lifelessibeardslee: chilts: http://www.ird.govt.nz/property/property-family-home/selling-your-home-taxable/00:02
lifelesstl;dr unless you are deliberately making money by buying and selling your family homes, there is no tax.00:03
lifelessbut property investment has tax00:04
ibeardsleeGST vs Income Tax00:05
ibeardsleeBut it has been long enough since I've had to deal with GST so I doubt that I'm worth listening to about that00:06
hadsGST is on land usually.00:07
hadsThat is if there is GST applicable, i.e. the vendor is a business.00:09
Gactually, I tell you one instance where GST is confusing moving personal effects internationally, now that was confusing at first00:10
hadsYeah, Customs can be a pain and try to charge GST and duty and all sorts.00:15
Gactually, thats a good point, I was kind of talking about the actual moving fees themselves00:15
Gyou end up by paying GST in both countries etc00:15
mwhudsonah yes, customs is a pain00:17
hadsYou don't have to pay GST on personal effects coming in to NZ but they are quite annoying about it. They seem to charge first and it's up to you to prove otherwise.00:17
mwhudson"so... the nz government wants an interest free loan from me?"00:17
Gbut I was actually lucky, Customs didn't charge me as much duty as I expected when I returned to NZ00:17
GI saved about a grand as a result00:18
mwhudsonalso annoying when people guess silly amounts on the value of the goods they are shipping you00:18
Ghads: the rates have changed, but there were things that were basically GST+Duty, then they changed the rates and got rid of some of the double taxing, then when they started enforcing the $400 personal import limit for parcels, they iirc dropped them again00:19
Giirc I got my stuff just inbetween the two changes00:19
hadsIf it's personal effects they aren't meant to be charged GST or duty at all.00:20
Gif they are less than 18 months old they can be assessed for GST/Duty00:21
Ghads: look at Unaccompanied Baggage00:23
hadsIt says personal effects are fine.00:23
hadsI guess it depends on your definition of personal effects.00:25
Gyeah, by personal effects, I'm applying the broad definition of things you own :)00:25
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