knomehe's sleeping:)00:05
knomeme too ->00:06
bluesabrelazy people00:09
bluesabrewake up00:09
bluesabreknome, ochosi00:09
* lderan is defeated by the supybot this evening, tomorrow it shall fear my wrath00:11
dlumberganyone around?00:17
skellatdlumberg: What's up?00:24
dlumbergwhere are the screensaver settings in 13.04?00:26
dlumbergthey should be in settings manager...00:27
dlumbergthat's where they've been since I started using x in 11.x...00:28
skellatWhich screensaver package do you have installed?00:28
dlumbergwhatever comes default with the 13.04 beta00:28
dlumbergclean install00:28
dlumberghhrrrrmmm wait a second...00:29
dlumbergit's actually ubuntu studio00:29
skellatThat'll be something I'm not running then00:30
dlumbergdoes it show up in xubuntu?00:30
dlumbergit's running, I know that... I usually go in and kill the daemon from settings manager00:30
zequenceUbuntu Studio is not perfectly in sync with Xubuntu on some of those things00:30
skellatI'll need to download an image to check.  I'm waiting on the Beta 2 respins to finish by Thursday for release.00:30
dlumbergI just asked in #ubuntustudio if anyone else is missing it00:31
dlumbergI'll report back if anyone responds00:31
dlumbergmy bad, I did a dpkg get-selections set-selections migrate when I came to 13.04 so I added gnome-screensaver f*d it up02:56
ochosiskellat: hmyah, was asleep already, i'm back now though09:09
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knomebluesabre, lazy people? it was 3am...18:12
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Unit193knome: Could always gpg encrypt the message, but clearly couldn't send them to you, and while pleia2 is CC, she nomnom'd you. :P19:31
knomeUnit193, hmm?20:53
skellatUnit193: Are you talking about handling election of the new Xubuntu Project Leader in the manner by which we handle elections within Ubuntu Ohio?20:56
Unit193Would work.20:57
knometell us, nothing is set in stone yet20:57
skellatknome: The basic gist is that since we assume within Ubuntu Ohio that everybody has signed the CoC as a precondition for election participation, you have to have a gpg key to do that.  We have an election administrator receive ballots via encrypted e-mail that are authenticated against the person's declared key on Launchpad and the administrator publishes anonymized totals.20:59
skellatA particular address and key are created to specifically send to so that things can be archived21:00
knomethat sounds fair to me21:02
skellatIt would be a matter of the administrator creating a new key just for the election, publishing *that* public key, and then everybody sending e-mails to the address attached to that public key21:02
knomethe only thing that's suboptimal in this is that the whole voting goes through one person21:03
skellatThey then publish the message archive and the keys so that anybody can review it later21:04
skellatThat would be both the secret and public keys21:04
skellatPaul Tagliamonte set up the methodology for us in Ohio way back when21:05
skellatFor the most part, it actually mirrors a wee bit how I administer civil elections when I'm wearing my Precinct Election Officer hat21:07
knomei see21:08
skellatThe difference there is that the precinct team is bi-partisan with two Democrats and two Republicans administering the poll on election day but that's the only major difference21:09
skellatAlso, this gives a completely traceable vote trail in case of disputes.  When I actually do something like work during the presidential election we have no way of matching a ballot paper back to who marked it.  We can only check off the electoral roll that you actually voted.  21:13
skellatSo, say lyz & I have the keys and serve as election administrators we could receive ballots individually, make our own totals, and then check to see if our numbers match.21:14
knomepleia2 said she's not around when we're voting21:17
skellatWell, that was a hypothetical21:18
knomei'm not against it, but i feel like i'm disqualified to work much more on the voting21:18
knomeit has to be team-driven, and i can approve it if you set it up21:19
skellatLet me think about how to set it up easily and I'll ping you later21:19
knomesure. plese do on the channel or the mailing list. no need to do private messages :)21:19
knomeanother viable option is a LP bug.21:21
skellatHow so?21:22
knomedon't know against what, since you can't really file bugs against teams :P21:22
knomeor blueprint.21:22
knomewhatever you see fit, but please do it in public21:23
skellatFirst step on my end will be to generate a new key21:23
skellatI'll drop something on the mailing list later tonight probably21:23
Noskcajif we need a gpg key to vote, or nominate. i give up21:24
knomeNoskcaj, please tell me what the problem is?21:24
knomeNoskcaj, do you think that's not fair for all nominees?21:24
Noskcajknome, i've never been able to get a GPG key made, and i can't be the only one. 21:25
knomeskellat, regardless if we do the voting with keys or not, can you get Noskcaj set one up?21:26
skellatNoskcaj: What goes wrong when you try?  That's one of the things I know I'd have to cover in any instructions I'd even try to put together.21:26
Noskcaji have to go to school now, i'll try and get a key later21:26
skellatknome: Definitely.  This is a relatively easy thing to walk through from the commandline.21:26
pleia2he needs one to sign the CoC anyway21:27
skellatWe can clear that away two21:27
pleia2and yeah, I'll be in mexico on my honeymoon :)21:27
knomenothing says he needs to to be a nominee, or to be a member of -users21:27
knomehe only needs to do that if he gets elected and would become a member of the -team21:28
pleia2I have a script that collects public email addresses from a launchpad team so then you can plug them in to condorcet21:28
pleia2anyone who doesn't have a public address just emails the person who set it up to request to be added21:29
pleia2it's what we use for CC elections21:29
knometheoretically speaking, how do you verify that person is actually a member of the LP team?21:29
pleia2we trust them21:30
pleia2turns out ballot stuffing has, you know, never happened21:30
skellatpleia2: Is there a way to determine how many members of -users don't have the CoC signed?  If so, we could take care of two things at once with the Ohio-style route.21:30
knomeskellat, i would imagine most people in the team are not interested in voting21:30
pleia2skellat: would have to look at launchpadlib api, I'm not sure if that's one of the criteria21:30
pleia2I doubt most people have signed though, the nature of the team is "users" not contributors, and users are much less inclined21:31
skellatI'd otherwise be using signing the CoC as an example of using your new key in any directions written21:31
knomei agree with pleia2 that the -devel list is a good medium to send out voting information21:31
knomeanybody who's interested in development and/or leaders should be following that list21:31
knomeotoh, if that's not considered fair, we might as well do a LP poll.21:32
skellatOkay, how do we set up a LP poll?21:32
knomejust create one.21:32
knomenot sure if creating a poll automatically means everybody in the team is mailed21:33
skellatI don't know but I also am not empowered to create a poll for xubuntu-users on LP21:34
knomeapparently polls can't start less than 12 hours after they are created21:37
Unit193skellat: I haven't read all the backlog yet, but that's not quite right.21:42
skellatUnit193: What did I miss?21:43
Unit193(Or, that's not how it happened last time)  Encryption was an option, but you'd just send it to the council email address, encrypted against the email of the council members.21:43
skellatUnit193: Last time I looked at the council's archive, only 2 or 3 votes didn't encrypt.  All the rest did.21:44
Unit193Last one, I was one and you may have been the other that encrypted. :P  (We could be looking at different ones, though.)21:45
skellatUnit193: Yeah, and we've got the new one cropping up where we've got 2 out of 3 seats to fill on Ohio's council21:45
skellatAnd only one nominee21:46
Unit193I said "not it" already.21:50
skellatAnd I'm hearing the clarion call to haul myself to the kitchen21:55
* skellat wanders off21:55
Unit193skellat: http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-us-ohio-council@lists.launchpad.net/mail2.html21:58

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