jnbekquick question zequence do u know when Ardour 3 will be added to UbuStudio?00:30
zequencejnbek: 13.1000:31
dlumbergis anyone else missing the screensaver settings in the manager?00:31
dlumbergin 13.0400:31
zequenceIt was released a bit too late for us to include it with 13.04, which is now almost at beta2, which means no changes but critical bug fixes00:31
holsteinjnbek: i just went to the ardour site, and downloaded it for 12.04 with no issues..00:32
zequencedlumberg: Did you look through the menus?00:32
jnbekholstein: ya, I know that, I can do that too. :-P I was just asking when that would have to not happen anymore :D00:33
dlumbergzequence: I just clicked all of them and didn't see screen saver anywhere00:34
zequencedlumberg: I have it00:35
zequencedlumberg: In Settings Manager, from the "Settings" menu00:35
zequenceThis is on the live DVD00:35
zequenceBeta 100:35
dlumbergI'm on beta200:35
zequenceWe don't have a beta 2 yet :)00:36
zequenceI think it's building right now00:36
dlumberghow do I check my flavor of ubu?00:36
zequenceflavor, or milestone? You can't check the milestone. It's really just a snapshot, called by a name00:37
zequenceThe flavor is more of a set of packages, that you install from the installation media. Really, all the flavors are Ubuntu00:38
zequenceJust with different set of packages00:38
dlumbergyeah... I had an xubuntu at some point but I'm pretty sure I installed ubuntustudio00:39
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dlumbergso milestone I guess00:39
dlumbergREADME.diskdefines: #define DISKNAME  Ubuntu-Studio 13.04 "Raring Ringtail" - Alpha amd6400:40
zequenceI don't know what would mess up the Settings Manager00:40
zequenceMaybe you uninstalled something?00:40
dlumbergis there a way to tell form the live usb?00:41
zequencedlumberg: You could ask about that on #ubuntu-release. I have never tried to find out00:42
zequencegotta go for a bit. Need to do some bug reporting00:42
dlumbergkk, thx00:42
len-1304dlumberg, The screen saver on studio is set to "blank only" by default. However it is possible to change it to a screen saver or have it go through the available ones randomly.02:34
len-1304The setup is in settings->Settings Manager->Screen saver. There is a button called "Mode" that is defaulted to "Blank Screen Only".02:36
len-1304Clicking on that will give other options.02:36
len-1304Be warned, there have been video drivers with memory leaks that the screen saver uses where most other audio SW does not.02:41
dlumbergI don't have a sceensaver option in setting mgr02:42
len-1304When I tried to use a non-blank Screen saver,  I found that over night I was into swap hell.02:42
dlumbergmay be something i did when i ported to this build...02:42
len-1304dlumberg, Really, Hmm, I am using ubuntustudio 13.04 it is here.02:42
len-1304Do you by chance have xscreensaver-gnome installed?02:46
dlumberghang on... I'll to a dpkg list02:49
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dlumbergand gnome-screensaverinstall02:52
dlumbergI think i get get what's happening... gnome screensaver is pooping on my happiness02:53
len-1304So it says xscreensaver is installed02:53
len-1304Ya the two are one or the other02:53
len-1304the gnome version would put the setup into the gnome setup manager not the xfce one.02:54
len-1304(that may be about the only difference)02:54
dlumbergI did a get-selection set-selections when I migrated so that prolly did it02:55
len-1304No problem.02:55
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holsteinGuest92789: yes.. hello.. feel free and ask if you have a question03:57
Guest92789How download themes?03:57
holsteinGuest92789: i just search "themes" in a package manager.. you can use any XFCE/xubuntu themes.. and the themes will have documentation03:58
Guest92789 How do I download cute themes?03:58
Guest92789some subject I recommend03:58
holsteinGuest92789: i would search for whatever you like.. "cute" is a matter of opinion, and i assure you, i have not searched for any "cute" themes for xfce03:59
prompt32when a make something in hydrogen in lets say 120 bpm, when i use ardour after, it changes my bpm. How can i set this not happen ?04:03
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Guest21473Another emulator faster than Wine?04:52
Guest21473 Another emulator faster than Wine?04:57
prompt32ubuntu studio is not to running widows ...05:02
prompt32what kind of prog to run ?05:02
chescohey, Is here anyone who know where I should ask concern microcode problem ? I got failed message with microcode amd-ucode thanks in advance12:06
chescojust installed amd64-ucode, will now check what ill have to do12:11
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