hatchMakyo: I was thinking the juju terminal console - wouldn't he be able to get it from there? Improv should be dumping that sort of stuff no?03:32
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* mariusko thinks he hits bug #1149410 again...08:20
_mup_Bug #1149410: Stuck on "Trying to connect to the Juju environment" <juju-gui:Incomplete> <juju (Ubuntu):Incomplete> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1149410 >08:20
frankbanmariusko: what provider are you using?08:21
frankbanmariusko: and what version of the GUI?08:22
mariuskofrankban: AWS08:25
mariuskoI changed back to a stable version. That is juju-api-branch: lp:~hazmat/juju/rapi-rollup and juju-gui-source: stable08:26
mariuskoWorked for some time. I also sometimes have more success using IP address that DNS name08:26
frankbanmariusko: you switched back to stable using "juju set"?08:53
mariuskofrankban: nope, it was a new installation08:57
mariuskonew deployment08:57
frankbanmariusko: any javascript console errors?09:02
mariuskofrankban: "Application Cache Error event: Master entry fetch failed (-1)"09:09
frankbanmariusko: humm.. are you using chrome/chromium?09:10
mariuskofrankban: chromium. Isn't FF still not supported?09:10
frankbanmariusko: try to delete the appcache: go to chrome://appcache-internals/ and remove the entry corresponding to your ec2 machine09:17
=== andrewdeane is now known as awd
mariuskofrankban: same problem with FF. Python process on the machine is using a lot of CPU 10:01
mariuskobut it has 1,7 GB RAM10:02
mariusko"WebSocket connection to 'wss://x.x.x.x/ws' failed: WebSocket is closed before the connection is established"10:56
mariuskofrankban: debugging further, /ws gives "503 Service Unavailable: No server is available to handle this request."11:02
mariuskoI see that there is a haproxy there, and "" gives nothing11:03
mariuskoUhm, even "/var/lib/juju" is gone on the server now11:06
frankbanmariusko: any error in /var/log/upstart/juju-*11:44
rick_h_did something change with the tests? The ones loading json are failing for me as the paths to the test/data/xxx seems to have changed?12:25
rick_h_bah, some test is monkeying with the url adding a / to the end in chrome causing the paths to fail12:25
frankbanrick_h_: make test-server works well for me in trunk12:29
rick_h_frankban: yea, there's a test half way through that's adding a / after index.html and causes all the relative paths to test data files to be index.html/data/xxxx.json12:30
rick_h_frankban: might be an interaction with chrome I've got here12:30
rick_h_hmm, does it for me in test-prod as well though so must not be a chrome thing12:31
rick_h_nvm, guess it's something in this branch. 12:33
rick_h_hatch: when you get a chance can you peek at/QA the button fix you noticed yesterday? https://codereview.appspot.com/836304312:43
mariuskofrankban: killed the instance. Will check next time. New instance working.12:44
frankbanmariusko: ack12:45
bachatch: ping when you're around13:25
rick_h_bac: looks like the branch yesterday went ok then? Caught the reviews after EOD. 13:25
bacrick_h_: yeah, just doing some clean up13:26
rick_h_bac: I didn't lead you too far astray when what they meant I hope?13:26
bacthanks for your advice13:26
Makyohatch, re juju terminal/improv - that was a live install, not improv, but there is a chance the bootstrap node would have it in its logs; I don't know if that all gets logged.13:32
MakyoAlso, frankban, last daily for the tablet just about bricked the thing, so I was screwing with that all yesterday, sorry I didn't get more review done; I'll do that first thing.13:36
frankbanMakyo: no problem, and thanks.13:36
* frankban fighting against allhands13:38
benjihatch: do you need a review for "implement unexpose"?13:55
hatchbenji yeah looks like i need one more13:57
benjihatch: I'll be glad to.  I don't see the URL on the card, do you have it at hand?13:57
hatchthank yas13:57
hatchbac: I'm here13:58
bachey hatch13:58
bacthanks for the excellent review.  i only had one question about one of your comments.  i think my question is in the review now.13:59
hatchalright lemme check13:59
bacfirst comment at https://codereview.appspot.com/8338043/diff/5001/app/store/endpoints.js#newcode2413:59
hatchthe endpoints map and subscriptions is the properties I was talking about - if you define them in the initializer then they are local to the instance not on the prototoype14:00
hatchthat's what I mean14:00
hatchwrt 'following properties'14:00
hatchso judging from your comments you already did that14:02
bachatch: cool.  please update the review if you think it is landable14:04
hatchbac: endpoints.js has a syntax error...14:17
hatchlol how did that get through the linter14:18
hatchln 4414:18
bachatch: it is a style issue but not syntax i think14:20
hatchoh right14:21
hatchthat's what i meant :)14:21
bachatch: i still have an open question about reset as i'm unsure when that is called.14:22
bachatch: should reset call unbind?14:23
hatchif there aren't any endpoints in there would you still want to listen to those events?14:25
hatchif reset calls unbind then you'll need to rebind them again no?14:26
baci'll land as is and pick ben's brain later.14:31
frankbanbenji: do you have some notes re missing go watcher attrs? I am filing a bug I will work on after my current handlers/converters refactoring branch is merged14:35
benjifrankban: I turned the ones I found into cards.14:36
frankbanbenji: are they in story 1? I cannot find them in the board14:39
benjifrankban: I only found two and one is done now.14:39
benjiperhaps you found a treasure trove of missing data that I missed.14:40
frankbanbenji: no, I am just trying to figure out what's missing.14:43
hatchrick_h_: is huw using OSX and that's why he can't lbox?14:53
frankbanbenji: do you have a minute for a quick call?14:58
rick_h_hatch: no, he's had a few diff errors. A couple look like LP timeouts. Another was just problem figuring our linting. CSS rules matching xxx_yyy vs xxx-yyy don't actually output a message14:58
rick_h_hatch: so he's just not spent time figuring it all out so he's getting a pass14:58
benjifrankban: sure14:59
benjifrankban: the normal hangout?14:59
frankbanbenji: yes, I am there14:59
benjifrankban: hold on, the Google hangouts plugin isn't working15:00
hatchrick_h_: ahh ok15:01
hatchrick_h_: I'm a little confused as to why we are using images for that add button - I don't see anything there that coudln't be done with a icon font and some css15:05
rick_h_hatch: I'm not sure at all. Since we're getting .pngs from UX I'm not sure if it's a time thing to pull it out or if there's something about it. We can bring it up.15:06
hatchalright thanks - yeah because that's 3 http requests right there which could be one icon font and some css15:07
hatchI'll approve it but just make a note please :)15:08
rick_h_hatch: will add a discussion card to our board15:09
hatchoh look at that CI broke15:11
bacbenji: reviewed your branch.15:22
benjibac: the go-juju one?15:22
hatchoh hmm, doesn't look like I can actually do destroy_service until remove_relation is done15:22
bacbenji: yep15:22
benjibac: is your review "binding" (i.e., can I count it as my second review?  please say yes, please say yes...)15:23
bacguihelp: i had a pre-existing committment at noon today before we changed our meeting time.  i'm going to have to miss the meeting today.15:23
bacbenji: sure.  i'll be happy to LGTM it when fixed15:24
Makyobac, alright.  Anything about your current work we ought to know?15:24
bacMakyo: it is stellar15:24
benjibac: what I mean is, are we appoved as full reviewers for go-juju?15:24
bacMakyo: branch landed.  doing misc stuff right now (lp2kanban, reviews, etc) before picking up another item after lunch15:24
bacbenji: yes, that is my understanding15:24
Makyobac, sounds good.15:25
bacMakyo: i'm open to suggestions on what to do next if the crowd has ideas15:25
bacbenji: the times i've prefaced reviews with "i'm not an official reviewer" the juju-core guys pushed back and said "you're good enough"15:25
hatchbcsaller: are you in yet?15:25
bacbenji: why the lack of tests on that branch?15:26
benjibac: I'm confused.  It has tests, not many, but it doesn't do much and it follows the same pattern as the other branches that do similar things.15:27
bcsallerhatch: yes, mostly15:27
bacbenji: did i miss something?  i just saw the one api_test15:28
baci may have missed it due to multiple revisions on the rietveld15:28
hatchbcsaller: ok I THINK the order I need to do things are... add_relation > remove_relation > destroy_service15:28
hatchbecause you can't destroy a service unless it has no relations15:28
hatchand you need to be able to remove the relations if it has some15:28
hatchbut you can't remove any if you haven't added any15:28
hatchyay TDD15:29
benjibac: yep, that's probably all there is; for better or worse that is what has been deemed acceptable.15:29
hatchbcsaller: so what I"m asking is if that order of events makes sense to you15:29
bacbenji: ok.  i expecte to see something in statecmd.  but, as you say, it doesn't do much.15:29
bac"expecte" -- it's like i'm speaking french now15:30
bcsallerhatch: that makes sense to me. 15:31
hatchthese look like large tasks15:31
bcsallerhatch: they kind of are, my stuff turned out to be bigger than I thought. W/o relying on the validation juju does (for improv) there is quite a bit to check on any mutation15:32
bcsallerhatch: I need to finish the ones I'm doing but I'm open to pairing on it later if you want that 15:33
hatchwell last night I was dabbling in some C# so I'm glad to be back in javascript...:)15:33
hatchc# has 4 different 'length' methods depending what type of array you have....cuz that makes sense15:34
hatchalthough the most irritating is the fact that methods AND classes have an uppercase first letter so you have no idea what can be instantiated by looking at the name15:38
benjibac: I have fixed the errors you pointed out and re-proposed the branch. (https://codereview.appspot.com/8366043)15:54
frankbanguihelp: the javascript console (trunk) shows this error when double clicking a service: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5677068/15:54
hatchthat looks like an error caused by bac's changes15:55
hatchbac are you still around?15:55
teknicooh dear gjslint, why do you explode rather than telling what it is that you actually don't like?15:56
hatchfrankban: maybe create a ticket and assign to bac so he can fix when he returns?15:56
teknicoit's not good for your health, you know15:56
frankbanhatch: will do15:57
hatchjujugui guichat in 215:57
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Makyobcsaller, rick_h_, luca____  ping16:01
hatchteknico: I'll take one16:14
teknicohatch, thanks!16:14
teknicohatch, thanks! (remember to tag yourself on the card, actually *before* you make a review :-) )16:21
teknicospeaking of which: benji, did you say you already got two reviews for your branch? I see no tags on its card16:21
teknico(playing card tag police here :-) )16:22
teknicohatch, thanks again :-)16:22
benjiteknico: only one of the reviewers is on the gui team, the juju-core guys don't use that technique.16:23
benjimy self-imposed rule is that only reviews for projects completely "inside" the gui team use tags to claim reviews16:23
teknicobenji, but bac said that we can be authoritative reviewers on juju-core too, so why not?16:24
teknicoI mean, we could add tags for reviews from the juju-core team in their place16:24
benjiif we can get them to participate, then it would be great; partial participation seems worse than non-participation though16:24
benjiwe could do that16:25
teknicoMakyo, thank you too (I added your tag :-) ), landing!16:27
Makyoteknico, good catch, thanks16:27
hatchthat moment when you realize you just deleted the wrong folder...16:51
teknicoyeah, that one :-)16:53
hatchin python `for pair in endpoint_pairs[1:]:`  what does the : inside the [] mean?17:13
=== deryck[lunch] is now known as deryck
benjihatch: that : makes it a slice, so [1, 2, 3, 4][1:] == [2, 3, 4]17:19
hatchahh ok17:19
benjithe first index goes before and a second index goes after, if the first is left off it means 0, if the last is left off it means -1 (last)17:19
hatchbac: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui/+bug/116458917:20
_mup_Bug #1164589: addServiceToEndpointsMap error <juju-gui:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/1164589 >17:20
* bac looking17:20
hatchbac: just updated with a new comment on that ticket17:24
hatchbac: that error is actually blocking me so I can help if needed17:27
bachatch: first one was easy.  looking into the other17:27
hatchoh ok excellent - be sure to now write a test to cover that error :)17:28
bachatch: yes dear17:32
bachatch: after the fix for the first i cannot replicate the add relation issue17:32
hatchis there a special procedure for staff purchases from shop.canonical.com?17:34
BradCrittendenhatch: re: purchases - no.  if they are still doing the discount code, you should've gotten it when joining.18:11
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
bachatch: proposing fix now18:18
hatchhehe fix-goof18:26
hatchbac: a 4 character fix? hehe18:34
BradCrittendeni think it is eight.  i had to delete 'null' before adding 'this'18:34
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
hatchoh lol - charmStore needs to be destroyed no?18:35
hatchin your test18:35
hatchno codereview url has come by so that's why I mentioned in here :)18:38
bachatch: could you qa this branch to see if you can cause the add relation failure?18:39
hatchyep checking it out now18:41
rick_h_jcsackett: hatch if you guys get a few min please? https://codereview.appspot.com/8356044 it's a step one so you can qa it that it works, but it's fugly and only works via direct url calls (can't click into the view)18:42
bacbenji, rick_h_ : could one of you do a quick review on https://codereview.appspot.com/836404418:43
rick_h_bac: sure thing, loading up18:43
hatchbac, QA'd and OK18:43
benjimissed it18:43
bacthanks hatch18:43
hatchrick_h_: I still don't see a position absolute in this branch :P18:45
rick_h_hatch: nope :)18:45
rick_h_hatch: honestly, last thing we'll do. This way we know any bugs are our own and not interactions18:45
rick_h_well, maybe not last...18:45
benjibac: if you get a second, I could use a +1 on the review from earlier18:46
bacbenji: done18:48
rick_h_bac done18:48
hatchrick_h_: so no more issues with the routing code?18:49
bacthanks rick_h_18:49
rick_h_hatch: :/ only issue is the double/triple call which I'm ignoring for now18:49
rick_h_hatch: goal is to try to get the basics setup for huw to go through and be able to apply UX love to things18:49
hatchoh yeah but that was an issue long before the routing stuff18:49
rick_h_hatch: ah, well I wasn't really involved before so meh18:49
hatchneither was I :P18:50
rick_h_hatch: I do forsee one issue I need to work through, but haven't looked awt the problem much yet18:50
rick_h_I really wish I had a way to generate urls in handlebars based on something with some brains on current state18:50
rick_h_because if I do the url routing in my views by catching click events I don't get dispatch18:50
rick_h_but in the templates there's no reall app state to say "oh, you're in /fullscreen so all links should stay in /fullscreen land18:51
hatchrick_h_: create a helper which references the generator in the router code18:57
hatchI generate urls that way in the service views18:57
rick_h_hatch: cool, will look there then. 18:57
hatchbut instead of using a helper I do it before passing it in18:57
rick_h_oh cool, yea dirty thing would be for the master view to set an magic ATTR that's 'whoami' or something but it's nasty/dirty18:58
hatchserviceRemoteUri: this.get('nsRouter').url({ gui: '/service/'})18:58
hatchfor example18:58
hatchso that says, change the url for the gui namespace to /service/18:58
hatchwell....build me a url with the gui namespace with /service/18:59
rick_h_hmm, yea the big thing will be the CharmToken widget, when clicked on, will need to open /bws/XXXX/precise/charmid to load the details19:00
rick_h_in sidebar, that's this expanded sidebar version, in fullscreen, it's the fullscreen details view19:01
rick_h_where sidebar/fullscreen is XXXXX19:01
rick_h_so need to get something into the CharmToken Widget to be smart about generating that url/click19:01
rick_h_thanks bac 19:06
rick_h_bac: so in testnig it out YUIDoc doesn't care about the lack of return. The methods don't return anything and rather than add more noise with the whole mutates only mess I just leave it out. 19:10
rick_h_at least make code-doc and make view-code-doc don't complain19:10
bacrick_h_: that is great news and should be shouted from some mountain top or roof19:10
* hatch is back on track19:15
hatchthanks for the patch bac19:15
hatchbcsaller: have a second to explain to me how relationships work from the higher level? I see the code but I'm wondering how they function inside each charm....or if this is documented somewhere I could read that instead :)19:20
bcsallerhatch, one min19:21
bcsallerhatch: in hangout19:24
bacstatik signed on at Mar 10, 2013 20:37:57 and has been idle for 594hr 59min 51s19:44
baci guess i'll try email19:44
hatchbcsaller: so that I am sure I get this right19:50
hatchrelationships are valid if19:50
hatchthey are the same type...19:50
hatchone is client, one is server19:50
hatchboth are 'peer'19:50
hatchI'm not sure how peer to peer differs from 'both same type' but they are checked for separately19:52
bcsallerhatch: at a high level yes, there is also a notion of subordinate scoped relations which have the same basic rules but generally use an implicitly provided relation, 'juju-info'19:52
bcsallerhatch: with client-server, one is client, the other is server (roles) and they have the same interface type19:53
bcsallerhatch: with peer they are peers, they all have the same role19:53
hatchahh ok19:53
bcsallerhatch: the special behavior around peer relations is that they are automatically joined on deploy19:54
bcsallerhatch: there is no explicit step needed because they are 'related to self'19:55
bcsallerhatch: you can see that at the bottom of juju/control/deploy.py19:55
bcsaller(which I don't know if we implement in our version)19:56
hatchdoesn't look like it19:56
bachatch: did you do anything to fix jenkins or was it not a real failure?19:56
* bac trying to get all set up with vpn, etc19:57
hatchthere was a lot of work done to do all this in python to throw it all away and redo in go...19:57
rick_h_bac: I think my land came alnog after yours and forced a re-run?19:57
hatchbac: I just left it, I'll do it towards the EOD19:57
rick_h_bac: but guessing as I thuoght the failure on yours was mine19:57
hatchrick_h_: no it complets and then does it again, it doesn't stop19:57
rick_h_see, what do I know about how it's setup? nadda :)19:58
bachatch: so we assume the failure was spurious/canonistack19:58
bcsallerhatch: we really need to fix our use-cases for this thing, we don't want to build all the juju behavior in JS I think, just get the env running19:58
hatchbac: I'm going to yes - there is no reason any of our changes have caused that failure19:58
bcsallerbut it still takes alot to get just as far as we need19:59
hatchbcsaller: yeah - how I understood it is that we want it to 'look' like it's working as expected19:59
hatchso I'm sure we can forego some of the more complex checks20:00
hatchbut I am pretty sure we want to check to make sure the relation stuff works properly20:00
bcsallerhatch: yeah, its one of the main things we draw20:01
hatchbcsaller: mind taking a look in topology/relation.js and let me know if I am seeing this wrong...It looks like we only support server and client connections in the GUI? 625-631 and 659-66520:10
bcsallerhatch: peer relations are not ambiguous which is what that method is checking20:19
bcsallerhatch: we dont' draw peer relations though as they would look like an arrow pointing back to self or a ring or something.20:20
hatchwell sure but that's the only method which actually calls add_relation20:26
hatchso right now the gui doesn't actually check the charm to see if it's a server or client20:26
hatchit just says "you're a client, and you're a server"20:27
bachatch: i'm trying to setup my vpn to the qa lab.  you know the drill, right?20:27
hatchbac: umm mine was a little different because I'm using 12.1020:28
hatchso I coudln't follow the guide20:28
bachatch: that's what i'm using20:28
hatchoh ok, lemme boot up my laptop20:28
bachatch: well, real, quick, once you have network-manager set up, how do you get it to open the vpn connection?20:29
hatchclick the network symbol in the top right20:29
bacif i double-click on it, then it just opens the edit configuration dialog20:29
bactop right of what?20:30
hatchnope single click on the thing that looks like a cell phone signal strength (with my icon set) then go down to 'VPN Connections'20:30
hatchin the very top right of the screen20:30
bacok, i was trying w/in the nm20:30
hatchthen that will open up another menu that has whatever you called the vpn connection20:30
hatchdo you see it?20:31
hatchhonestly my configuration is so messed up I don't think I'll ever be able to upgrade to 13.04 without something exploding :D20:32
hatchthis was also installed with wubi 3 years ago and without wubi in 13.04 I'm not sure I'll actually be able to upgrade anyways20:32
bachatch: cool, i'm in20:33
hatchright on20:35
hatchplz don't delete our jenkins configuration :)20:35
hatchLG Optimus G at my cell provider is $0 on a 3 year contract....or $499 on a two year...lol20:45
hatchbcsaller: I need the mysql equiv to test/data/wordpress-charmdata.json any idea how I would generate that?20:49
bcsallerhatch: http://jujucharms.com/charms/precise/mysql has everything20:51
bcsallerhatch: under the repo link you can find the interfaces in metadata.yaml (same as for any charm) but they are also spelled out on the website20:52
hatchok so that json file was manually created?20:53
hatchmust be, I can't find any file which has all of this information in it20:57
rick_h_hatch: what file are you looking for?20:58
hatchwell I need to deploy mysql along side wordpress in the in memory environment tests20:58
hatchso I am guessing I need the mysql version of test/data/wordpress-charmdata.json20:58
rick_h_k, let me look what api endpoint that is on charmworld20:59
rick_h_hatch: http://jujucharms.com/charms/precise/mysql/json21:00
hatchoh lol it was that easy eh21:00
rick_h_hatch: and that's called from the model.load() using the 'charmstore' store21:01
hatchbcsaller: reviewing22:12
bcsallerhatch: thanks :)22:12
hatchreview done22:40

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