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thafreakAnyone going down to cbus to hear Stallman speak?13:50
dzhothafreak: I bet I know how that's going to go.17:20
dzhobunch of FOSSy fans show up who are "into Linux" or whatever, but who have read far too little of Stallman end up asking him questions that you know are going to be cringe worthy.17:20
dzholike, they'll say "Linux" instead of "GNU/Linux" which will trigger the usual caveat.17:21
dzhosee also "intellectual property" or "open source" or . . . .17:21
thafreakyeah...debating if it would be "worth" it to miss a day of work and drive all the way down there17:22
dzhohave you ever seen him speak, though?17:23
dzhoif not, it might be a good thing just to check it off the list.17:23
thafreakno I have not yet17:33
dzhoah, here it is: http://www.cse.ohio-state.edu/speaker/speaker273.shtml17:36
thafreakoh yeah, sorry17:36
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