dlumbergWhere are screensaver settings in 13.04?00:16
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xubuntu705hi i need some help with xbuntu02:03
xubuntu705anyone there?02:04
xubuntu818hello anyone help me fix no sound, xubuntu 12.04? no videos either03:36
holsteinxubuntu818: what do you mean, no video?03:37
xubuntu818no videos play, got updates and plugins, and flashplayer, nothing still03:37
holsteinxubuntu818: what videos?03:38
holsteinxubuntu818: are you there? will you go to http://www.russianlessons.net/audio/audio-test.php and tell me how the audio tests go.. tell me what browser you are using03:39
xubuntu818hey holstein, yellowmans.03:39
holsteinxubuntu818: yellowmans?03:40
xubuntu818im using firefox. the volume goes to mute, and had an application crash recently the one for the sound03:40
xubuntu818yes yellowmans, you helped me previoulsy with wireles mouse03:41
holsteinxubuntu818: open the page i linked above03:41
holsteinxubuntu818: click on the audio tests and report.. please03:41
xubuntu818ti ruski? ya gavari nimnoshka. yes i heard it03:42
holsteinxubuntu818: ok. so, there is no problem with your sound then03:43
xubuntu818and was able to hear misic cds, but not no more03:43
xubuntu818musi cds. i play music cds, and it shows as playing but no sound comes03:43
holsteinxubuntu818: test a known good audio file please.. if you hear that audio from that site, you should have audio03:44
holsteinxubuntu818: let me konw, and we will move on to the other issue03:44
xubuntu818mm known good audio file>?03:44
holsteinxubuntu818: just like it reads.. a file that you know is good.. one that plays or has played for you on a known good player.. a player that works.. one that has worked, and does currently work03:45
xubuntu818well im not sure. the cd that is in, used to play...03:45
holsteinxubuntu818: open a *.ogg ..something that requires no codecs03:46
xubuntu818mm let me look03:46
stluthe more I lurk, the more impressed I am with IRC support volunteers!03:48
holsteinstlu: its a great community :)03:51
xubuntu818thank you holstein i will come back03:52
holsteinxubuntu818: also http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/03:52
jacklnI have a 1366x700 resolution, what is the best res for GRUB for my screen??08:01
jacklnboot screen is streched out08:01
jacklnmaybe it isn't grub08:01
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xubuntu119i'd like to know if someone is willing to help me on a really unusual problem (for me)09:37
xubuntu119xubuntu 13.04 beta, done updates yesterday and today lan is not working if the power cable is not fitted (laptop HP ProBook 6450b)09:38
YathWarphi everybody !15:35
YathWarpi got a desktop computer Acer aspire X3200, and I got problems booting up Xubuntu on it15:37
YathWarpIt had Windows XP on it, was booting fine everytime. I use a sd card to boot the live cd. The live CD boots fine sometimes (maybe 2/10 time)15:39
YathWarpso i tried to install, but everytime i get a screen saying "CPU#0 stuck for 24s"15:39
YathWarpand no X, no prompt15:39
YathWarptried Xubuntu 12.10 32bits, LM13 xfce both 32 and 64, LM14 xfce 32/64, LM14 cinnamon, Fedora 18 Xfce 32 and 64 bits15:41
YathWarpalways getting this screen15:41
YathWarpand sometimes, live cd works. Install never did but I didnt try many times15:42
FRO5TYathWarp - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=175777315:45
xubuntu041this is the third time i've installed xubuntu with btrfs - i add a disk reboot and it won't boot anymore, even if I take the disk off the system15:46
xubuntu041any ideas why15:46
xubuntu041all works fine until i do btrfs device add /dev/sdc /15:48
xubuntu041then reboot and it seems to get stuck on usb devices - this is with 13.10 raring15:48
xubuntu041gotta go - this is the connect to irc option during 13.04 that is - install - bye15:50
Picixubuntu041 :Raring/13.04 is not yet released. Please join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion.15:52
xubuntu571salve qualcuno sa spiegarmi come mai non vedo i filmanti su you tube? (flash aggiornato)17:01
Pici!it | xubuntu57117:03
ubottuxubuntu571: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)17:03
scottbombiso test17:18
GermainZIf I want to run multiple root commands in a script, would starting a root shell inside which everything will be executed be a good idea?17:59
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Guest15777i've got a question about installingxubuntu: is there an way for installing ubuntu firectly from windows without an livecd or with an usbstick?18:08
GermainZOn a different partition?18:08
genii-aroundConceivably you can use loadlin and debootstrap18:09
GermainZI've never tried, but it should be possible by using Cygwin18:09
GermainZSo you'll be installing Ubuntu from another Linux (Cygwin)18:09
Guest15777so ill boot a virtual linux in windows and use this linux to install xubuntu?18:11
GermainZPretty much18:12
Guest15777but the website says that debootstrap just runs on win95,98,me?18:17
Guest15777mine is xp18:17
Guest15777correcting: loadlin just works on this os18:17
Guest15777but using this way its not possible to install xubuntu directly?18:28
Guest15777well have to go18:30
Guest15777thanks for your help!!!18:31
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CorySimmonsHi, I've been using Ubuntu 10.04 for a while and just switched to the latest Xubuntu, but it feels incredibly sluggish. Any reason for this?18:51
CorySimmonsI'm using a virtualbox btw18:51
CorySimmonsSame memory/space allocated to the install as ubuntu 10.0418:51
bazhanga vbox will do that18:52
lderanmmm can't see any lag in my Xubuntu CorySimmons. have you installed anything extra?18:56
CorySimmonsNo, I literally just fired up the box18:56
CorySimmonsLooking into swappiness now18:57
CorySimmonsUbuntu doesn't do this. :( I thought xubuntu was supposedly faster.18:57
xubuntu907hello eveyone18:58
CorySimmonsIt's not just laggy, it's like, really.... really bad18:58
lderanhow much memory are you giving it?18:59
lderanhi xubuntu90718:59
CorySimmonsUgh, that's the problem18:59
xubuntu907well i am having a problem installing xubuntu on my machine18:59
bazhangtry 1Gb18:59
CorySimmonsWish I could just update the vbox to add more mem, but it won't let me18:59
CorySimmonsOh! Yeah it will! w00t19:00
xubuntu907it is kind of stuck i think19:00
CorySimmonsxubuntu907: What's wrong?19:01
CorySimmonsYou running vbox?19:01
xubuntu907it is at the end of installing files and it is stuck on this message "Running post-installation trigger update-notifier-common"19:02
xubuntu907it is not completing the installation19:03
xubuntu907any suggestions?19:05
xubuntu907can anybody tell me what to do, please?19:13
knome!patience | xubuntu90719:15
ubottuxubuntu907: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/19:15
xubuntu907well i am stuck with a message on the xubuntu installer "Running post-installation trigger update-notifier-common"19:17
xubuntu907it is not completing the installation19:17
z0rani installed xubuntu 12.10 on kvm-qemu, installation went without problem, but after is done installig it cannont boot again, any idea why....please19:19
lderanz0ran, what happens? do you get a blue background at all?19:20
z0ranonlly on installation19:20
z0ranbut after i reboot its only blank screen19:20
z0ranno errors, nothing, black screen only19:21
z0ranbut installation went with no problems19:21
z0ranim going to try with ubuntu, do you guys think that is going to be any difference19:23
lderanits possible but i don't know, it sounds like a problem with the x19:24
bazhangI would try nomodeset19:25
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter19:25
muminCan anyone assist me with installing gimphoto on xubuntu?19:26
z0ranthanks guys19:27
muminmaybe point me to a how-to?19:27
GridCubewhat is gimphoto?19:28
bazhang!find gimphoto19:29
ubottuPackage/file gimphoto does not exist in quantal19:29
muminits like gimp.. except it has the same commands as photshop19:29
bazhanggimpshop is what you mean19:29
GridCubeapparently its just a rebuild of gimp to resemble photoshop19:29
muminI am more familar with photoshop19:30
GridCubeits not a default program, its not recommended, and its not supported19:30
bazhangis there a PPA for that mumin19:30
GermainZmumin, you might be interested in running Photoshop w/ WINE19:30
mumindoing basic tasks in gimp like deselecting had me searching19:30
GermainZI'm doing that with CS6.19:30
muminbazhang, I don't see a ppa19:30
muminGermainZ, I can't afford photoshop19:30
GridCubemumin, http://www.gimphoto.com/2008/02/gimphoto-for-linux.html19:30
muminGermainZ, I don't use it that often19:31
GermainZI thought you already had it considering you're more familiar with it19:31
muminI used to do that.. but not anymore19:31
GridCubeGermainZ, that doesnt work well19:31
muminI mean... I used to download the software..but not anymore.19:31
GermainZGridCube, works fine with me.19:32
muminwhat is Gridcube?19:32
GermainZGridCube, just wondering if you were referring to WINE in general or just PS under WINE?19:45
xubuntu876Hi all20:51
xubuntu876I'm having issues with java on xubuntu 12.10 in both mozilla and chrome20:52
xubuntu876can anyone help me out with a small issue?21:06
GermainZWhat's the issue?21:08

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