the leg is doing, my return to work and my return to driving.19:41
airurandoVictor9098 would you be interested in being the anchor member for a Dublin Release party.19:42
airurandonothing major.  Just could you guarantee being present for the party19:43
airurandoOf all the parties I have attended the two I thought were most fun were 10.10 in the market bar and 11.10 in the Porterhouse in Templebar.19:43
airurandoI'd vote for a return to the Porterhouse in Templebar.19:44
=== victor9098_ is now known as victor9098
airurandoVictor9098 would you be interested in being the anchor member for a Dublin Release party.19:44
airurandonothing major.  Just could you guarantee being present for the party19:44
airurandoVictor9098 we have no one present at the meeting who can say for certain they will be there19:45
airurandoIt would be great if you could take the lead on this19:45
victor9098I can't promise anything at the moment, my vehicle is off the road and trying to get a replacement19:45
airurandono problem19:46
airurandoof the people here who might go to a Dublin party would the Porterhouse in Templebar be an acceptable venue?19:46
zmoylannever been there i don't think.  need to find it on map but should be able to reach on crutch19:47
victor9098Looks pretty on Google19:47
tdr112its a nice pub19:48
zmoylanyeah, i can make it there.  http://www.yelp.ie/biz/the-porterhouse-temple-bar-dublin-319:48
zmoylanname a time and date and i'll do my utmost to make it.19:49
airurandoI reckon Saturday after the release for Dublin19:49
zmoylanwould it be quieter/preferable on a sunday?19:50
airurandowould that be more limiting in terms of attendance?19:51
victor9098Should hit up Canonical for a stall and set-up in Temple Bar :-D19:51
zmoylani'm easy, just pointing out that saturday in temple bar is their busy time19:51
airurandoindeed zmoylan19:52
zmoylana penguin costume handing out disks in front of central bank :-)19:52
airurandoi don't know19:52
airurandoSaturday night is busy for a reason as it is the night folks like to party19:52
airurandoI'm happy to try a Sunday slot19:53
airurandotdr112 would you be around on Sunday evening?19:53
tdr112what date19:53
zmoylanwhatever others want i'm happy to go along with.  sunday was just a thought19:53
victor9098No partying for me, hour drive in and home (if I can get sorted)19:54
airurandovictor9098: orange juice?19:54
tdr112sorry flying back from newcaste , i am at maker faire that weekend19:55
zmoylani'm on public transport for an hour either way.  stone cold sober for that :-D19:55
victor9098:-D Safety first19:55
airurandovictor9098: would you prefer a sat or sun party?19:56
zmoylansaturday 27th i have an rpg game that would make it difficult to attend.  standing game for last saturday of month19:56
airurandosettled so19:56
zmoylanthat's why i have missed last few.  :-/19:56
zmoylantime then?19:56
airurandoas you are the MOST likely to attend I reckon it your decision19:57
airurandoSunday at 8pm19:57
zmoylanworks for me19:57
victor9098If I can get in I will drop in either/both. Partial to a Sun brew myself, but since I might not even turn up stick with a Sat night party. Might be light on the Ubuntu loaded laptops though19:57
airurandomaybe tdr112 could drop in on  his way home from the airport19:57
airurandovictor9098: I think Sunday has been decided upon19:58
tdr112:) dont land until 22.3019:58
airurandozmoylan would an earlier start be more preferable19:58
airurandosay 7pm till 10pm?19:59
zmoylanwould it make it better for anyone else?19:59
airurandovictor9098: would a 7pm till 10pm party suit you better that a party starting at 8pm?19:59
victor9098Early start I reckon, especially for those of use travelling a distance20:00
zmoylan7-10 it is20:00
victor9098Dinner in Zaytoons beforehand, yummy :-D20:00
airurandoI was just thinking an early start early finish party on a Sun would be better20:00
airurandovictor9098: single venue for simplicity20:01
airurandocan arrange Zaytoons at a later date for pre party munchies. :-)20:02
victor9098Well, if I can make it I will send an email about it before the day20:02
airurandowill we just go with the Porterhouse TempleBar from 7pm till 10pm on Sunday 28 Apr 13 so?20:03
zmoylansounds the easiest20:03
meetingologyPlease vote on:20:03
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)20:03
zmoylanunless you want to have a later date for tdr112 and others?20:04
airurandozmoylan he isn't available the following weekend either :-(20:04
tdr112i am on away in india the week after for 2 weeks too so not stop for me20:04
meetingologyNo vote in progress20:04
zmoylanfair enough20:05
airurando#agreed Ubuntu Ireland will host a Release Party for Ubuntu 13.04 at the Porterhouse TempleBar from 7pm till 10pm on Sunday 28 Apr 13.20:05
airurando#action andru183 will organise a Release Party for Ubuntu 13.04 in Limerick.20:06
meetingologyACTION: andru183 will organise a Release Party for Ubuntu 13.04 in Limerick.20:06
airurandothat's that20:07
airurando#topic Any Other Business?20:07
zmoylani'll be the one on a crutch with a tux baseball cap20:07
airurandoshoot tdr11220:07
tdr112if you did not hear airurando is now a ubuntu member20:08
tdr112well done20:08
airurandozmoylan I look forward to it20:08
andru183well done indeed airurando20:08
airurandothank you all20:08
zmoylancongrats on your election airurando20:08
airurandoI am both delighted an honoured having been accepted as an Ubuntu Member20:09
airurandoyour support at the meeting was very much appreciated20:09
airurandoas were your testimonials20:09
zmoylanmay not be many of us, but we make a noise20:09
airurandoindeed a welcome noise!20:10
airurando#topic Any Other Business?20:10
airurandoas there doesn't appear to be any further items we'll finish up.20:11
victor9098Might be our last release party until 14.04lts!!!20:11
airurandothanks all for attending and participating20:11
meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Apr  3 20:12:19 2013 UTC.20:12
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-ie/2013/ubuntu-ie.2013-04-03-19.34.moin.txt20:12
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-ie/2013/ubuntu-ie.2013-04-03-19.34.html20:12
airurandothanks everyone20:12
victor9098That's for chairing airurando20:12
zmoylanthanks airurando20:12
airurandoI'll get the minutes onto the wiki shortly20:12
airurandoevening chrono80020:13
tdr112night all20:13
airurandonight tdr11220:13
victor9098dropping details into my gcal :-D20:14
airurandozmoylan: victor9098: will I generate the LTP listing for the dublin party?20:14
zmoylanprobably for the best.  i have no idea how :-)20:14
airurandowill do :-)20:15
victor9098Sooner the better, Laura passed on the email today looking for listings to add20:15
victor9098I have no idea either :-D20:15
airurandoI just hope we get a few more souls interested in attending.20:15
victor9098Wish I could commit, but in a tough spot at the moment20:16
victor9098Will certainly broadcast the event though, hopefully get a few 'walk-ins'20:18
airurandochrono800 you interested in attending a release party in Limerick or Dublin?20:20
chrono800Do you have a date for Limerick yet?20:20
airurandonot yet20:21
airurandoandru183 has agreed to firm up the details for the Limerick release party20:22
chrono800Well maybe Dublin could work for me!20:22
chrono800I know the porterhouse in Templebar...;)20:22
chrono800Can you make the dublin party airurando?20:23
airurandoI would love to attend the Dublin one.  Hope my leg/work/driving don't scupper my plans.20:23
airurandoI have the raring ringtail and all20:23
zmoylanlook for the lame table, and not just because it's full of geeks :-D20:24
airurandonice one zmoylan20:24
chrono800If you can make it, I'll do my best to go!! Should be fun..!20:24
airurandoI see a funny mail to the list in the next couple of days.20:25
airurando"so far we have a couple of cripples and a guy with a dodgy car who HOPE to attend the party.... Surely we can do better than that"  and so on...20:26
airurandoI'm back for a checkup tomorrow20:26
zmoylanfingers crossed it goes well20:26
airurandoso the wiki LTP and mailing list will all be Fridays work for me.20:27
airurandochrono800: great stuff!!!20:27
chrono800good luck with your checkup airurando!!!!20:27
airurandothanks zmoylan and chrono80020:28
airurandomust dash.20:28
airurandoneed to get things ready for the morning20:28

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