lifelesssmoser: ping01:33
peteyhey how do i change the permissions of a file?01:36
peteyi want to change the ownership from root to peter but i cant quitoe get it01:36
peteypeter ah got it, chown01:37
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elithrarHi all. Having issues with an EC2 instance + Ubuntu 12.10 + ufw. A `ufw default deny outgoing` breaks aptitude, ping & DNS, despite allowing04:25
elithrar                   53/80/443 out, and allowing established connections through modifying04:25
elithrar                   ufw.before.rules04:25
elithrar(excuse the line breaks!)04:25
sarnoldelithrar: ping uses the icmp protcol; I don't think ufw does anything with icmp. Are you sure you aren't fighting the aws security groups?04:27
elithrarsarnold: You're right re: ping. Definitely not an AWS sec-group issue, as the problem disappears if I disable ufw/turn off the deny outgoing rule04:35
sarnoldelithrar: aha :) that's a bit conclusive then04:37
elithrarExtremely similar to this issue: http://serverfault.com/questions/416727/ufw-blocking-apt-and-dns04:38
sarnoldelithrar: ha! my mistake. ufw does do icmp: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW#Allow_Access04:50
sarnold... and out of battery, good luck :)04:52
casemanspacemanHey y'all! First time ever on IRC... Have a question that is not easily answered by combing FAQ's/archives etc: I've been playing with Ubuntu variants for a couple of years now, and I'm just installing Ubuntu Server for my first time (on a hand-me-down rackmount server: HP/Xeon 2.8 ghz {x2} w 8gb ram, 2 36 gb ultrascsi's). Install was surprisingly easy, but here is my question: how many services/functions is it reasonab06:25
casemanspacemanle to run on a unit like that: ie; I'm interested in the following uses: hosting my own e-mail (citadel), hosting a wordpress site/blog, deploying an instance of mediagoblin, running mythbuntu and one or two other functions. Should I have a box for each service, or is combining any or all of these going to work? Suggestions?06:25
casemanspacemanIs it crazy to use an Ubuntu Server box for more than one function?06:32
swcasemanspaceman There's not a simple answer apart from to test yourself. You could host one blog with a couple of K hits day or a couple of K blogs with a handful of hits per day.06:32
swNo, not at all, depending on the scenario ...06:32
swOr, if you don't have too.06:32
casemanspacemanI won't have a ton of hits by any means06:33
swSo you'll be fine.06:33
swYou could host that on a PC, without issues, probably, lol.06:33
casemanspacemanjust playing around to learn my way around the system and personal use mostly06:33
swSo just install them and test.06:33
casemanspacemanExperimentation it is then.06:33
casemanspacemanSounds kile how I like to roll...06:34
casemanspacemanThanks Ya'll.06:34
casemanspaceman : )06:34
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feisarhi, if my Nagios server is outside my LAN do I need a public IP for each NRPE client I want to monitor?08:02
andolfeisar: Sounds like your LAN is doing that NAT thing? Well, without having any specific experience of NRPE it feels like an individual tcp port ought to do the trick?08:04
feisarandol: thanks, yeah only a couple of servers are natted to a public IP but I'd like to monitor them all... so your're saying maybe 1 public IP with a different port for each NRPE client?08:14
andolfeisar: Well, that is what my gut is telling me at least.08:18
andolfeisar: Or you could start doing the IPv6 thing, and not have to worry about NAT anymore :)08:19
feisarandol: yeah i'm planning on setting ipv6 set up later this year but I need it to work sooner... how about a tunnel between the remote server and the LNA?08:27
andolfeisar: Individual tunnels between each clients, or one tunnel giving the Nagios server access to the NAT ip range? The later does actually sound like a potentially good idea.08:36
feisarandol: 1 tunnel giving the nagios server access to the ip range is what I was thinking08:36
feisarOpenVPN I guess? (it's not something I have done before)08:37
andolWould have been my choice.08:38
feisarandol: thanks08:39
zetheroo1how do I get something like this to work:09:29
zetheroo1echo "world" | mail -s "hello" me@email.com09:29
zetheroo1I am doing this with my email address in the path and it reports no errors but I am not getting any new email in my email account either09:30
zetheroo1do I need to configure some email SMTP settings on the server?09:30
James_LHi I have a Windows 7 machine that I want to change in to a Ubuntu server, so I downloaded the Ubuntu server .iso, burned it to disc and selected boot from disc but then it just goes to Windows a couple of moments after.10:11
James_LAny help?10:11
ogra_"selected boot from disc" ... you mean you set your BIOS to boot from CD ?10:16
ogra_and you did a raaw burn of the iso to the CD ? not just drag and drop the iso file into a burning app ?10:17
James_LErm, there's an .iso on the disc10:18
James_LIs that bad?10:18
ogra_thats wrong :)10:18
James_LIs that what's stopping this?10:18
ogra_your burning app should have an option to write the iso directly to the CD10:18
ogra_if you put it in afterwards you should actually see a lot of files and folders10:19
ogra_so burn it again (i think there are wikipages on the ubuntu wiki about how to burn an iso under windows)10:19
James_LWindows 7 and 8 just have built-in burning apps now don't they?10:19
James_LI think, anyway10:19
James_LI did that one on a Mac, but I'm on Windows now at work10:20
ogra_try right clicking the iso file, might be there is an option ...10:20
* ogra_ hasnt used any windows since win 98 ... 10:21
ogra_look at the wiki, i'm sure there are pages describing how to do it right10:21
James_LOk, thanks!10:21
thejoecarrollcan anyone help me more acurately identify an apparently troublesome device on a hosted VPS? some files from /sys/devices/LNXSYSTM:00/device:00/PNP0A03:00/device:13/physical_node/ tell me the following:10:45
thejoecarrollvendor = 0x15ad (VMware)10:45
thejoecarrolldevice = 0x07a010:46
thejoecarrollclass = 0x06040010:46
thejoecarrollunfortunately i couldn't find the device or class information here: http://www.pcidatabase.com/vendor_details.php?id=39110:47
thejoecarrollpath = \_SB_.PCI0.PE5110:48
jotterbot1234has anyone used carddav-php here? https://github.com/graviox/CardDAV-PHP11:06
jotterbot1234I would love an example of correct usage11:06
Sander^workDo anyone have any software to recommend to keep track of virtual and physical servers and they're IP adresses? I'm not sure if a spreadsheet is best to use.11:06
jotterbot1234I have setup a LAMP server but cannot seem to pass the right command to it?11:06
zetheroo1how do I get something like this to work:11:49
zetheroo1echo "world" | mail -s "hello" me@email.com11:49
zetheroo1 I am doing this with my email address in the path and it reports no errors but I am not getting any new email in my email account either11:49
zetheroo1 do I need to configure some email SMTP settings on the server?11:49
ogra_check your logs :)11:49
zetheroo1all mail logs in /var/log are empty11:52
zetheroo1and nothing pertinent in syslog11:52
ogra_well, your mail server daemon should definitely  log something to mail.info ...11:54
zetheroo1hmm ... mail server  ...11:54
ogra_is it actually running (whatever you installed for delivery, check its up)11:55
zetheroo1is there a default mail server package for Ubuntu?11:55
ogra_i think postfix is the default11:55
zetheroo1when I try to install postfix I am told that exim4 will be removed11:56
ogra_oh, so you installed exim4 already ... just configure and start it then11:57
thejoecarrollanyone here using the combination of backupninja and duplicity for backups?12:00
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BenyGSome people should not even be allowed near a computer, let alone a server...12:49
zetheroo1very strange issue here ... I have a samba/cifs share on a server that was working perfectly on Windows and Linux clients (mounting the share with no issue), then I changed the disk that the share was on and now the share is no longer mountable in both Linux and Windows ... the only diff between the two disks was that the one that worked wast 1TB and the other that did not work is 2TB12:53
zetheroo1also the drive that worked was ext3 and the drive that does not work is ext412:54
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Nico_OHi installing Ubuntu server 12.10 via CD-ROM but receive error 'Your installation CD-ROM couldn't be mounted'.12:59
Nico_OThe CD-ROM is ok though, otherwise the installer wouldn't load!12:59
Nico_OAny suggestions?12:59
Nico_OHi installing Ubuntu server 12.10 via CD-ROM but receive error 'Your installation CD-ROM couldn't be mounted'.13:11
Nico_OHi installing Ubuntu server 12.10 via CD-ROM but receive error 'Your installation CD-ROM couldn't be mounted'.13:26
a11235Hi, I'm unable to connect to my webserver. Nginx is listening on port 80 and I have set up ufw to allow any connection to port 80. What can I do to diagnose the problem?13:32
a11235hem never mind, the problem seems to be my isp..13:42
rigorm0rtisHello. I'm having issues with a freshly-upgraded 10.04 -> 12.04 Ubuntu server. I have a RAID1 device that is no longer assembling on boot. However, I can assemble it manually after boot if I stop the incorrect devices that are there and use MDADM to assemble manually. How can I get auto-assembly working again?14:01
xnoxrigorm0rtis: what's the output of "ls /etc/udev/rules.d/65-mdadm.vol_id.rules" ?14:01
xnoxdoes that file exist?14:02
xnoxok, good.14:02
xnoxrigorm0rtis: and you have all updates applied? there were mdadm updates released.14:03
rigorm0rtisxnox, aptitude shows no updates14:04
rigorm0rtisIt's really strange. This system is supposed to have a RAID1 device md0 with devices sdb1 and sdc1. When it comes up, it has md0 with sdc1 as spare and md127 with sdb as spare. Neither devices can be activated. In order to get raid going, I have to stop md0 and md127, then use mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1 and then everything works.14:11
xnoxrigorm0rtis: so for some reason, it does not identify that raid as matching "homehost" hence it's punting it to md127. *sigh*14:12
sorenhallyn_: I'm having trouble with kvm on Raring. I'm tryig to run the installer (using the quantal mini.iso) and it freezes when it gets to the "detecting hardware" stage. At 0%.14:13
rigorm0rtisxnox, so, what does that mean?14:13
genii-aroundrigorm0rtis: Does: raid1     exist in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules   ?14:13
sorenhallyn_: Does that sounds familiar at all?14:14
rigorm0rtisgenii-around, no, it doesn't14:14
hallyn_soren: i normally get that when mini.iso is out of date i think14:15
genii-aroundrigorm0rtis: I would suggest to add it there with admin priveleges, then sudo update-initramfs -u14:15
hallyn_(i.e. it downloads some kernel modules which don't match the kernel)  otherwise no.  i can give it a shot right now...14:15
rigorm0rtisgenii-around, I will try that.14:15
sorenhallyn_: Oh, hang on. I may be doig something silly.14:17
hallyn_soren: yeah i got past the partitioner just now14:18
rigorm0rtisgenii-around, It is still not assembling on boot. Still comes up as md0 and md127.14:19
sorenhallyn_: I just ran "kvm -hda blah -cdrom mini.iso -boot d".14:19
sorenhallyn_: I'm guessing I may simply be out of RAM.14:19
hallyn_yeah it's too bad we lost that patch setting minimum ram.  I could re-add it, but have to make sure to do it only for x86 target builds.14:21
sorenhallyn_: Yeah, adding a gig of RAM totally solved it.14:21
sorenhallyn_: Sorry about the noise.14:21
hallyn_np :)14:21
genii-aroundrigorm0rtis: Apologies on lag, work is requiring me, plus trying to assist in another channel14:24
rigorm0rtisgenii-around, No problem.14:25
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genii-aroundrigorm0rtis: Can you pastebin result of sudo mdadm --detail /dev/md0       ?14:30
rigorm0rtisgenii-around, do you want that in the broken (right after boot) state, or in the fixed state (after I stop the bad md devices and assemble manually)?14:31
genii-aroundrigorm0rtis: Both would be interesting... but the fixed state is what I would like14:31
genii-aroundrigorm0rtis: After you re-assembled it the first time, did you fsck it before mounting?14:32
rigorm0rtisgenii-around, No, I didn't fsck it before mounting.14:33
rigorm0rtisgenii-around, here's md0 in it's working state: http://pastebin.com/d5jFKW5U14:34
genii-aroundMeh, boss wants me for 5-10 minutes... url copied will view on return14:35
rigorm0rtisNo problem, I'm gonna reboot and grab the broken state as well.14:35
sorenhallyn_: Did we use to have a higher default RAM allocation on x86?14:36
rigorm0rtisgenii-around, Here's mdadm --detail information in the broken state. I also included some other info. http://pastebin.com/MhEhbJxB14:44
hallyn_soren: yes, 386 or something - kirkland introduced that a long time ago14:44
kirklandhallyn_: ?14:44
kirklandhallyn_: qemu?14:44
kirklandsoren: oh, yeah, once upon a time, I upped the default ram in qemu/kvm to whatever was needed to boot an ubuntu iso14:46
kirklandhallyn_: did that get dropped?14:47
genii-aroundrigorm0rtis: Please pastebin mdadm.conf14:49
hallyn_kirkland: yeah we kept it around a long time, but we can't just blindly apply it nwo bc the same source pkg builds other targets14:50
hallyn_kirkland: mjt even tried to push it upstream, but upstream pointedout that some arches have max 256M, and other problems14:50
rigorm0rtisgenii-around: mdadm.conf: http://pastebin.com/VBqNrGQQ14:50
hallyn_so i do want to re-add it only for x86 target builds, but it's sort of low prio, and i don't wnt to get that wrong :)14:51
kirklandhallyn_: gotcha14:51
kirklandhallyn_: okay, thanks14:51
kirklandsoren: if you use testdrive to launch your iso, it'll handle that for you14:51
sorenkirkland: I'll keep that in mind.14:52
mjeansonHi, anyone using cinder from the folsom-updates cloud archive with the nexenta driver?14:52
hallyn_kirkland: to be honest '-m 1024' is so reflexive i never don't type it, so i forget the patch is gone14:53
kirklandhallyn_: yep14:53
kirklandhallyn_: frankly, if I'm launching kvm to boot an iso, I use testdrive14:54
kirklandhallyn_: it handles all of the niceties14:54
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LargePrimedoes Boot up manager work for Ubuntu server?16:04
LargePrimeall the guides seem to assume a gui16:04
LargePrimehow do you all do boot automation?16:05
PiciLargePrime: automation?16:09
LargePrimesutff starting at boot16:10
PiciLargePrime: drop things in /etc/rc.local or make an upstart job for it.  For non admins, you can define a cronjob16:11
LargePrimeNooB asks what is " upstart job "16:18
rigorm0rtisOkay, so after running  mdadm --examine --verbose --scan, I see that /dev/sdb is being detected as a RAID device, how can I make sdb not be detected as RAID, but continue allowing sdb1 to be detected as raid16:46
xnoxrigorm0rtis: sounds like superblock got messed up or is misread by the new mdadm.16:47
xnoxrigorm0rtis: I'd recommend you to backup superblock and possibly seak linux-raid mailing list on how to "correct" the superblock. Very odd though.16:48
LargePrimePici: it seems rc.local happens when you login, not on boot?16:51
LargePrimebah, that not right16:53
rigorm0rtisxnox: it looks like the drive has an old superblock on it that the old mdadm elected to ignore. The creation date is older than the correct superblock that is in the partition(s).16:57
xnoxrigorm0rtis: interesting. If you take this dump of superblocks and if possible attach to launchpad bug & then maybe forward it to linux-raid mailing list. It's really a regression if we pick the "wrong" one.16:59
rigorm0rtisxnox: How should I dump the superblocks?17:00
xnoxrigorm0rtis: do you have anything in /var/backups/ ?17:04
xnoxrigorm0rtis: looks like $ mdadm -Esc path-to-backup.dump but I somehow thought there is more to it that just that.17:05
rigorm0rtisxnox: that command is just giving me my array list and not saving anything.17:10
rigorm0rtisxnox: I filed this bug earlier and have since added the bit about the old superblock being detected. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mdadm/+bug/116400817:18
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1164008 in mdadm "mdadm devices not recognized correctly at boot" [Undecided,New]17:18
rigorm0rtisI'm thinking that if I zero the superblock on /dev/sdb that would stop the incorrect detection.17:19
xnoxrigorm0rtis: sure, but you will need to recreate a new one.17:25
xnoxrigorm0rtis: see https://raid.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/RAID_Recovery17:26
rigorm0rtisxnox: but it seems like there are two superblocks on /dev/sdb? One at /dev/sdb and another at /dev/sdb1. Are those not separate superblocks?17:27
xnoxrigorm0rtis: sure. but I don't know what --zero-superblock will do. E.g. wipe all superblocks it can find, or not.17:36
rigorm0rtisxnox: I took a backup before messing with this, so I think we'll get to find out! :P17:37
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xnoxrigorm0rtis: good luck =D17:39
rigorm0rtisPerfect! I ran mdadm --zero-superblock /dev/sdb and after a reboot everything appears to work as it should.17:41
xnoxrigorm0rtis: \o/17:44
rigorm0rtisxnox: Thank you for all of your help! genii-around too, but s/he seems to be gone.17:48
genii-aroundrigorm0rtis: I had a work emergency earlier :(    . Did you get anywhere yet with your RAID issue?17:56
sarnoldgenii-around: < rigorm0rtis> Perfect! I ran mdadm --zero-superblock /dev/sdb and after a reboot everything appears to work as it should.17:56
sarnoldgenii-around: < rigorm0rtis> xnox: Thank you for all of your help! genii-around too, but s/he seems to be gone.17:56
genii-aroundsarnold: Nice, thanks!17:57
rigorm0rtisgenii-around: Basically there was an old superblock living on /dev/sdb that had to be zeroed. Ubuntu 10.04 mdadm was happy to ignore it, but in 12.04 it did not ignore it.17:57
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mjeansonare there plans to update the folsom openstack packages to further point releases (12.2.x) in the cloud archive?19:30
zulmjeanson:  yes we are in the process of doing that19:39
zulmjeanson:  they follow the same SRU process19:39
mjeansonzul, are bugs related to cloud archive packages tracked in launchpad?19:43
atdprhsI just installed ubuntu 12.10 and my apache2 settings doesn't seem to enable "test.com/test" instead of "test.com/test.php" (I want to enable multiviews)20:06
atdprhswhen I compare the settings for server 12.10 to a server 12.4, it seems same20:07
atdprhsbut it doesn't work on 12.1020:07
* RoyK has never used that20:07
* RoyK neither uses non-LTS stuff on servers20:07
Piciatdprhs: Did you enable MultiViews explicitly?20:08
atdprhsthey are supposedly enabled20:10
atdprhsaccording to what I see20:10
atdprhsI"m restartin gthe server20:10
atdprhsYou wanna see it?20:11
atdprhsand apt-get update doesn't work20:12
atdprhserr http://us.archive.ubuntu.com quantal-update InRelease20:12
RoyKatdprhs: please pastebin any errors such as from apt-get20:13
RoyK!pastebin | atdprhs20:13
ubottuatdprhs: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:13
atdprhsokayz RoyK, Sorry20:13
RoyKatdprhs: no problem - pasting a single line isn't an issue ;)20:14
atdprhsHow can I pastebin from the server direct, because the server doesn't have gui20:14
Piciyou could use pastebinit20:14
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com20:14
atdprhsit seems apt-get not working :S20:16
atdprhsfailed to fetch20:16
atdprhsI tried to ping www.googe.com and it says unknown host20:16
RoyKdns issues?20:16
atdprhslet me check20:17
RoyKtry "host google.com"20:17
GrueMasterAnyone here that can help woth oem-config on 12.04 server?  It seems to crash on me when I try to reinitialize it on a running system.  My steps are "apt-get install oem-config;oem-config-prepare" and reboot.20:19
atdprhswhere is the nameserver configurations?20:20
RoyKatdprhs: /etc/resolv.conf20:21
atdprhsOK, it says donot edit this file by hand -- your changes will be overwritten, I remember when I installed that server today, it wasn't like that20:22
atdprhsdo I reinstall the server?20:22
RoyKthen configure /etc/network/interfaces and add to your iface section "dns-nameservers x.x.x.x"20:22
RoyKatdprhs: no need for a reinstall ;)20:23
atdprhsiface is configured properly20:23
RoyKwith dns-nameservers (ip.to.working.dns-server)?20:24
atdprhsI'm thinking about actually remove 12.10 and install 12.0420:24
atdprhsit seems less problems20:24
RoyKcan you do a "host google.com ip.to.dns.server"?20:25
atdprhsBecaues I've been using google for 5 hours to fix the multiviews and it seems stupid20:25
RoyKatdprhs: networking works on my quantal machines20:25
atdprhslet me check20:25
RoyKatdprhs: first of all, check if /etc/resolv.conf contains the right values. if not, it won't work regardless of what /etc/network/interfaces has20:25
RoyKthe values in /etc/network/interfaces are used during bootup to write /etc/resolv.conf20:26
atdprhsno values in resolv.conf, it says that I shouldn't edit it by hand because it will be overwritten20:26
RoyKreboot, then, and it should be written correctly20:26
atdprhsI rebooted already 3 times20:27
RoyKedit it manually - just add "nameserver x.x.x.x"20:27
RoyKto that file20:27
RoyKthen you should be able to update and use pastebin, and perhaps we can find the real problem20:28
atdprhsthat's completely work20:28
atdprhswhat possibly edited that?20:28
RoyKnothing should have edited that20:29
RoyKpastebin /etc/network/interfaces20:29
hallyn_stgraber: on some of the arm platforms you're on, is 12k on the stack for pathnames and temp copy buffers too much to demand?20:29
atdprhsI installed pastebinit, and typed "pastebin /etc/network/interfaces" and it says pastebin not found20:31
RoyKpastebinit, not pastebin20:31
RoyKno dns settings there20:32
atdprhsyes because the default gateway handles the dns20:32
RoyKyou still need to tell linux which dns server to use :p20:32
RoyKyou don't have smart anycasts on ipv4, you know20:33
atdprhsdns x.x.x.x,x.x.x.x Right?20:33
GrueMasterIs there a different channel I should be asking in regarding oem-config and ubuntu 12.04 server?20:34
RoyKno, see above20:34
RoyK22:22 < RoyK> then configure /etc/network/interfaces and add to your iface section "dns-nameservers x.x.x.x"20:34
atdprhsnameserver x.x.x.x then new live nameserver x.x.x.x ?20:34
RoyKif you read what I type, this may take a wee bit shorter time...20:35
RoyKperhaps add dns-search mydomain.tld to that20:35
RoyKplease post full URLs20:36
RoyKdns-nameservers - in plural - followed by the name servers available, separated by spaces20:37
RoyK22:34 < RoyK> 22:22 < RoyK> then configure /etc/network/interfaces and add to your iface section "dns-nameservers x.x.x.x"20:37
atdprhsdo you know how multiviews can be enabled in 12.10?20:39
RoyK22:07  * RoyK has never used that20:40
RoyK!patience | atdprhs20:40
ubottuatdprhs: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/20:40
atdprhsThank you Royk!20:42
pythonirc101Seagate Constellation ES.3 2 TB  vs Western Digital Caviar Black 2 TB  -- anyone with any experience here running them? I need to buy some and hence I ask. Planning to run ubuntu software raid.21:07
sarnoldpythonirc101: storagereview.com (used to be?) the place to get drive reviews..21:09
pythonirc101sarnold: thanks. I've not gone to that site in ages.21:10
sarnoldpythonirc101: the downside is that for every manufacturer, you can find someone whose opinion you respect who will never buy another one of their drives again, ever. heh.21:11
RoyKpythonirc101: most drives work. is it a 512 or 512e or 4096 sector sizedisk?21:18
keithzgHmm, I've been trying to upgrade an old VM running 10.04, but it's failing on "Failed to fetch ....groff-base_1.21-7_i386.deb Hash Sum mismatch".21:20
yousafHi all21:24
yousafdmesg shows several [    0.000000] *BAD*gran_size: 256K chunk_size: 2G num_reg: 8  lose cover RAM: -1G21:24
yousafi am a complete beginner and I don't know what that means21:24
yousafGoogle searches aren't returning helpful results either21:24
* keithzg tried a third time and now there's no hash sum mismatch on the package, weird21:26
sarnoldyousaf: smells a bit like bad memory21:28
yousafas in physical ram, right?21:28
sarnoldyousaf: yeah21:29
yousafthank you21:29
sarnoldyousaf: .. or something broken in the memory controller or something related21:29
yousafagain, physical?21:29
sarnoldyousaf: the linux kernel has the ability to ignore bad memory, if you want to go to that effort21:29
sarnoldyousaf: yeah21:29
yousafCan't believe that my host was refusing to even look at the physical stuff21:30
yousafand was telling me it is software related21:30
sarnoldyousaf: you could run memtest86+ from the 12.04 disc (not the 12.10 disc, that one is apparently broken) and keep note of the reported bad addresses, and then you can give a range of addresses at the kernel command line for it to avoid21:30
yousafsarnold... tonight I learned what "dmesg" does21:30
yousafI think what you are asking is a tiny bit beyond me :D21:31
sarnoldyousaf: heheh21:31
yousafThank you though21:31
yousafHelpful to know that my host should deal with it21:31
sarnoldyousaf: here's a nice little guide.. "option 3" describes it: http://gquigs.blogspot.com/2009/01/bad-memory-howto.html21:33
RoyKpythonirc101: the Black disk has crippled firmware with scterc disabled, so it's not very good for raid21:34
RoyKsarnold: 512e is 512b emulation, it reports 512b sectors using 4k sectors under the hood21:35
yousafsarnold that brings me to an interesting question21:36
yousafhow do I know that my host isn't cutting corners i.e. doing option 2 and option 3?21:36
yousafthey are running mem/cpu tests as we "speak"21:37
sarnoldyousaf: nothing wrong with knocking out a few broken megabytes here or there...21:37
yousafBut shouldn't they use a new ram?21:37
sarnoldyousaf: though it does mean you've to make sure that host's command line _always_ has those memmap= commands...21:37
yousafgiven that i am paying for a dedicated server21:37
yousafwith 16GB ram?21:38
sarnoldyousaf: well, that -is- different. I wouldn't notice one megabyte or two here or there, but it -is- a maintainence burden for you for as long as you have that machine. it might be better for them to rededicate the machine to VM use for someone else...21:39
yousafactually, 24GB RAM21:39
sarnoldon the other hand, 24 gigs RAM ought to be something like $100, right? :)21:40
yousafso you are saying that I should ideally get a different server?21:40
yousafroughly $200 a month21:40
yousafI am trying to find some info your comment "make sure that host's command line _always_ has those memmap= commands..."21:42
sarnoldyousaf: dunno if it is an option or not, but here's a 32 gb system that's 59EUR/mo: http://www.hetzner.de/hosting/produkte_rootserver/ex4s21:43
yousafsarnold I started off with hetzner21:43
sarnoldcripes I oughta get one. that's crazy.21:43
sarnoldyousaf: oh? what'd you think?21:43
yousafprobably the worst experience ever21:43
yousafinfact it was that very server21:44
yousafSupport is obviously non-existent but so is their portal21:45
yousafcouldn't log into my portal for two days straight after I signed up21:45
halvorsAnyone knows how to use the check_ifoperstatus command?21:45
sarnoldyousaf: damn :/ thanks for the heads up :/21:46
yousafCurrent server is with Incero21:47
yousafAnd I might get this for another app https://www.datashack.net/cart/?id=19121:47
sarnoldyousaf: anyway, the command line -- you'd need to have something in your grub configuration to ensure that memmap=.... is passed to the linux kernel at boot. you'd probably want to even write a little script to check /proc/cmdline to make sure it is there for every boot.21:47
sarnoldthat's a lot of IPs. wow.21:48
Dovidhi all. i am working on a project for a client. should i go with the latest and greatest (12.10) or stick with 12.04.2?21:55
sarnoldDovid: probably 12.04.2 -- it'll have longer support and give you more time before you have to do anything with it again.21:56
Dovidok. but 12.10 will have latest drivers i assume? client orig. wanted 11.10. i have lots of issues that i think are driver related.....21:57
sarnoldDovid: 12.04.2 has a "hardware enablement" stack of kernel, xorg, and maybe a handful of other 12.10 things backported21:57
sarnoldDovid: those specific things (e.g., kernel) will end support when 12.10 ends support, iirc, so they'll need updating to whatever HWE stack replaces it, in about 13 months, but it'll probably be less drastic than everything new21:58
pinPointI need some advice21:59
GrueMasterheh, ok.21:59
pinPointI have a system that has 6GB ram but it is running ubuntu 10.04.4 lts. Originally it had 2GB but I merged two computers into one. So now the assembled machine has 6GB, 2 HDDs(one ubuntu, one win server 2012), I don't need the windows drive's content anymore. Is there a way for me to upgrade to a 64bit Ubuntu 12.xx possibly and move my apache/mysql/php/etc to the new updated system?22:01
pinPointand all of my /home too22:01
pinPointmain drive with ubuntu is 500gb, secondary drive is 640GB(it can be wiped).22:02
pinPointmy old system was a core2duo 1.8, now the new sys is core2quad, 6gb.22:02
pinPointalso 2gb on the old sys, now 6GB available22:03
yousafThanks for your help sarnold. need to get some sleep22:03
GrueMasterpinPoint: I'd recommend installing 12.04 to the 640G then rebooting and migrating that way.22:03
sarnoldg'night yousaf :)22:03
GrueMasterIt's kind of what I plan on doing for my system (although I will need a spare 1T drive).22:03
pinPointGrueMaster: is there a way for me to migrate all my server stuff without a lot of hacking/tweaking?22:04
pinPointand all the stuff in /etc/init.d/*22:04
pinPointsorta clueless about it all but I know I have messed around with stuff there before22:04
GrueMasterYou shouldn't need to change the init.d stuff.  The configs for other things in /etc can be migrated/merged.22:05
GrueMasterOne possible solution would be to clone the 500 to the 640, upgrade the 500 to 12.04 32bit, then go from there.22:06
GrueMasterAny way you look at it, plan on a few hours to go from 32bit to 64bit.22:06
pinPointbut if I upgrade the 500GB to 32bit, I still need to do some sort of move to 64bit22:07
pinPointgawd, I should have seen this crap coming but this was almost 4years ago22:07
GrueMasterRight, but if you upgrade first, then do a fresh install on the other drive, you can migrate the configs over easily, as the upgrade will do most of the config migration to the later versions.22:08
GrueMasterWhat all are you running app wise that will need migrating?  Apache and what else?22:09
pinPointGrueMaster: apache,mysql,php, wordpress, phpmyadmin22:11
pinPointplus I play videos on this thing sometimes22:12
GrueMasterApache and mysql should be fairly easy.  The rest are mainly web apps stored in your /var/www directory.22:12
pinPointthe apache is hacked up with dynamic hacks in /etc and a timer somewhere I setup from an online readup yrs ago22:13
GrueMasterMysql stores it's data in /var/mysql iirc.22:13
pinPointso clone 500->640GB, then move 500GB to precise, then?22:13
GrueMasterafter cloning, upgrade one or the other.  Test it thoroughly.22:14
GrueMasterIf it works fine, you can wipe the other with 12.04 64bit then migrate configs & data.22:14
pinPointGrueMaster: someone recommended I move to server, would you agree?22:17
GrueMasterOnly if you are running this as a dedicated server.  No reason it can't do both.22:18
pinPoint64bit is the crucial one really22:18
pinPointit is a private dedicated for me22:18
GrueMasterIt all depends on usage model.22:19
pinPointbut I don't need it to be a server though22:19
donvito2i put this line on rc.local /var/etc/CCcam2.x86 -C /var/etc/CCcam2.cfg &22:19
GrueMasterThen there is no reason to move it to server only.22:19
donvito2but it reads only /var/etc/CCcam2.x86 -C /var/etc/CCcam2.cfg &22:19
donvito2not the line after -C22:19
GrueMasterMy home desktop is a Qore2Quad with 8G.  Currently running 12.04 32bit with PAE (so I can at least use the memory).  It runs KDE (Kubuntu), but also has apache, mysql, postgresql, and many VMs.22:20
pinPointPAE does what exactly GrueMaster ?22:23
sarnoldallows 32 bit x86 to access up to 64 gigabytes of memory, though in practice anything beyond 16gigabytes might be "difficult" on 32bit...22:24
GrueMasterExactly.  It works by setting up page tables for each 4G region.  It will not allow the system to address more than 4G at a time per app, but it does allow the kernel to move apps into larger memory spaces.22:26
pinPointessentially it would utilize all of 6GB then?22:32
pinPointwhy is there no possible way to upgrade in ubuntu or linux in general?22:32
sarnoldconverting from 32 to 64 bits is an odd one. I've had debian machines that I'd upgraded for seven or eight years from release to release without hassle. I've upgraded ubuntu machines for years without trouble, though probably only three or four years worth..22:34
pinPointwhat is the limiting factor though? In different OSes it can be done.22:36
GrueMasterDifferent OS's???  I don't know of any that have a 32->64 bit migration path.22:43
pinPointGrueMaster: you cannot install/upgrade a win machine from 32->64bt by just planting the install disk during bootup?22:51
GrueMasterWindows is a very different beast.  Until recently (Vista), a lot of the code was still 16 bit.22:52
GrueMasterPlus they have a huge amount of backwards compatibility layers built in.22:52
halvorsMay anyone please help me out with the nagios-snmp-plugins package? :)23:18
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