ScottKjtaylor: Your other option is file a removal bug.00:15
dholbachgood morning06:45
gesergood morning06:50
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ScottKNew version of openmsx-catapult needs to be packaged to allow openmsx to transition from proposed.  FFe pre-granted if someone wants to work on it.15:52
jtaylorScottK: removal is an option, but on the other hand besides the easily fixed ftbfs there seems to be nothing wrong with it16:50
jtaylor(re cssed)16:50
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jtayloroh well with thinking about it probably wasted more time than necessary to fix it, yay me :)16:53
lfaraoneA new version of libhesiod0 (DNS-based directory information, used by MIT, CMU, and some other institutions) was released that adds IDN support, resolves issues with setuid users, and removes GPL-incompatible code. The MIT Athena team would really like to see it in Raring. Based on the changelog, http://sprunge.us/ZKEN , is this likely to be approved for a FFe?16:55
lfaraoneScottK: and before you ask, I'm talking with the fd about Barry :)16:55
ScottKjtaylor: Sure.18:20
ScottKlfaraone: I hope "talking with FD" isn't something ominious.18:23
lfaraonefiled as LP: #116404418:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1164044 in hesiod (Ubuntu) "FFe: Sync hesiod 3.2.1-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116404418:23
ScottKlfaraone: Look at the output of reverse-depends -b libhesiod-dev and tell me (in the bug) what teting you've done with them.18:24
lfaraoneScottK: will do.18:24
ScottKIf the answer is "not tested" you odds go way down.18:24
lfaraonethere's also some licencing stuff fixed here. previously libhesiod0 had 4-clause BSD code, which is... probably a problem since pidgin depends on it. (via libzephyr0)18:24
lfaraoneScottK: we have tested some but not all of the reverse bin depends.18:28
ScottKRight, I'm pretty open to approve it as long as you've tested stuff.18:29
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ScottKElbrus: I don't mind sync'ing motif into raring.  If you can get someone to do the initial sync, I'll push it through New (count this as your FFe approval).18:55
ElbrusScottK: great, so I just have to find a motu to sync when motif becomes available?18:56
ScottKElbrus: yes.18:56
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ElbrusI think I already know somebody...18:57
ElbrusScottK: actually, we are already slightly further in the packaging of motif (collab-maint), if I upload a newer version soon, would that also do?18:59
ScottKIf you upload it to Debian, yes.18:59
chilicuilhi there, I'm trying to test a package on pbuilder, but I'm unable because pbuilder doesn't mount sysfs by default, do you know of any way to add sysfs to the fs pbuilder mounts?23:19
RAOFchilicuil: You could add it to the list of bind-mounts; I know how to do that with sbuild, but I've forgotten how to do that with pbuilder.23:19
chilicuilRAOF: thanks for the fast reply!, that's all need, I'll look further at it23:20
maxb~/.pbuilderrc is a shell fragment, and is probably where you want to do this (unless you only want it as a one-off)23:24
chilicuilmaxb: yep, I've edit it, the exact syntax was, BINDMOUNTS="/first/path /additional/path" , pretty simple =)23:28

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