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dholbachgood morning06:45
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jono__reload folks19:00
jono__you should see the video19:00
FlyingPigwe see you !19:01
FlyingPigwell in Europe it's not quite lunch time :D19:02
snwhwe applaud your commitment to us jono19:06
mattywubuntuonair.com's freenode widget is pointing me at #ubuntu-quality19:06
icoopyep had to change channel as well19:07
FlyingPigThe title of the site is also wrong :D19:08
hippyjakehello jono!19:08
FlyingPigQUESTION: Any exciting news you want to share?19:09
fanysCZhello, will be Mesa 9.1 in Ubuntu Raring or will it be postponed to 13.10?19:10
lostsonam I finally in the right spot ??19:10
FlyingPiglostson: yes19:10
IdleOnejono__: your wants and needs are no longer a consideration. You are a parent :)19:12
k1lgood move with the smart scopes19:12
snwhhopefully not too serious a QUESTION: what are your thoughts on (the number of) women in open source? and their roles, etc.19:13
icoopQUESTION: will there be a smart scope PPA for raring?19:13
* snwh is going all political19:13
Jimbo__Ubuntu for phones - Any rough idea how much space the install will consume?19:14
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slashcrackQUESTION: What are the biggest goals for 13.04 and 13.10 (and maybe 14.04)? Something like integration of Unity next? Gaming?19:16
radiostormQUESTION: on his blog, mark shuttleworth proposed having Canonical focus on Ubuntu the platform and the community take over maintaining apps. will this happen?19:16
FlyingPigQUESTION: How was GDC?19:17
mike-devQUESTION: Will Unity Next run on Android once Qt/QML has been fully ported to Android?19:17
k1lyoung \o/19:17
icoopQUESTION: why does ubuntu music and especialy the integration into unity still suck? Haven't seen much improvement since the service was initially announced.19:19
NikolayRight now I am testing 13.04 and have huge problem with skype19:22
Nikolayand have a bug with brightness on the laptop19:22
IdleOne#ubuntu+1 for 13.04 help19:23
Nikolaywill it be a bit optimized for laptops19:23
Jimbo__Hoping Ubuntu mobile does not get too bloated. Sometimes, less is more19:23
CheeseBurgis the right IRC?19:25
k1lCheeseBurg: yes19:25
FlyingPigCheeseBurg: yes19:26
hippyjakeQUESTION what did you have for lunch?19:26
Jimbo__I am asking questions but don't don't if you can read this?19:26
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Will the core apps for the phone become the core apps for the desktop on 14.04? Including the web browser?19:26
NikolayIs Gnome 3.8 coming to 13.04 /13.10 ?19:26
snwhQUESTION: what will you have for lunch?19:27
hippyjakeHave a good lunch then!19:27
radiostormQUESTION: now that the technical board has voted, no more discussion on rolling release?19:27
IdleOnediscussion can always be had.19:28
simplyme101 question, what is MIR and why is it important, does it affect app development or is it at a transparent layer to app development19:28
Jimbo__Arrgh, how do you get messages to register???19:28
marcoceppiJimbo__: prefix with QUESTION19:28
k1lJimbo__: type questions in caps in front19:28
FlyingPigJimbo__: type QUESTION19:28
Jimbo__QUESTION: How light will Ubuntu for mobile be? For me, less is more. Give the user the freedom to pick and choose what they want to install19:29
CheeseBurgQUESTION: After the community board meeting and other similar meetings, how are groups like Kubuntu handling the various decisions made?19:30
FlyingPigQUESTION: Does Mir also do compositing or is this handled in Unity next?19:31
micah2QUESTION: so do you not anticipate Mir being usable by non-ubuntu based distros?19:32
snwhQUESTION: whatever happened to windicators? ;)19:33
slashcrack_QUESTION: How do you see Ubuntu, Ubuntu Touch, the Ubuntu TV and Unity in the future?19:34
Jimbo__QUESTION: Ubuntu customisation - How fleixible is Ubuntu Mobile? Being able to personalise is what makes Android popular for example19:34
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Why does Canonical require the CLA in the code license? It doesn't bother me but I know many of my peers are bothered by it.19:34
CheeseBurgCheeseBurgbuntu would be awesome19:37
jdrabQUESTION: any thoughts on default email client in ubuntu phone os or lets'say default email app in next ubuntu release? btw there is someone behind you :B19:37
IdleOneQUESTION: How can contributors be sure that the software will always be free?19:38
radiostormQUESTION: if we move to MIR, and MIR also does compositing (thus replacing compiz), will the launcher ever be moveable (like to the right hand side)?19:39
IdleOnelaunchpad is free but try setting it up locally19:41
jdrab:O me so sorry19:42
snwhQUESTION: is someone behind you just your reflection? :P19:42
ChaosEngineHi, were there any Wayland questions before?19:42
FlyingPigQUESTION: Why are the window controls on the right in Ubuntu Kylin? Oo19:42
Jimbo__QUESTION: Were you guys suprised with the China Ubuntu uptake?19:43
IdleOneQUESTION: any new music from you?19:43
ChaosEngineQUESTION: Is it possible for Wayland to be considered in future Ubuntu releases when it will "become more mature/developed" for you guys?19:44
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Is there work being done on Unity Next (desktop,phone,table,etc.) for people with visual or auditory disabilites? This is an area where OSX dominates competition.19:44
jdrabCheeseBurg: this was mentioned in one of previous ubuntu on air sessions with thomas voss afaik19:45
k1lQUESTION: i did expect more closed source drama made up with the ubuntu kylin announce. did that surprise you, that it was most positive feedback?19:45
ChaosEnginehttp://www.c2cmusic.fr/remixcontest/ - that's som fun gig of C2C with some remixes ;-)19:45
CheeseBurgjdrab: I know, I am the one who asked it.19:45
FlyingPigQUESTION: Why is Canonical still not profitable although Ubuntu is much more popular than Red Hat?19:45
ahayzenQUESTION: Have there been any investigations in the effectiveness of the virtual UDS, if so what was the outcome of these investigations?19:46
philipballewWhat a nice shirt there!19:47
Jimbo__QUESTION: Do you think 'Linux' still carries a geeky reputation? My guess is people still think Linux users spend all day hacking away in a terminal window.19:47
jdrabQUESTION: can you tell us what type of companies are paying for support from canonical?19:47
CheeseBurgQUESTION: How do all of Canonical's contacts (anywhere from Nvidia to System76) feel about Mir? Was Mir developed with them in mind or is it something you have to explain to them?19:48
FlyingPigQUESTION: Will Mark be at the next virtual UDS?19:50
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Will there ever be a physical UDS again?19:51
IdleOneI wonder how being on the road limits him from being at vUDS. is there no internet where he is going?19:52
CheeseBurgI would like if they could co-exist since I like them both19:52
tuxkalleQUESTION:That do you tink about the ting happening in Nord korea ?19:53
FlyingPigI think there should be a physical UDS for the LTS releases19:53
snwhQUESTION: what about a hybrid of virtual and physical uds? i.e everyone google+ hangs out in the same room19:53
snwhyeah that19:54
tuxkalleQUESTION: have you ever tested Sabayon?19:54
FlyingPigQUESTION: What about some hiccups? :D19:54
snwhQUESTION: do you do autographs?19:54
tuxkalleQUESTION:That do you tink about the ting happening in Nord korea ?19:54
CheeseBurgQUESTION: What is one thing you want to see in a future version of Ubuntu that isn't already be planned?19:55
IdleOnethen the little dog will piss itself and run behind its master.19:56
FlyingPigQUESTION: What do you think about the incident on the PyCon conference?19:56
BonsQUESTION: how big is the ubuntu market share, , how is the adoption rate?, now that windows 8 is not a great release as windows 7 was19:57
badummtsssssSTUPID QUESTION: Can you play badumm tsssss on the drum set?19:57
IdleOneawesome nick/question19:57
schauer97QUESTION: Google Hangouts on air are using 480p. Will it have Full HD in the future?19:57
IdleOnejono__: comments were made by audience members, not the presenter.19:58
Jimbo__QUESTION: Agree with Bons, Win8 seems pretty dismal to me. Do you think it helps to contribute to more switching to Linux? I made the switch20:00
IdleOnethank you jono__20:03
CheeseBurgI am glad I made it20:03
BonsThank you, have a nice vacation :)20:03
icoopget well soon. Regards to the guy behind you!20:03
benvantendehave a great holiday20:04
redtapeHi there .. did I miss tonite's QnA ??20:07
k1lredtape: yes20:08
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ft_i see you22:37

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