RAOFHey, cool. UVD support for radeon.00:10
bjsnideri don't think any player supports that01:29
RAOFbjsnider: UVD isn't the client-facing API, it's the hardware decode engine.02:21
RAOFie: It's now possible for mesa's vdpau support to work on radeon, and use the actual hardware decode engines.02:21
Dandelsome major patches just landed for radeon hardware w/ mesa. ( I wonder how long it'll be before test packages are made )02:30
RAOFxorg-edgers gets updated roughly nightly, so...02:34
DandelRAOF: Yea, well this is a set of patches that modifies the 3.8 kernel02:36
RAOFSo, you'll need the kernel nightlies from the pseudo-ppa then :)02:37
Dandelit involves 10 patches to the kernel and adds UVD support. 02:37
DandelOh, how would i go about setting that up.02:37
RAOFYou'd be looking for http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/02:39
Sarvattand mesa hasnt been updated in edgers in over a month, lack of caring on my part :) plus it doesnt package mesa vdpau02:41
Sarvattone more thing to enable that breaks the build every week02:42
Sarvattmesa doesn't have enough of those already02:42
RAOFGot sick of clover, then? ☺02:42
Sarvattradeon llvm shader compiler this month02:43
DandelI sort of noticed that.02:43
=== soreau is now known as geaux
Sarvattneeds a new llvm checkout every few weeks :)02:43
bjsnideris mesa vdpau actually getting commits and whatnot?02:43
Dandelbjsnider: yes, and a MAJOR one just landed.02:43
Sarvattnot really but the build system has enough churn its annoying for fringe compile time options02:44
RAOFThe build system should have seen the majority of its near-term churn by now though, right?02:44
Sarvatti havent built it in a month, maybe? :)02:45
DandelI dunno about the compile issues, but I think getting a test repo up would be good since the patches are aimed at all cards from amd that have some form of UVD decoder included.02:46
* Sarvatt will look tomorrow and see about enabling vdpau in the ubuntu+1 branch if nothing critical work related comes along02:46
bjsnideralways conditiions02:47
Dandelbjsnider: well that's not too bad. Many radeon HD2000 line cards have UVD, and it's guaranteed on radeon hd4000+02:48
Sarvattor is it limited to newer UVD?02:48
DandelNo, UVD/UVD2/UVD302:48
DandelRV610/RS780C - good example of unsupported02:49
bjsniderwith the libav-mt, i'm not sure any of this is necessary anymore02:49
Dandelbjsnider: you'd be surprised02:49
Dandelever try running 1080p on the amd e series?02:50
bjsnideryou must be joking02:50
Dandeli'm dead serious.02:50
Dandelthat's what is used by many htpc users02:50
bjsnideronly intel02:50
bjsniderhm, strange choice02:51
Sarvattgood to finally have a real use for mesa vdpau at least, there have been bugs about enabling it in debian/ubuntu for years :)02:51
DandelAMD C-50 ( found in netbooks ) is a good example... it's a dual core at 1ghz. ( the C-30 is a single core at 1.2ghz )02:52
Sarvattyeah fat lot of good libav-mt will do there02:53
bjsniderwhy not use intel/nvidia hardware?02:53
bjsnidertoo expensive?02:53
DandelToo expensive.02:53
bjsnideris there an echo in here?02:53
Dandelnot an echo. lol... it is that it is too pricy02:53
SarvattC-50 is more people buying cheap $199 laptops thinking they are actually useful..02:53
bjsniderwell, i say pay the extra ducats02:54
Dandelwell for real world, I know that the AMD E-350 is what a lot of htpc's have and that uses a dual core at 1.6ghz02:54
bjsniderbut nvidia hardware would have worked since 200802:55
bjsniderwith vdpau i mean02:55
Sarvatterr, "The R6xx and RS780/RS880 chipset generations are currently not supported, but might be added in the future."?02:56
DandelRadeon 3000/310002:57
Sarvatt2-3k and igp excluded yeah, i see what you mean now02:57
DandelAnyways I know of two applications that are going to benefit from this a lot... it'll be flash and xbmc02:58
Sarvattso we need glamor packaged, ddx building with glamor support, new firmware and mesa 9.2, fun stuff for 13.1002:59
bjsnidersurely not flash02:59
Sarvattflash will use it yeah02:59
Sarvatti was kind of worried about packaging mesa vdpau because things might try to actually use it and fail, like nouveau needs extra firmware too03:00
Sarvattnot sure if it gracefully falls back or flat out fails03:00
bjsnideradobe has stabilized and enabled gpu acceleration on linux?03:00
Sarvattvdpau only for years actually, yeah03:01
Sarvattdont remember the smurf bug? :)03:01
bjsnideri think you are wrong03:01
bjsniderit's there, but not stable and not enabled by default03:01
bjsniderand if you enable it, you will get an x lockup03:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 967091 in flashplugin-nonfree (Debian) "duplicate for #968647 Wrong tint in flash when it uses video acceleration" [Undecided,New]03:02
Dandelvdpau is enabled by default in flash ( at least with chrome )03:02
Sarvattwell https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/adobe-flashplugin/+bug/96709103:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 967091 in flashplugin-nonfree (Debian) "Wrong tint in flash when it uses video acceleration" [Undecided,New]03:02
bjsniderDandel, is that with the internal flash?03:03
Dandelit actually is a flash plugin. ( just happens to be that firefox fails to implement the api to use it )03:03
Sarvattvdpau was broken out of the box on nvidia until libvdpau got updated to work around it03:03
Sarvatterr flash was broken, used vdpau by default03:04
bjsnideri didn't have the red/blue reverse bug, i had the one that took down x03:04
bjsniderat the same time as adobe announced they would no longer be developing linux flash03:04
bjsniderDandel, have you got an nvidia card to test that on?03:05
Dandelgoogle took that up in chrome, so you get version 11.7.700.14103:05
Dandelbjsnider: Yea, but i doubt it'll be any good... 7300gs03:05
Sarvattbjsnider: pretty sure you said you were on 11.04 or 11.10 at the time? it was during the precise dev cycle03:06
bjsniderwell, google may have fixed it by now, who knows03:06
Dandelbjsnider: adobe still maintains flash on mozilla for linux ( security updates only )03:06
Sarvattcrappy but i just found out flash 11.2 in the distro doesnt work with amazon prime videos tonight, no more prime videos on linux (they block chrome flash because no drm)03:08
bjsnideri know03:08
Sarvattanyway have a good night everyone :)03:09
Dandelactually, depending on the ffmpeg setup, lightspark can get accelerated decoding.03:09
Dandelah and gnash too 0o' so it appears a lot of places are ready.03:13
Dandelbjsnider: i say ffmpeg but it's libav or whatever else is in use.03:29
Dandelgood morning. 05:18
mlankhorstwow.. people still use xcompmgr?10:59
ogra_with openbox ;)11:25
seb128ogra_, is openbox hype or something?11:39
seb128ogra_, I learnt yesterday that some french people were working on an openbox ubuntu remix :p11:39
seb128ogra_, http://beta.linuxvillage.net/index.php/topic,248.0.html11:40
seb128OBUbuntu remox11:40
ogra_its not hype, but people that find lubuntu to bloated (?!?) seem to like such a setup11:41
ogra_i wonder what happened to fluxbuntu 11:41
seb128right, I chatted a bit with one of the people working on it and asked about lubuntu11:41
ogra_which would be largely the same 11:41
seb128it seems lubuntu needs 512M ram to run nowadays11:41
seb128they claim they can do better11:42
seb128I'm waiting for the remix which claims that 640k is enough :p11:42
ogra_hnn, my lubuntu test installs on the ac100 never use more than ~120M11:42
ogra_HAHA !11:42
ogra_wow ... they want to run in less than 512M but ship all the LibreOffice bits by default ?11:50
ogra_and a ton of gnome bits too that will fire up g-s-d and friends in the background once you start them11:51
ogra_phew, but at least it will have xsnow ...11:51
* ogra_ is relived11:51
seb128ogra_, well, they said that having nothing to run is what let them run libreoffice on the liveCD on a 512M box :p11:57
seb128which seems like a selling point for them compared to xubuntu/lubuntu ;-)11:58
ogra_well, to me it looks like lubuntu with lxpanel replaced with tint2 ... and shipping LibO instead of goffice11:58
seb128yeah, I would just contribute to lubuntu11:58
seb128but it's their pet project, if they like it, good for them ;-)11:59
ogra_but up to them 11:59
dholbachso... I just had apport come up14:19
dholbachand it directed me to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/109939414:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1099394 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[sandybridge-m-gt2+] GPU lockup IPEHR: 0x0b160001 IPEHR: 0x01000000" [Undecided,Fix released]14:19
dholbachwhich has been closed since 2 months14:19
mlankhorstoh fake hang?14:19
dholbachI'm not quite sure why I answer all of apport's questions when it directs me to an already closed bug :)14:19
dholbachso either it's a different bug, or it's not fixed yet14:20
seb128I get regular gpu hangs on intel/raring as well14:21
tjaaltonapport can dupe the bugs if the two numbers match, but there could be something else going on making it a new bug14:21
seb128got one yesterday after docking back my laptop and doing a dnd of xchat between both screens14:21
dholbachhttps://errors.ubuntu.com/ counts 286 times  "xserver-xorg-video-intel [sandybridge-m-gt2] GPU lockup" bugs14:21
tjaaltonI get a compiz hang when returning to my session, fixed by mesa 9.1 but it's getting late to push it to raring14:22
dholbachit directs to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/1159536 which is a duplicate and also fix released14:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1140716 in linux (Ubuntu Quantal) "duplicate for #1159536 [regression] 3.5.0-26-generic and 3.2.0-39-generic GPU hangs on Sandybridge" [Critical,Confirmed]14:22
seb128tjaalton, can we backport the patch?14:22
tjaaltonseb128: which patch?14:23
tjaaltonthe one on the bug above is in -intel, already in raring14:23
tjaaltondholbach: Sarvatt duped it :)14:23
dholbachI get the feeling that these lockups happen quite often, but that the data can't be forwarded to LP correctly14:23
dholbachtjaalton, if it's a dup that's fine with me - it's apparently just not fixed :)14:24
seb128tjaalton, the one for your hand when returning to your session fixed by mesa 9.114:24
tjaaltonah, not sure yet14:24
tjaaltondoesn't happen every time, but maybe 1/314:25
tjaaltonkilling compiz fixes it14:25
tjaaltonwith all the issues it brings14:25
tjaaltonlike global menu not working anymore :)14:25
tjaaltonthe reason why 9.1 is not in raring yet is that blur was broken/slow on newer intels14:31
tjaaltonit's fixed now..14:31
seb128I'm familiar with that compiz lock14:36
seb128I get it several time a week when coming back from guest session :p14:36
tjaaltonthe same14:36
seb128tjaalton, one way to avoid the menus, etc not working is to sig11 compiz and go back to your session14:36
seb128if gnome-session respawns it for you, you win ;-)14:36
seb128the env is the same and menus, etc keep working14:37
tjaaltonah, cool14:38
bjsnidergood thing i don't run compiz14:43
sforsheeI'm trying to figure out what interface into the kernel is used when userspace wants to power off a display. Can anyone here tell me?16:14
agrestringeredoes anyone know the status of the recent CVE and Nvidia drivers 304.88 and 310.44?17:38
tjaaltonbeing worked on17:42
agrestringereokay, so I don't need to file a bug?17:43
agrestringereThank you for the information, have a good one...17:46

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