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philipballewHello Ubuntu people!20:06
philipballewWanted to drop a Ubuntu project here I think you might all might be able to help with: http://philipballew.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/showcase-the-diversity-of-the-ubuntu-community/20:07
lousygaruaphilipballew, what is is about?20:21
philipballewlousygarua, I am asking for other Ubuntu users and comunity members to send me post cards showing where they are to highlight the many ubuntu users we have in all parts of the world.Then write something about Ubuntu on it.  Bonus points if the post card  or what is written on it is not in English20:23
lousygaruaphilipballew, sounds cool :) I'll post your request in our forums and mailing list.20:25
philipballewlousygarua, I'll then take all the post cards, and wither make a giant poster with them, or take them with me to all Ubuntu events I go to to showcase the great Ubuntu community we have.20:26
philipballewlousygarua, thank you also. If you would like to send one as well, I will not stop you.20:26
philipballewlousygarua, so do you run the loco here or something?20:26
lousygaruaphilipballew, I will do my best to send a postcard.20:29
lousygaruaphilipballew, yes, I'm the current point-of-contact for the Israeli Team20:29
philipballewlousygarua, good. Nice to meet you, and thank you for helping out Ubuntu. Hope we can get to know each other further as well.20:30
lousygaruaphilipballew, sure :) you can always see how to reach me under http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AmirEldor if i'm not on IRC20:31
philipballewlousygarua, nice! I am at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/philipballew and on twitter at @philipballew.20:32
philipballewI have never been to your part of the world. It sounds like a great place.20:32
lousygaruaphilipballew, you are invited to visit. It's not a warzone as shown on the media.20:33
lousygaruaAlso, there is a new initiative with someone from our community where he wants to invite guest speakers from the world to Israel to say something about Ubuntu and FOSS.20:34
lousygaruaIt also involves a site-seeing tour to all guest speakers20:34
lousygaruaI'll invite you :)20:34
philipballewlousygarua, I will take you up on that once I find a thousand dollars! I am actually a good speaker. I Have spoken at conferences and everything.20:34
philipballewA pane ticket to anywhere in the middle east is gonna run about 100020:35
lousygaruaphilipballew, I think it costs even more than that, but maybe we'll find a big sponsor to fund these stuff.20:35
lousygaruaBut I'm too optimistic :)20:35
philipballewlousygarua, Yes, if you can sponsor me to come out, let me know. I am going to be free all Summer and can always take a week off school to come out.20:36
philipballewIf sponsored I can usually leave within a days notice.20:36
lousygaruaphilipballew, I will let you know.20:37
lousygaruaWhat are you studying? I study sound production/enginerring, still unsure how to call it20:37
lousygaruaphilipballew, whoops, noticed a little type on your launchpad page, "Ubuntu Forms" instead of "Forums". https://launchpad.net/~philipballew20:39
lousygaruahaha :)20:39
philipballewlousygarua, Feel free to come to California anytime. I currently study Communications in college. I see that error now. Thanks. I am much better speaking than typing!20:40
philipballewIs sound stuff fun?20:40
philipballewto come to Israel is really easy for Americans unlike me going to any other country in that part of the world.20:42
lousygaruaThe sound stuff is great :) both from a musician and a sound techncian point of view.20:43
lousygaruaIsrael is the "little devil" and America is the "big devil", that's what they say in the muslim world :)20:43
philipballewThat sounds pretty cool. so how old are you?20:44
lousygaruaso the big devil can visit the little one anytime :)20:44
lousygaruaI'm 2520:44
lousygaruaphilipballew, how old are you?20:44
philipballewlousygarua, people there in those countries always seem to be mad. People need to just be happy. I am 21!20:44
philipballewI have a friend who lives just outside (somewhat not outside) Israel, in Gaza and says that Tel Aviv is a really cool place.20:45
lousygaruaphilipballew, I believe Gaza, or Beirut, or any big city around is pretty cool. It's too bad the extremists on both sides control our lives here.20:46
lousygarua*sigh* politics and religion20:47
lousygaruaWhy can't we all Ubuntu ;)20:47
philipballewlousygarua, I understand. Thats why I think Ubuntu philosophy is even more important than free software. Ubuntu means free in Congo as well.20:47
lousygaruaphilipballew, I think the world is heading in an Ubuntu-ish direction, in a philosophical way as you said it.20:49
lousygaruaBut again, I'm too optimistic :)20:49
lousygaruaI'm usually more pessimistic than this. Something is weird today.20:50
philipballewlousygarua, I pray so myself. I am a optimistic person as well. Way to hopeful for the good.20:50
philipballewlousygarua, maybe its the food or something.20:50
lousygaruaphilipballew, too much mars bars20:50
philipballewlousygarua, I love mars bars!20:50
lousygaruaphilipballew, yeah they are great! but i only got the mini-sized ones :q20:51
philipballewlousygarua, maybe it's time you go to the store!20:51
lousygaruaphilipballew, me and my flatmate just did. but sadly I didn't buy real food :(20:52
lousygaruashould go to the marketplace tomorrow20:52
lousygaruatomorrow's morning20:52
philipballewI usually go once a week or so myself. So where in Israel do you live?20:53
lousygaruaCurrently in Tel Aviv, but I come from a small city near Haifa.20:54
philipballewI see. I live in a place called San Diego. It is 20 miles north of Mexico, and 100 miles south of LA.20:54
lousygaruaI've never been to Barcelona, I have no idea why I've thought of this.20:56
lousygaruaI know San Diego20:56
lousygaruaNever visited your continent though... would like to do so20:56
lousygaruaand would definitely do so one day20:57
philipballewlousygarua, the same goes for you there. I would love to make a trip to your part of the world.20:57
* philipballew does own a passport20:58
* lousygarua owns a Dutch passport, and belives Europeans can get into the US easier than Israelis20:58
philipballewlousygarua, so you are a dutch citizen?20:59
* philipballew will be back online in a little while21:05
avihaylousygarua: I didn't know you ere the official poc21:44
lousygaruaavihay, who did you think it was then? aviv?21:50
avihayI assumed the whole thing just died out21:50
lousygaruaavihay, it did, but i woke it up21:51
lousygaruayou should sign up to the mailing list21:51
lousygaruaand visit the site21:51
lousygaruaat least once a week21:51
avihayalso, start bugging me about the bot on Saturday21:51
lousygaruaavihay, ok - bot bugging on saturday?22:23

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