MarkDudeAnyone able to tell if this bird is a Peregrine Falcon? https://plus.google.com/photos/105095769731159704550/albums/5627748242523559489?authkey=COCT7YWa-NuoHw02:50
darthrobot`Title: [Nature - Google+]02:51
akkMarkDude: No, not a peregrine. I don't have my bird books here, but probably a red-shouldered hawk.03:04
akkNice pix of it! I've always had trouble getting good pix of them.03:04
akkBest I've gotten (not nearly as good): http://shallowsky.com/Birds/showbird.php?pat=Raptors/red_shouldered_hawk03:05
darthrobot`Title: [red shouldered hawk]03:05
MarkDudeTy akk03:09
MarkDudeMakes sense.03:09
MarkDudeThe bird does not sound as impressive as I thought it would03:10
MarkDudeMakes sortof a chirping noise03:10
akkYeah, hawks make surprisingly un-fierce noises. :)03:10
MarkDudeBluejays sound tougher03:11
akkMy mom used to work on animal documentaries, and she told me a story about when they needed to find a clip of the cry of the red hawk03:11
akk(I suspect she meant red-tailed)03:11
akkand they searched around and finally found it, and it was this wimpy "eep, eep" sound03:11
akkand I think they opted to put in some dramatic music instead :)03:11
akkStellar's Jays actually like to imitate red-shouldered hawks.03:12
akkWhich probably makes them sound very fierce to whatever bird-eating predator they're trying to fool.03:12
akkThey used to fool me all the time, "How could a great big hawk be way up there at the top of that tree? Oh, it's just a jay again."03:13
MarkDudeThere is a mated pair of jays that come to my feeder, unlike the others, these two are quiet03:14
MarkDudeSorta nod to me to feed them03:14
MarkDudeNo need to alert other birds03:14
akkI like jays, they're so smart.03:14
MarkDudeI like crows also- but more at a distance03:15
MarkDudehella smart03:15
akkI love watching crows and ravens practice flying.03:15
MarkDudebut there is a reason they are called a murder of crows03:15
MarkDudeThey can chase of raptors in groups of 10+ here03:15
akkAnd then jays and mockingbirds and blackbirds chase the crows.03:16
akkAnd smaller hawks chase bigger hawks.03:16
MarkDudeCircle of life03:16
MarkDudeAerial fights are insane to watch03:17
akkWhat's most fun, though, is seeing mockingbirds chase off cats and dogs. Those little guys (of both genders) are fearless.03:17
MarkDudeThe most aawesome, are hummingbirds03:17
akkYeah, them too.03:17
MarkDudeJays will chase cats from tree to tree03:17
akkI still boggle that there's a whole working brain and heart and everything else inside that tiny body.03:17
MarkDudeSquirrels just complain a bit, jays will dive bomb03:18
MarkDudePi event on Sat, I know you wont are not free for a few months akk03:23
akkYeah, definitely not this sat. But maybe next month!03:24
MarkDudeBut, I wanted to see if we could get some input from you on goals part03:24
MarkDudeWe are gonna do a G+ hangout irc meeting Sat 3-4pm- for folks not able to attend03:24
MarkDudeChris is having us get some accessories03:25
* MarkDude wants to see about starting with the flag waving wiring03:27
akkNo guarantees about where I'll be 3-4 on sat, but send me the link and if I'm near my computer, I'll try.03:28
darthrobot`Title: [How to make your own Raspberry Pi flag-waving demo ยป RasPi.TV]03:28
MarkDudeSure, if not we have a wiki page03:28
MarkDudeI like the flag one- since not much is needed to make it03:28
MarkDudeUsing existing connectors first03:28
MarkDudeThen I can solder up a storm03:29
akkWow, the RPi can drive a servo directly? I'm surprised.03:30
MarkDudeThe way it does it is rather nice03:31
MarkDudeNeeds to be tuned to servo03:31
akkI would have worried about pulling too much current or getting back EMF or something.03:32
akkMaybe servos don't have a risk of back EMF.03:32
MarkDudeThe pin they use is isolated03:34
* MarkDude is assuming03:34
MarkDudeIf it were variable - that might be an issue,03:34
MarkDudeit's one speed only03:34
akkI didn't think anything was isolated in the RPi.03:37
MarkDudeWell you remember how I qualify my technical opinions;03:41
MarkDudeThink of me as a less charming Jono03:41
* MarkDude knows Community 1st, the rest comes down the list03:42
MarkDudeMy real tech is actual electronics and soldering type stuff, as well as having a Ham license N6TBD03:42
MarkDudeSo the Pi has been good for me to learn, especially with ARM having a great future as near as I can tell03:43
akkYep, certainly looks like it has.03:44
akkIntel's dropped the ball on low-power chips.03:44
* MarkDude had not been thinking of EMF on that level, more so looking at it like straight electricity, and it would dissipate at such a quick rate vs distancce03:45
akkI was warned about that being an issue if I tried to drive motors or speakers directly from an arduino.03:45
akkAnd AFAIK the RPi is much more delicate than an arduino -- certainly it's far more sensitive to overvoltage.03:46
pleia2yeah, people have toasted their pis by even using the wrong charging cable03:47
MarkDudeOk, though servos are almost operated by relays03:47
MarkDudethe voltage to trigger is not always related to operating device03:48
akkReally? I didn't know that.03:48
akkI'd seen warnings against using big servos on arduinos, but that a small one was probably okay.03:48
MarkDude5V from battery only goes to the servo).03:49
MarkDudeIn this project03:49
MarkDudeits using it as a pass thru in effect03:49
MarkDudeThe ground is protected enough-03:51
MarkDudeFrom what I have read tho- what you are saying is true03:52
MarkDudeI think some of the switching can be done with simple switching relays. for some pretty neat more complex projects03:52
* MarkDude was thinking of emailing for Pi gatherings to DVLUG list, and one other Local ML03:54
MarkDudeRM be damed03:54
akkI tried to use relays for my shark project, and had a lot of trouble (partly it was just finding the right kind of relay)03:54
* MarkDude kids of course.03:55
akkand ended up having better success with transistors, once someone showed me how to use them.03:55
MarkDudeWell yep03:55
akkMarkDude: As long as you say the RPis should run debian and not ubuntu, you might get away with it.03:55
akkJust don't say the u-word on too many of those LUG lists. :)03:56
MarkDudeIts almost as if we could gather enough transistors - we could make a computer03:56
akkWhoa, you think? :)03:56
MarkDudeWell, Debian of some sort, Fedora for server - and sumthin like Puppy or whatever develops as stable03:56
* MarkDude would like SELinux working for server03:57
MarkDudeGeek points03:57
MarkDudeWhat other list? Berkeley lug?03:58
MarkDudeBug Jack?03:58
* MarkDude should see if paulproteus is interested in such things, or just the next Geeknic03:58
MarkDudeRelays make a very satisfying geeky awesome click - its neato03:59
akkTrue. Also, I love those great big relays with the transparent covers where you can see the levers moving.04:00
akkDunno if they make those any more, but I had one when I was a kid.04:00
* MarkDude is thinking of doing this like Univac04:00
MarkDudeAdd blinky lights for NO reason04:01
MarkDudeYou can get them at Ham swap meets04:01
akkIt's even better when there is a reason. Like on connection machines, where the lights indicated which processor was active.04:01
akkblinky lights FTW04:01
* MarkDude has stack of them waiting to be used in projects04:02
* MarkDude likes the center part of Radio Shack. The DRAWERS04:02
akkThere are other parts of Radio Shack? :)04:02
akkThough I usually get stuff like that from Halted or Anchor. I only go to RS if it's Sunday and everyone else is closed and I can't wait.04:03
MarkDudeThe manager knows my routine, wander first- looking for bargains, then the drawers04:03
MarkDudeIts an addiction04:03
* MarkDude wants to see what we can do with LCD fun also04:04
akkLCDs are fun but a lot harder to wire up.04:04
* MarkDude actuall started wiring ICs04:05
MarkDudelike chips in boards04:05
akkAnother cool but usually pointless thing, then: wire-wrap.04:05
MarkDudeif you were good, you just needed heatsinks04:05
* MarkDude is adding that ot BAMF/Pi todo list04:06
MarkDudein colors04:06
MarkDudeIts actually useful for some things- like marking the deadly wires for solar panels- or other fun04:07
MarkDudeMostly it looks cool04:07
* MarkDude needs to post pics if his Pi and post it later04:08
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