guschSaviq: ping08:00
Saviqgusch, pong08:00
guschSaviq: what size should the app icons be, and where should they be installed?08:00
guschSaviq: because the icons are not square ...08:01
Saviqgusch, yeah, they are not square in the new Unity, either08:01
Saviqgusch, i.e. they're not meant to be square08:03
guschSaviq: so installing to 256x256 or 128x128 is not very logical ...08:03
Saviqgusch, put them in /usr/share/icons/{64,128,256...}08:03
guschSaviq: there are some in "128", but they are 144x13408:03
Saviqgusch, I'm not really sure what's the guideline here :/08:04
Saviqgusch, but I'd render them to 128x*, preserving aspect width08:04
Saviqand put in the respective dirs08:05
guschSaviq: ok - I'll do that then08:05
didrockssil2100: compiz sponsored on quantal, sorry it was so long, but other priorities :) Thanks!08:18
didrockspopey: FYI ^08:18
popeythanks didrocks08:20
tsdgeosSaviq: so what approach do you want to take with the todo/fixme reduction? i see kgunn created a document for it but it's mostly skeleton so not sure how to proceed here08:21
Saviqtsdgeos, I think we should go through them and identify those that can be gotten rid of now08:22
Saviqtsdgeos, with little effort (and only those that won't go away soon anyway, like the bunch in Dash*.qml)08:22
Saviqtsdgeos, and put your findings in the doc with some convention08:23
Saviqto mark those that we don't care about and those that should be fixed sooner than later08:23
Saviqtsdgeos, that sound sane?08:24
tsdgeosSaviq: so first go through them all, try to annotate into easy/hard+reason and then once we have that go through the list and fix the easy ones?08:24
Saviqtsdgeos, that sounds perfect08:25
tsdgeosmight take a good while :D08:25
Saviqtsdgeos, we'll then go through the remaining ones and sprout work items08:25
Saviqtsdgeos, yeah, I was surprised by the amount of them...08:25
sil2100didrocks: \o/ Tghanks!08:26
didrockssil2100: thanks to you! :)08:26
sil2100It was a busy period, so no worries ;)08:26
davidcalledidrocks, hey08:30
didrockssalut davidcalle!08:31
davidcalledidrocks, lp projects are here, now, we have to move branches08:31
didrocksdavidcalle: yeah! sounds a good plan, you are planning to do it today?08:32
didrocksdavidcalle: when doing that, we need to change the daily release configuration files08:32
didrocksand redeploy08:32
davidcalledidrocks, I'll do it in a moment08:34
didrocksgreat ;)08:36
tsdgeosSaviq: so did you agree with ted in a way to move forward the hudclient-2 thing? anyone that uses the ./build -s thing now gets something that doesn't build08:37
* davidcalle branches and pushes 08:37
Saviqtsdgeos, no I didn't, it's not built anywhere08:37
Saviqtsdgeos, that I know08:37
tsdgeosso we need to get it build asap08:38
Saviqtsdgeos, well, trunk is fine until new hud is built08:38
tsdgeosSaviq: not if you use ./build_unity -u, no?08:39
tsdgeosthat'll get you a hud that gives you hudclient2 instead of hudclient108:39
Saviqtsdgeos, fine in the CI / autolanding sense08:39
tsdgeosmaybe we want to change build so it gives us the last rev that provides hudclient1?08:39
tsdgeosi mean people that read http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/04/how-to-run-unity-next-on-your-desktop are going to get a failure :D08:40
Saviqhmm that's a good idea08:40
Saviqto have a "safe_rev" numbers in build08:40
Saviqand pull those in08:40
Saviqand update them as needed08:40
Saviqtsdgeos, will do08:41
davidcalledidrocks, shouldn't we create a project group to have a place where we can have an overview of all our scopes?08:41
tsdgeosSaviq: great :)08:42
davidcalle(branches are here)08:42
didrocksdavidcalle: yeah, sounds like a good plan :)08:43
davidcalledidrocks, I don't have rights to do that, do you mind making one?08:43
didrocksdavidcalle: I think you need to ping on #launchpad, I don't as well08:44
davidcalledidrocks, ok. Any preference for the name? Ubuntu-scopes, unity-scopes?08:44
didrocksdavidcalle: unity-scopes makes sense to me :)08:46
davidcalledidrocks, sounds good to me08:46
dufludidrocks: Compiz project cleanup is now *done*. Feel free to hide/freeze/whatever lp:compiz/raring08:46
dufluHmm and "trunk" ?08:47
didrocksduflu: lp:compiz/raring can be removed08:47
didrocksduflu: I already point to lp:compiz/0.9.9 since tonight08:48
dufludidrocks: Cool. Though I don't have permissions to mess with the "raring" series08:48
dufluEverything's so fine-grained now you can't always tell who does08:48
didrocksduflu: I don't know as well08:50
dednickSaviq: getting error in build setup while sshing into device after flashing device.08:51
dednickssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host08:51
* sil2100 somehow missed the switch from lp:compiz/raring to lp:compiz/0.9.908:51
Saviqdednick, can you ssh to the device?08:52
duflusil2100: Twas not announced. I just did it yesterday/today08:52
dednickSaviq: no.08:52
Saviqdednick, did you ./run_on_device -s first?08:52
sil2100duflu: ah, ok ;) Anyway, rebasing the merge you pointed out a few hours ago08:52
Saviqdednick, and did you enable network even before that?08:52
dednickSaviq: yes. installed the ssh keys, but code resync causes the error.08:53
duflusil2100: Sorry, I did ask lots of people. Forgot you.08:53
Saviqdednick, you need to be able to ssh to the device08:53
Saviqdednick, `ssh phablet@ -p 2222` should work, IIRC08:53
dednickSaviq: it doesnt.  ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host08:54
Saviqdednick, `adb shell`, `ubuntu_chroot shell`08:54
Saviqdednick, you're in Ubuntu, make sure ssh is installed and all08:54
Saviqdednick, you can also use `phablet-network-setup -i` to setup ssh and there's some more info spat out, too08:55
dednickSaviq: yeah, that was it. flashed it and didnt realise ssh wasnt installed08:59
Saviqdednick, ./run_on_device -s installs ssh09:00
Saviqdednick, but you need network first, so maybe that was the issue09:00
dednickSaviq: i forgot that flashing the device would remove the wifi access09:02
tsdgeoslol, kgunn added09:04
tsdgeosg_action_group_activate_action(ag, action.toUtf8().constData(), g_variant_new_double(value.toDouble()));09:04
tsdgeosto the TODO list of things to fix09:04
tsdgeosi was wondering why09:04
tsdgeosthen realized it09:04
dufluHeh. Try egrep '\<TODO\>' instead09:10
sil2100duflu: resubmitted both branches, since the previous one had a conflict due to the branch switch - but it now should be ok ;)09:10
duflusil2100: OK, but I'm not offering to re-join the compiz effort. Although I would often like to, I am focussed on Mir. That was a once-off project cleanup to keep everyone on the right track09:11
dufluEven updating all the bugs I got a predictable number of emails in response... "can you help me with Compiz?"09:14
Saviqdednick, can you do https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity/phablet.protect-local-build-revisions/+merge/156793 please?10:08
dednickSaviq: sure10:09
Saviqdednick, pushed a whitespace fix10:10
dednickSaviq: does this fix a current build issue with the hud? mhr3 was just having issues building with trunk unity/phablet.10:12
dednickSaviq: but his issue may have to do with something else.10:13
Saviqdednick, yes it does10:14
Saviqdednick, HUD bumped API version in trunk, but didn't yet build packages10:14
Saviqdednick, so we have MPs to fix it, but can't yet merge into trunk as it won't build10:14
dednickmhr3:  can you try 'build -s' with with lp:~saviq/unity/phablet.protect-local-build-revisions10:15
mhr3on it10:15
Saviqmhr3, if your error was related to hud-client-2 missing, that will fix10:15
Saviqmhr3, we got out of sync with HUD API versions, the usual, you know...10:15
mhr3Saviq, nope, it was about test-voice failing to link10:15
Saviqmhr3, so failure in HUD itself?10:16
Saviqmhr3, ok, please ping if it doesn't go away10:16
dednickSaviq: new script works for me. +110:22
Saviqdednick, cheers10:22
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tsdgeosSaviq: with "move to persistent storage" you mean saving the searches (and results?) on disk?10:24
Saviqtsdgeos, yes10:24
Saviqtsdgeos, not results10:25
Saviqtsdgeos, just search terms10:25
tsdgeosso we can hint them next time?10:25
Saviqtsdgeos, yes10:25
Saviqtsdgeos, we should probably interface with Zeitgeist there10:25
mhr3Saviq, your branch didn't help me, disabled the voice tests and now it builds (i guess it's because i'm building on Q)10:36
Saviqmhr3, might be, will test on Q10:37
Saviqmhr3, thanks10:37
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mhr3Saviq, ideas what /home/miso/projects/phablet/main.cpp:64:11: error: ‘class QQuickView’ has no member named ‘setTitle’10:41
mhr3 is about?10:41
mhr3same for setFlags10:41
Saviqmhr3, are you using ppa:canonical-qt5-edgers/qt5-proper?10:41
* mhr3 double checks10:41
Saviqmhr3, that was an API change before Qt5 release10:42
Saviqmhr3, so please make sure you upgrade from that ppa10:42
mhr3Saviq, hmm, using it and nothing to upgrade :/10:42
Saviqmhr3, http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtgui/qwindow.html#title-prop http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtgui/qwindow.html#flags-prop10:43
Saviqmhr3, they're definitely there10:43
Saviqmhr3, QQuickView inherits QWindow, btw10:44
Saviqmhr3, /me tries Q10:44
mhr3yea, i see it in /usr/include, guess it's picking up something older from somewhere10:45
mhr3the question is what from where :)10:45
Saviqmhr3, /opt/qt5?10:46
mhr3Saviq, indeed10:46
Saviqmhr3, make sure you have all stuff from there dropped10:46
Saviqmhr3, and that your PATH does not include it anymore10:46
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mhr3removing everything that installed things in there10:47
popeyhmm. update manager has frozen on me10:53
seb128popey, cf #ubuntu-desktop, is that the same issue?10:58
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=== alan_g| is now known as alan_g
popeyyes, thanks10:59
seb128popey, did you kill stuff yet?10:59
seb128if not hold on10:59
tsdgeos                showRemoteDetails = true11:02
tsdgeos                showRemoteDetails = (frame.height - column.minimumHeight) >= labelRemotePostTime.height11:02
tsdgeoswops :D11:02
mhr3Saviq, yey, it all built! :)11:03
Saviqmhr3, :)11:03
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CimiSaviq, shall I proceed with components testing?11:31
Cimimzanetti, what can I test of PageHeader?11:31
SaviqCimi, mzanetti is out until Friday11:31
SaviqCimi, and nic-doffay was working on PageHeader tests11:31
CimiSaviq, those responsive things then11:33
Cimigrid and flow11:33
SaviqCimi, aren't there tests for them already?11:33
SaviqCimi, not for the flow there are not11:34
SaviqCimi, what's the bottom bar status then?11:34
CimiSaviq, yes they are already11:35
Ciminot for flow though11:35
CimiSaviq, status... I thought I had to wait for SDK?11:35
CimiSaviq, however11:35
SaviqCimi, that's a status, sure, but would be good to get an update11:35
CimiSaviq, I might add my findings11:35
SaviqCimi, I saw they were chatting about it later yesterday11:36
SaviqCimi, so please find out what's the status on their side, and if needed we'll merge your stuff with a huge "FIXME: this should come from SDK"11:36
CimiSaviq, ok11:37
tvossSaviq, ping11:38
SaviqCimi, and responsive flow does not have tests11:39
Saviqtvoss, pong11:39
CimiSaviq, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1163395/comments/111:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 1163395 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Provide abstract component for edge swipe" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:39
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guschSaviq: have you seen th update? https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/gallery-app-app-icon/+merge/15665912:25
Saviqgusch, otp, will look in a bit12:26
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fgintherdidrocks, good afternoon12:51
didrocksfginther: hey! nice work yesterday :)12:52
didrocksI saw you removed the --pin-ppa, this is not supported?12:52
fgintherdidrocks, thanks, the results could have been better :-(12:53
fginther--pin-ppa requres a ppa argument12:53
fgintherwhich wasn't passed in any of the exisiting jobs that I found12:53
didrocksok, well, it's the same ppa that we should ping12:53
didrocksso easy to modify12:53
didrocksfginther: what else did fail?12:54
fgintherdidrocks, so the --enable-ppa and --pin-ppa should use the same ppa?12:54
didrocksfginther: right12:54
fgintherdidrocks, I was hoping for better test results :-)12:55
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didrocksah ok ;)12:55
=== _salem is now known as salem_
didrocksfginther: there is one more modification we need to do12:55
didrocksfginther: we need to add a --test-package12:55
didrocksor rather12:55
didrockswe will pass unity-autopilot for unity* tests12:55
didrocksfoo-autopilot bar-autopilot for others12:55
fgintherdidrocks, ack12:56
didrocksfginther: I'm doing the change in the daily release side to pass the "testpackages" parameter to your job12:57
fgintherdidrocks, wouldn't we just add that to 'packages'?12:57
didrocksfginther: no, because even if we use the full "dist-upgrade from ppa"12:57
didrocksthis install needs to be done independently12:57
didrocksand not filtered12:57
didrocks(the "packages" are redirected in a file and filtered)12:57
mterryfginther, who do I bring utah problems to?13:35
fginthermterry, sent you a message13:36
fgintherdidrocks, the testpackages changes are ready13:43
didrocksfginther: doing my side, was debugging something else :)13:43
didrocksfginther: once sec!13:43
fgintherdidrocks, no problem, also fixed the missing --pin-ppa13:43
bregmadidrocks, I have a 7.0.0 unity release ready (using 'make dist') with updated AUTHORS and ChangeLog file and release tag (no code changes)...  should I push that directly to lp:unity?13:45
didrocksfginther: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cupstream2distro-maintainers/cupstream2distro-config/trunk/files/140?start_revid=14013:46
didrocksbregma: you can get it under merge and autoprooving it13:47
bregmadoes the automerger handle tags?13:47
didrocksbregma: the upstream merger? I doubt it though13:48
didrocksfginther: ? ^13:48
fgintherdidrocks, bregma I think the answer is no. the automerger just does a bzr merge and a bzr push13:49
didrocksbregma: if you are sure nothing else is merger and that your  branch is building in a pbuilder, you can directly push :)13:49
didrocksfginther: ok, deployed on raring oif/indicator/unity13:50
fgintherdidrocks, excellent13:50
didrocksfginther: do you want to try on something? to ensure the right parameters are sent? like oif?13:50
fgintherdidrocks, yes13:50
bregmawhat do you mean by "nothing else is merging"... as in there is no automerge in progress, or just no other changes in my merge?13:50
didrocksbregma: no automerge in progress13:50
fgintherbregma, unity is not currently building on jenkins13:51
bregmait's a maze of twisty little passages, all different13:51
bregmaI will push right now, then upload the tarball, and wheee13:52
SaviqMacSlow, just a quick note - have a look at BorderImage for the value bar in a confirmation notification14:01
SaviqMacSlow, http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtquick/qml-qtquick2-borderimage.html14:02
didrocksfginther: ok, I'm moving the head job to this format14:16
didrocksfginther: and the 100scope ppa14:16
didrockssounds good to you?14:16
fgintherdidrocks, yes, I think so. I noticed a typo in the job, but it should be an easy fix14:19
Saviqtedg, hey, what's the status of HUD packages?14:19
fgintherdidrocks, I'll rerun the oif stack after fixing it to make sure14:19
didrocksfginther: ok, the utah-jenkins change seems good to me FYI :)14:19
fgintherdidrocks, thanks for looking14:20
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didrocksyw :)14:20
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paulliuHi all, Want to get some comments for this MR. And would like to know if this unittest sounds. https://code.launchpad.net/~paulliu/unity/phablet-add_unit_test/+merge/15685914:23
tedgSaviq, Not sure, alesage doesn't seem to be in yet.  He was working on it last night, I don't see packages anywhere, but I'm unsure of the status.14:28
Saviqpaulliu, please make sure you update https://code.launchpad.net/~paulliu/share-app/desktop_file_tweak/+merge/15656014:28
paulliuSaviq: yeah..you want it released, right?14:28
Saviqpaulliu, yes, but we need the two more hints in there14:29
paulliuSaviq: ok.14:29
paulliuSaviq: wait.14:29
MacSlowSaviq, hm... ok... was initially searching for something else... but that might work as well... just need to think of a way to "port" the original cairo drawing-code to an image to be used as source14:30
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SaviqMacSlow, well, you can use a rectangle with a border, but if I see correctly there's a gradient?14:30
MacSlowSaviq, yes... there's a subtle but important gradient (to give it a bit of depth)14:31
SaviqMacSlow, yeah, so I'd go for BorderImage and stretched Image for the filling14:32
MacSlowSaviq, but I've an idea already how this could work with such a BorderImage item14:32
MacSlowSaviq, I'll see to fix the remaining issues with the other branch by tomorrow.14:33
SaviqMacSlow, k14:33
Saviqpaulliu, can you also do:14:37
Saviq  - in webapps-demo package: /usr/share/applications/music-player-mockapp.desktop should have "Music" as Name instead of "Music Player"14:37
Saviq  - in webapps-demo package: remove fake notepad app, especially file notepad-mockapp.desktop14:37
paulliuSaviq: wait.14:40
Saviqpaulliu, waiting ;)14:40
didrocksfginther: so pushed the modification on head + experimental14:49
fgintherdidrocks, does that take care of all the stacks now?14:49
didrocksmterry: you now have some example for the phablet stacks on head ^14:49
didrocksfginther: what do you mean?14:50
fgintherdidrocks, I mean all all of the check jobs now using the generic autopilot job?14:50
didrocksfginther: the stack was different set of packages and ppas, I guess we addressed both14:50
didrocksfginther: yeah14:50
didrocksfginther: let's wait for tomorrow14:50
didrocksbefore killing the others :)14:50
mterrydidrocks, thanks14:51
mterrydidrocks, why are there both packages and testpackages fields?14:52
didrocksmterry: packages are the packages we need to install by default on the system (the binary packages generated by this stack)14:53
didrocksmterry: when we install them, we filter that we only install those14:53
didrocksand don't pull anything else14:53
didrocks(or we fail the job on puropose)14:53
mterrydidrocks, so I need to list all dependencies too then, not just the top packages?14:56
didrocksmterry: all the binary packages that we are going to install on this stack (and their deps if they are not installed by default)14:56
didrocksmterry: basically, we filter to avoid the following case:14:57
didrocksindicator built with bamf314:57
didrocksprocude bamf 3.114:57
didrocksthen we build unity14:57
didrocksit will grab 3.114:57
didrocksbut some of the stack will fail14:57
didrocksand we don't know that we need to publish both at the same time :)14:57
MacSlowSaviq, with the BorderImage the bar looks pretty clean/correct now... created two SVGs based on the old cairo-code14:58
SaviqMacSlow, render them to PNGs14:58
SaviqMacSlow, it's cheaper on the GPU14:58
MacSlowSaviq, ok14:59
paulliuSaviq: https://code.launchpad.net/~paulliu/webapps-demo/desktop_file_tweak2/+merge/15687614:59
Saviqpaulliu, cheers15:00
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mterrydidrocks, well, for a start, I'm just adding platform-api to the platform stack.   (my other autopilot tests will want that installable)15:03
didrocksmterry: yeah, and so add the files for the autopilot generic job15:03
didrocksmterry: and the autopilot job that needs to be started15:04
mterrydidrocks, hmm?  platform-api doesn't have autopilot jobs15:04
didrocksmterry: does it need some?15:05
mterrydidrocks, when will the head stack build again?15:05
didrocksmterry: when you decoment #schedule: :-)15:05
mterrydidrocks, it's xnox's package to shepherd, I'm not sure.  But I'd guess it's not a gui thing15:05
didrocksmterry: do we have integration tests on it?15:06
didrocksmterry: is xnox working on finishing that?15:06
mterrydidrocks, it's got a tests directory...15:06
didrocksI don't want that we daily release something before meeting our criterias15:06
mterrydidrocks, he merged a packaging branch to it.  xnox, is platform-api ready for daily release?15:06
didrocksxnox: if so, please file things in the google doc I shared with you: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuDk72Lpx8U5dFVVX1BOYm1qdUtyX2xUNmdwWlhTS0E#gid=015:07
didrocksthis is done for that :)15:07
didrocks(and we need yes everywhere or a no should be justified)15:07
mterrydidrocks, this is just to a PPA, so while I agree we don't want to release crap, it's less of a quality expectation15:07
didrocksmterry: well, we should take the PPA as distro15:08
didrocksmterry: I know how it goes then, and we'll have to flip the switch without finishing that15:08
didrocksso we have a one-time opportunity to get things right15:08
mterrydidrocks, :)15:08
didrocksmterry: and remember we will release the iso from the ppa first :)15:09
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kgunntsdgeos: hey, bregma said his team is available as soon as 13.04 is wrapped up...and we thot fixme/todo's might be a good spot to help15:12
xnoxmterry: didrocks: ack, will add to spreadsheet. Not sure there are any tests for it, as it's a wrapper api for different plug implementations, with the only currently implemented one is for libhybris, which does not have tests yet per se.15:12
xnoxmterry: didrocks: autopilot style tests should be done on things that build on top of platform-api, imho.15:13
kgunntsdgeos: he was just wanting a preview of what's to come...are you using that spreadsheet i made15:13
didrocksxnox: as long as we are clear on the state and "no test" is acceptable in your opinion :)15:13
didrocksxnox: yeah, I do agree, did you talk about it with upstream?15:13
mterryxnox, is src/android/tests/ useful?15:13
tsdgeoskgunn: yep15:13
mterryor does that need android to run?15:13
xnoxdidrocks: did not "talk to upstream about it". I should discuss if it's feasible to test it more, somehow.15:14
xnoxmterry: will double check those.15:14
didrocksxnox: yeah, that's part of the job for the WI ;)15:14
kgunntsdgeos: cool..i'll just share that with him...wanted to make sure it'd be relevant :)15:14
didrocksxnox: so please once you talk with them, file the rationale for the "Not yet" and what will be done ;)15:14
didrocksxnox: if the cells are not enough, we can create a doc or a wiki15:15
tsdgeoskgunn: the TODO part is "done", working on the FIXME one15:15
tsdgeoskgunn: i've tried to be as through as possible on the evaluation, but some of them seemed like "i'd have to solve it to see if it's a 5 minute or 5 days job"15:15
tsdgeosthen mostly went to the "5 day" side and be happy if it took you 5 minute :D15:16
kgunntsdgeos: sure...totally understandable15:16
didrocksxnox: so, to sum up, for the "no", you are working on them, right? ;)15:17
didrocks(as you didn't mark TODO everywhere) ;)15:17
didrockslike "missing libhybris" should be "upload libhybris to the ppa" ;)15:18
didrocksthanks xnox ;)15:18
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
didrocksxnox: you are doing libhybris, isn't it?15:18
didrocksor is it sergio?15:18
xnoxdidrocks: I really really prefer autolanding libhybris somehow =) even in the sense that it's not a "true" auto-land.15:19
xnoxdidrocks: generally package maintainance this way is awesome =)15:19
xnoxdidrocks: I don't think I was on the hook for libhybris.15:19
didrocksxnox: let me look at the blueprints, one sec :)15:19
didrocksxnox: the tradeoff for autolanding is that we need good tests ;)15:19
didrocksor it's the far far far west ;)15:20
didrocksxnox: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1303-ubuntu-touch-porting is telling that it's rsalveti15:21
didrocksxnox: do you mind checking with him and take the issue to get it daily landing if needed?15:21
didrocksas this is what is blocking everything, from what I'm hearing, mostly15:22
didrocksxnox: we can have some "on daily releasing demand" for components we are not upstream for15:22
* didrocks should document the procedure15:22
Saviqpaulliu, please release https://code.launchpad.net/~paulliu/unity-lens-applications/phablet/+merge/155464 too15:26
paulliuSaviq: ok15:37
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didrockshey bschaefer!16:38
bschaeferdidrocks, hello!16:39
didrocksbschaefer: so I still don't get what you mean ;) what exactly has an ABI break? :)16:39
didrocksbschaefer: do you have a stack trace? when is it crashing?16:39
didrocksseb128: FYI ^16:39
bschaeferdidrocks, when running the unity tests yeah16:39
* bschaefer gets log16:39
didrocksbschaefer: we are running them everyday :)16:39
bschaeferdidrocks, and looking at the changelog libgcc1 was updated march 28th16:39
didrocksor are those tests not run during build?16:40
bschaeferdidrocks, the ones that aren't built16:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 1162886 in unity (Ubuntu) "test-gtest [ FAILED ] TestIconLoader.TestGetManyIcons - segfaults at times." [Critical,Triaged]16:40
didrocksbschaefer: do you mind checking with doko? I doubt it only impact us if it's libgcc116:40
bschaeferdidrocks, stacktrace: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5668678/16:40
* bschaefer isn't sure who doko is16:40
didrocksbschaefer: ubuntu toolchain maintainer16:41
bschaeferdidrocks, full stacktrace: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5668696/16:41
bschaeferdidrocks, yeah, let me go find his email16:41
didrocksbschaefer: IRC?16:41
didrocks#ubuntu-devel ;)16:42
bschaeferdidrocks, to many rooms! I checked a few and didn't see him :)16:42
didrocks#ubuntu-devel is still the main one for ubuntu development16:42
bschaeferdidrocks, I only recently started to log into that room!16:43
tedgSaviq, Uploaded!  https://launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/+archive/hud-phablet16:44
bschaeferdidrocks, he says hes not aware of any :(16:45
didrocksbschaefer: I saw, see #ubuntu-devel ;)16:47
seb128bschaefer, I doubt there is any ABI break16:47
didrocksI would doubt as well gcc has one16:47
* bschaefer wonders why recompiling fixes problem16:47
seb128we didn't see any issue anywhere else and those libs didn't change around the time your issue started16:47
didrocksthere was one last cycle due to C++11, but it was removed16:47
seb128bschaefer, can you run that test under valgrind?16:48
bschaeferbut if it were an ABI break it should seg fault 100% of the time as well...16:48
bschaeferseb128, yeah let me get that info16:48
seb128bschaefer, right, ABI break don't manifest by making some % of the runs fail16:48
bschaeferseb128, yeah, I was also getting it while restarting unity sometimes as well, but not very often16:49
* bschaefer has to rebuild unity to get it to crash again16:52
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davmor2Hey guys u1 local music isn't showing cover art in the music lens17:15
davmor2here is an image of what I mean http://ubuntuone.com/59a6BHVg5sHOdGoPKtmoh917:20
bschaeferseb128, it seems to not want to crash going through valgrind :(17:20
seb128bschaefer, is there any invalid read/write in the log?17:24
seb128bschaefer, often valgrind will workaround the segfault but still catch errors17:25
bschaeferseb128, o alright, let me check...also the part that is calling fontconfig is running in its own thread17:25
seb128bschaefer, fontconfig is not thread safe in the current raring version17:26
bschaeferseb128, hmm well its called through umm gtk_load something I have to look it up really quick17:26
seb128bschaefer, the next major version will be thread safe (e.g not for raring)17:27
bschaeferseb128, hmm i wonder if that could be the problem, also where is libfontconfig1 vs lp:fontconfig?17:27
bschaeferseb128, as lp:fontconfig fixes my crash, where libfontconfig1 does not in raring17:27
bschaeferseb128, heres the log, and I don't seen any invalid read/writes: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5674245/17:28
seb128bschaefer, oh, you use lp:fontconfig, that's upstream trunk which is thread safe17:28
seb128bschaefer, so yeah, that would make sense17:28
bschaeferseb128, sooo that fixes it shoot...17:28
bschaeferseb128, this is what we call: gtk_icon_info_load_icon(task->icon_info, &task->error);17:29
bschaeferwith a nice comment above it:       // careful here this is running in non-main thread17:29
seb128yeah, don't do that...17:29
seb128it's late to get new fontconfig in raring17:29
bschaeferhaha...welllll alright Ill have to look into removing that thread then17:29
bschaeferseb128, cool though, thanks for helping me look into this!17:29
seb128bschaefer, np, sorry I didn't understand earlier that you were running trunk fontconfig17:30
seb128I though you were saying that a rebuild of the same version was fixing it17:31
bschaeferoo noo, i tried to mention lp:fontconfig, but i've been confused about the crash for a bit :)17:32
bschaeferseb128, mentioning the thread part was the real problem anyway :)17:33
seb128bschaefer, I'm not using to uptodate upstream import17:33
seb128you wrote lp:fontconfig and I read ubuntu:fontconfig17:33
seb128e.g the current ubuntu version :p17:33
seb128but yeah17:33
seb128glad we figured it out17:33
bschaeferooo haha, right that makes sense17:33
* bschaefer isn't use to all the lingo yet17:34
bschaeferor rather unaware of possibly ambiguities17:34
seb128it makes me regret a bit to not have updated fontconfig to the new version with the threadsafe fixes this cycle17:34
seb128oh, well17:34
seb128next cycle ;-)17:34
bschaeferseb128, yup :), looks like this is has been using its own thread since rev:2364 very strange...17:35
* bschaefer wonders if this crash has been going on for a while17:35
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Saviqtedg, and will that get to ppa:phablet-team or?18:17
tedgSaviq, Not sure how we want that to work exactly.18:20
tedgSaviq, Was kinda waiting for it to build first :-)18:21
tedgSaviq, Perhaps making it dependent on both would make sense.18:21
bschaeferseb128, well looking into this more, removing the thread usage will cause this to regress: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/82858218:49
ubot5Launchpad bug 828582 in libunity (Ubuntu Quantal) "Dash: very high latency responding to input" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:50
bschaeferseb128, sooo its going to cause a big regression in the dash loading speed :(18:50
seb128bschaefer, the merge linked in this bug is from 2012-01-2518:51
seb128which is 1.5 years old and before the LTS18:52
bschaeferseb128, yes, which is where the threads was introduced18:52
seb128do we get much real world report about that issue or is it mostly tests?18:52
bschaeferseb128, but the recent change in glib18:52
bschaeferdeprecated some functions18:52
bschaeferseb128, its rare for it to crash, and I've only gotten it like twice on trunk unity18:53
MarlincDoes any of you want to help me by completing this survey? It is about clipboard usage http://goo.gl/drqfR18:53
bschaeferseb128, like 1/100 compiz --replace ccp rare18:53
seb128bschaefer, hum, what about glib changes?18:53
seb128is the issue due to changes that are to accomodate the new glib?18:53
bschaeferseb128, well glib went from 2.34 -> 2.36 causing ... let me get the change18:54
bschaeferseb128, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/110065818:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 1100658 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unity fails to build on raring: g_io_scheduler_push_job is deprecated" [High,Fix released]18:54
bschaeferandyrock, might now know a bit more about the new changes as well...but they both are using threads18:55
seb128does reverting that change workaround the issue?18:55
bschaeferseb128, thats what im trying to look into, im looking at compiling gcc with glib2.3418:55
bschaefercompiling unity with glib2.3418:55
seb128those functions are deprecated18:56
seb128they are still there18:56
seb128just build without G_DISABLE_DEPRECATED18:56
andyrockbschaefer, compile unity with glib2.3618:56
andyrockbut try to use the deprecated function18:56
bschaeferi mis interpreted what andyrock as was saying...18:56
seb128glib never breaks compat18:56
* bschaefer didn't know about that flag18:56
andyrockbschaefer, ahahahah np ;)18:56
seb128so they don't drop anything18:57
seb128they just deprecate stuff18:57
bschaeferandyrock, haha18:57
seb128but that's a build flag away18:57
bschaeferright, that makes sense, I  thought they removed it completely haha...18:57
andyrockbschaefer, btw are you sure there is a problem with "my" glib 2.36 thread code?18:58
andyrockthere was little documentation on how to use it18:58
bschaeferandyrock, no i have not confirmed that, I just know this problem only started about last week18:58
bschaeferandyrock, and that other thread code has been around for 1.5 years...18:58
andyrocknot the situation should be better18:59
bschaeferandyrock, well... it could be the new version is doing threading differently19:00
andyrocksorry my fault, i wanted to say: maybe the problem is "my" glib 2.36 thread code etc. etc19:00
andyrockbschaefer, ^^^19:00
bschaeferthe glib stuff, causing the non-thread safe libfontconfig to crash19:00
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bschaeferandyrock, right, we can look at the new code as well, lets see if reverting it fixes it :)19:00
bschaeferandyrock, if soo, then lets look at the new thread code to see if something is missing19:00
* bschaefer forgot to turn off errors for warnings...lets rebuild agian19:01
bschaeferandyrock, seg fault19:10
andyrockusing the old code path?19:11
bschaeferandyrock, yup19:11
andyrocksame bt?19:11
bschaeferandyrock, yeaah19:11
* bschaefer wonders what glib is doing differently now19:11
bschaeferandyrock, hmmm well I also don't think its your code either cause lp:fontconfig fixes it19:12
bschaeferandyrock, soo I guess the decision now is how big of a problem is this out side of the test?19:13
* bschaefer reverts changes and does a lot of compiz --repalces...19:13
bschaeferseb128, ^ using the old glib functions didn't fix it...19:14
seb128bschaefer, https://errors.ubuntu.com/?package=compiz is a good place to ask that question19:14
bschaeferseb128, thanks!19:14
* bschaefer forgot about errors.ubuntu.com19:14
seb128the number of 13.04 users is low compared to other series though19:15
seb128so it's not making numbers very useful :-(19:16
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bschaeferseb128, yeah, but hopefully its enough to see if this crash is common or not19:16
seb128bschaefer, the fallback option is to declare it's not an issue until it shows up in there and figure a SRU plan if it does19:19
bschaeferseb128, yeah, that is what im thinking, but it never hurts to double check through these things19:20
bschaeferseb128, and I don't see it...so Ill keep an eye on the errors, ill lower the priority of the test failing bug report as well19:24
bschaeferseb128, thanks for all the information!19:24
seb128bschaefer, thanks for investigating the issue19:24
seb128the good news is that it will be fixed after raring with the new fontconfig ;-)19:25
bschaeferseb128, yup! Im excited for that :)19:25
bschaeferandyrock, hmm what should we do about the GetManyIcons gtest?19:29
bschaeferandyrock, as its quite annoying to have to re-run make check when it seg faults19:29
seb128bschaefer, we shouldn't keep tests that segfault, they break automated testing and it takes hours to run the whole build/tests again19:33
bschaeferseb128, yup, I disable it, with a comment to revert onces we have the new libfontconfig119:33
mhall119Saviq: is there a specific reason to call qmlscene from a .desktop's Exec line, instead of having a separate script in /usr/bin/ that does it?19:57
mhall119also, isn't Architecture=any the right value for non-compiled apps?19:58
Saviqmhall119, no, any will build it for... any arch19:58
Saviqmhall119, all will build them for all19:58
Saviqmhall119, when using bash a separate process is spawned19:58
Saviqmhall119, that's no longer associated with the original desktop file19:58
mhall119that doesn't really clear it up for me, in my mind any="one package for any arch", and all="one package for each arch"19:59
Saviqmhall119, any="a package _per_ arch"19:59
Saviqmhall119, all="one package for all arches"19:59
mhall119completely opposite of what I thought, thanks19:59
Saviqmhall119, our app management can only deal with a single process for now20:00
mhall119Saviq: ok20:00
mhall119Saviq: just wanted to check before approving these MPs20:00
Saviqmhall119, here are the three packaged up http://ubuntuone.com/4ICFnTBsks7QTgjreBROo120:01
Saviqmhall119, pmcgowan is onto the MPs, too20:02
Saviqmhall119, you should be able to just install those and they should show up in the apps installed category (search for them if they don't fit in the two rows)20:03
mhall119Saviq: is search working in the apps lens now?20:04
Saviqmhall119, just for the installed ones, yes20:04
mhall119I mean, video and music lenses gave me a search option before, but apps lens didn't20:05
Saviqmhall119, it's new20:05
Saviqmhall119, not ideal but does the job (i.e. all the other categories are hardcoded still)20:05
kgunnSaviq: and you say i don't sleep20:06
Saviqkgunn, it's only 10pm, at least I won't be back up in 7 hrs ;)20:07
mhall119Saviq: is it enough to apt-get dist-upgrade on my device, or do I need to flash a new image?20:07
Saviqmhall119, shell should be fine, couldn't tell for anything else20:07
kgunndandrader: ping20:17
dandraderkgunn, pong20:18
kgunndandrader: hey, was thinking you might want a little break from just unit test slog20:19
kgunndandrader: we have a "user story" we've targeted for end of april..."closing apps from the dash"20:19
kgunndandrader: i understand we have code for it20:20
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kgunndandrader: basically we just need to port that code over (update as / if needed)20:21
kgunndandrader: test it, create a test for it & land it20:21
kgunndandrader: whenever you get to a stopping point with whatever you're doing now...20:22
kgunndandrader: cool?20:22
Saviqdandrader, one important thing that I believe happened between that branch and now is the tablet, which added support for side stage apps in the apps Running category20:23
dandraderkgunn, sounds good. I can start on it already first thing in the morning.20:23
Saviqso it might require some hacking around20:23
dandraderThis afternoon I was just poking at Panel indicators code, didn't start to write its test yet20:24
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