dholbachgood morning06:45
OSIELi need add a new site for my country, for publish event in the loco teams site16:56
czajkowskiOSIEL: hi 17:00
czajkowskiwhat do you mean ?17:00
OSIELi try to publish a new event, for release Party of Raring ringtail17:00
czajkowskiOSIEL: what locoteam are you in ?17:01
OSIELthe Cuba loco tema17:02
czajkowskiOSIEL: so there is an event on here is this the one you created http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-cu/2324-raring-ringtail-release-party/17:02
OSIELthe event is publish, but there is not location for my country17:03
OSIELhow i add a new location??17:03
czajkowskiahh it's where you've not selected a location 17:03
czajkowskiyou can see it on the main list 17:04
czajkowskione moment 17:04
czajkowskiOSIEL: see at the bottom on the page on http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/2322/17:04
czajkowskiEvents in countries without continents17:04
czajkowskiwill talk to daker about this 17:04
czajkowskiso it can be better displayed 17:04
OSIELyes, but my country do not have any location in this list17:05
czajkowskiI can see that 17:06
czajkowskiam trying to work that out now 17:06
czajkowskiand jsut checking my georgraphy :) 17:06
czajkowskiOSIEL: let me file a bug 17:07
OSIELok, thanks for everthing17:08
czajkowskiOSIEL: what continent should it be 17:09
OSIELi am the america, in the caribbean17:10
czajkowskiwell united states is there17:10
czajkowskiwould you selec that 17:10
czajkowskiOSIEL: ^^17:11
czajkowskiOSIEL: if so you can edit your team information http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-cu/edit/17:12
* czajkowski has to go for dinner 17:12
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