slangasekinfinity: so, I see that linux-ti-omap4 is in the list of rebuild failures for raring... related to the eglibc 2.17 -Wunused-result strictness.  Even if raring's -omap4 is just a copy, maybe we want to make it buildable?01:16
infinityslangasek: http://pad.lv/116344301:17
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1163443 in linux-ti-omap4 "linux-ti-omap4 ftbfs in raring" [High,Won't fix]01:17
infinityslangasek: If we want to fix the quantal package to also be buildable in raring, that's fine, I suppose, but it's just creating work for people if we fork the packaging.01:17
slangasekright, I'm not suggesting we fix it via raring01:18
infinityOf course, the easy fix is to disable tools, which would be a regression in Q.01:18
infinityWe could fix it properly, but I'm not sure I actually care deeply.  Do you?01:18
slangasekif I cared about it deeply I would fix it myself instead of trying to trick you into fixing it01:19
infinityI would rather someone had just given me the goahead to drop the ti-omap4/desktop images, thus allowing me to drop pvr-omap4 and the ti-omap4 kernel.01:20
infinity(And we could do server/d-i with -generic)01:20
infinityBut I suppose it was a valid point that we don't (currently) have any other ARM desktop for people to play with.01:21
infinityWould have been nice to make that Chromebook, perhaps.01:21
slangaseks/nice/expensive/ given that we already have the pandae01:21
infinityslangasek: True.  We'll need to pick a new proof-of-concept desktop platform at SOME point, though.01:28
infinityWell, or, I suppose the unity-next convergence story might make it all moot, and the PoC can just be a few phone devices that we bless.01:29
slangasekyes; I need to follow up with ogasawara and bryce on this, but the tentative plan is precisely that, carry over panda until such time as Ubuntu Touch is on its feet01:30
infinityslangasek: Well, I didn't just mean Touch, but the converged desktop, so I can plug a phone into a monitor and test desktop applications on it in the same way I can on a Panda.01:32
slangasekinfinity: I'm not sure it's a good use of anyone's time to be testing desktop-only apps on Panda in the 13.10 timeframe; as far as I'm concerned, the purpose in testing the desktop on Panda between now and 13.10 is to make sure our infrastructure code doesn't bitrot between now and Unity Next getting on its feet01:35
infinityslangasek: Sure, I agree on that score.01:36
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apwppisati, moin07:20
ppisatiapw: ciao07:21
* apw has an engineer on his way to bring him decent interwebs :)07:21
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smbapw, Is it the "cable guy"? :)07:35
* smb hopes the engineers will be in order07:35
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apwsmb, it turns out the two guys are really one, its just the ordering system that thinks he is scitsophrenic (sp?)08:13
* smb will need to ask gnarl to explain that08:14
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apwyeah :)08:20
brendandhenrix, are -generic and -generic-pae kernels still going to be released for Lucid or just -server kernels?09:18
henrixbrendand: good question :p i believe all the images will still be produced, but i may be wrong09:42
henrixbjf: ^^09:42
ppisaticking: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5673156/10:05
ppisaticking: this was done on a nexus710:05
ppisaticking: but the procedure is the same10:05
ckingppisati, cool, thanks10:05
ppisaticking: i promise this afternoon i'll write up a decent wiki page about all the steps :P10:05
ckingheh, no stress10:06
* ppisati -> out for lunch10:10
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apwhenrix, we normally keep updating all the kernels regardless11:48
henrixapw: yeah, i believe there'll be no changes for the kernel team with the desktop EOL11:49
henrixapw: thanks11:49
henrixbrendand: ^11:50
rtg_apw, any progress on bug #1157952 ? It would be nice to have a fix before freeze.12:47
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1157952 in linux (Ubuntu Raring) "SCSI keysense errors on console with Raring (3.8 kernel) within Windows Azure" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115795212:47
rtg_henrix, whats the story on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1140716/comments/63 - are you reverting that patch from stable ?12:49
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1140716 in linux "[regression] 3.5.0-26-generic and 3.2.0-39-generic GPU hangs on Sandybridge" [Critical,Confirmed]12:49
henrixrtg_: i'll need to review all the comments. i started following that bug but haven't been looking for a while12:50
henrixrtg_: i'll take a look in a bit and eventually revert it. and ask upstream to revert it as well if necessary12:51
henrixrtg_: thanks12:51
rtg_henrix, can you chase it to ground soon? its bugging a lot of folks.12:51
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ppisatiok, so here is a first crude transcipt on how to get, compile and flash a kernel for the nexus4/713:06
ppisatii tested only the nexus7 side, cking is testing the nexus4 one :)13:06
rtg_cking, an interesting patch on LKML: 'RAPL (Running Average Power Limit) driver'13:08
* cking looks13:09
ckinglots of MSR tweakables13:11
rtg_cking, I didn't realize SNB has that kind of support13:11
ckingme neither, mind you I don't spend my life reading the Intel handbooks13:12
rtg_nor I. I go skiing instead :)13:13
* ogra_ is curious if abootimg will just work on the nexus4 13:13
ogra_it definitely has probs on my sansung galayx S2 here 13:13
ckingogra_, I tried it with the existing kernel image and it didn't breakit13:13
ogra_i guess the samsung code does some signing stuff or so then13:14
ckingwho knows13:14
ogra_i could :) if i bothered to look 13:14
rtg_ppisati, nice wiki doc13:29
ppisatianyone with wiki formatting style can contribute :)13:30
ogra_update the kernel13:36
ogra_aboot -u /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 -k mykernel13:36
ogra_ppisati, ^^^ do you mean abootimg ?13:36
ppisatiogra_: right13:37
ppisatiogra_: fix it! :)13:37
diwicjsalisbury, hi! Just a reminder that people are waiting for a test kernel in bug 1136110. I asked upstream too and they would like more bisection.13:58
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1136110 in linux (Ubuntu) "USB Audio Codec choppy playback" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/113611013:58
jsalisburydiwic, ack.  I'll post the next kernel shortly13:59
diwicjsalisbury, thanks for helping out! I should learn that bisection stuff some time.13:59
jsalisburydiwic, np14:00
* ogasawara back in 2014:44
rtg_jjohansen, why aren't the AA mount and network mediation patches upstream ? 'UBUNTU: SAUCE: AppArmor: basic networking rules' and 'UBUNTU: SAUCE: apparmor: Add the ability to mediate mount'15:36
henrixrtg_: ok, i've took a closer look at bug #1140716 and looks like i'll be reverting it from 3.5 stable 16:02
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1140716 in linux (Ubuntu Quantal) "[regression] 3.5.0-26-generic and 3.2.0-39-generic GPU hangs on Sandybridge" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/114071616:02
rtg_henrix, good.16:03
henrixrtg_: i'll just wait for a while until someone tests brad's kernel (with the patch reverted)16:03
henrixrtg_: i'll go through the other upstream stable trees and see if they have this commit (i believe 3.2 has it, so debian should have this bug as well)16:03
bjfhenrix, did you see that i added test kernels?16:07
henrixbjf: yes, i did.  i'll wait for someone to test it16:08
henrixand revert the commit in for next release16:08
bjfhenrix, i guess i could actually READ what you typed into the channel16:08
henrixbjf: heh16:08
* ppisati wanders away for a bit...16:21
jjohansenrtg_: because they have had a major rework, along with the rest of apparmor, you will see the beginning of the set going up for 3.10, and hopefully the rest for 3.1116:30
rtg_jjohansen, ok, then I can note in the patch that they should get replaced for 13.1016:30
jsalisburyrtg_, infinity It looks like is the latest kernel version in the repositories, but the changlog indicates it should be Ubuntu-3.8.0-16.26.  see bug 116329616:34
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1163296 in linux (Ubuntu) "Version / Dependency Mismatch" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116329616:34
jjohansenrtg_, apw: if you are curious I am keeping a raring version of the apparmor dev tree on zinc in my ubuntu-raring.git aa3.0 branch, it needs to be update it for some recent bug fixes that I am testing16:39
rtg_jjohansen, I assume you're planning to drop those on me soon ? April 11 is freeze.16:40
jjohansenrtg_: no, we decided we are not going to drop the new version of apparmor in to raring16:40
jjohansenrtg_: we are shooting for 13.10, and as much upstream as possible16:41
rtg_jjohansen, oh, I guess I misunderstood16:41
rtg_ok, works for me16:41
jjohansenrtg_: the tree pointer is just if you are curious to see what is going to becoming from upstream over the next few months. There really is no need to look at it16:42
rtg_jsalisbury, that almost looks like a Launchpad issue. 16:42
rtg_jjohansen, ack16:42
jsalisburyrtg_, rmadison also reports as the latest kernel version.  Not sure if rmadison pulls this infor from launchpad as well16:44
rtg_jsalisbury, dunno, but I don't think its a kernel issue.16:44
jsalisburyrtg_, ack16:44
apwjsalisbury, rtg_, no that is just a person being confused by the difference in version numbers between the meta package and the main package16:51
jsalisburykamal, if you have a chance, can you take a look at bug 1163720  I can kick off a bisect but wanted to run it by you, in case its similar to something your already looking at.16:51
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1163720 in linux (Ubuntu) "Brightness control broken on XPS13 with 3.8.0-16" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116372016:51
apwjsalisbury, rtg_ is the version number of linux-meta16:52
rtg_apw, ah, didn't look close enough16:52
kamaljsalisbury: curiously, I was just looking at that exact problem, and was about to file a bug for it16:52
kamaljsalisbury: no bisect necessary -- I know exactly what's causing it16:52
jsalisburykamal, awesome, thanks!16:52
apwrtg_, jsalisbury, i have commented in the bug.  invalid is correct16:53
Sarvattkamal: thats going to be http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-raring.git;a=commit;h=0e7a2fe01333f72c1cec1cd4d5293a62c770fa4f16:53
kamalSarvatt: yes, that's correct16:53
kamalSarvatt: "write backlight harder" was the bit that made it work for the XPS13 . . .  sigh.16:54
jsalisburyapw, thanks16:54
rtg_kamal, apw: be carefull with raring master-next as I'm doing lots of push + whilst annotating SAUCE patches.16:55
kamalrtg_: this brightness regression has already landed in master (came from upstream)16:56
rtg_kamal, stable ?16:56
apwrtg_, ack, with my lack of internet don't expect me to be pushing over you16:57
kamalit has been cc'd stable too, but it doesn't affect XPS 13 in stable since brightness control doesn't work until raring anyway (without my PPA)16:57
kamalrtg_: wait, maybe not cc:'d stable -- I thought I saw that, but now I don't16:58
* rtg_ -> lunch17:23
* cking -> food17:38
bjfsbeattie, anyone besides myself started running security QRT tests on touch image?18:08
sbeattiebjf: not that I'm aware of.18:08
bjfsbeattie, ack18:09
* sbeattie expects that being based on the android kernel, there's going to be things missing.18:11
bjfsbeattie, kernel_panic and kernel_hardening just work. i'm looking at kernel_security to see what it's issues are18:15
bjfsbeattie, when i say they just work i mean the run and don't report any errors. i don't know if they are really doing anything :-P18:16
bjfsbeattie, anyone on your team have any of these mobile devices?18:17
sbeattiebjf: yeah18:17
sbeattieI do and ty hicks for sure, I can't remember if jj has one or not. 18:18
rtg_kamal, is 'UBUNTU: SAUCE: Input: fix Cypress PS/2 Trackpad in Dell XPS12' gonna make it upstream ? I don't see it in linux-next.18:19
kamalrtg_: I'll go figure out what happened to that18:20
kamalrtg_: ok, it did actually land upstream already in 3.9-rc3, but the maintainer renamed the commit (for some reason I cannot fathom):18:27
kamal   81bb5d3 Input: cypress_ps2 - fix trackpadi found in Dell XPS1218:27
rtg_kamal, ok, thanks18:27
kamalrtg_: do you want me to send a revert/replace request for that?18:28
rtg_kamal, no, I've got it18:28
kamalrtg_: thanks18:28
rtg_kamal, the original SAUCE patch will simply disappear18:28
kamalrtg_: perfect18:28
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* rtg_ -> EOD20:10

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