waltmanOK, it's 8 AM and I've already made bacon & eggs and I'm on my second cup of coffee!12:02
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else12:08
waltmanMorning sentient stuffed bears12:10
ChinnoDogsup peeps14:53
ChinnoDogWhy don't I see Ubuntu tablets yet?14:53
ChinnoDogssweeny: where are my Ubuntu tablets?15:23
ssweenyChinnoDog, do you have a nexus 7?15:23
ssweenyor a nexus 10?15:23
ChinnoDogNo. Are those officially supported tablets?15:24
ssweenyor one of these? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices15:24
ChinnoDoghmm. I see.15:28
ChinnoDogSeems like Surface RT would be an ideal platform to port Ubuntu15:28
waltmanAside from the cost.15:30
waltmanoh, is that the cheap one?15:30
JonathanDI think you can't boot other OSes on RT15:32
JonathanDARM windows 8 devices can only boot OSes signed by microsoft.15:32
ChinnoDogI'm sure an industrious hacker could find a way around that.15:43
JonathanDIt can likely be bypassed, but I don't think it's gonna be all that easy.15:43
JonathanDx86 machines, you can disable secureboot in the bios.  They don't let you do that on the ARM ones. maybe load a new bios, but I suspect thats going to be pretty involved.15:44
ChinnoDogSounds like a fun project but there aren't enough motivating factors to make me try it.15:47
waltmanteddy-dbear: This a friend of yours? http://www.flickr.com/photos/85201403@N00/8616804438/17:34
waltmanI'm assuming that was a custom-made hat. :)17:44
jedijfquestion - how would you feel about a bbq rotisserie chicken joint with the live chickens out back?18:33
jedijfanyone/everyone ^^^18:33
waltmanI'd worry about the sanitary conditions in the kitchen :)18:34
JonathanDThe chickens are cooking, too?18:34
waltmanput 'em to work!18:34
JonathanDIf it's a chicken joint, I'm pretty sure it's cows that cook.18:34
teddy-dbearwaltman: is that a self portrait from the back?18:45
ChinnoDogChickens cooking themselves. That is pretty efficient.19:11
MutantTurkeygah i destroyed my partition table21:10
MutantTurkeyeven gpartedd can't load it21:12
ChinnoDogYou forgot to dd if=/def/sda of=/boot_sector count=121:13
MutantTurkeyChinnoDog: what?21:14
MutantTurkeywhat would that do/21:14
ChinnoDogIt would make a backup of your boot sector21:19
ChinnoDogYou know, where your partition table is stored?21:19
ChinnoDogMutantTurkey: If you recreate your partition table /exactly/ the way it was before you should be able to see the data on your partitions again21:21
jedijftestdisk will21:28
jedijfi think thats the name21:28
MutantTurkeyteskdisk +++21:39
MutantTurkeyit is my savior21:39
MutantTurkeythough it isn't perfect21:39
MutantTurkeyit is damned good21:39
MutantTurkeyanyone got basic sql knowledge? my slacking in my db class is killing me....22:40
jedijfno help for you23:04

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