stgrabercjwatson: hey, looks like you broke publishing of the chinese images to the localized tracker ;) (they're supposed to get to localized-qa.ubuntu.com and by the look of it, the new python code tries to push to iso.qa.ubuntu.com instead)00:04
stgrabercjwatson: I think something like "http://paste.ubuntu.com/5672171/" should fix it, though we may want something cleaner in qa_product() so that we can easily redirect products to a different QATracker config section00:11
slangasekinfinity: I think it's safe to say that cangjie isn't needed on kylin00:31
slangasekkylin have expressed preferences regarding input methods, but cangjie aren't it - and I wouldn't expect it to be given what I read about cangjie... which seems to be the colemak of the cjk world :)00:32
slangasek(well, no, worse than that)00:32
balloonscjwatson, sure.. didn't even realize there was 2 entries for it!00:37
slangasekballoons: every package in Ubuntu effectively has two (or more) entries... but when filing bugs about Ubuntu, we want to use the Ubuntu package :)00:39
slangasek"upstream" bugs may or may not go anywhere useful00:39
balloons:-).. I'll be sure and keep an eye out00:39
phillwhi Can I give a heads up on a possible bug heading this way?00:44
infinityphillw: No, we prefer to be blindsided by last-minute panic-inducing bugs.  It builds character.01:05
infinityslangasek: Fair enough.  Just a coincidence, then, that we're spinning up a new Chinese flavour, and have a bunch of Chineseish stuff in NEW?01:11
slangasekinfinity: yes, there are apparently enough Chinese people to allow for multiple unrelated bits of Chinese software in the archive ;)01:14
infinityslangasek: I dunno, man.  China's smaller than Canada, and I don't see a bunch of random en_CA uploads all the time.  I think something's up here.01:15
slangasekinfinity: China's population is distributed in two dimensions instead of one01:16
phillwinfinity: well, just for a laugh... beware of http://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=6363 as it will cripple KVM's that are used for testing :D01:21
infinityphillw: An Ubuntu bug that mentions which versions are affected would be much more helpful than that link.01:25
infinityphillw: Unless the bug isn't in Ubuntu at all, as it was introduced in a version we don't ship, then I don't really see the issue.01:26
phillwinfinity: then look at https://www.centos.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=42193&forum=55 are ubuntu expecting to add the 'extra stuff' to libvert? I'm only asking so that it is flagged that libvirt with extra functionality causes OOM errors. If ubuntu are not ever going to use it, then there is no problem. All I am doing is alerting you to the fact there is a problem with it.01:29
phillwinfinity: "(01:44:32) phillw: hi Can I give a heads up on a possible bug heading this way?"01:30
infinityThe bug isn't heading this way if it's already fixed upstream, and we're not shipping a currently broken package.01:31
infinityBut alright.01:31
phillwinfinity: do not ship Name : libvirt01:32
phillwArch : x86_6401:32
phillwVersion : 0.10.201:32
phillwRelease : 18.el6_4.201:32
phillwit will kill KVM's.01:32
slangasekphillw: however, #ubuntu-release is not really an effective way to escalate this concern, the release team have nothing to do with the maintenance of libvirt01:33
infinityDo we even use the same upstream for libvirt?  Our versions are quite different.01:33
phillwslangasek: this is why I asked here. From where do you get your updates? for this to pass into CentOS 6.4 as a stable update, my other concern is that it could 'hit' ubuntu server.01:35
phillwand to whom should I alert?01:35
infinityI think it's safe to say that if Ubuntu doesn't currently have that bug, it's not likely to pick it up.01:36
slangasekphillw: see the libvirt changelog on your own system for the identity of the folks who tend the package in Ubuntu01:36
infinityBut you could hunt down people who've uploaded libvirt and make them aware of it.01:36
* slangasek nods01:37
phillwinfinity: so long as they do not pick up the library version.... Is there anyway to alert against picking it up?01:37
infinityWhen you asked about warning us about impending doom, I didn't think it was going to be "I noticed a random bug" but, like, "I saw something in proposed that make grub shave your kitten and kick your puppy."01:37
infinityphillw: Why would they pick up an old version?  Upstream has released with those bugfixes since, so the next upstream bump in Ubuntu would include them.01:39
infinityphillw: So, again, if the bug doesn't *currently* happen with the Ubuntu packages, it doesn't seem worth worrying about.01:39
slangasekphillw: note that the Ubuntu on stable release updates is specifically designed to reduce the risk of random regressions, by allowing updates (for most packages) only in response to *specific* bugs. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates01:40
slangaseks/Ubuntu on/Ubuntu policy on/01:40
phillwinfinity: ubuntu server, as you well know cherry picks from fedora for kernal and other stuff. I only wanted to make *some one* aware that the newer, enhanced, libvirt has a major issue which also has a full bug fix. I've done my part and brought it to your attention. As I closed my comment01:40
phillwon the bug, I'm only QA.... I only raise bugs. :)01:41
slangasekUbuntu does not "cherry pick from Fedora"01:41
phillwslangasek: sorry, red hat01:42
slangaseknot them either01:42
infinityWe all share code back and forth because we're lovely people that way, but we certainly don't just look at RH stable updates and say "hey, yeah, we want some of that" and apply them blindly.01:42
phillwslangasek: I got a kernel bug from one of those two installed... That is called life.01:42
slangasekthere are cases where bugs are spotted first in Red Hat and the fix is first posted in their tracker, and Ubuntu may take the fix from their tracker without first waiting for it to go upstream, but this is hardly the same thing as cherry-picking from Red Hat / Fedora01:43
phillwinfinity: and this bug is also called life. Read the bug report and see if ubuntu would like it to happen?01:44
slangasekphillw: I appreciate your concern about avoiding a regression in Ubuntu, but please familiarize yourself with the SRU policy we already have in place to guard against random updates causing regressions01:45
slangasekthat policy is "don't take random updates"01:45
phillwslangasek: infinity I'm out of my depth here. All I know is that this can completely bork KVM's and I wanted you guys to be aware of it. I don't want a distro war, or who gets what from where. simply, as a QA guy for whom this bug has affected me on a so called stable server release, I do not want it to happen to ubuntu stable server release.01:47
phillwI apologise for mentioning a possible 'complete bork' and will remain silent in the future :(01:48
slangasekphillw: my point is that there's no need to be worried about such an issue hitting Ubuntu as part of a stable update01:51
infinityWho accepted qapt?03:09
infinityAnd pidgin, etc?03:09
ScottKNot me.03:09
ScottKinfinity: If qapt is in, muon should go in too.  Do you mind if I accept that?03:10
ScottKThat or you can block them in proposed with britney.03:10
infinityScottK: I don't mind if they go in after the current builds (like I said).03:11
infinityBut I guess they won't migrate from proposed before the kubuntu build (in progress) is done. :P03:11
ScottKI'd guess not.03:11
ScottKThere's actually a significant bug fix in muon it'll be nice to have in anyway.03:14
infinityAccept away, then.03:14
infinityAll the livefses are done except for armhf.03:14
infinityDunno how long it'll take.03:14
infinityDo you guys actually test (and, more importantly, use) the omap4 kubuntu images?03:15
ScottKI know Riddell tests them.03:20
ScottKI don't know how much they are used, although a KDE upstream dev did complain about them not working for him on planet KDE recently, so there are users.03:20
ScottKI know there are a number of people using plasma active on Nexus devices.  Slightly different point, I Know.03:21
infinityWoo hoo.  Just got private hate mail because I removed libudev0 and Google's Chrome builds depend on it. :P03:21
ScottKThey should get with the program.03:22
infinityI'm boggling at the juxtaposition of someone who managed to wind their way through Launchpad publishing records to sort out who to blame for the removal, but doesn't understand that old libraries get removed from development releases.03:23
infinityLike, it's hurting my brain a bit.03:23
ScottKI guess it just means launchpad has an intuitive UI.03:26
ScottKNo actual knowledge required.03:26
infinityCan we use that quote in promotional material?03:27
ScottKinfinity: Did you accept geis and lightdm?04:14
infinityThe builds (except for core) are all done, so we're safe to selectively accept things.04:14
infinityJust nothing that will be horribly destabilising if we have to do another spin. :P04:15
infinityThen again, whoever accepted the other stuff earlier still hasn't admitted to it, so...04:15
ScottKSomeday there will be logs ...04:17
infinityI like your optimism.04:17
infinityShame I built up an immunity to optimism when I was training for this career.04:18
ScottKYou mistake patience for optimism.04:18
ScottKSomeday can span a lot of days.04:18
infinityPatience implies optimism.04:19
infinitySince you can't patiently await something without believing it will eventually happen.04:19
ScottKOr not caring much either way.04:19
ScottKThe absence of patience might someday imply motivation and that is to be avoided.04:19
* ScottK starts to wonder if it's his mail client is broken of d-devel stoped spewing crap for a bit.04:22
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geoubuntuPlease give me [UIFe] to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tvtime/+bug/116377009:20
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1163770 in tvtime "[UIFe] tvtime channel selection menu behavior need to be more logical" [Undecided,New]09:20
ogra_hmm, infinity did you change the crontab ?09:51
* ogra_ notes the image syncs are commented out09:51
ogra_(as well as mirroring the logs )09:52
* ogra_ fixes09:52
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cjwatsondoko: ~ubuntu-toolchain-r/test set back to not using -proposed11:32
cjwatsonroyal is back - kicking off some relevant builds12:12
cjwatsonthanks to jacekn12:13
cjwatson(there was a fstab problem that might well have afflicted other livefs builders in the future, so it was worth investigating despite it being an unsupported arch!)12:14
cjwatsonbuilds for all the powerpc images on their way12:23
plarsinfinity: what's the plan with regards to the oversized warning on the images?13:22
phillwhi good people <Lubuntu> The Desktop image for PPC is missing in Beta2.  Can that be added to the spins?13:24
ogra_phillw, the buildd just came up again, patience :)13:29
phillwcjwatson / ogra_: sorry, just read the scroll back.13:30
ogra_(i'm sure lubuntu is on the list)13:30
phillwcjwatson: the current alternate image for lubuntu ppc is over 700MB and won't fit on a CD, I *think* Julien mentioned that it had more than one kernel set on it (and I guess, possibly the desktop image). could you have a look and see if you can put it (or them) onto a crash diet. Many thanks.14:14
xnoxphillw: cjwatson: multiple kernels is intended feature of powerpc images in raring to support all the hardware BenC is working on.14:15
xnoxhowever, I don't know if we can drop some of them for lubuntu/powerpc combo....14:16
xnoxphillw: is there no dvd drive available?14:16
phillwxnox: not for all the elderly ppc macs, and some cannot boot from usb.14:16
cjwatsonphillw: I'm happy to help integrating patches from others, but don't plan to work on it myself; experience suggests it can take a while14:18
phillwokies, by the way queuebot is telling fibs... "queuebot: (notice) Builds: Ubuntu Desktop powerpc [Raring Beta 2] (20130403) has been added"  It hasn't.14:19
phillwsorry, I take that back!14:20
phillwmis read it as lubuntu :)14:20
cjwatsonIt sure has.14:20
cjwatsonLubuntu's in the queue.14:20
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smartboyhwphillw: I found testing time for Beta 2 very short this time..14:21
phillwsmartboyhw: exceedingly short!14:21
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cjwatsonstgraber: applied and I've posted the most recent images14:47
cjwatson(not that I checked whether that had been done already)14:47
stgrabercjwatson: thanks14:53
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cjwatsonphillw: ^- there's the Lubuntu powerpc build16:12
phillwcjwatson: thanks, I'll go and poke Lars in the ribs (he's been pecking my head!).16:13
infinitycjwatson: Did oversize detection regress with the rewrites?16:39
infinityOr maybe I'm just not doing the math, and 785MB is > 800*1000*100016:41
cjwatsoninfinity: Yeah, 785 * 1024 * 1024 * 1024 == 84288733184016:55
cjwatsoninfinity: So - were you planning to pre-publish soonish16:55
infinitycjwatson: Looking at results that have wandered in.16:56
infinitycjwatson: We seem pretty woefully undertested at the moment, except for core.17:08
infinitycjwatson: We could probably pre-publish ubuntu-desktop.17:12
cjwatsoninfinity: OK.  If you want to give that a try, now's a good time.17:13
phillwinfinity / cjwatson ubuntu PPC shows as ready with no tests?17:26
smartboyhwphillw neither do some other builds17:27
infinityphillw: That was me fiddling with some things.  I can unready it again.17:27
cjwatsoninfinity was working on pre-publication - it's artificial17:27
phillwahh, okies :)17:27
infinityErr, maybe I can.17:27
infinityI'm not sure how to untoggle that.17:27
smartboyhwMark it for testing?17:28
infinityAhh, perhaps.17:28
infinityNot the most intuitive buttons.17:28
phillwinfinity: I was going to ask the L-QA PPC guys to give it a try if ubuntu plan on releasing a desktop PPC image?17:28
cjwatsoninfinity: I usually ask stgraber when I get confused :)17:29
cjwatsonEh, I think the presence of Ubuntu Desktop powerpc was my mistake17:30
cjwatsonExcept, hmm17:30
cjwatsonNo, it was supposed to be there as a daily, but it doesn't signify anything about releasing17:31
infinityI have no problems with releasing the PPC desktop image if it gets tested.17:31
smartboyhwcjwatson I think letting the L-QA guys test is good..17:31
infinityphillw: If they have the spare cycles to give it a boot/install/reboot smoketest, that would be lovely.17:31
infinityphillw: If they don't, I won't complain.17:32
cjwatsonsmartboyhw: Sure17:32
smartboyhwAfter all they aren't very enthusiatixlc17:32
cjwatsonI was just confused by the images being absent from an earlier build directory, but I think that was cosmic rays or something17:32
cjwatsonThe build logs show it being tried consistently, so it's all good17:32
phillwinfinity: they're just finishing the usual battle with bug 1066435 which is a never ending source of 'amusement' for them :)17:33
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1066435 in linux (Ubuntu) "powerpc: "Fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed!"" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106643517:33
tjaaltonhey @ release team. we (ubuntu-x) have prepared mesa 9.1 for raring, but it took longer than expected because there was a regression in blur performance (issues with kwin, and unity dash). those are now fixed and pushed upstream, but raring got frozen in the meantime :/17:40
tjaaltonso, even though it's late, can we update mesa to 9.1?17:41
smartboyhwtjaalton: FFe?17:41
phillwsmartboyhw: looks more like a bug fix to me :)17:41
tjaaltonwell, maybe17:42
jokerdinoa new version that is not really bug-fix only but primarily it is. would that still need a FFe?17:42
smartboyhwnot sure17:43
jokerdinore-reading my own question, i think it would.17:43
jokerdinobecause well, it is not just bug fix o.O17:43
tjaaltonalso, it's been on the canonical-x/x-staging repo for weeks, and it has worked fine for us17:43
tjaaltonhmm, I'll upload it to ubuntu-x-swat ppa17:44
tjaaltonx-staging would pull the whole stack17:44
infinitytjaalton: File an FFe bug, include an upstream changelog, explanation of why it's awesome, etc.17:49
infinitytjaalton: But my gut feeling is that it's probably going to be okayish, but I reserve the right to scowl at you.17:50
tjaaltoninfinity: heh, right17:51
tjaaltonI'll do that17:51
tjaaltonwas silly to wait two weeks for upstream to pull the bugfix branch17:52
tjaaltoni mean, it needed ffe anyway17:52
infinityWe've done post-release mesa bumps, if I recall, so there's a certain amount of precedence for trusting upstream's sanity here.  Whether that's a good precedent or not, I'm not commenting on.17:53
tjaaltonpost freeze you mean, and yes17:53
infinityI meant post-release. :P17:53
infinityI'm almost sure there's been a mesa microrelease as an SRU.17:53
tjaaltonright, it has a MRE17:53
tjaaltonand this is 9.1.1 already :)17:54
tjaaltonand some17:54
infinityAhh, but the MRE probably only covers the third digit.17:54
infinityAnd this is 9.0->9.117:54
infinitySo, yeah.  FFe and explanations, plox.17:54
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jbichahey, has anyone looked at bug 1163879? are we just waiting for rebuilds to happen or what?18:18
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1163879 in Ubuntu QA Website "Ubuntu GNOME images listed on QA Tracker not "linked" to daily images" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116387918:18
stgrabersounds like you're just missing a bunch of download links on the tracker18:28
stgraberif you had an Ubuntu GNOME release team associated with the tracker you could fix that yourself ;)18:29
tjaaltoninfinity: 2549 commits between 9.0..9.1, roughly 2340 new compared to 9.0.3. so a changelog dump isn't that useful for the ffe, maybe just the relnotes diff18:34
infinitytjaalton: Whatever you think will get the point across and be informative enough to make a rational decision.18:37
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xnoxPlease move libindicate source & binary to universe, as it is superseeded by messaging-menu. It doesn't look like we will be able to remove it from the archive this cycle, but at least we can move it to universe.19:44
infinityxnox: I was waiting for someone slightly more desktoppy to confirm that they didn't need it anymore.19:45
infinityseb128: ^19:45
xnoxseb128: ^^^ please confirm punting libindicate to universe.19:46
xnoxinfinity: snap.19:46
infinity(It's in component-mismatches, just want to make sure that's not a mistake)19:46
xnoxinfinity: it's part of the ongoing quantal's granted FFe bug 104025919:46
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1040259 in skype-wrapper "FFE: libmessaging-menu transitions for quantal" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104025919:46
seb128infinity, xnox: I would prefer having it dropped (since it's runtime broken, indicator-messages doesn't consume that api anymore), but universe is better than nothing19:47
infinityI can drop it if it has no rdeps.19:47
seb128well, it seems that xnox was saying it still has19:47
infinityIt does, yeah.19:47
xnoxseb128: we cannot drop it because of a working implementation. libindicate -> libindicate-qt -> plasma-widget-messaging-menu -> 6 kde apps that work.19:47
seb128xnox, oh, right, ok, fair enough19:48
xnoxseb128: it all "works" in a kde desktop with 6 apps.19:48
seb128xnox, infinity: please demote then ;-)19:48
xnoxseb128: infinity: thanks a lot.19:48
seb128infinity, xnox: please accept the new gwibber and demote it as well btw ;-)19:48
infinityI don't see gwibber on component-mismatches.19:49
seb128infinity, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/135987453/gwibber_3.7.0bzr13.04.02-0ubuntu1_source.changes19:49
xnoxseb128: I'm just a minion on the Foundations Team, I actually don't have magic Release Team / Archive Admin powers =)19:49
seb128we dropped the ubuntu-desktop recommends yesterday19:49
seb128infinity, well the intend is to drop gwibber to universe and get the new version (using qt5 and "friends") in19:51
infinityIf only we weren't releasing in a couple of weeks.19:51
infinityHas that all been FFeified?19:51
infinity(Yes, changing desktop recommends is a feature...)19:52
xnoxseb128: doesn't the new gwibber depend on the non-landing new unity scopes et. al.?19:52
seb128infinity, changing recommends is a feature?19:53
seb128infinity, well, we got ffe to get the new gwibber on the CD19:53
seb128but security nacked us because qt5 ships a v8 copy with security issues19:53
seb128so we have the options to keep an old buggy, unmaintained gwibber on the CD (which we don't want)19:54
seb128or update it, but put it in universe with qt519:54
infinityseb128: Changing recommends is changing the default installed applications.  That's a bigger feature change than most.19:54
xnoxseb128: recommends will try to pull the new gwibber on to the cd....19:54
seb128xnox, we dropped the recommends yesterday19:54
infinityxnox: No, he removed the recommends.19:54
xnoxnow, I gotcha. And not going to add one on the new-gwibber-with-lib-friends was the bit I was missing in my head =)19:55
seb128infinity, so what do you suggest, that we file a ffe request for moving gwibber to universe?19:56
infinity(Also, it's gwibber-service-sohu and gwibber-service-sina that are keeping gwibber in main)19:57
seb128why are those in main at all?19:57
infinitysupported-desktop-extra: * gwibber-service-sina19:57
infinitysupported-desktop-extra: * gwibber-service-sohu19:57
infinity= For Project Qin =19:57
infinityThat may be obsolete now.  Dunno.19:58
seb128I will talk to Ken about those19:58
seb128once that's resolved, do you still want a ffe for gwibber->universe?19:58
infinityYeah, he committed that back in oneiric.19:58
seb128I think those are unmaintained and stopped working last cycle19:58
seb128I'm surprised we kept them in main19:59
seb128I guess nobody noticed/acted and they stayed there19:59
seb128I will get it sorted19:59
seb128what about the ffe?19:59
infinityseb128: I'm not against moving gwibber to universe, just saying that desktop dependencies and recommends are clearly features.  I'm fine with a verbal approval.19:59
infinity(So, consider this your verbal approval)19:59
seb128ok, I give you a verbal approval, we planned to drop the version we currently ship in favor of the rewrite19:59
seb128but we can't because of qt520:00
infinityOnce you sort the seeds, I'll move if before I accept the new one, not after.20:00
infinity(So the new one doesn't get translations stripped)20:00
seb128so our fallback option is still to drop it, but just to move the new gwibber to universe ;-)20:00
seb128that makes sense20:00
seb128infinity, thanks ;-)20:00
jbichastgraber: I created the ubuntu-gnome-release LP group (and I think I inadvertently spammed a bunch of people)21:15
phillwahh, to whoever is marking things ready, I was just finishing lubuntu i386 alternate. That is also now good for release. stgraber if the teams are allowed to mark things as ready, would you please add that functionality to myself. Julien added me to https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-product-managers a while back :)21:30
infinityphillw: I've just been marking things ready when they get full test coverage and don't appear to have any new showstopper bugs.21:31
phillwinfinity: also the ac100 in lubuntu has one test and a it is a fail,21:31
phillwnot sure why not a red bug, but the arm team look after their own images :)21:32
ScottKphillw: arm team isn't likely to focus on something lubuntu specific.21:32
phillwScottK: it their only ac100 release :D21:32
infinityWell, Oli might care about that one.21:32
ScottKinfinity: Yes, but as a personal matter, not as part of the arm team.21:33
stgraberjbicha: yeah, I saw the e-mail, I'll process that as soon as I get IPv4 connectivity again (as iso.qa.ubuntu.com sadly isn't on IPv6 yet)21:33
infinityThere is no "arm team" anymore, so true.21:33
ScottKThat as well.21:33
infinityogra_: Have any ideas about what's up with #1164071 ?21:34
phillwhmm, so, the ac100 will just quietly die? It was the 'arm' team who asked if they could use lubuntu as the other DE's resulted in being too big to install / boot.21:34
infinityogra_: I don't have an ac100 anymore...21:34
ogra_infinity, not tonight anymore21:34
ogra_but i'll look at it tomorrow21:35
ogra_skip the beta for ac10021:35
ogra_phillw, i'll make sure it is releasable21:35
phillwogra_: thanks, as you know, none of the L-QA people have an ac100 :)21:35
ogra_phillw, and the reason for the siwtch is simply unextendable 512M ram :)21:36
stgraberhighvoltage: what's the status on Edubuntu testing?21:36
phillwogra_: I do recall the chat, just not the full gory details :P21:37
ogra_ubuntu runs fine on it ... but space to run apps gets pretty short then :)21:37
phillwif one of us had an ac100, I'm sure they'd be over the iso like a bad rash :P21:37
infinityI gave mine to hallyn, otherwise I'd be happy to donate.21:38
infinityScottK: Any idea what the deal is with Kubuntu testing?  Seems sparse.21:38
ScottKNo.  I've had no time.21:39
ScottKRiddell: ^^^21:39
RiddellScottK: I'm on it now22:00
xnoxinfinity: nexus7 is all done http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/264/builds/41192/testcases22:00
highvoltagestgraber: my edubuntu images are still being replaced by symlinks when I rsync, that never happened before. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5674925/22:01
highvoltageany ideas?22:01
dokoRiddell, ScottK. while you are here ... bug 116379422:01
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1163794 in qt-assistant-compat (Ubuntu Raring) "qt-assistant-compat ftbfs in raring" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116379422:01
Riddelldoko: hum22:02
stgraberhighvoltage: are you rsyncing current/? if so, yes something changed22:03
dokoRiddell, and http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20130329-raring.html is past k for universe, so maybe have a look at the armhf failures. x86 will hopefully catch up later22:04
highvoltagestgraber: yes I am22:04
highvoltagebut I think it will work if I add the -L option to rsync, trying...22:05
ScottKdoko: How does one fix:22:05
stgraberhighvoltage: in short, images under current/ are now symlink that change based on jenkins result (or will soon be at least)22:05
ScottKdpkg-deb: building package `libpimcommon4-dbgsym' in `../libpimcommon4-dbgsym_4.10.1-0ubuntu1_armhf.ddeb'.22:05
ScottKSegmentation fault22:05
stgraberhighvoltage: cjwatson sent an e-mail about the change recently and mentioned it may break things for rsync users22:06
cjwatsonindeed, use -L22:06
cjwatsonbit my scripts too :)22:06
stgraberhighvoltage: I can send you my mirroring script that uses zsync, as far as I can tell, that one wasn't affected and actually uses less bandwidth than rsync too22:06
cjwatsonin this case it isn't jenkins, it's due to different build IDs on different architectures22:06
cjwatsonwhich is a bit odd since they're meant to be carried over, so probably a bug, but you should update your scripts anyway22:07
highvoltagestgraber: yes that would be nice22:07
barryinfinity: curl_7.29.0-1ubuntu2 should fix bug 1124508 and pycurl bug 116360922:07
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1124508 in curl (Ubuntu) "Segfault in curl_multi_cleanup error() when multi->closure_handle is NULL" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112450822:07
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1124508 in curl (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1163609 Segfault in curl_multi_cleanup error() when multi->closure_handle is NULL" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112450822:07
dokoScottK, please could you be less sarcastic?22:08
stgraberhighvoltage: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5674941/ (script), http://paste.ubuntu.com/5674943/ (config)22:08
ScottKProbably not.22:08
dokowhich source? did you try to rebuild that locally?22:08
barrydoko: ^^ in your test rebuild, once the new curl version lands, you should be able to just retry the pycurl build22:08
ScottKdoko: That was kdepim in your rebuild.22:08
highvoltagethanks stgraber, I'll use it post beta222:09
ScottKI don't currently have hardware that can build armhf on raring, so about all I could do is hit retry.22:09
dokoScottK, given back22:14
xnoxstgraber: highvoltage cjwatson: I use dl-ubuntu-test-iso now, as it's packaged and it's another script I don't have to maintain =) qa maintains it for me ;-) YMMV with it though...22:15
xnoxdoko: did you give back tktcl fallout after the compat script got uploaded? or do i need to go through them and poke you to give those back?22:17
stgraberxnox: well, I haven't had to maintain my script for the past 2 years and I'm pretty sure it's lots more efficient than dl-ubuntu-test-iso ;)22:17
dokoxnox, what I did see. I greped the failed build logs.if there's anything more, please tell me22:18
highvoltagexnox: ok thanks, I'll check that out too22:18
xnoxstgraber: dl-ubuntu-test-iso is in python & uses zsync by-default and have options to mirror the cdimage tree layout. But yeah I'm sure your one liner perl script with fancy drupal frontend is much better & quicker =)22:18
xnoxwhat I like is that it does batch sync of everything i care about based on a config file.22:19
stgraberxnox: my script is also python and also is based on a config file, I remember sending mine to QA at some point, so it's likely some bits ended up in dl-ubuntu-test-iso ;)22:20
dokocjwatson, infinity: is the "Sets" attribute for syncs not set, or isn't there a set for these packages?22:21
infinityThe former.22:21
infinityAnd who accepted curl?22:21
dokoI did22:21
infinityPlease don't?22:21
infinityI mean, a bit late now.  But.22:21
dokook. but why?  I didn't see it on a cd set22:22
infinity(core) is an intersection of many sets.22:22
infinitySurely, you don't think we don't ship libcurl? :P22:22
cjwatsondoko: use seeded-in-ubuntu22:23
dokoahh, thanks! that's useful22:24
cjwatsonThe wubi/precise error in cron mail is my fault; I'll figure it out at some point soon ...22:43
stgraberwas just about to poke about it, good ;)22:44
plarsinfinity: panda bug with using the keyboard to enter the passphrase for encrypted filesystems is rearing it's head again: bug #116419823:00
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1164198 in initramfs-tools (Ubuntu) "Keyboard not working to enter password for encrypted fs on panda" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116419823:00
infinityplars: Oh, I probably never fixed the arm-specific part of that in d-i.23:01
phillwinfinity: lubuntu amd64 Desktop is now 'good to go' :)23:37

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