snap-lGood morning12:00
snap-l(Going out on a limb here. :) )12:00
rick_h_it's not yesterday so we'll go with 'good' for now12:00
brouschrick_h_: Why are you such a grumpy pants?12:10
rick_h_because work sucks :P12:10
rick_h_and yesterday sucked, I'm still recovering12:10
rick_h_and I find grumpy is generally a good place to start out. Day can get better then heh12:11
rick_h_see, I just remembered it's a CHC day. Already looking up!12:11
UnFixedJust activated my phone on ting last night. In case anyone was interested. Signal at home is pretty good.12:46
snap-lUnFixed: Awesome! glad to hear it!13:03
snap-lI'm trying to justify getting an airrave. ;)13:03
snap-lBut $279 to fix Sprint's lack of coverage is a bit steep13:04
snap-lI lvoe trying to figure out MySQL's broken-ass syntax13:10
snap-lYou have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near13:11
snap-l(something that should work)13:11
UnFixedconsidering getting the home phone connect 2, since i got rid of my landline.13:13
UnFixedand it would just share minutes with my cellphone.13:14
snap-lYeah, if it works for you, I'd go for it13:14
snap-lOK, MySQL needs to find a fire and promptly die in it13:17
snap-lWant to know what my problem was?13:17
snap-lone of the columns is named "desc"13:18
snap-lguess what MySQL will treat as a command, no matter where it's located?13:18
snap-lbrousch: BTW: Picked up Sins of a Solar Empire Trinity from Stardock on DVD13:57
snap-lPlays nicely under Crossover 1213:57
snap-lPlayed a bit of the tutorial before bed. Damn, this is a deep game13:58
brouschsnap-l: http://clusterbleep.net/blog/2012/07/17/running-stardocks-sins-of-a-solar-empire-rebellion-on-linux/13:59
snap-lYeah, I had a license for Crossover, and decided when I was making an order on Amazon to pull the trigger on the older version just to see if it worked.14:01
brouschI keep asking my sister when they are going to make games for Linux now that Steam is on it14:06
brouschapparently they make more money from their Windows8 apps than from games14:07
snap-lyeah, I can imagine14:07
snap-lThey're not exactly AAA twitch-fests14:07
snap-lYou're not going to hand Solar Empires to someone with a half-hour to kill14:08
rick_h_lmao https://twitter.com/TheLazyDog_/status/319427516345503744/photo/114:09
rick_h_I mean the card is funny, but the comment about it is equally funny.14:09
rick_h_see, day is looking up :)14:09
rick_h_and I remembered headphones to the coffee shop "I am the greatest man that ever lived...I was born to give and give..."14:13
snap-lheh. :)14:15
brouschCleaning out some old stuff when I came across this https://dl.dropbox.com/u/101667/ricks_new_profile_pic.jpg14:47
rick_h_ruh roh14:51
snap-lIs there some run on Star Wars VHS tapes that I'm not aware of?15:14
snap-lI literally sold two of them in the past 30 days.15:14
widoxwait, someone is buying VHS tapes?15:16
rick_h_heh yea, not been able to play a VHS tape in something approaching 10yrs15:18
brouschsnap-l: Lucas is trying to buy them all up to destroy so there will be only the revised versions of Star Wars15:21
snap-lbrousch: That's the most salient response I can come up with15:22
jcastrogreg-g: what's your WMF email contact info? (PM me)16:13
rick_h_<3 BSOD jokes on the daily show from last night.16:54
greg-gjcastro: greg@wikimedia.org18:07
greg-ghello from the juror's room, btw18:07
snap-lgreg-g: Going through selection?18:11
greg-gsnap-l: didn't get called (didn't even get to selection part) :(20:02
snap-lgreg-g: Sorry to hear that.20:11
greg-gI even get 5 paid days off for jury duty each year!20:11
snap-lgreg-g: that's pretty enlightened20:12
greg-gyeah, the WMF is20:12
snap-lWhen I went for Jury Duty one year, I was contracting, so it was like getting a pay cut for the day20:13
snap-land had the fun of declaring it on my taxes too20:13
snap-lIt's like unemployment without the fucking around all day.20:13
snap-lor the self loathing. :)20:13
greg-gyeah, the funny part was when they said that you can get $2.50 flat mileage plus $15.00/per day, unless you're a govt employee, you only get the $2.5020:21
greg-gwell, there were a lot of funny parts, that was one of them20:21

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