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tyrogHello. What are the major differences between ubuntu and kubuntu, besides one having unity and the other kde? What do I lose/gain if I choose one or the other? Thanks :)01:49
altinhow can I open display settings from cli02:10
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:16
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:42
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ovidiu-florinhello world :d08:41
ovidiu-florinmy system froze again....08:41
ovidiu-florinno Ideea why08:41
ovidiu-florinhere is the moment it froze in the syslog: http://paste.kde.org/715670/08:42
ovidiu-florinat 11:25 I rebooted08:42
lordievaderovidiu-florin: Seems to me it is still the video driver. "NVRM: GPU at 0000:01:00.0 has fallen off the bus."08:43
ovidiu-florinNVRM is NVIDIA?08:43
lordievaderovidiu-florin: Wouldn't be surprised if it is.08:44
lordievaderThis might be usefull: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/debian-ubuntu-rhel-fedora-linux-nvidia-nvrm-gpu-fallen-off-bus/08:44
lordievaderMust say I haven't read it.08:44
ovidiu-florinI'm still on Xrender with native Qt graphics system08:44
ovidiu-florincould be08:44
ovidiu-florinthank you08:44
ovidiu-florinquote: Install Latest Kernel Version and NVIDIA Driver08:45
ovidiu-florinlatest kernel... on LTS...08:45
lordievaderovidiu-florin: Read that as "latest kernel available" ;)08:46
ovidiu-florinreboot, brb08:50
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tibiHi! I've just installed Ubuntu 13.04; on top of it I've installed kde-full, then kubuntu-desktop. Problem is when logging in, I don't get a kde session, just the wallpaper from kdm. Any ideas?08:53
ovidiu-florintibi: you should have an option to choose your session08:54
ovidiu-florinI don't know where exactly that is in unity08:55
lordievaderovidiu-florin: Ubuntu 13.04 uses light-dm, just like Kubuntu 13.04.08:56
lordievadertibi: Support for Raring is in #ubuntu+108:56
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+108:56
ovidiu-florinlordievader: do you have any experience with 304 driver?08:58
ovidiu-florinor 310?08:58
ovidiu-florinbecause: "version 304.37 finally fixed this problem for me. "08:59
lordievaderovidiu-florin: I have no experience with anything nVidia. Ask BluesKaj, he uses nVidia.08:59
ovidiu-florinhe's not here08:59
lordievaderovidiu-florin: He'll be here in a couple of hours, I think.09:02
ovidiu-florinaaand I'm back09:29
ovidiu-florinlordievader: I've installed the latest (so called) stable driver, and made it persistent09:29
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ovidiu-florinlordievader: I've unsinstalled all nvidia drivers (it froze again)11:56
ovidiu-florinand durring shutdown (for reboot) it froze....11:56
ovidiu-florinI didn't mention this before, but it may also mean something11:56
ovidiu-florinI see the crash handler extreemly often11:56
ovidiu-florinsomething is allways crashing on my kubuntu11:56
ovidiu-florinthis time it was kactivitymanagerd11:57
lordievaderovidiu-florin: Do you have another syslog of when this happend?11:58
ovidiu-florinI can look, but I don't know the exact time when this happened11:58
ovidiu-florinApr  4 14:52:26 OWDL kernel: [ 1872.060012] BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 22s! [Xorg:1228]11:59
ovidiu-florinApr  4 14:52:26 OWDL kernApr  4 14:53:36 OWDL kernel: imklog 5.8.6, log source = /proc/kmsg started.11:59
ovidiu-florinI'm also running a VMware player instance with windows XP on this system, but that should not bother it12:01
lordievaderXorg, I'm still guessing all of this is related to the video-card.12:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 958749 in linux (Ubuntu) "BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 22s! [Xorg:1199]" [Medium,Fix released]12:04
lordievaderovidiu-florin: Are you running Precise?12:08
ovidiu-florinyes. 12.0412:08
lordievaderovidiu-florin: What kernel?12:08
lordievaderHmm. If it ain't the video card I wouldn't know what it would be.12:10
ovidiu-florinit's the kernel12:10
ovidiu-florinI should update it12:10
lordievaderovidiu-florin: Is it an idea to do a fresh install of Quantal, or wait a bit and install Raring.12:10
ovidiu-florinthis is the work computer, that's why I chose LTS, for better stability12:11
ovidiu-florina fresh install is not really an option12:13
ovidiu-florinto much to install and configure afterwards12:13
lordievaderAs I see.12:14
ovidiu-florinisn't there a way I can get kernel 3.5 here?12:15
ovidiu-florinor do I have to do a full upgrade to get that?12:15
ovidiu-florinthis also affects fedora on 3.5.5-212:16
lordievaderovidiu-florin: Maybe with the .3 release of Precise it will get an updated kernel. The .2 release didn't because we saw it too late.12:18
ovidiu-florinwhen will this be released?12:19
lordievaderAugust 15th or 2013.12:19
ovidiu-florinwhy that late?12:20
lordievaderThough in the meantime it might get an updated kernel, I don't know about that.12:20
ovidiu-florinuntill then, I might switch to arch...12:24
ovidiu-florinwow, I'm not gettign screamed at for thinking to change distros?12:25
ovidiu-florinthat's great :D12:26
monkeyjuicedo what ya need to do12:26
ovidiu-florinthis makes me sad... I've used kubuntu for sucha long time...12:28
ovidiu-florinI don't want to just give it up12:28
BluesKajHiyas all12:38
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soeehi, anyone using Owncloud 5 ?13:00
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James_mHow can I add an arbitrary icon to the desktop?14:32
BluesKajarbitraray as in app compiled from source or downloaded and installed outside of the repos14:43
BluesKajJames_m: ^14:43
James_moutside repos14:44
James_mI didn't know that it matters, BTW14:44
James_mI've managed to create it, but the way KUbuntu enforces a man to do it is rather ugly14:52
James_mFolder view improves the situation a little, but still not really14:52
James_mI am surprised a bit..14:52
Fuzzy_WuzzyHi! I'm on kubuntu 12.04, and am trying to have mldonkey start when I login. Once I'm logged in, it starts just fine if I open a console and run 'mlnet', but when I put the same command into a script file (under system settings->startup and shutdown->autostart) it didn't work, regardless of wether I chose Run On as 'pre kde startup' or 'startup' (options I don't really understand, tbh). So... I guess my question is, how do I ad15:25
BluesKajFuzzy_Wuzzy, run update-rc.d15:36
Fuzzy_Wuzzylike.. do "update-rc.d mlnet defaults"?15:39
evopilotI've been trying to install klamAV but using ./configure make make install isn't working, is there a PPA I could use?15:42
keyvinAnyone else having issues with desktop effects and the radeon HD binary drivers?16:08
keyvinEverything works ok with desktop effects off, but I get crashes to the login screen when I resize konsole with effects on...16:08
keyvinIts a radeon 7870 if the card makes any difference16:09
Fuzzy_Wuzzyhm... I don't think I'm using the binary drivers right now, but back when I did, the console window would get buggy if I resized it16:10
Fuzzy_Wuzzyso I guess it got worse? :)16:10
keyvinHaha, yeah it got worse. I guess this is what I get for buying an amd card... Linux support was always pretty spotty for ATI.16:12
keyvinIt was just such a good deal though :)16:12
Fuzzy_Wuzzymaybe try older drivers? it was like a few weeks back that I still had the ati ones, so the worse ones are probably recent16:13
kristjannow i have a - AMD unsupported hardware- watermark in the lower right corner16:13
kristjanwats up with that?16:13
keyvinI am hesitant to install anything outside of the repos driver wise. I royally screwed up my package dependencies when I uninstalled the radeon driver and installed the intel driver. Combined with the wine and netflix PPA I wound up being unable to install or remove any packages w/o apt wanting to uninstall the base system...16:17
Fuzzy_Wuzzyyikes :S16:18
keyvinyeah, that was a reinstall :)16:18
BluesKajkeyvin, why would install an intel driver for an ati/radeon?16:19
keyvinI took my radeon out of my PC to see how good the HD 400 was16:19
keyvinJust for curiousity.16:19
kristjanwhy my skype wont start after update ?16:20
keyvinkristjan, open a terminal and start skype from the terminal. You are likely to get a more helpful error message.16:21
kristjanterminal is open16:22
kristjanhow do i start skype16:22
keyvintry typing skype?16:22
keyvinif that doesn't work, type sky and the tab to do tab completion16:22
keyvinpress tab twice rather16:23
kristjanSegmentation fault (core dumped)16:23
keyvinnothing before that?16:23
keyvin:( That is a tough one to fix. I would probably check skype's website and see if there is an updated package to install.16:24
kristjanno there is not16:24
kristjani uninstalled skype, than install it again16:25
kristjansame thing16:25
BluesKajkristjan, probly best to purge it , update/upgrade reboot then reinstall16:27
kristjanhow do i purge it16:28
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kristjanhow can i set up wifi hotspot kubuntu 13.0417:25
kristjanim useing internet stick and i need to make wifi hotspot to connect my android phone to internet17:26
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timhi, is it possible to install plasma-scriptengine-ruby on ubuntu 13.04?18:57
bazhangtim #ubuntu+1 is the channel for raring discussion18:57
bazhangincluding kubuntu 13.0418:58
timbazhang: ok18:58
lordievaderGood evening18:58
perplexedHi, I am not able to install gnome desktop from kubuntu.19:34
mydognameisrudyperplexed:  what have you tryed to do19:36
BluesKajmydognameisrudy, apt tells him it's already installed19:43
BluesKajhe's crosas posting un #ubuntu as well19:44
BluesKajerr cross19:44
mydognameisrudyok good19:51
mydognameisrudylogout and try it .19:52
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CommunistChinaI have a confession to make20:03
CommunistChinaI'm an avid windows user and I've been ordering the free kubuntu/ubuntu CDs available on their respective websites for 11 months..20:03
bazhangCommunistChina, this is kubuntu support not chat20:03
CommunistChinais this ok?20:03
bazhangCommunistChina, no such cds exist any longer20:04
CommunistChinayes but I used to do that20:04
bazhang!ot | CommunistChina20:04
ubottuCommunistChina: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!20:04
CommunistChinaGot around 200 CDs almost and never installed any? is ok20:04
CommunistChinabroke som :D shit20:04
bazhangCommunistChina, this is the wrong channel for that20:04
CommunistChinaomg bye20:05
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Questhow to install kubuntu desktop in an ubuntu-server?22:14
bazhangsudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop22:15
Questbazhang,  isnt it sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop^   ?22:15
Questwith an ^22:15
bazhang!info kubuntu-desktop | Quest22:16
ubottuQuest: kubuntu-desktop (source: kubuntu-meta): Kubuntu Plasma Desktop/Netbook system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.263 (quantal), package size 3 kB, installed size 53 kB22:16
Questthe ^ asks to install the _task_ named kubuntu-desktop, which is different from the package named kubuntu-desktop22:16
bazhangsee above22:16
Quest  Temporary failure resolving 'us.archive.ubuntu.com'22:19
bazhangQuest, you are already posting in #ubuntu22:21
Questdouble posted22:22
bazhangyes. crossposting22:23
bazhangconsidered bad form on IRC22:23
Questbazhang,  i think i should ask in ubuntu-server22:29
Questas its an ubuntu-server installation22:30
Questbazhang,  are all ports open by default on ubuntu-server (which is contrary to ubuntu desktop)?22:30
Questbazhang,  if no one answers. can i cross post?22:32
bazhangQuest, if you give it some time, sure why not22:33
Questhm ok22:33
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kubberusing kubuntu 12.10, running konsole from run command returns error message:  "Warning: Program '/usr/bin/konsole' crashed". tried remove, reinstall, get same error message.22:44
LogicallyDashingWhen I go into tmux on a remote machine in Konsole, links still highlight, but I can't click them. They still seem to work when I'm not in tmux for some reason.23:12
LogicallyDashingI know tmux uses the mouse for some things, maybe it's getting intercepted?23:13
Questwhats the main difference b/w ubuntu server and ubuntu desktop. ? i am having problems installing server . can i go with desktop?23:34
Jotekhello everybody, how to instal Intel Q35 graphics card on Kubuntu?23:35
Questiam having a general error of mounting file systems. iam at shell while installing kubuntu. how to install from shel?23:59

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