rickspencer3hi wade|shull00:00
wade|shullwow a response00:00
wade|shullhow are you00:00
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wade|shullwow I am so tired of trying to make all this work00:01
wade|shullI am wondering if it is worth it00:01
wade|shulltime to totally reinstall ubuntu I guess00:01
rickspencer3hey wade|shull00:02
rickspencer3I am well00:02
rickspencer3I think the deal is that it is quite late in europe right now00:02
wade|shulltoo bad there isn't a crack pot east coast team :)00:03
rickspencer3wade|shull, in time ;)00:03
rickspencer3well, it's late on the East Coast as well :)00:03
wade|shullit is only 800:03
rickspencer3wade|shull, there is a mailing list00:04
wade|shullhow does the mailing list help00:04
wade|shullthe thing is, I am new to ubuntu00:04
wade|shullnot qml00:04
rickspencer3wade|shull, ok, so what are you trying to do?00:04
wade|shullubuntu itself is killing me00:04
rickspencer3there is a slight chance I can help00:04
rickspencer3I'm sorry to hear that00:04
rickspencer3wade|shull, I may be able to unblock you from that00:05
rickspencer3or send you to the right place00:05
wade|shullwell the tabs don't work correctly and everytime I run the qmlscene ubuntu throws an error and shuts everything down00:05
rickspencer3what's up?00:05
rickspencer3wade|shull, is this on your desktop while developing?00:05
wade|shullso I think I am going to reinstall it all and start over00:05
wade|shullI haven't had a chance to buy a nexus 7 yet00:05
wade|shullboy I wish00:05
rickspencer3wade|shull, so all your problems are running the sdk on Ubuntu so far?00:06
wade|shullthis ui is amazing compared to what Nokia gave us00:06
rickspencer3when you run your apps, they die?00:06
wade|shullthey do now00:06
wade|shullwhen I first started this wasn't a problem00:06
wade|shullI think I did something00:06
wade|shullI am going to start over and see what comes of it00:06
wade|shullbecause this is too awesome to give up on00:06
wade|shullit isn't a worry because it is on second computer00:07
wade|shullso not like I am losing much00:07
wade|shullwill fresh install and follow directions again00:07
wade|shullon the go mobile site00:07
wade|shulland punch out my apps00:07
jono_wade|shull, :-)00:07
wade|shulldo you have any in the works?00:07
wade|shullhello jono_00:08
jono_hey wade|shull00:08
jono_sorry you are having some problems00:08
jono_if you re-install and continue to have issues, let us know00:08
wade|shullchalk it up to ubuntu newbie00:08
wade|shullI have messed with debian, but that was all command line and web stuff00:08
rickspencer3wade|shull, we love newbies here00:08
wade|shullmost of this is all new to me00:08
rickspencer3part of the Ubuntu Code of Conduct :)00:08
rickspencer3mhall119, due to timezone stuff, I'm wondering if mhall119 might be a good die for you to ping00:09
wade|shullI will bring my qml knowledge how about that - I was a Qt Ambassador before Nokia ditched us00:09
rickspencer3dang it00:09
wade|shullhope that program keeps going00:09
rickspencer3"good guy to ping"00:09
rickspencer3wade|shull, also in your morning, you can ask bzoltan and kaleo_00:10
wade|shullsounds good00:10
rickspencer3they are strong drivers, but it is 1am for htem right now00:10
wade|shullis it alright to idle in this channel, or do they only want active people in here00:10
rickspencer3wade|shull, it's totally alright to idle00:10
rickspencer3you are most welcome00:10
wade|shullsweet thanks00:11
rickspencer3wade|shull, have you tried making a default Ubuntu app and making sure that runs?00:11
wade|shullwell I was using the Demo - the Showcase app as my comparison00:11
wade|shulland it crashes now as well00:11
wade|shulland before it started crashing the Tabs component started acting up00:12
rickspencer3wade|shull, are you using 13.04?00:12
rickspencer3I'm on 13.0400:12
wade|shullI didn't even know there was a 13, thought it was only 12.04 or 12.1000:12
rickspencer3wade|shull, there is always the current development release00:13
rickspencer3the moment after we released 12.10, we started working on 13.0400:13
rickspencer3and it goes into beta on Thursday00:13
wade|shullvery nice00:13
rickspencer3so we are close to releasing it00:13
wade|shullso you are on the ground floor00:13
rickspencer3wade|shull, are you getting any output in QtCreator or anything about the crash?00:14
rickspencer3if so, you might consider logging a bug00:14
wade|shullwell the funny part was it was working all good until there were some package updates00:14
wade|shulland like I said I don't know what I am doing so I think an update screwed with something00:14
wade|shullI am most of the way done with my app00:14
wade|shullso once I get it going again it won't take long00:15
rickspencer3wade|shull, cool00:15
rickspencer3would be nice if the team could know what broke for you, so they can fix it00:15
rickspencer3I bet if you update tomorrow, there is a good chance it will be fixed00:15
wade|shullyeah I am doing it right now so I can see if I can get some more info for everyone00:15
rickspencer3if not, come back and ping me, and I'll try to help you hunt down someone who can help00:15
rickspencer3wade|shull, what's your app?00:15
wade|shullI am working on two of them00:16
wade|shullSoundcloud and Trello00:16
rickspencer3soundcloud! cool00:16
rickspencer3the Grateful Dead post a lot of music there, so I know it well :)00:16
* rickspencer3 looks up trello00:17
wade|shullyeah I had it wrote for my n950 so it is just a porting issue with the new ubuntu qml components00:17
rickspencer3trello looks cool too00:17
wade|shullit is a very slick 'To Do' site00:17
rickspencer3I'm looking at screenshots now00:18
wade|shullvery impressed with their layout00:18
rickspencer3does it have an API?00:18
rickspencer3wade|shull, I'm sure kaleo_ will be very interested in how you are using Ubuntu Components to write your apps00:19
rickspencer3I hope you catch him tomorrow00:19
wade|shullI will try00:19
wade|shullit is the only reason I have ventured into the Ubuntu world to be honest00:19
wilee-nileeHello, so I have touch installed on nexus 7, I'm a longtime ubuntu user and am quite familiar with android. I boot it up and a little confused on setting up a user.00:19
rickspencer3wilee-nilee, hi00:20
rickspencer3I don't think there is "setting up a user" on ubuntu touch00:20
wilee-nileerickspencer3, Hi00:20
rickspencer3hi wilee-nilee00:20
rickspencer3what are you trying to do, exactly?00:20
wilee-nileerickspencer3, trying to just get it setup I appera to be in a preview gui00:21
rickspencer3wilee-nilee, yeah00:21
rickspencer3a lot of the experience is hard coded still00:21
rickspencer3the welcome screen and the contacts and everything, none of that is real data yet00:22
wilee-nileeyeah, do I need to ssh00:22
rickspencer3wilee-nilee, ssh to talk to the device, you mean?00:22
wilee-nileerickspencer3, Yeah, I'm not familiar with ssh but was looking through the links and the adb stuff, just trying to get orientated.00:23
rickspencer3wilee-nilee, ok00:23
rickspencer3so, depends on what you are trying to do00:23
rickspencer3wilee-nilee, if you want to just use what is there, you can just configure your wireless, browser the web, use facebook, etc...00:24
rickspencer3if you are trying to write an application, you can install the sdk, and QtCreator will help you talk to the device for running your app and stuff00:24
wilee-nileerickspencer3, Cool, I was hoping for a user, you know somewhat similar in concept to the ported desktop versions.00:24
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rickspencer3wilee-nilee, yeah, so far there is a default user00:25
rickspencer3and you can't configure other ones00:25
rickspencer3but Ubuntu Touch is inherently multi-user and there will be a GUI for it00:25
wilee-nileerickspencer3, cool I see, looks like anice setup, beter for a phone as is I suppose00:25
rickspencer3wilee-nilee, I think it will be good for all form factors!00:26
wilee-nileeor using the services you have mentioned00:26
wilee-nileeyeah, just checking it outfor fun no biggie00:26
wilee-nileeSo how do I shutdown a app runing like the gallery00:27
wilee-nileerickspencer3, I appreciate the general outline.00:28
rickspencer3wilee-nilee, did you install the daily?00:28
wilee-nileerickspencer3, yeah00:28
rickspencer3that's good00:29
rickspencer3it gets better each day00:29
wilee-nileerickspencer3, I used the phablet loading00:29
rickspencer3with "-l"?00:29
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wilee-nileerickspencer3, Not sure just ran the instructions hold on,00:30
rickspencer3phablet-flash -l gives you the very latest build00:30
rickspencer3without the "-l" you get an older one00:30
wilee-nileerickspencer3, Ah, yeah I ran phablet-flash -b -l  heh there is the -l Doh00:31
wilee-nileerickspencer3, So I gues my only real problem is turn off a running app is this possible?00:32
wilee-nileeI looked around and have not figured that out anyway,00:32
rickspencer3wilee-nilee, yes00:33
rickspencer3drag from the bottom until a small translucent black box appears00:33
rickspencer3drag your finger into that box00:33
rickspencer3this invokes "the hud"00:33
rickspencer3there is an "x" button in the hud that will close the app00:33
wilee-nileerickspencer3, cool,00:33
rickspencer3(among other things)00:34
wilee-nileerickspencer3, is the hud at the bottom?00:34
rickspencer3wilee-nilee, swipe from below the bottom of the screen upwards00:35
rickspencer3and continue to drag up until you see the hud button appear00:35
wilee-nileerickspencer3, Looks like a magnifying glass?00:36
rickspencer3yes, that's the one00:37
rickspencer3keep dragging until your finger is in it to activate it00:37
wilee-nileerickspencer3, Doh I got it now, thanks man. ;)00:38
rickspencer3wilee-nilee, np ;)00:38
wilee-nileerickspencer3, Looks like a nice setup it will be nice to see it grow in popularity hopefully, have agood thanks again.00:39
wilee-nileea good day*00:39
rickspencer3hey wilee-nilee00:39
rickspencer3thanks man00:39
rickspencer3I'm just stepping out for some food with my family00:40
rickspencer3I'll bbl00:40
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rsalvetijanimo: after running source build/envsetup.sh, you can run 'mka TARGET_KERNEL_BINARIES'01:36
rsalvetithat will only build the kernel01:36
rsalvetibut in case you already have a valid build environment, running brunch will always try to build the kernel01:37
rsalvetieven if nothing changed there01:37
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vikceohi i am in big trouble04:32
vikceoi was running ubuntu touch on my nexus 704:32
vikceoand the yestrday decided to restore to the android04:32
vikceowhile trying to do that04:32
vikceowhen i run the step04:32
vikceoit finally fails with error as04:33
vikceoEOCD not found, not Zip error: Segmentation fault (core dumped)04:33
janimorsalveti, thanks04:54
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dholbachgood morning06:45
dholbachbfiller, good work on the summary!06:45
oSoMoNgood morning07:06
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ogra_dholbach, shouldnt the touch summary be posted on planet too ?08:37
dholbachogra_, I'm not sure if bfiller is on planet08:37
ogra_dholbach, well, does bill go on doing the summaries ? i think UbuntuTouch should have something like the canonical blog or the fridge to ppost such announcements to planet08:58
dholbachogra_, I don't know whose responsibility it's going to be - I did the first, rsalveti the second and bfiller did the third now08:59
ogra_thats what i mean :)08:59
ogra_the person changes, the assigned blog shouldnt ... so that planet gets the summaries too08:59
dholbachI understand08:59
dholbachwe haven't figured this out, but I agree that the great work which happens here should have more publicity09:00
ogra_just a thought ... no hurry to have it :)09:00
utphi all09:02
Petohi, someone to help me with galaxy note?09:17
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utpActually, does anyone uses the alpha daily, at all?09:57
ogra_alpha daily ?09:57
utpI mean ubuntu touch09:58
Mirvdholbach: hi. since dpm is away, can you modify http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile ?10:10
ogra_utp, many people do, since its the best way  to test your deveklopd apps etc10:14
Mirvdholbach: more precisely this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-qtcreator-plugins/+bug/1162121/comments/110:14
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1162121 in Ubuntu QtCreator Plugins "wrong dependencies in ppa for raring final beta" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:14
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dholbachMirv, just to confirm - "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk" will be enough on raring?10:31
Mirvdholbach: that's true currently. with a future perspective, I'm not sure if it'd be better to keep instructing people to enable the PPAs however - I don't think we're going to update everything in the archives post-release, and already there's a newer ubuntu-ui-toolkit in SDK PPA10:34
dholbachI don't understand :)10:34
Mirvdholbach: what that means is that if it's deemed so (PPAs enabled also for raring users), the raring special case could be simply removed and the same instructions of adding PPAs and installing ubuntu-sdk would apply to all Ubuntu users10:34
Mirvon raring it's that most of the stuff comes from archives, but we may push newer Qt:s to the PPA also for raring users10:35
Mirvarchives = archive.ubuntu.com vs. PPAs10:36
dholbachMirv, so what do you want me to do now? make it "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk" in the raring case for now? and you go back and come to a conclusion of where future sdk changes are going to be pushed?10:37
Mirvdholbach: that sounds correct10:37
dholbachall rightie10:37
Mirvand yes some conclusion would be needed :)10:38
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dholbachmhall119, can you take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-qtcreator-plugins/+bug/1162121/comments/1 (make it "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk" in the raring case) - I seem to have problems editing the page in WP (I can only see the picture)10:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 1162121 in Ubuntu QtCreator Plugins "wrong dependencies in ppa for raring final beta" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:39
Mirvbzoltan: ^ maybe on your todo list already but we need to reach a consensus on whether we start to support raring via official updates to all users or via PPAs, with the current status of raring archives being something that works but will not be up-to-date when development continues10:39
dholbachMirv, sorry, have to defer to mhall11910:39
Mirvdholbach: np10:39
bzoltanMirv:  you are right, it is on my todo list10:40
MirvI would vote for PPAs, since new Qt releases might be problematic as stable release upgrades, but it's just something where all stakeholders need to be heard10:41
bzoltanMirv: I think I want both the achive and the PPA ... the later would be the unstable daily and the archive the stable10:41
Mirvbzoltan: ok, that's one option as well, and it'd be the "support via archives" since PPAs would only be offered as an option, not something recommended10:42
bzoltanMirv:  exactly10:42
Mirvjust not sure how new features like Qt 5.1 and ubuntu-ui-toolkit going into stable release would work out.10:43
bzoltanMirv:  I do not know that either... rolling release would make it easier on this field10:46
bzoltanbut that is a small segment of the whole distro :)10:46
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JamesMRJust got a nexus ten through the door, I'm almost ready to get really stuck into this stuff!11:28
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nerochiarotmoenicke: hi, have time for a quick question about the OSK ?11:45
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mhall119bzoltan: Mirv: just let me know if I need to update developer.u.c/gomobile12:37
mhall119Mirv: just so I understand correcly, specifically installing ubuntu-qtcreator-plugins is not needed on Raring?12:42
tmoenickenerochiaro: yep12:50
popeymhall119: I don't have that installed here12:54
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popeymhall119: qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu is the correct package12:55
Mirvmhall119: yes, not anymore (and it got renamed)12:56
Mirvmhall119: as of yesterday ubuntu-sdk now pulls in the plugin as well, as the new creator with the plugin was uploaded to raring archives. previously it existed only in the PPA.12:56
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mhall119Mirv: ok, I'll update the site12:59
Mirvmhall119: thanks!13:01
mhall119popey: I feel we need some kind of "The Doctor is: IN" sign13:02
popeyand a bulb13:02
* popey pats the couch.. sit down mhall119, tell me your troubles13:03
mhall119so for those that are here, every Wednesday at this time popey and I will make sure we're around to answer your questions, or help you solve a problem, anything you need when developing your Ubuntu SDK app13:07
* ogra_ serves some coffee to the room13:08
mhall119obviously this is a UK clinic then13:09
ogra_<- not british13:10
popeyIf it were UK, we'd serve tea and biscuits.13:10
ogra_but i'm only the coffee guy indeed13:10
mhall119well we certainly don't have people bringing us coffee under the US healthcare system13:10
ogra_well, since it is virtual coffee it was pretty easy to steal it from rsalveti's kitchen ...13:11
ogra_its a good brazillian brand ;)13:11
Mirvmhall119: it's now missing one "&&" from before the "sudo apt-get update"13:13
mhall119Mirv: fixed13:14
Mirvthanks again13:15
ckpringlewe have indeed opted for tea. No biscuits though.13:15
mhall119howdy ckpringle13:16
* ckpringle tilts hat13:17
popeymhall119: do we have any plans for tutorial videos to get people started in developing apps?13:17
popeybeyond currency conversion13:17
mhall119well fixing the currency converter is first13:18
popey#action ....13:18
mhall119dpm already has an action for that13:18
mhall119but he's using up his vacation days this week13:18
popeyI was thinking more "next steps"13:19
mhall119I want to spend some time, hopefully soon, on the new API website so people can link their own tutorials13:19
popeyi realise things are somewhat in flux tho13:19
mhall119but I need to hack up qdoc or write an xslt13:19
mhall119so, popey, have you written an Ubuntu SDK app yet?13:21
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popeyNope. I have one planned though13:21
ckpringlemhall119: what's that?13:22
mhall119ckpringle: what's what?13:22
mhall119popey: did you see the podcast downloader?13:23
ckpringlemhall119: an SDK app - there is the component showcase app already, which shows sdk components13:23
popeyyeah! checked it out but it didn't run for me, needed some additional module installing13:23
mhall119ckpringle: I meant an app using the new SDK13:23
ckpringlemhall119: ah ok13:23
mhall119ckpringle: trying to distinguish them from Gtk apps when I talk about it13:24
popeyfile:///home/alan/phablet/code/catchpodder/controllers/PodcastController.qml:24 module "Catchpodderplugins" is not installed13:24
popeyNo readme ☹13:24
* netcurli is the developer of catchpodder13:24
netcurliI did not know how to include the plugin project13:25
popeynetcurli: it looks excellent13:25
popeyi see ./Catchpodderplgins/libFileDownload.so13:25
popeywhat do I "do" with that/13:25
popeyand where is the upstream source?13:25
mhall119popey: try qmlscene -I ./plugins/ Catchpodder.qml13:25
popeyooh, it starts13:26
mhall119probably won't work though13:26
netcurlithe source for the plugin is currently only on my computer13:26
mhall119I mean, I totally know what I'm talking about13:26
mhall119Mirv: what's the right way to package a qml plugin?13:26
popeyi get what looks like a webkit window with "undefined" in it13:26
popeywe could do with a "packaging qml plugins" document13:27
netcurlipopey: yeah, you need to click on a podast episode first, to get content into that webview13:27
mhall119popey: +1, I'll publish it as soon as someone writes it13:27
mhall119netcurli: if you put the source of the plugin in a separate branch, we can find you some help to get it packaged13:28
popeyI do like that this has turned from developers coming to ask for help into us asking developers for help13:28
mhall119the point is, help is being given13:29
mhall119catchpodder is going to be on my next Ubuntu SDK Apps blog post13:30
mhall119I already have 5 more apps to showcase13:31
popeyhttp://popey.com/~alan/catchpodder.png is what I see when i run it13:31
mhall119and I published on Monday13:31
popeybut but but.. we'll have no apps for our phone...13:31
mhall119if you build it, they will come13:32
popeyYes Kevin.13:32
ckpringlemhall119: what's a catch pod?13:32
popeyCatchpodder is a podcast downloader13:32
mhall119ckpringle: a clever name13:32
mhall119it catches podcasts13:33
popeypodcast downloaders (like itunes) are often called "pod catchers"13:33
ckpringlemhall119: oh i SEE13:33
mhall119flips it and reverses13:33
popeythere's a famous one called BashPodder, this one builds on that name and is awesome.13:33
netcurlipopey: you should have three tabs, when you open the app13:33
netcurlion the first one you can add a new podcast13:33
* popey bzr pulls13:34
popeyi wasn't up to date13:34
popey\o/ segfault qmlscene13:34
popeyi have 3 tabs, first two are completely blank13:35
popeyone has a pane and a blank button13:35
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5673607/ is what i see when I run it netcurli13:35
netcurlithe first tab is where the podcasts go, there should be an "add" button in the toolbar13:37
netcurlibtw.: I uploaded the plugin source to https://code.launchpad.net/~djfun/catchpodder/filedownload13:38
popeyit never renders anything in the first two panes13:38
popeyyou're testing in qmlscene?13:38
popeyon 13.04?13:38
netcurliI am testing in qmlscene on 12.1013:39
popeyI dont have any 12.10 systems here i can test on13:39
netcurliyou have the toolbar in the first tab?13:39
popeycan you show me a screenshot of what it should look like?13:39
mhall119netcurli: popey: are you guys both on 64bit?13:41
netcurliI am just clearing my database and then look, how it will look like, when there is nothing there13:41
popeyyes, I am on 64-bit 13.0413:41
netcurliI am also on 64bit13:41
mhall119yeah, I'm on 32bit, can't load the compiled plugin13:41
popeyyeah, you probably want to remove that binary blob from the build13:42
mhall119popey: we should definitely think about providing a curated "all of the apps" PPA13:42
popeySo there's "default", "core" and "non-core"13:43
mhall119netcurli: so, first things first, put the plugin code in a separate branch under the catchpodder project on LP13:43
netcurliit is here: https://code.launchpad.net/~djfun/catchpodder/filedownload13:44
netcurlipopey: http://djfun.de/ubuntu/screenshot_qmlscene_034.png13:44
netcurlithere should be a toolbar, you can swipe up from the bottom13:45
* popey pulls up from the bottom13:45
popeyok, two buttons and no icons13:45
popeythats better!13:45
netcurliyeah, thats where the error messages come from13:45
netcurliyou should be able to add a podcast now13:46
popeyyup, done13:46
netcurliand with refresh I think, it loads the episodes13:46
popeyah, it remembers which casts I subscribed to on restart13:47
popeyis that localstorage? sqllite?13:47
popeyfound 18 episode(s) for podcast 113:47
popeyblimey, it plays13:48
mhall119\o/ it runs13:48
mhall119popey: what's the URL for UUPC?13:48
popeyhad that handy of course13:48
popeyaudio playback stutters13:48
netcurliyeah, it plays at the moment the file directly from the server13:49
mhall119netcurli: you should look into using PageStack instead of Tabs13:49
mhall119I think it'll give you the navigation you want13:49
popeythis is great stuff13:49
mhall119netcurli: for example, PageStack will automatically give you a Back button on the toolbar13:50
mhall119and prevents the user from changing to another page unless they click on a podcast/episode ListItem13:51
netcurliyes, I have seen that. but I wanted to have the episode list somewhere directly accessible13:51
popeylooks like you're using libsoup?13:51
netcurlithe list with all episodes from all podcast13:51
popeyyeah, I'm seeing hits on the backend server from a client calling itself libsoup13:53
netcurliI am doing a XMLHttpRequest from javascript13:53
popeyhmm, interesting.13:54
netcurlimhall119: I think I can try using a pagestack and then compare which one is more usable13:57
mhall119netcurli: what are you using filedownload for?13:57
netcurlicurrently only for the podcast image13:57
mhall119you might be able to just use the URL for that13:58
popeythat wont be nice if you're listening offline?13:59
popeyunless you cache it13:59
netcurliyeah, the goal is that it works offline13:59
mhall119yeah, caching remote media is something I'm going to have a chat with the SDK team about, right now actually13:59
mhall119aquarius wants it too13:59
sergiusensrsalveti: I sent an email (I think) a while back to do the whole grid as part of the build14:00
rsalvetisergiusens: grid?14:00
sergiusensrsalveti: GRID_UNIT_PX14:01
rsalvetisergiusens: oh, you mean using system prop?14:01
sergiusensrsalveti: webkit dpr and the deprecated FORM_FACTOR14:01
sergiusensrsalveti: yes14:01
rsalvetiI'd prefer not to tune and change that if possible14:01
rsalvetiand control it from the ubuntu side14:01
mister_zombieWill I destroy my nexus 7 if I try ubuntu touch or is it somewhat, remotely safe?14:01
rsalvetibut I see your point14:02
mister_zombie(The brick-warning got me worried.)14:02
sergiusensrsalveti: ok, but it does make porting and enabling a bit more tedious14:02
rsalvetiform_factor is something that we need to remove at some point14:02
rsalvetiand the webkit one will go away as well14:02
popeymister_zombie: others have successfully flashed, and re-flashed back to Android.. (myself included)14:02
rsalvetisergiusens: right14:02
pmcgowanmister_zombie: you should be safe to revert if you want, just make sure its well charged14:02
popeyBricking chances are low IMO.14:02
nerochiarotmoenicke: i noticed that if you have a text field in QML that has focus (so that the OSK is showing), if you destroy the text field the OSK doesn't go away. i'm not sure if it should, but it seems logical to do so14:02
mister_zombieWill try. I'll do the flashing only while on charge.14:03
sergiusensrsalveti: I have some MRs for you too14:05
rsalvetisergiusens: sure14:05
sergiusensHApproved btw14:05
rsalvetisergiusens: we need to sync regarding raring as well14:05
rsalvetisergiusens: but got in a meeting now, we can sync after our stand up14:05
sergiusensrsalveti: yes, lets do that14:06
sergiusensrsalveti: https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/grab_latest/+merge/15683714:06
sergiusensrsalveti: https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/start_adb_first/+merge/15684814:06
pmcgowanrsalveti: the changelog today reported an error at the top14:08
rsalvetipmcgowan: interesting14:08
rsalvetisergiusens: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/current/quantal-preinstalled.changelog\14:08
ogra_oh, lovely14:08
sergiusensogra_: is there a way you can create a _tags_ file in http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/quantal/ ?14:08
rsalvetiseems another lab issue14:08
rsalvetifatal: unable to connect to phablet.ubuntu.com:14:09
rsalvetiphablet.ubuntu.com[0:]: errno=No route to host14:09
pmcgowanrsalveti: and some changes that got in are not reflected14:09
ogra_sergiusens, with what content ?14:09
ogra_sergiusens, i'm currently just blindly pulling from hjenkins14:09
sergiusensogra_: with the tags... for now, just mwc-demo, but in the future all others, same thing for the 'raring' name14:09
* ogra_ doesnt get that 14:09
ogra_what tags from where ?14:10
sergiusensrsalveti: where does that code run?14:10
sergiusensogra_: so if you go to that link you will see 'mwc-demo'14:10
sergiusensogra_: that's a link, and there may be many more, right?14:10
sergiusensogra_: I want to know if I can put them in some sort of manifest14:11
ogra_ah, well, the cdimage code puts a releases dir in place normally14:11
sergiusensmmrazik: seems the server IP change caused more problems still14:11
ogra_which then has the different released images14:11
sergiusensogra_: yes, I see, like http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/releases/14:12
sergiusensogra_: but it would be nice to get them in some manifest14:12
ogra_hmm, why ?14:13
sergiusensogra_: to download and present a list for people wanting to use a 'revision'14:13
ogra_arent the versions enough ?14:13
ogra_seems like duplication to me14:13
sergiusensogra_: well if I wanted to use phablet-flash --get-avail-revisions what would I do?14:13
tmoenickenerochiaro: thanks for observing that. it does not unset the focus, i will check this.14:14
ogra_get the list in http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/releases/14:14
ogra_(in case of edubuntu)14:14
nerochiarotmoenicke: do you need me to file a bug so it can be tracked ?14:14
tmoenickenerochiaro: that would be good, yes14:14
sergiusensogra_: that means I have to parse html though14:14
ogra_sergiusens, i would rather think that phablet-flash automatically pulls the latest stable by default ... phablet-flash -d pulls the last development version (daily)14:15
nerochiarotmoenicke: against what project ?14:15
ogra_i highly doubt anyone will use quantal once we have a working raring image14:15
ogra_and i seriously hope we will soon stop being behind on revisions like we are atm14:16
ogra_i.e. development version should be S ... stable version should be R14:16
ogra_we are totally off from the distro schedule ... that needs to change soon14:16
tmoenickenerochiaro: lets have it in maliit-framework for now14:16
ogra_and then it shouldnt matter anymore14:16
sergiusensogra_: the tool will pull latest by default now14:17
nerochiarotmoenicke: launchpad tells me that there's no such project14:17
ogra_sergiusens, yep, saw that, thats awesome ...14:18
sergiusensogra_: regarding raring, before leaving last week I think I had most if not all of it bootstrapped14:18
ogra_yes, well, raring releases soon ...14:18
ogra_so we're still behind14:18
ogra_we are rolling images for just a few weeks ...14:19
ogra_and then should switch to S as soon as S opens14:19
ogra_(/me fouond all that raring business pretty pointless from the beginning, but people wanted it)14:19
ogra_we need to get in sync with the distro ASAP14:20
ogra_having interim raring images doesnt really help with that14:20
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sergiusensogra_: well, I don't think we ever wanted a raring build (at least not me), just make the code sync to it as close as possible14:20
* sergiusens wasn't here for the original discussion though14:21
pmcgowansergiusens: I expected we would make a raring buid14:21
pmcgowanor that it would simply switch over14:21
ogra_sergiusens, heh, seems there is some discrepancy in expectations between developers and managers :)14:21
pmcgowanshocking that14:21
popeyin _canonical_ ?!14:21
tmoenickenerochiaro: touch-preview-images14:21
sergiusenspmcgowan: there is, I just said I didn't agree with it, that's all, still working on it14:21
ogra_same here14:21
ogra_i find it a massive waste of developer time :)14:22
ogra_but i raised that before14:22
ogra_pmcgowan, doing raring images14:22
pmcgowanare you suggesting go straight to s when it opens?14:22
sergiusenspmcgowan: I've also been kept out of the loop on some workitems that were discussed and some duplication seems to be taking place too14:22
pmcgowanI am ok with that14:22
ogra_pmcgowan, exactly14:22
rsalvetisergiusens: that is part of the jenkins build process14:22
ogra_pmcgowan, well, now we are close to have raring builds and many people have put time into it ...14:22
sergiusensrsalveti: yeah, found it, I'm logging an RT14:23
pmcgowanif raring build is really that much overhead we could skip, but seems pretty automatic14:23
ogra_i think now its to late to drop them ... else the waste will just be bigger14:23
rsalvetisergiusens: so jenkins wasn't able to grab stuff from phablet14:23
ogra_rsalveti, jenkins changed its IP ...14:24
ogra_i would guess its a FW issue14:24
sergiusensogra_: it's a firewall issue14:27
ogra_we had that with syncs to cdimage as well14:27
sergiusensogra_: this one is a bit different though14:29
ogra_well, FW open for the old IP but not moved was mine ... i would expect something similar14:29
sergiusensogra_: thing is, the IP of the place where the build takes place shouldn't have changed in this case14:30
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nerochiarotmoenicke: https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+bug/1163958 please confirm it14:35
ubot5Launchpad bug 1163958 in touch-preview-images "[maalit] The OSK does not disappear if the text area is destroyed" [Undecided,New]14:35
tmoenickenerochiaro: great thx14:36
davmor2popey: I hope the podcaster app utilises U1 so you don't need to download it a dozen times ;)14:36
popeythats a tip idea davmor214:36
nerochiarooSoMoN: do I remember incorrectly or did the browser have tests that used some local pages at some point ? or is there any other app that installs some data files for autopilot tests that you know about ?14:38
sergiusensrsalveti: problem with network seems to have been a generic network error14:39
oSoMoNnerochiaro: the browser does have tests that use local pages, but those pages are generated during the tests in a temporary location, and deleted afterwards14:40
nerochiarooSoMoN: ah, ok, so not a good example for what i need to do (have pre-filled sqlite databases to setup tests for notepad)14:40
oSoMoNnerochiaro: nope, unless you can create those databases at runtime14:41
rsalvetisergiusens: right, thought the same as well14:41
oSoMoNnerochiaro: but even then, I suppose you want them in a well-known location, not a temp directory14:41
rsalvetibut cool, next one should work fine then14:42
nerochiarooSoMoN: not generate them from scratch, but you gave an idea. maybe i wipe the existing one clean without deleting it and INSERT new rows with the content i want. probably more readable as well, though it's more overhead in the tests too as opposed to just copying a binary before starting the test14:43
sergiusensrsalveti: I added some guards in the build script... if this happens again the build will fail14:46
rsalvetisergiusens: ok, cool14:49
rsalveticyphermox: I'm applying the patches, and just noticed the init changes has a disabled entry14:55
rsalvetian not oneshot, so I wonder who triggers hciattach14:55
rsalveticyphermox: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5673803/14:56
rsalvetidid you test that without the ubuntu package running at the ubuntu container?14:56
rsalvetijust to be sure, as I don't have a nexus 7 to test14:56
rsalvetibut the patches looks good14:56
mhall119pmcgowan: so is there going to be a Raring phablet image?14:58
* mhall119 tries to catch up14:58
rsalvetimhall119: yup, hopefully this week still14:58
rsalvetithe first one should come out today14:59
mhall119ok, thanks14:59
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rsalvetibfiller: sergiusens: ricmm_: sync?15:01
=== ckpringle_ is now known as ckpringle
cyphermoxrsalveti: bttest triggers hciattach15:08
cyphermoxbtenable I mean15:08
cyphermoxI know it's confusing but there are some magic things done by bttest alongside starting hciattach15:09
rsalveticyphermox: cool, thought about that but just wanted some confirmation :-)15:09
thisguyrsalveti: I'm back again I know you probably getting tired of me but you've been giving me good help well I've had this building problem for two days and I have been trying to fix it i keep getting this.....   make: *** No rule to make target `/home/jon/[target_directory]/out/target/product/shooter/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libgenlock_intermediates/export_includes', needed by `/home/jon/[target_directory]/out/target/product/shooter/o15:10
rsalveticyphermox: will apply them15:10
cyphermoxrsalveti: we'll make it nicer later, but I guess bttest works for now15:10
cyphermoxjust kind of ridiculous to be using *that* with a name like it, to enable bluetooth15:10
* cyphermox will start on the nexus4 bluetooth this afternoon15:11
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rsalveticyphermox: right, that's fine15:20
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rsalvetisergiusens: updated https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/grab_latest/+merge/15683715:36
rsalvetitime for lunch now15:36
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sergiusensrsalveti: answered15:40
rsalvetisergiusens: ok, approved15:51
davmor2Hey guys you really need to change that user string on the browser currently google wants to install the app on my iphone :D16:02
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rsalvetisergiusens: https://code.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/session-manager/releasing_new_config_files/+merge/15689916:15
netcurliI added a branch to the catchpodder launchpad project where I put a pagestack version instead of tabs. if someone wants to try that out, go ahead :)16:19
awersalveti, stacked MRs created for raring ofono: https://code.launchpad.net/~awe/phablet-extras/ofono-raring/+merge/15690816:39
oSoMoN mhall119: ping16:46
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* mhall119 pongs, but nobody is there17:15
mhall119pmcgowan: do we have some convention for naming the core apps and their files?17:18
mhall119currently I'm using ubuntu-<name>-app for the project, <name>.qml for the main QML file, and ubuntu-<name>-app.desktop for the desktop file17:18
DrCodehi all17:23
DrCodewhats up17:23
mhall119hi DrCode17:25
DrCodedose ubuntu-phone can work in Samsung S3 or only google nexus?17:26
mhall119there's a community port for the s3 (various versions of the S3 actually)17:27
DrCodewow, where? I didn't know17:27
DrCodeI am planning to buy new phone17:27
mhall119DrCode: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices#Work_in_progress17:27
pmcgowanmhall119: no, we didnt realy want the ubuntu prefix, but other than simple names like clock-app I have no suggestion17:29
mhall119!devices is You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices17:35
mhall119ubot5: ping17:35
mhall119ubot5 !devices is You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices17:35
mhall119ubot5: !devices is You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices17:35
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices17:37
usererroris there any sort of a legible change log?17:38
sergiusensusererror: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/current/quantal-preinstalled.changelog17:39
usererrorexcellent :)17:39
sergiusensusererror: that one is empty though, so look at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/20130402/quantal-preinstalled.changelog for a ref17:39
usererror"Android repo sync:" .. well, it is a legible change log.. an empty one though17:39
usererrorahh, much better :)17:39
usererrorthank you sergiusens :)17:41
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moocow1452Anyone home?18:29
moocow1452Anyone here know their way around Brunch?18:32
rsalveticyphermox: we can just remove brcm-patchram-plus-nexus7 from the seeds now, right?18:32
cyphermoxyes absolutelyt18:32
rsalvetiok, let me create an mr18:33
moocow1452I'm trying to build Ubuntu for my Nook Color, and was wondering how to add it (encore) as a lunch combo, or if that was even the problem.18:33
cyphermoxenabling the bluetooth chip on the mako seems pretty straightforward, i'll be done in a few minutes hopefully18:34
cyphermoxrsalveti: ^18:34
cyphermoxwith one other minimal patch like the one I sent before18:34
rsalveticyphermox: awesome, no run-time firmware hacks?18:34
cyphermoxbut it's already shipped :)18:34
cyphermoxnext step is going to be to factor out what's in bttest and make it nicer18:35
cyphermoxassuming there's some firmware blobs from qualcomm for bluetooth, getting the source for their patcher (if there is source for it)18:36
moocow1452Anyway, can anyone give me a couple pointers in how to build touch now that I got the repos localized, and all patched up?18:36
cyphermoxmoocow1452: p->c , p->f18:37
cyphermoxmoocow1452: you mean running envsetup.sh and brunch?18:37
moocow1452That's it cyphermox.18:37
cyphermoxyou already added it to brunch?18:37
cyphermoxI mean, with the xml doo-da and all of which I know nothing ? :)18:37
cyphermoxor do you want to do that first, and then build18:38
moocow1452I never touched brunch. All I know is that I run brunch encore and it goes partway with the build until this error pops up.18:38
cyphermox<moocow1452> I'm trying to build Ubuntu for my Nook Color, and was wondering how to add it (encore) as a lunch combo, or if that was even the problem.18:39
cyphermoxwhat error?18:39
moocow1452One second18:40
moocow1452make: *** No rule to make target `/home/user/Nook/out/host/linux-x86/bin/mkimage', needed by `/home/user/Nook/out/target/product/encore/ramdisk.ub'.  Stop.18:41
moocow1452make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....18:41
rsalveticyphermox: sergiusens: https://code.launchpad.net/~manhattan-team/manhattan/manhattan-quantal-armhf_removing_brcm_rfkill/+merge/15694418:41
rsalvetiif anyone could top approve18:41
sergiusensrsalveti: I did lower, I'll let cyphermox do top18:42
rsalvetisergiusens: thanks18:42
cyphermoxah, I don't have access18:43
moocow1452cyphermox, am I just sol with trying to figure out what goes where?18:45
cyphermoxmoocow1452: where does mkimage come from18:46
moocow1452Wait, updated the repo, now I got something new.18:47
sergiusenscyphermox: mkimage is in the android build tree18:49
sergiusenscyphermox: s/build/source/18:50
moocow1452cyphermox, I don't think I got one.18:50
cyphermoxsergiusens: yeah but it didn't get build18:50
cyphermoxmoocow1452: ^18:50
rsalvetisergiusens: mind top approving https://code.launchpad.net/~manhattan-team/manhattan/manhattan-quantal-armhf_removing_brcm_rfkill/+merge/156944 ?18:56
rsalvetiseems cyphermox is not part of the team, for some unknown reason18:56
moocow1452We're all hobbyest or volunteers, we're as part of the team as we want to be now that the code is out in the open, right?18:57
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DanWinHello, at last I have successfully ported ubuntu-touch to my Neo V, but using the latest daily images of ubuntu there is no ubuntu-session starting and I can't start it manually. And when using the old mwc-demo version it works, but the keyboard doesn't fit into the screen. Does anybody know a way how to fix that?19:07
moocow1452DanWin, I think there was something in the email list archives about manually specifying screen sizes.19:15
moocow1452DanWin, were you able to use Brunch to build your image?19:16
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
DanWinmoocow1452: yes, everything has successfully build using 'brunch haida', I'm currently uploading the image.19:17
moocow1452I've been trying to build for encore, and it's been choking on my mkimage.19:18
moocow1452DanWin, did you have a problem with that, or is it just me?19:19
DanWinNo, I had no problems with that. Maybe you don't have not enough RAM to make it.19:22
DanWinmoocow452, I don't find anything useful about the screen sizes for me at the mailing list, because it is for the new daily images, but I have to use the old mwc-demo version.19:24
moocow1452DanWin, sorry, can't help you then.19:36
cyphermoxmoocow1452: poke. did you manage to make it work?20:08
cyphermoxrsalveti: indeed I'm not in the team that owns the branch for the seeds... but I wonder if that shouldn't be moved at least to ~phablet-team20:09
rsalveticyphermox: probably, but I think we'll stick with this team until we're building it at cdimage20:09
rsalvetiwhich should happen after s20:09
cyphermoxrsalveti: you'd get more potential reviewers though20:10
cyphermoxand the benefit of the branch not being private as it is now :/20:10
cyphermoxbut yeah, I guess that's subject to changing very much when we make it for S20:10
rsalvetisergiusens: do you know why it needs to be under the private team?20:10
rsalveticyphermox: yeah20:10
cyphermoxmoocow1452: if you're still struggling with your build maybe I can help now20:11
sergiusensrsalveti: I was thinking about moving the raring config to the public it that means anything to you20:13
rsalvetisergiusens: yeah, we could make it under ~phablet-team20:14
sergiusensrsalveti: the previous quantal one has passwords in that I'd rather not publish ;-)20:14
cyphermoxmoocow1452: I think what you're missing for mkimage is probably just to add system/extras/mkimage to build/core/main.mk20:14
rsalvetiright, indeed20:14
rsalvetinow the ppas are all public20:15
cyphermoxotoh the seeds aren't the place to keep passwords ;)20:15
sergiusenscyphermox: we were using private PPAs back then20:15
cyphermoxbut when I looked it seems super complicated when it could be much simpler though20:15
cyphermoxsergiusens: well, yeah20:15
cyphermoxbut I thought the seeds would have been less coupled with the actual upload ;)20:16
cyphermoxoh, wait20:16
cyphermoxyeah, I understand ;D20:16
ogra_sergiusens, rsalveti, any reason to not use https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch.raring ?20:16
ogra_(and the tarsk and metapackage of that)20:16
sergiusensogra_: yeah, I get 502 bad gateway20:17
rsalvetiogra_: nops, that is after we get at least one build working20:17
sergiusensogra_: that was a joke ;-)20:17
ogra_heh, dont scare me at night !20:17
sergiusensogra_: well launchpad has been sort of broken today for me and rsalveti :-)20:17
* sergiusens thinks it might be a south america thing20:17
rsalvetiyup, getting a bunch of 502 here20:17
rsalvetiricmm_: faults20:17
cyphermoxrsalveti: I don't understand how it would be related to having one successful build though. but you're more aware of the details than I am20:18
rsalveticyphermox: it's not directly connected, it's just that we're first trying to see if the packages and dependencies are in place at the ppa20:18
rsalvetiso we can generate the task/meta package20:18
cyphermoxogra_: the seeds we were modifying before though where using a quite different structure20:18
cyphermoxrsalveti: ok20:19
ogra_well, dont you guys use live-build to roll the rootfs ?20:19
ogra_and i assume you also use the main archive together with your PPAs20:19
ogra_so using the ubuntu-touch task should really not be any prob20:20
rsalvetiyup, we'll do20:20
ogra_(i would even think trons easier)20:20
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rsalvetiit's just that our focus now is getting the packages in place20:20
cyphermoxrsalveti: any help you need for that?20:23
cyphermoxrsalveti: btw I'll fix the ubuntu_chroot crashing when you don't pass shell, that's quite annoying20:23
rsalveticyphermox: sergiusens was working now to solve the issues with hud20:23
rsalveticyphermox: cool, thanks20:23
sergiusenscyphermox: sounds good (ubuntu_chroot)... keep in mind that init in android calls it without arguments20:25
cyphermoxinteresting, that code hasn't changed since I pulled my copy :)20:25
cyphermoxsergiusens: ack20:25
sergiusenscyphermox: it was a half fix to avoid breakage there, but it wasn't revisited ever since we made the whole thing land on git20:26
cyphermoxcouldn't we make the init script call with an argument?20:30
cyphermoxthe behavior right now is not especially fixable, it just runs through everything and happily shuts down  it seems20:31
cyphermoxor I can just make sure ubuntu_chroot checks if uchroot is running before starting it again20:32
cyphermoxright, it's just doing everything as expected now, and happily shutting down when init returns, even if it was because it failed20:34
geeknuxis there any converter to convert Android exported contact list to ubuntu touch?20:35
rsalveticyphermox: cool20:38
cyphermoxmy cat just drooled on me :(20:39
rsalvetiurgh hehe20:40
moocow1452There a cyphermox in the house?21:17
cyphermoxmoocow1452: yeah21:17
moocow1452Anything on Mkimage that might help?21:17
cyphermoxmoocow1452: I think what you're missing for mkimage is probably just to add system/extras/mkimage to build/core/main.mk21:17
=== SkavenXXI-[OFF] is now known as SkavenXXI
moocow1452just gedit that in?21:18
cyphermoxaround the middle of the file you'll see a long list of subdirs21:19
cyphermoxthere should already be system/extras/ext4 something near the end21:19
cyphermoxjust add system/extras/mkimage after it, otherwise mkimage won't be built21:19
moocow1452Done and done, lighting up.21:19
cyphermoxmoocow1452: you *do* need to go through brunch again21:20
moocow1452I ran brunch encore, seems to be doing all sorts of things with all sorts of colors.21:20
cyphermoxarf, I stupidly built and flashed a system image on my nexus4 without first retrieving the binary blobs >.<21:21
cyphermoxmoocow1452: mkimage only runs near the end yeah21:21
moocow1452cyphermox, can't you recover the binary whatzits from the Nexus site?21:23
cyphermoxyeah, but I still need to download the image first21:23
krabadorplease team.... help the porting community to support hardware of devices....21:23
moocow1452And thanks for the help, hasn't errored yet.21:23
krabadori can't wait other months for calls in i9100...21:23
cyphermoxmoocow1452: is it getting farther than before?21:23
cyphermoxkrabador: what's up?21:23
moocow1452krabador, we're just as much the team as you are.21:24
cyphermoxkrabador: you're welcome to start hacking on your own device, it's not as scary as it looks ;)21:24
krabadorcyphermox, yes i know21:24
moocow1452Way farther, cyphermox, lines of codes and messages and warnings and blue and brown font colors, but I haven't been kicked out yet.21:24
moocow1452krabador, I have the coding aptitude of a well educated rock, and I managed to get something cranked out.21:25
krabadormoocow1452, great :D21:26
moocow1452I don't think anyone has any of the phones talking calls yet though, save the nexus builds.21:27
rsalvetiI/qtaguid (  129): Tagging socket 33 with tag 3f500000000(1013) for uid 32011 failed errno=-1321:28
rsalvetiI/qtaguid (  129): Untagging socket 33 failed errno=-1321:28
rsalvetithis is just a permission denied issue21:28
jhodapprsalveti, yeah21:28
rsalvetibut from the code, it seems it would not trigger any error21:28
rsalvetiproblem is21:28
rsalvetiI/ChromiumHTTPDataSourceSupport(  129): Request failed with status 4 and os_error -10221:28
rsalvetibut let's try to solve this permission error to see if it'd indeed cause any side effect21:29
rsalvetithe socket tagging is just used by android so it can track what kind of data the apps are using21:30
jhodapprsalveti, ah -102 is connection refused21:30
jhodapprsalveti, interesting...I'll have to double check that it is in fact connecting to my local web server21:31
rsalvetijhodapp: right21:31
rsalvetijhodapp: I assume you're running over hybris at the ubuntu side21:31
rsalvetiuid 32011 is the phablet user21:31
jhodapprsalveti, yes, via the actual media player21:31
jhodapprsalveti, I was thrown off by the tagging issue, thanks for looking at that21:32
sergiusensrsalveti: https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/no-redownload/+merge/15697921:33
rsalvetijhodapp: to fix the tag issue, run sudo chmod 666 /proc/net/xt_qtaguid/ctrl21:36
rsalvetithen run your media app again21:36
jhodapprsalveti, awesome, thanks21:37
rsalvetijhodapp: let me know if that is enough to get rid of that error messages21:38
jhodapprsalveti, will do, thanks21:38
DanWinHello, now I have successfully ported ubuntu-touch to my Neo V, but using the latest daily images of ubuntu there is no ubuntu-session starting and I can't start it manually. And when using the old mwc-demo version it works, but the keyboard doesn't fit into the screen. Does anybody know a way how to get the keyboard fit the screen size?21:40
moocow1452Gonna get dinner, hopfully compiler done by then. l8r21:43
moocow1452with an 821:43
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kgunnrsalveti: ping21:50
rsalvetikgunn: pong21:50
kgunnrsalveti: how are you my friend? :)21:51
rsalvetikgunn: good, and you?21:51
kgunnrsalveti: good, talking to kevin dubois on the mir team....he has some code for21:51
kgunnhybris which i think we'd like to point someone to21:52
kgunnbasically its a nexus7 specific issue in egl21:52
kgunnthat creates the need for this....21:52
kgunnso if we want nexus7 w/o surfaceflinger to be functional...we'd need this change (or something like it)21:53
kgunnare you the man to speak to ?21:53
rsalvetikgunn: sure, we discussed about this change a few weeks ago, but it wasn't clean enough to be merged21:54
rsalvetiguess I can sync with him tomorrow to see how we can plan such merge21:54
rsalvetias it'll be needed by mir21:54
RobbyFwill MIR be in desktop 13.04?21:54
kgunnsure...i keep nagging him & he seems a little reluctant21:54
kgunnrsalveti: mainly he's working on nexus4 anyway...so 7 not on his radar, but plenty of folks rely on that21:55
rsalvetiRobbyF: we should have it around may at least for the phablet image (enabled by default I mean)21:55
rsalvetikgunn: right21:55
kgunnwe're thinking about a dev branch for desktop w/ unitynext/mir as an optional session around midsummer21:56
ogra_RobbyF, no21:56
kgunnrsalveti: so should kevin just create a MP to capture all the feedback on the hybris changes?21:56
kgunnrsalveti: or what do you recommend?21:57
rsalvetiiirc it needed a bit of clean up first before the mr21:57
rsalvetilet me sync with him first21:57
kgunncool...i'll leave you to it (he'll probably curse me when you ping him :)21:57
ogra_RobbyF, there is #ubuntu-mir btw21:57
kgunnbut i really want to run mir on my n7! using public instructions21:58
RobbyFthanks, :)21:58
rsalvetikgunn: sure, np21:58
PajnAccording to the plans it looks like MIR will be introduced to the desktop in 14.04. Is this correct?21:58
ogra_13.10 was the plan i think21:58
kgunnRobbyF: Pajn also check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/Spec21:59
kgunnroadmap at the bottom21:59
Pajnyea, checked that. But can't understand if it says MIR in 13.10 or 14.04 for the desktop22:00
rsalvetisergiusens: at https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/no-redownload/+merge/156979 you add a new file to tag that the download was completed22:02
kgunnPajn: consider the plan to be 14.04 as converged (default unitynext/mir)22:03
rsalvetisergiusens: what happens if the file is corrupted or not downloaded but you also have the .done file22:03
Pajnok, thanks!22:03
kgunnprior to that it will be an optional session...target 13.1022:03
kgunnprior to that...dev branch22:03
Pajnok, sounds good.22:03
sergiusensrsalveti: so I would need to revalidate... good point22:04
rsalvetisergiusens: seems it'd still validate via md5, but it'd not download/redownload22:04
rsalvetiuntil the user erases the file22:04
rsalvetisergiusens: I'd prefer a solution that would skip the download in case the md5 matches the file22:06
sergiusensrsalveti: ok, sounds good to me22:06
rsalvetithe only problem is that we're not checking for the md5 integrity22:06
sergiusensrsalveti: just that I once added an option to not validate :-)22:07
sergiusensrsalveti: I can just remove that22:07
sergiusensrsalveti: let me go with a removal22:07
rsalvetiyeah, I think so22:07
rsalvetionly problem then is that the flash will fail in case the user just got the files and not the md5 ones22:08
rsalvetisergiusens: so for that case the skip validation option would be useful22:08
rsalvetinot sure if we want to cover that though22:08
sergiusensrsalveti: it actually would of not worked until today...22:10
sergiusensrsalveti: I'll just remove the cruft22:10
rsalvetisergiusens: right, ok22:11
rickspencer3rsalveti, what the heck is going on? I can use the browser in my Nexus 7!22:13
rsalvetirickspencer3: hah, cool22:14
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rsalvetisergiusens: let me know once you update the mr22:14
rickspencer3rsalveti, who may I congratulate on fixing that pesky bug in the osk?22:16
rsalvetirickspencer3: probably tmoenicke22:18
rickspencer3thanks tmoenicke!22:18
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moocow1452Anyone home? cyphermox?23:06
cyphermoxyeah, running out for a while though23:07
cyphermoxjust ask and I'll answer as soon as I'm back (in a few minutes)23:07
moocow1452make: *** [TARGET_KERNEL_BINARIES] Error 223:07
moocow1452Error 2 mean anything?23:07
cyphermoxno, you'll need to pastebin more of the previous lines23:08
cyphermoxuse a pastebin (http://paste.ubuntu.com/)23:08
moocow1452Entire thing, or just the error lines that don't look like anything else?23:09
moocow1452The entire thing scrolls off into the sunset with the terminal I'm working with, so the whole shebang might be an issue.23:10
cyphermoxMoocow1452 the last 10 or 20 lines is probably enough23:15
moocow1452Here's what seems relevant. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5675101/23:21
moocow1452cyphermox, did post the pastebin, didn't know if you caught it though.23:33
cyphermoxyeah I was still out, kinda23:39
cyphermoxso, no, it still does not include the necessary bits23:39
cyphermoxmoocow1452: basically, you're looking for what comes just before the "waiting for unfinished tasks" or whatever is written that looks like that23:40
moocow1452Nothing in what's cached, can I run it from the top and somehow log everything?23:45
cyphermoxyou might be able to just run make again and it will show the error23:46
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moocow1452Bit I caught at the beginning. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5675144/23:49
moocow1452Whatever else I could salvage at the end. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5675146/23:49
moocow1452Ran from another brunch encore.23:50

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