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zequencecard reservation bugfix for PA, patch-ified01:48
zequenceuploaded to PPA. Will test tomorrow01:48
zequenceHopefully, that will be hitting the "stores" withing the next couple of weeks01:48
smartboyhwzequence: What sort of things has changed in between Beta 1 and Beta 2?06:02
smartboyhwBah, we only have 31 hours fo testinf06:05
kubotusmartboyhw meant: "Bah, we only have 31 hours fo testing"06:05
zequencesmartboyhw: Right now, all I can think of is a new kernel, new -default-settings, out of the Ubuntu Studio specific updates06:11
zequencesmartboyhw: I'll have a look at that in a couple of hours. I'll be leaving to school in a momen (1 1/2 hours in a bus)06:12
smartboyhwzequence: School!?06:13
zequenceI'm a student currently :)06:13
zequenceOk, need to go. bb in two hours06:13
smartboyhwastraljava: You here? Please help me to update the topics06:16
* smartboyhw really needs to ask the IRC Council to add op rights to zequence and him06:16
smartboyhwzequence: Looking at the linux-lowlatency LP page, aren't you also responsible for maintaining Raring kernels?09:28
zequencesmartboyhw: Not yet09:28
zequencesmartboyhw: May I give you advice for the future :). Don't put blame on other people too quickly. It usually never adds up to anything good09:29
smartboyhwzequence: So you only do SRU kernels?09:29
smartboyhwAnd sorry for putting you to blame09:29
smartboyhwNice info on the links BTW09:30
zequenceIt's ok. I will need to get used to that anyway09:30
smartboyhwzequence: I think doing the upgrades today is bettee09:30
zequenceI'll do as many tests as I can once I get home. I'm sure we'll get through all of them in time09:31
smartboyhwzequence: why?09:31
zequencesmartboyhw: As a lead, you are outmost responsible. Which often means, when something goes wrong, the responsible people get blamed09:32
zequenceThis is a small project, so not much storms here09:32
zequenceIt's different when you're a known politician, or a CEO of a company09:33
smartboyhwzequence: So what big ones will you want to join in the future?09:33
zequenceOnly Debian, probably. I'll do Ubuntu Studio for as long as  I'm needed. Then, I'll start focusing more on Debian09:34
zequenceI don't expect to work for any company like Canonical, but one never knows. Probably I will either work as a musician, or doing something with computers here in Sweden09:34
zequencesmartboyhw: What are your plans for the future?09:35
smartboyhwI will try to find technical jobs. Google and Canonical are my targets09:39
smartboyhwzequence: I just don't like to work in Microsoft lol09:40
smartboyhwAnd BTW I've done the Beta 2 release notes!!!09:41
zequenceMy sister has been asked to accept Google interviews twice already. She declined both times.09:41
smartboyhwIt is in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/Beta2/UbuntuStudio09:42
zequenceThey do active head hunting, sending emails to people who they find interesting09:42
smartboyhwzequence: Why?09:42
smartboyhwGoogle has the best work environment09:42
zequenceWasn't the right period in her life. But, if she is asked again next year, she might do it09:43
smartboyhwOh OK09:43
zequenceShe's been studying computanional linguistics a lot. A bit of AI stuff. Took her PhD in Switzerland, where she's living now09:46
smartboyhwzequence: Speaking of falktx, is it that you are planning for something to enable the WHOLE fxstudio repo?09:46
smartboyhwat install-time09:46
zequenceNo, but I think Scott had some ideas around that09:47
smartboyhwIt would be bad, since fxstudio uses KDE09:47
zequencePersonally, I don't think adding PPAs is a good thing, but it might be suitable for some applications that Ubuntu does not distribute, like linux-sampler09:48
zequenceIn that case, we should have our own repo for that09:48
zequenceKXStudio is its own distro after all09:48
* smartboyhw agrees09:49
smartboyhwHowever I think our final target is to get all of them into the Ubuntu repos09:49
zequenceUbuntu Studio is Ubuntu. And we should work closely with the community. Fix problems upstream. Not only locally09:49
zequenceWhich means, we sometimes need to fix things in Debian09:49
zequenceas well as communicate with usptream developers directly09:50
zequenceThe most local sort of fix, is when it only exists in your computer. I'll want fixes to be as global as possible. But, there are differences between Debian and Ubuntu, and sometimes, you'll need to fix thing locally on one repo. Realtime privilege is one thing that we fix locally on the Ubuntu Studio flavor - and we shouldn't need to09:53
zequenceThe most global fix is when it happens in the upstream application source09:54
zequenceBut, if it's a critical bug fix, it might also need to be implemented locally on both Debian and Ubuntu, separately09:54
smartboyhwzequence: Would it be possible for us to get op rights (or rights to change topic) in here?09:56
zequencesmartboyhw: You'll need to become member of the ops team. There's some info on the wiki about that09:57
zequencesmartboyhw: I think the important changes are when we do actual releases. Of course, having old info on development releases is no good09:57
zequenceFor me it would be enought to change the topics every half a year09:58
smartboyhwzequence: No in this channel09:58
smartboyhwThere's no such team to regulate it09:58
zequenceThen, I don't know how it works :)09:59
zequenceMaybe astraljava knows?09:59
smartboyhwzequence, I am asking about it in #ubuntu-irc10:08
astraljavaYeah I think you needed to request to become -irc-ops, and in my case I think there was just a subset for ubuntustudio-, could have been xubuntu- as well (but I forget now).11:47
zequenceastraljava: Ah, so if you're in the -dev team, you'd get rights for this channel?13:07
smartboyhwzequence: That's interesting..... 13:07
falktxhm, really?13:09
smartboyhwastraljava: Would you please add "13.04 Beta 2 testing in progress" to the end of the chan topic in here please:)13:09
astraljavazequence: Err... no? I'm fairly sure you had to do it individually. But it might have changed since.13:13
=== astraljava changed the topic of #ubuntustudio-devel to: Ubuntu Studio Development Channel | https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio | Ubuntu Studio 12.04.02 LTS is released: ISO- http://goo.gl/FEAxP Notes-http://goo.gl/29QaS | Ubuntu Studio 12.10 is released http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/releases/12.10/release/ | Ubuntu Studio 13.04 Beta 1 Released http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/releases/13.04/beta-1 | 13.04 Beta 2 testing in
astraljavagrrr... too long.13:14
astraljavasmartboyhw: Can we take out the beta-1 released news?13:14
=== astraljava changed the topic of #ubuntustudio-devel to: Ubuntu Studio Development Channel | https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio | Ubuntu Studio 12.04.02 LTS is released: ISO- http://goo.gl/FEAxP Notes-http://goo.gl/29QaS | Ubuntu Studio 12.10 is released http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/releases/12.10/release/ | Ubuntu Studio 13.04 Beta 2 testing in progress
astraljavaLet me know if you want it changed, I'm off home.13:15
smartboyhwastraljava: It's OK13:15
ttoinezequence, i am chatting with spreadshirt legal dpt to check if I can use the merchandising license on their website13:21
smartboyhwttoine: \o/13:22
zequencettoine: It would be nice to know more about how that works13:22
ttoinezequence, I will need some artwork asap13:23
zequencettoine: I'd rather we decide the artwork in good time first :)13:23
zequenceI don't think there's any big hurry. More important that we do it well, I think13:24
zequenceI still don't know much about this, business wise13:24
ttoinezequence, i don't need artwork to launch production tomorrow13:24
zequencettoine: I'm on their website now. Which kind of deal were you thinking of doing with them?13:24
ttoineI just need some "sample" so they can validate this is possible13:24
zequenceI'd very much like to know the business part of this before anything else13:25
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia isn't here....13:25
ttoinethe business part ?13:25
zequenceI see there are three options, designer, open a shop, become a business partner13:25
zequencettoine: It is a business, isn't it?13:25
zequencespreadshirt, that is13:26
ttoinezequence, yes13:26
ttoinebut as any supplier I would ask to produce stuff13:26
ttoinefor us, they are just providing service13:26
zequencettoine: Could you be more specific? What kind of deal is this? Where can I read more about it?13:27
zequencettoine: If I start here, where would I go? http://www.spreadshirt.com/start-selling-shirts-C359813:28
smartboyhwttoine: Are you actually chatting with Spreadshirt NOW?13:28
ttoinesmartboyhw, by mail13:32
smartboyhwOh OK13:32
ttoinezequence, first, I have to check the licences issues. If both Canonical and SpreadShirt are ok, then I can create the Ubuntu Studio shop13:33
ttoinesmartboyhw, I called them by phone, too13:33
zequencettoine: Ok, so it's about creating a shop13:33
zequenceI just want to read about it, that's all13:33
zequencettoine: We need to talk with madeinkobaia about making artwork samples13:34
ttoinezequence, yes, it was my idea: spreadshirt actually provide that as a service. nothing to pay in advance, they produce only when ordered by customer, deliver everywhere13:34
ttoinewe just have to select what we want to sell13:35
zequenceBut, that also depends on what objects we need art for13:35
smartboyhwttoine: Does Spreadshirt only help to sell shirts?13:35
ttoinesmartboyhw, on spreadshirt, you can buy mugs, etc. too13:35
ttoineI am not sure if the whole range is available in custom shops13:36
smartboyhwAh good. I was worrying about thay:)13:36
zequencettoine: I'm guessing that they keep all the profits, and we just provide them with products?13:38
smartboyhwHow much profit do we (Ubuntu Studio Team) take13:39
zequenceThey had samsung phone covers. I'm kind of keen on getting a mug myself13:39
zequencesmartboyhw: We don't need profit, but it is good to know the details13:39
smartboyhwAnd will Canonical want profit?13:39
zequenceWe don't work for profit. It's just that, business deals are business deals13:39
zequencesmartboyhw: no13:40
zequenceIf we do get profit, that is actually a little problematic13:40
smartboyhwzequence: I'm not sure about Canonical13:40
smartboyhwThey seem to get more and more profitized13:41
zequencesmartboyhw: Not concerning the Ubuntu Studio trademark13:41
zequenceAnd, I disagree. They were always like this. The difference is, now, they are being more in control of software development13:41
ttoinezequence, actually, if I would make a business, Spreadshirt would tell what is the price of the product. then, I should set the amount of margin I want. For us, it is 0 (zero)13:43
smartboyhwBut the strange thing is: How would the Ubuntu Studio team be called under the agreement?13:43
ttoinethen, the customer add the delivery cost13:43
zequencettoine: Ok. Sounds good13:43
ttoinecanonical don't want profit13:43
ttoinethat's the purpose of the licence13:43
ttoinezequence, I agree with you, they have always been very careful about profit, brand uses, etc. the change is just about the software management developement13:45
smartboyhwzequence: Hmm should I change the Ubuntu Studio origin in DistroWatch from "USA" to "Sweden"? 13:45
smartboyhwJust a jokr13:45
smartboyhwzequence: I just hope that ogra's April Fools Day joke won't happen in the future13:46
zequencesmartboyhw: No, I think the origin of Ubuntu Studio belongs in USA, as it was started there :)13:47
ttoinesmartboyhw, actually, the origin is french and canadian13:48
zequenceIt is?13:48
ttoinezequence, me and a canadian user, before Kory took the lead13:48
zequencettoine: Oh. We should probably write down some history about this, so people know how it all happened :)13:49
ttoinebut the distribution really started at the UDS of november 2006, at google headquarters, where the early contributers have been invited13:49
zequenceI guess the origin should be international then13:49
ttoine(including me)13:49
smartboyhwzequence: +113:50
ttoineactually, Ubuntu Studio started from a wiki page13:50
smartboyhwttoine: Google Headquarters!?!!?!??13:50
ttoinethe UbuntuStudioPreparation page on the help wiki13:50
ttoinewe where all music enthusiast13:50
zequencettoine: If an organization would be made, as we discussed (but doesn't seem nessecary now), in France, then the origin would be France. But, we are really from all over the world, we who work at this right now13:50
ttoineand the first name would have been Mubuntu for Music Ubuntu13:50
ttoinezequence, writing a bit of history is not the same as writing where is the address of the organisation13:51
smartboyhwttoine: Can't find that page13:51
ttoinethe mubuntu name was already kept by another project, something like Micro Ubuntu, so we decided to take the name of the wiki page13:52
zequencettoine: I'm quite aware of that. We are discussing two subjects in paralell13:52
smartboyhwAh I missed community13:52
ttoinesmartboyhw, I still doing my best to maintain this page since 200613:52
kubotusmartboyhw meant: "wow"13:53
ttoinethe co author of the first page quit in 2007, because he realised that is Ubuntu was very popular, he dislike the Canonical vision. and so he returned to Debian Multimedia13:54
ttoinesmartboyhw, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudioPreparation?action=info13:55
smartboyhwttoine: When did you leave the team (for a while)?13:55
ttoineis you look at the bottom, you will find the nickname of this guy, he actually created this wiki page13:55
ttoinesmartboyhw, I don't know. actually, I always followed, tested, reported bugs and so on even when "off"13:56
ttoinemy real come back was when Scott took the lead. For me, the worst thing ever for Ubuntu Studio was the lead of Cory13:57
* smartboyhw does not know anything pre-Scott Era13:57
ttoinesmartboyhw, but when I attend to my Ubuntu membership, it has been noticed that I was off too much time ;-)13:57
smartboyhwttoine 513:57
smartboyhwWhy did I type 5?13:57
smartboyhwAnyways try rerunning sooner or later…13:58
zequenceThis would be the first revision https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudioPreparation?action=recall&rev=113:58
smartboyhwLot shorter compared to the current one13:58
ttoinesmartboyhw, in short, I disagreed completely with Cory objectives. He was centered around his own needs, not on the user needs. Imho, Scott put Ubuntu Studio on the good way13:59
smartboyhwzequence: Are you in the team already at that time?13:59
ttoineAt that time, I didn't had time enough to lead Ubuntu Studio... it is still the case today :-)14:00
ttoineso I am here14:00
ttoinestill here ;-)14:00
zequencesmartboyhw: I started hanging out here about 2-3 years ago14:00
smartboyhwThat's in Cory's Era I think, right?14:01
zequenceI'd very much like to have votes on who will be the next lead. But, I want to make the team bigger first14:01
ttoinesmartboyhw, of course, notice that there is less stuff to do: most of things are working out of the box now. but at the beginning, I spent all my free time to boost developper so they can fix major bugs and package working versions14:01
smartboyhwttoine: Jeez that's hard14:01
ttoinezequence, for me, you are the natural lead at the moment. Scott did a brilliant choice14:01
zequencettoine: Thanks :)14:02
ttoinesmartboyhw, think that I am not a all a developer. I can"t package...14:02
ttoineby the way, I hosted the first ever real time kernel for Ubuntu, back in 2005, on my server ;-)14:02
ttoineit was before PPA14:02
ttoinesmartboyhw, think that I am not a all a developer. I can"t package...14:03
ttoine* smartboyhw has quit (Remote host closed the connection)14:03
ttoine<ttoine> by the way, I hosted the first ever real time kernel for Ubuntu, back in 2005, on my server ;-)14:03
ttoine<ttoine> it was before PPA14:03
smartboyhwttoine: It's difficult to push people in packaginf OK apps14:03
ttoineI think the hardest stuff was to get sound card firmware working, with the help of Medibuntu, alsa dev, etc...14:03
ttoineI can tell I managed that ;-)14:04
smartboyhwActually is Medibuntu still active these days?14:04
ttoinethey provide updated packages for every new release. they still host libdvdcss14:04
ttoinebut hosting alsa-firmware is not needed. there is a better version in kxstudio14:05
smartboyhwttoine: falktx will be happy hearing this14:05
ttoinesmartboyhw, I think he already know that I enjoy his work a lot ;-)14:07
smartboyhwOne workitem I will add to the S or permanent blueprint is to investigate the rebirth of the -rt kernel in Ubuntu14:07
smartboyhwttoine: :)14:07
ttoinethe rebirth ? what do you mean ?14:08
smartboyhwWell the linux-rt package isnt in 12.10 or 13.0414:08
ttoinesmartboyhw, if you are rewriting the wikipedia page, or history page about Ubuntu Studio you can tell that it was really created at the November 2006 UDS, at Google Headquarters14:09
zequenceThe tricky part is not building it, but providing security support for it, especially if the version is not the same that Ubuntu uses14:09
ttoinesmartboyhw, do we really need a -rt kernel ?14:10
smartboyhwttoine: Nah but I will spend one day rewriting the wikipedia page too?14:10
ttoinethe -rt kernel is intended for industrial use, actually. and most trials I did in time with the -lowlatency kernel where good enough14:10
zequenceI'm not against creating a -rt kernel again, but not to replace -lowlatency. It would be an addition14:10
ttoinezequence, I agree14:11
smartboyhwttoine: Some people like -rt more than -lowlatency. If we can provide them with it it satisfies them14:11
smartboyhwHowever there will be security issues and indeed manpower issues14:11
ttoinecookies time at the office kitchen, bbl14:11
zequenceTime to go home for me. See you guys later14:11
smartboyhwI would rather us to have an -rt kernel for LTS releases14:12
zequenceI guess I should think about how I'm going to do tests tonight14:12
ttoinesmartboyhw, don't care too much about security issues. someone using -rt kernel in production will not let the computer connected to internet or in a public place14:12
smartboyhwzequence: Um do the upgrades first?14:12
smartboyhwttoine: reason?14:12
ttoinesmartboyhw, in any studio, no production workstation is connected. When it works, don't fix it14:13
ttoineeven apple workstations, etc.14:13
zequencettoine: I don't think that covers the whole community of users. Rather only the studio production machine, and I would think most people do not user their PC in that way14:13
smartboyhwAnyway that's still a discussion:)14:13
zequenceOk, going now :)14:14
smartboyhwHey madeinkobaia14:31
smartboyhwttoine wants some art for merchandise14:31
ttoinezequence, of course ;-) I just meant that people who use -rt kernel are often needing full performance of their computer, and this is not the need of average users14:33
madeinkobaiaHi all, hello smartboyhw :)14:34
smartboyhwttoine: And why would full performance users need no internet?14:35
smartboyhwttoine, meet madeinkobaia, our new Artwork Lead14:35
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia, meet ttoine, the PR guy working on Ubuntu Studio merchandise14:36
madeinkobaiaHi ttoine :) 14:36
ttoinesmartboyhw, when you are not using your pc for music, it is better to use the -generic kernel. of course, on a laptop, but on workstation too14:36
ttoinehi, madeinkobaia 14:37
smartboyhwttoine: talk to madeinkobaia about the merchandise art you need:)14:37
madeinkobaiattoine : you can explain that quickly here and write a detailed description of the project in the art branch, also as french is my native language as you, don't hesitate on private to speak with me "en français" : )14:41
smartboyhwStrange there14:41
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia and ttoine are French14:41
smartboyhwholstein and len-dt (plus ScottL) is American14:42
smartboyhwzequence is Swedish while I am Chinese14:42
madeinkobaiaI am Belgian, but french speaking :D14:42
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia: Dam I forgotten that14:42
ttoinemadeinkobaia, ah super, c'est bien de ne plus être seul à parler français ;-)14:42
smartboyhwUh oh French time14:43
madeinkobaianevermind, smart :)14:43
ttoinesmartboyhw, ;-)14:43
* smartboyhw escapes14:43
ttoineno in english it is ok.14:43
ttoinemadeinkobaia, actually, I would need at least one generic stuff we could print on t-shirt and mugs14:43
madeinkobaiattoine :  ok14:43
ttoineso, maybe, some cmyk artwork, with icc profile if any, and cmyk or pantone color for our blue14:44
madeinkobaiattoine : ok, no problems for the technical specifications, do you have a graphical design idea or made ?14:45
ttoinekeep it simple14:45
ttoineand maybe, have a look to ubuntu official merch'14:45
madeinkobaiaShoud it be a generic design, I mean no specifications of a released version on it, just Ubuntu Studio + logo ?14:47
smartboyhwzequence: we don't exactly need a #ubuntustudio-offtopic channel do we? (After seeing micahg' words about things going offtopic in IRC bax14:48
kubotusmartboyhw meant: "zequence: we don't exactly need a #ubuntustudio-offtopic channel do we? (After seeing micahg' words about things going offtopic in IRC backlog)"14:48
ttoinemadeinkobaia, something like that. so we will not have to respend time at any new release14:50
smartboyhwttoine: I would want something specific for LTS though14:50
ttoinemadeinkobaia, maybe, it would be interessant that any artwork should be available to enthusiat on our website. I don't know if you already spoke about that with zequence 14:50
smartboyhwttoine: It's in a bzr art14:51
smartboyhws/art/art branch/14:51
kubotusmartboyhw meant: "ttoine: It's in a bzr art branch"14:51
ttoinesmartboyhw, is there a link somewhere on the website explaining where to find our bzr art ?14:51
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia: might be good to create a wiki page though14:52
smartboyhwActually zequence has a template for S in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Artwork/Official1310 already14:53
madeinkobaiattoine: friends, we need to speak and fix a lot of things about our branding layout, colors etc... maybe it will be better to re-organize to art aspect before to create a new project, I mean...14:54
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia: Yeah. Our artwork effort has stopped after 12.04 14:55
madeinkobaiatee-shirt printing cost  money, and I would be sure that the print layout is working for a long time, hope I am understandable 14:55
smartboyhwThe ex-lead went to develop his own distro14:56
ttoinemadeinkobaia, it doesn"t cost anything, depending how you manage that.14:56
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia: And you are the one to pick the effort back14:56
madeinkobaiaok, in that case no huge problems :D14:57
ttoinemadeinkobaia, don't think there will be a problem14:59
ttoinejust create a beautiful thing to print ;-)14:59
ttoinemadeinkobaia, is graphics your job ?15:00
smartboyhwttoine: +115:00
madeinkobaiattoine : yep, no problems, I just arrive so I need to feel how that works here, I have personally no doubts that we're gonna do great things : )15:01
madeinkobaiattoine : sure it is :D15:02
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia: Which Ubuntu Studio release are you actually using?15:02
madeinkobaiaFor the moment no one, six month ago I just keep Debian, but I will of course bring back Ubuntu Studio that I used for years before15:04
ttoinemadeinkobaia, feel free do it your way15:05
* ttoine is using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, not Ubuntu Studio...15:05
* smartboyhw is using Ubuntu Studio 13.0415:05
madeinkobaiaok : )15:06
madeinkobaiaIve got also a working PC, Debian is for my internet one.15:07
ttoinemadeinkobaia, http://blog.ttoine.net/2013/01/28/harrison-mixbus-et-ubuntu-12-04-chez-azarecord/15:08
ttoineUnity workstation in a recording studio15:08
madeinkobaiaWow, things have greatly been improved. Stunnin' 15:11
madeinkobaiattoine : feel free to visit my homepage too : http://madeinkobaia.deviantart.com/15:12
madeinkobaiaI am also guitar player and composer. (even if my priority is graphics from 4 years now)15:14
ttoinemadeinkobaia, if I want to download your background, what should I do ?15:17
madeinkobaiattoine: Sorry about wich background you're talking ?15:19
ttoinethe one on devianart15:20
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zequencettoine: I'm actually more leaning towards a unified theme16:04
zequencettoine: We have been discussing this before16:04
zequencettoine: I don't think there's such a big hurry with this now16:04
zequencemadeinkobaia: ^16:04
zequencettoine: I mean, getting the art ready for t-shirts and mugs16:05
zequencettoine: Unless, we do something quickly and then redo it again later16:05
ttoinezequence, it was not for Ubuntu Studio, but more to show the vu-meter background to madeinkobaia 16:05
zequencettoine: I don't understand16:06
zequencettoine: I'm talking about the t-shirts and mugs16:06
zequenceThe most important thing about that art IMO is logo and symbol design. I'd like those to be well thought out first. One could add variety with lots of imagination around that16:08
zequenceBut, it's better to have the branding stuff worked out well first16:09
zequenceIt's of course possible to do lots and lots of versions. In many generations. That could work too16:10
ttoinezequence, actually, having a white mug with the logo and ubuntu studio should be enough for a start16:11
ttoineAt the moment, I need artwork quick in order to setup stuff, not to put them in production16:11
zequencettoine: So, what you are saying it won't be used. It will only be there as an example, right?16:11
ttoinezequence, yes16:13
ttoineso we can validate example16:14
ttoineI can go ahead, and not only wait for madeinkobaia 16:14
ttoineonce madeinkobaia has released the definitive stuff, we launch the prod'16:14
zequencettoine: Ok, that was the picture I got initially. Sorry for misunderstanding16:15
zequenceSounds terriffic16:15
zequenceSo, now on to testing :P16:16
madeinkobaiabbl : )16:18
ttoinemadeinkobaia, /away16:18
madeinkobaiaLeave my cooking 2 minutes : D I will create a new folder in the branch and created some basing tee-shirt / mug projects, that will be on line in +- one week16:37
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia: \o/16:45
madeinkobaiaSee you tomorrow : )16:52
em22hello, darndest thing, but I cant install the beta1...  can you help?18:04
smartboyhwzequence: How many tests have you done for Beta 2?18:04
smartboyhwem22: Hmm why?18:04
smartboyhwWhat's the problem?18:05
em22everything was going fine...  and I was at the repart drives screen, and then I changed my mind, did a revert, did a quit,  then started over...  now installer never advances past the initial Preparing to Install screen.  cursor just spins....   I freaked, thinking disk damaged, but no, everything still boots.18:07
em22I was using a flash...  so I figured, well maybe it saved a setting and that screwed it up.  so then I tried the dvd and got idential result, very strange indeed18:08
smartboyhwzequence: Think of a good reason for this?18:08
smartboyhwlen-1304: ^18:09
em22I was using the SOMETHING ELSE install that goes to the manual partition screen.  I've got a dozen partitions and about 5 versiions of linux18:10
em22the point where it spins is where it detects if any partitions are currently mounted.18:11
em22well, I guess if beta2 is available I could try that18:11
zequencedownload times are really slow from the archive I'm upgrading from18:28
zequenceThese tests will take some time..18:28
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em22_FYI regarding install problems.  I found an answer over on #ubuntu-installer21:03

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