ali1234is the thing about killing WUBI legit?00:48
ali1234i really really really hope it is true00:49
hamitronomg no!01:04
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nigelbAlanBell: ping? I need some help with meetingology :)06:26
AlanBellmorning nigelb06:56
brobostigongood morning everyone,07:17
brobostigonmorning daubers07:29
popeyali1234: yes07:47
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feisarMorning, anyone familiar with Nagios? hi, if my Nagios server is outside my LAN do I need a public IP for each NRPE client I want to monitor?08:02
jacobwfeisar: you need to be able to reach the hosts you want to monitor08:05
jacobwfeisar: if your LAN is and your Nagios server is a VPS at, then it must have a route to through your own network or a tunnel in to your network08:08
JamesTaitHappy Tweed Day, everyone! :-D08:15
feisarjacobw: ah a tunnel in sounds like a good idea, thanks08:16
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:23
ali1234well, this is unusual08:55
ali1234laptop works fine wwith ubuntu, HDMI out and wifi don't work in windows08:55
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davmor2Morning all10:04
ali1234is intel HD 4000 another lemon?10:07
SuperMattwell it didn't taste all that nice, that's all I know10:12
davmor2ali1234: why so works well here10:14
ali1234HDMI doesn't work10:15
davmor2yeah it does both my laptops have it and it works fine for me10:15
ali1234it works in ubuntu10:16
ali1234it doesn't work in windows10:16
ali1234it just makes the monitor turn on and off10:16
davmor2ali1234: you know you are in the ubuntu channel right why would we care about windows ;)  My new laptop came with window 8 and the hdmi worked fine, my old one had windows 7 and it's hdmi worked fine and earlier and latter version of hd4000 intel gfx and both work fine under ubuntu10:19
davmor2ali1234: that was pluging into a tv rather than a monitor, so maybe it is a monitor issue rather than intel?10:20
ali1234looks like a cable issue10:22
ali1234although the cable works fine with the dvd player10:22
ali1234my monitor does not seem to like it10:22
ali1234are there different types of hdmi cable?10:22
popeythere are10:25
davmor2ali1234: as far as I'm aware no, though my hd cable is the one that came with my ps3 I just unplug it and plug in a laptop to prove a point to love film :)10:25
popey"hdmi 1.3"10:25
davmor2ah wait ofcourse there is the newer one with a power line to switch the channel like the scart leads do10:26
ali1234but then why does it work in ubuntu with one cable, but in windows it needs the other cable?10:28
ali1234this makes no sense10:28
ali1234HDMI sucks10:28
ali1234(i just tested with another cable and it works fine)10:28
popeydoes HDCP need more/different pins?10:29
popeyand is windows enforcing HDCP10:29
ali1234well the not working cable is off our DVD player10:31
ali1234it works fine with that10:31
ali1234blu ray player sorry10:31
ali1234you'd think that would have HDCP10:31
ali1234you're probably right anyway10:32
davmor2ali1234: so you were being harsh on intel hd4000 chip and it wants an apology or it goes on strike ;)10:32
ali1234i never actually said it was intel's fault10:33
davmor2ali1234: it forgives you then ;)10:40
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* AlanBell has no desktop background still :(11:01
AlanBellI have installed ubuntu-desktop^11:01
AlanBellhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5673260/ is .xsession_errors11:02
popeyis nautilus running?11:03
AlanBelland right click does give a menu11:04
popeyand right click, change background does what?11:04
AlanBelljust no icons on the desktop it is white, and that was in a guest session11:04
popeyI would ask in #ubuntu-desktop pls11:05
AlanBellpops up the background chooser11:05
AlanBelland has no effect11:05
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* popey hugs Myrtti 12:21
MyrttiI thought everyone knew about irssinotifier for android :-D12:22
popeyclearly not! :D12:22
MartijnVdSthere's knowing.. and then there's caring ;)12:22
Myrtti(it's also one of the reasons why my phone is set to go silent between midnight and 0630)12:23
davmor2MartijnVdS: there is knowing and there is sharing, popey is the person we all come to to learn stuff how dare he not know ;)12:34
MartijnVdSdavmor2: true :)12:37
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jacobwIRC is not serious business14:32
SuperMattI don't know14:32
SuperMattI know of some people that have assumed it is14:32
jacobwPeople assume all kind of silly things14:34
jacobwSee: 'God'14:34
SuperMattI don't know, God isn't all that much of a silly assumption. The issue is that it's now (mostly) proven wrong14:37
SuperMattand of course, that assumes that God has been asssumed, rather than taught14:38
SuperMattI'm sure many people these days would never actually assume God based on evidence, etc14:38
lubotu3Some topics are controversial and often end in negativity. Take care on subjects like war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide. The topics are not banned; stating your position is ok, but trolling, baiting, hostility or repetition are not. If you are asked to stop, do so politely. Disputes to !appeals, please adhere to !freenode Policy and the !CodeOfConduct14:41
SuperMattI'll stop o/14:43
* bootkigftrgds starts it off again ..14:43
bootkigftrgdsIs it true that 13.04 will get rid of "Wubi" ??14:44
=== bootkigftrgds is now known as redtape
SuperMattI believe so14:44
redtapeAlanBell: ping14:44
redtapeAlanBell: Do you have any 12.10 DVD'd of Ubuntu left over ??14:45
redtape**DVD's .. ?14:46
SuperMattI should have picked one up when I was at canonical yesterday14:46
redtapesod it ..I'll just burn one for him ..14:46
redtapehe's a restaurant chain owner with a music license .. with Win7 problems .. so a possible convert on my hitlist ..14:47
redtapeOh . I may given him the wrong one .. I gave him Ubuntu desktop amd64 .. is that the right one ??15:03
directhexas opposed to?15:04
jacobwThat is the right one for 95% of people15:04
redtapeas opposed to the ubuntu-12.10-desktop-i38615:05
redtapejacobw: thought so .. just checking..15:05
directhexi386 is appropriate for pentium 4 and athlon xp and atom processors. in most other cases 64-bit is appropriate15:06
directhexymmv. ianal. iddqd.15:06
jacobwi386 is really i686 and is only for 32 bit x86 processors; it'll work on 64 bit too, but it's suboptimal to run i686 on a 64 bit capable CPU, especially if you want to address more than 4GB without PAE15:07
redtapeoh .. I think he is intel as he is trying it out on an "emachines " laptop .. sorry 4 the confusion.15:07
jacobwYes, YMMV, IANAL .. IDDQD?15:07
SuperMattimpulse 9!15:10
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kvarleyStory after story about features being delayed for 13.04. Don't people/writers realise things take time - no point pushing stuff out when it's not ready.15:12
penguin42nod, it takes quite a lot of bravery to actually not-ship something, it's better than shipping something completely screwed15:13
kvarleyUbuntu is so good because it strikes a balance between cutting edge and stability. People seem to forget that when they want new stuff.15:14
kvarleyIs Ubuntu still based on Debian? Or is still built for Ubuntu now?15:14
SuperMattUbuntu has always been based on debian testing15:15
kvarleySuperMatt: When they say "testing" they really mean usable but not guaranteed stable?15:17
kvarleyI tried stable the other day and the XFCE packages are so old on squeeze15:17
czajkowskiany ubuntu server users here - http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ubuntu-juju15:18
kvarleyHow can I search for printers that have good linux support and have separate colour cartridges? The wiki docs seem to be massively out of date15:20
penguin42kvarley: What about openprinting.org ?15:22
kvarleypenguin42: checking it out, thanks15:22
SuperMattkvarley: my mistake, it's based on debian unstable. But Canonical do everything they can to stable it up a bit more, such as upgrade/downgrade packages15:22
AlanBellredtape: I have a handful of them left15:24
SuperMattsoooooo any word yet on a release party? :D15:31
AlanBellSuperMatt: not yet :/15:32
SuperMattI quite liked the place we were at last time15:33
AlanBellthe official beard of the raring ringtail release party has been announced though, http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-y73w3pEaYJk/UK0BneTAdWI/AAAAAAAABM0/70C75mGAJBQ/s1600/lemur.jpg15:35
SuperMattI wouldn't mind organising it, but I don't want to step on anyone's toes15:35
AlanBellthat would be rather helpful :)15:35
SuperMattwho normally gets the ball rolling?15:36
SuperMattthere are some nice pubs on the southbank near Canonical15:37
SuperMattooh, maybe the golden hind15:37
AlanBellwe suggest a pub and canonical say OK15:39
AlanBellApril 25th is the date by the look of the schedule15:39
AlanBelldunno if it will be the last evar release party15:39
SuperMattwell I would like to propose The Old Thames Side Inn15:39
SuperMattyou think it might be worth taking this to the ubuntu-uk mailing list?15:40
bigcalmIs there a way of intergrating new email notifications, for imap accounts, into unity without running a desktop client?15:40
AlanBellvery nice15:40
bigcalmI'm trying to ditch Thunderbird15:40
AlanBellSuperMatt: I will email Marianna now and suggest that15:41
SuperMattAlanBell: cool, thanks :)15:41
davmor2bigcalm: do you use gmail?15:41
SuperMattI've been before, it has a large-ish outdoor area15:41
SuperMattI'm sure we can book a few tables15:41
SuperMattbigcalm: what are you replacing it with?15:42
bigcalmdavmor2: those are the IMAP accounts I'm thinking of. Though I need to think of something for my Outlook account15:42
davmor2bigcalm: the gmail webapp15:42
bigcalmSuperMatt: web mail. I just need notifying when new emails come in15:42
bigcalmdavmor2: does it work for multiple accounts?15:42
davmor2bigcalm: I don't know I don't actually use it15:44
davmor2bigcalm: I don't know how hard it would be to create a new instance either15:46
SuperMattbigcalm: what you can do is install the labs thing for gmail, which puts a count in the title. This is great because pinned tabs in chrom* and firefox will flash when a new email has come in15:48
SuperMattI rely on this quite heavily and it works well15:48
popeyxnox: ☹  bug 116399715:49
lubotu3Error: Launchpad bug 1163997 could not be found15:49
SuperMattpersonally though, I've just switched to running my own mail server15:49
popeyusb startup disk creator seems a bit flaky in raring15:49
bigcalmSuperMatt: great, except I might not have a web browser open or be looking at the workspace with it on. I need something that intergrates with the existing email notifyer icon and turns blue upon new emails. Along with an audio alert15:49
davmor2bigcalm: looks like it is one account, but I'm sure you can have a play with it and make a dupe of the code base and add a secondary app for work mail15:50
SuperMattwell, I'm gonna be serious now... python supports imap, I don't imagine it'd be a huge issue to write something that can connect to your server and then send something to notify-osd15:50
SuperMattI've been looking for a reason to stretch my pythonic muscles15:50
bigcalmSuperMatt: want to write it for me? I don't do python (much)15:50
SuperMattIt's a good little project, and a small daemon is all it needs15:50
SuperMattthough I'm sure there are about a million questions one could ask about how it should function15:51
SuperMattdo you need to see a summary of each email as it comes in, or just the number of unread emails?15:51
bigcalmgnome-gmail-notifier seems to support multiple accounts. Wonder if it works15:51
xnoxpopey: is that the right bug number?15:52
popeyyes, it's currently private15:52
bigcalmSuperMatt: a new message count against each configured account would be a good start15:52
popeysubscribed you to it15:52
SuperMattmultiple accounts! /o\15:53
Myrttidoes gnome-gmail-notifier actually work nowadays?15:53
Myrttigm-notify doesn't because API was changed.15:53
SuperMattthere is one issue... storing passwords... surely that'd be done in plaintext?15:53
SuperMattno, there has to be a better way15:54
popeywe have online accounts15:54
bigcalmMyrtti: installed, trying to figure out how to get to it. I have a feeling it might be a gnome2 thingy only15:54
popeywould make more sense to use that15:54
SuperMattoh wait, I could store in the keyring15:54
popeysystem settings -> online accounts, add a gmail account and then query that from python?15:55
SuperMattoh yeah15:57
SuperMattthanks popey15:57
SuperMattthough it wouldn't help with my server, but at least I could grab details from multiple sources15:58
SuperMattso check online accounts for gmail, or store password in the keyring for other imap accounts15:58
SuperMattunless you guys wanna chuck personal mail servers into online accounts ;)15:59
SuperMattor is it down to me to write that?15:59
Myrttiwell then again I'm on Debian nowadays so the problems of the online accounts and webmail webapps and unity extensions are mainly academic interest issues for me.15:59
popeyMyrtti: debian has online accounts too15:59
popeyvia gnome15:59
SuperMattI'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to add "generic imap account" and "generic pop3 account"15:59
Myrttipopey: yeah, but since I don't like Gnome Shell, I'm not using Gnome.16:00
popeySuperMatt: yeah, that would be interesting - speak to mardy or kenvandine in #ubuntu-desktop perhaps? see what the roadmap is16:00
Myrttiinstead I tweaked XFCE4 to look a bit like Unity.16:00
popeyyeah, i saw, looks neat16:00
popeyI have my mac setup like that too16:00
popeydock on the left16:00
SuperMattpopey: will do, thanks16:01
mgdmI've had the dock on the right for so long that Unity takes a bit of getting used to16:01
bigcalmmgdm: can't it be moved to the right?16:02
mgdmNot in Unity, no16:02
mgdmleft or GTFO :)16:02
SuperMattbigcalm: keep prodding me about this project btw. I might be able to have something simple up and running in a few weeks. It certainly wouldn't be perfect, and may have security issues, but you can be my first alpha tester ;)16:19
bigcalmSuperMatt: sure, glad you're interested in tackling the problem :)16:24
MartijnVdShe's solving The Problem®?16:29
SuperMattmy mind went to some very bad jokes just now16:29
SuperMattthank Darwin it's home time16:30
popeybigcalm: my virgin connection is odd today16:41
popeywonder if my cm needs a reboot16:42
popeyconnections keep pausing for 10 seconds at a time16:42
bigcalmpopey: not had that, what I've had is outages of 30+ mins with the superhub showing no connection16:43
bigcalmpopey: power cycling on the cards? :)16:43
popeyI imagine so16:43
popeymaybe lateron16:43
popeywifey is out tonight so hacking fun16:43
davmor2popey: I had that yesterday evening but then it went away and has been fine since16:44
davmor2popey: I rebooted my router and the super hub16:45
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* bigcalm lumbers off Wolverhampton17:36
* MartijnVdS watches bigcalm fall17:36
MartijnVdSno Wilhelm scream>17:36
bigcalmHayley and I make a point of listening out for that scream in each film we watch17:37
MartijnVdSbigcalm: Once you've heard it, you can't un-hear it :) It's even in some games now17:38
bigcalmRight, off I pop17:39
TrevorH1I'm trying to upgrade an 8.04 LTS server to 10.04 LTS and I boot the new kernel and it hangs either just after the "XFS mounting filesystem xvda2" if the filesystem is clean or after the "Ending XFS recovery on filesystem xvda2 (logdev: internal)". I can however boot the old 8.04 kernel which seems odd since the release notes say it'll hang!17:55
TrevorH1this is a VM running under xen on Centos 5.9 and it's a clone of the one I'll actually be upgrading for real17:57
TrevorH1be grateful for any ideas about what might be the cause, it seems to have finished mounting the root f/s xvda217:57
popeyhas the filesystem name changed in the new kernel/17:58
popeyI had that17:58
popeyi.e. no longer xvda but sda or similar17:58
TrevorH1you mean the label?17:58
popeysorry, no device name17:58
popeyalso, what kernel are you using/17:59
popeybah, stupid ? key17:59
TrevorH12.6.32-46-generic is what the upgrade process installed17:59
popeyshould be okay18:00
* popey goes to put kids to bed... back later18:00
mungbeanwant to rotate a screen using xrandr but it literally rotates and doesn't fill the view properly - any ideas?19:03
popeywhat is the output of just running xrandr before and after rotating?19:04
mungbeani was doing xrandr -o left19:04
mungbeani'll try it popey19:04
mungbeandoesn't fix it19:05
TrevorH1I reckon my 10.04 hang is in the initramfs code, perhaps because the new kernel seems to be including virtio* modules that the old one did not19:07
popeyi didnt say it would19:07
popeyI was asking to see the output19:07
penguin42TrevorH1: Are you using a virtual machine?19:08
popeyTrevorH1: there is a virt specific kernel19:08
popeywell, there was19:08
mungbeanactually i think it works popey, just the wine kindle app doesnt work with t19:09
mungbeanmy eee pc getting new lease of life19:13
mungbeanexcept i need to find the cpu scaling thing again...feels sluggish19:14
popeyeee 900?19:14
mungbean(last time i do early adoption)19:15
mungbeanrunning lubuntu 12.1019:17
mungbeanits become my sofa arm companion during paternity leave19:18
* penguin42 would think you'd want something ARM powered for that19:22
mungbeanbahdum chish19:22
mungbeani tried chromium OS on this thing actually, bu failed19:24
mungbeancongrats you are "Established middle class"19:26
MartijnVdSpenguin42: If he'd used something ARM-powered he wouldn't need paternity leave, now would he19:27
TrevorH1popey: penguin42: yes, this is a xen VM19:27
penguin42MartijnVdS: haha19:28
* penguin42 doesn't know Xen foo19:30
TrevorH1I've checked the 8.04 initrd and it doesn't appear to have any virtualised drivers19:31
penguin428.04 is OLD19:31
penguin4210.04 is only Old19:31
TrevorH1yes, 1 month left until EOL hence the attempt to migrate :)19:32
penguin42TrevorH1: Will it boot into the fallback/debug (can't remember the exact name) in grub ?19:32
TrevorH1my predecessor's predecessor was an ubuntu fan and this is the last most difficult system left19:32
penguin42TrevorH1: So you've gone up from 8.04 to 10.04 and it currently won't boot?19:33
TrevorH1yes, I've followed the wiki page on dist-upgrade and there's a warning in there saying "make sure you boot with the new kernel or it'll hang" but I have the opposite, it'll still boot with the 8.04 kernel but the 10.04 one stops just after saying it's mounting the root fs, no panic, no error, just stop19:34
penguin42ok, try the recovery/debug option in the boot it might give you some more info19:35
penguin42TrevorH1: Ideally I'd try and get upto 12.04 but it's right to try and get 10.04 to boot first19:35
TrevorH12 years more life is probably enough to get us off this one... 2TB of phone call recordings :(19:36
TrevorH1I wonder if it might be because the root fs is XFS19:36
TrevorH1though I'm really in poke'n'hope mode at the moment19:36
penguin42TrevorH1: Unlikely to be because it's XFS (although XFS doesn't like unclean shutdowns if you had any) as I say, try and get it up in the recovery boot and at least see if there is any diag19:42
* penguin42 admits to not liking XFS, but that was only one bad experience....19:43
penguin42(a long time ago)19:43
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TrevorH1yeah I have 60 or 70 other systems that are all CentOS on ext3/4, this one is the last ubuntu/xfs one left19:44
TrevorH1I share your dislike of xfs, well it has its place, I use it on a 4TB f/s that contains huge files19:45
zleapor in here if it wont work from im20:04
zleapor pm what ever they are called20:04
zleapprivate message20:04
mungbeanwatching a war programme that was made in canada and redubbed in englissh. shame that we have to watch non britih versions of this stuff20:09
TrevorH1bingo, not hung at all, just no console! old kernel used console=xvc0, new one wants console=hvc020:09
zleapwb tombrough20:09
MartijnVdSTrevorH1: because change is good!20:10
penguin42TrevorH1: Now, do you feel lucky enough to go to 12.04 ?20:11
zleaptombrough, try identifying anyway20:12
TrevorH1I have yet to test all the applications that are meant to run on this machine!20:12
TrevorH1I suspect half of them are already going to complain about glibc versions etc20:12
MartijnVdSThey're that fragile?20:13
TrevorH1I've got no idea yet, I'll let you know when they don't work :)20:14
TrevorH1does upstart work with old-style initscripts in some sort of compatibility mode f.e?20:14
MartijnVdSUpstart starts old-style initscripts properlyt20:18
Klettbarwhat is tamiya tape20:22
ali1234tape for making models i guess20:24
mungbeanmasking tape20:24
mungbeanwhy u asK?#20:24
mungbeanits the best one,20:24
redtapeali1234: I'm just watching Jono .. [ http://youtu.be/Jnh7kW_XMY0?t=11m23s ] It seems there is more about what's 'Not' in 13.04 than Is .. No Wubi, No Smart-scopes, No In-dash payment system. Wow I feel sorry for those under Mark getting a thick ear this month.20:27
ali1234why u tell me this?20:27
ali1234wubi is good riddance20:28
ali1234it never worked right and just killed people's machines20:28
redtapeOh, I forgot , you are not interested in chit-chat, sorry, my mistake.20:28
Klettbarwhat means "to get a thick ear"?20:28
ali1234if someone wants to try ubuntu without repartitioning they should just use virtualbox20:28
AlanBellwubi isn't well tested as nobody has got windows to test it on20:29
redtape or re-engineer Wubi .... (?)20:29
zleaplol / has windows but can't install linux without wubi20:29
redtapeI think Wubi is MIT, anyway .. it's American company if I recall .. maybe not20:30
ali1234yeah basically the problem with wubi is it is designed for noobs and only noobs use it. so when it breaks, nobody knows how to fix it.20:30
* zleap erm has windows but can install linux without wubi20:30
zleapi remember installing slackware to a fat 32 system years ago20:30
zleapback in about 9520:30
ali1234it's a great example of why expanding the userbase at the cost of driving away anyone with knowledge and experience is a really bad idea20:31
redtapeI tried Anti-X on my old Win95 computer recently . Works well.20:31
redtapeali1234: Yeah, Ive gotta sort that out..20:32
MartijnVdSwhat was the FAT hack to get unixy permissions again?20:33
MartijnVdSI used it back in the 90s20:34
mgdmI know the one you mean20:35
ali1234does anyone know some software that can emulate a USB CD writer in hardware?20:35
mgdmmuLinux used it20:35
MartijnVdSmgdm: umsdos?20:35
mgdmthat's the one20:35
czajkowskipopey: http://s556.photobucket.com/user/theresanjesse/media/hairlesspug.jpg.html21:14
Myrttioutdoors looking at the stars ♥21:20
Myrttithat was fun21:23
dogmatic69Anyone able to say what /proc/ is?21:58
dogmatic69baobab has it listed as 140TB which is impossible as the drive is 63GB21:59
shaunoit doesn't physically exist, so it shouldn't be used in disk measurements22:00
shaunoit's just a bunch of kernel structures exposed as a filesystem22:00
popeysaw this and thought of ikonia and directhex http://imgur.com/gallery/PdsRTKM22:21

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