Guest9283anyone about?23:12
=== Guest9283 is now known as daniel304
daniel304anyone about?23:12
tgm4883daniel304, yes23:15
tgm4883daniel304, although it's better to just ask your question23:15
daniel304i have just installed a geforce gt610 on mythubuntu! yet to get tuner next week!! i was testing the hd play back on you tube and its real stuttery! how can i solve this?23:16
daniel304i have install the drivers for the card through additional drivers23:17
daniel304i have googled but nothing to solve the problem!!23:18
daniel304the cpu usage is reall high when playing back the you hd videos!23:19
daniel304i have a 3.2ghz celeron D, 512mb ram, geforce gt610 gpu!23:20
daniel304i am hoping to play live HD tv on it next week when i buy my tuner23:21
daniel304but if the HD video is not playing in you tube will on live tv?23:21
daniel304will it on live TV?23:21
tgm4883daniel304, on youtube, are you using flash?23:57

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