troulouliou_devhi is gnome-panel still present in 13.04 ?00:32
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centaur5I just installed raring last week and yesterday added the network-manager-openvpn package. It's able to connect to all my VPN servers that are on 12.04 but my 1 server on 10.04 fails. Any ideas?01:27
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haysfinal beta tomorrow?  exciting02:21
johnjohn1011what is the support time for 13.04?02:43
ironhalik_What day is it? When should I expect the beta to be released? :>03:45
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bjsnideroh, you'r enot talking about the final release04:02
bjsniderfinal beta release april 404:02
ironhalikI'm just wondering how it works with timezones and stuff04:03
ironhalikI'm planning on reinstalling raring on one of my machines, and would prefer the beta image instead of the daily ones04:03
bjsniderin my experience it is not released at an exact predictable moment04:05
bjsniderin other words, it will not be april 4, 12:00 gmt exactly or something04:06
bjsniderin a general sense it will be april 404:06
ironhalikI guess I'll have to be patient :>04:12
tyrogironhalik: There are not major differences between daily from today and beta, if any at all04:32
ironhalikI kinda know, but there's always lots of updated packages after a milestone is hit04:33
tyrogironhalik: you are waiting for the Ubuntu image, with the unity desktop?04:34
ironhalikyup, the default amd64 one04:36
tyrogironhalik: Im using the daily from today, it installed just fine. Also Unity is very snappy, and haven't found major problems yet :)04:37
ironhalikI guess if the beta wont be out after I come back from work, I'll got with the daily04:37
tyrogThere are no fixed hours for Ubuntu releases. They release it when they announce it. I think they released Ubuntu 10.10 at 10/10/2010 at 10:10:10 o'clock, but that was an exception xD04:39
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Noskcajcan someone test the gnubuntu and xubuntu raring beta 2 iso's, they release tomorrow and need testing07:35
dmattNoskcaj: it might help if you provide a link, where people can find those iso's to test07:51
Noskcajdmatt, i was more aiming at current tests, but i'll get it now07:52
rohdefcan it really be true that maven3 isn't in the apt repositories?08:50
tibiHi! I've just installed Ubuntu 13.04; on top of it I've installed kde-full, then kubuntu-desktop. Problem is when logging in, I don't get a kde session, just the wallpaper from kdm. Any ideas?08:57
rohdeftibi, make sure that you selected KDE as the session in KDM09:16
rohdefthere should be a menu somewhere if I recall correctly09:16
theadminOn http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ -- " Warning: This image is oversized (which is a bug) and will not fit onto a standard 703MiB CD. However, you may still test it using a DVD, a USB drive, or a virtual machine." -- does this mean Ubuntu is going back to CD media?09:28
fanysCZhello guys, does anybody know when  we can expect Mesa 9.1.1 in raring?11:14
BluesKajHiyas all12:38
Atlantic777anyone having problems with installing libopencv-dev?13:31
Atlantic777it seems that some dependencies aren't available13:31
bjsniderAtlantic777, be more specific13:38
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jpozlovskyhello, when will be 13.04 Beta released?15:10
smartboyhwjpozlovsky, within 3 hours I think15:12
jpozlovskysmartboyhw, ok thanks for info!15:13
roastedsorry if I sound like a moron, but has 13.04 been in alpha this whole time I've been running it?15:25
roastedoh, it was beta, just not final beta.15:26
minasI have noticed in 13.04 that when scrolling the mouse in the unity launcher, instead of scrolling the icons, the application on which the cursor is pointing gains focus. is this a bug?15:28
BluesKajminas, probly a "feature" :)15:38
roastedAnybody running 13.04 with Gnome 3.8?15:38
minasBluesKaj, feature?? How am I going to scroll now?15:39
BluesKajminas, I was being sarcastic ..I have no idea how15:39
minasI know :)15:39
minasI hope it's a bug that will get fixed soon15:40
roastedsooooo nobody on 3.8?15:47
BluesKajroasted, running 3.8.0-16 here16:13
zerickHi guys, I'm using ubuntu 13.04, after a shutdown it suddenly started not recognizing any network device :( It's not present in lspci, lshw and dmesg output.16:16
roastedBluesKaj: I meant Gnome 3.8 :/16:28
BluesKajzerick, ifconfig ?16:29
zerickBluesKaj: Just input lo interface16:29
BluesKajzerick, which network devices then ?16:31
zerickBluesKaj: It used to be present an eth016:32
zerickBluesKaj: I just install some packages (nothing related to kernel o modules) and then this machine failed with net interfaces16:34
zerickBluesKaj: Actually I have in total six machines, two of them have this problem with the nic16:35
zerickBluesKaj: the other ones are working, at the moment, fine16:35
BluesKajzerick, are you using network manager?16:35
zerickBluesKaj: No16:35
zerickBluesKaj: I installed ubuntu server16:35
zerickany idea?16:36
BluesKajdid you try sudo dhclient eth016:41
zerickBluesKaj: it's using static address, but what is strange for me is that seems not to be present physically16:47
BluesKajcan you see the network devices in the file manager places or network , zerick ?16:48
BluesKajzerick, your /etc/network/interfaces file shouldn't reflect any changes , but /etc/resolv.conf might ..are you aware that /etc/resolv.conf is overwritten by /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base  , and the nameservers etc should be entered there now ?16:49
BluesKajI have to go for a few mins...BBL16:50
BluesKajok back again17:03
bjsniderroasted, 3.8 isn't available except in a ppa17:09
bjsniderand it's got a bunch of problems17:09
roastedYeah - I'm using the Gnome3 PPA.17:10
bjsnideris it buggy?17:13
bjsniderthere's no other incentive for me to use raring. i've been using gnome 3.6 for 6 months already, and i use gnome-shell, so there wouldn't be any change17:14
bjsniderthere would be a kernel upgrade, but without any performance improvements17:14
zerickBluesKaj, well, I set IP configuration manually (I have no desktop installed) and as I said first, when I run lspci, lshw or dmesg any info about the eth0 or Ethernet is present, when in the past it WAS present.17:17
BluesKajzerick, use nano to edit files in ubuntu server terminal17:18
zerickBluesKaj: My config is ok, the mii-tool doesn't detect my NIC17:19
BluesKajzerick, not familiar with mii-tool17:20
zerickBluesKaj: it displays NIC's link status17:20
BluesKajdoes ifconfig show anything like an IP gatewat etc17:20
zerickBluesKaj: it is blinking (and was working)17:20
zerickBluesKaj: Yeah, of course, all my network config is static17:21
zerickBluesKaj: i'm not using dhcp17:21
BluesKajzerick, did , sudo dhclient eth0 , show any output ?17:22
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BluesKajzerick, yes I'm static behind the router as well17:22
zerickBluesKaj: When I do ifup it outputs: Cannot find device 'eth0' Failed to bring up eth017:23
BluesKajyes zerick , but what does dhclient do ?17:24
zerickBluesKaj: up to this point, my problem is with the NIC, not the config, even if I run dhclient, it will not work since there is no link17:24
BluesKajdhclient is supposed to link it17:25
zerickdhclient eth0 > cannot  find device "eth0"17:26
BluesKajsudo ifconfig eth0 up17:26
bjsniderzerick, can't bring up eth0 i'd say you don't have a working driver for your lan chip17:27
zerickbjsnider: my conclusion too, but, I didn't install nothing that could erase them17:27
bjsnideris loopback there?17:27
zerickbjsnider: it was a fresh install17:28
bjsniderifconfig -- doe sit show loopback?17:28
zerickbjsnider: used the generic (or default) drivers and was working fine17:28
zerickbjsnider: yes, it shows17:28
BluesKajsudo /etc/init.d/networking restart17:28
bjsnidertry pinging it17:28
zerickbjsnider: it responses17:29
bjsnider\check dmesg for relevant messages17:29
zerickbjsnider: There's no related message por Ethernet17:29
bjsniderwhat lan chip is it?17:30
zerickbjsnider: its a VIA one17:30
zerickbjsnider: I don't remember the number17:30
bjsnideroh, that's good17:30
bjsnideri was worried it might have poor support in linux17:30
bjsnider*rolls eyes*17:30
zerickbjsnider: it has dissapeared from lspci17:30
zerickbjsnider: lol :) yeah, that's very strange17:31
bjsnidernot in lspci, check the bios to see if it's enabled17:31
zerickbjsnider: it has good support17:31
bjsniderif it's not in lspci it's dead or not getting electricity17:32
bjsniderie. disabled in bios17:32
zerickbjsnider: I will run a live cd right now, to check whether is the NIC17:32
BluesKajlspci | grep VIA17:32
bjsnidereverything will be via17:33
bjsniderprobably a via chipset17:33
bjsnider(use intel)17:33
bjsniderwhoops, didn't say that17:33
zerickdoes cases better grepping Ethernet17:33
BluesKajyeah probly just your firewire and soundcard if applicable17:33
zerickbjsnider: Anyway, thanks17:34
BluesKajzerick, did you try , sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart17:36
bjsniderwon't work17:36
zerickBluesKaj: Man, as I said, my problem is not config is the network card17:36
bjsniderproblem is the lan chip is not seen by the kernel17:36
BluesKajit might wake it up17:36
zerickBluesKaj: it won't17:37
zerickBluesKaj: But thanks for your time17:37
bjsniderlower level than a linux service17:37
BluesKajok , if you you won't , fine17:37
BluesKajbjsnider, he's running ubuntu server btw , it's not an ordinary desktop install17:39
bjsniderdoesn't matter17:39
bjsniderthis problem is much lower down the stack than that17:39
bjsniderthis is a problem that is actually below the operating system17:39
BluesKajwhat could delete the nic , if it was running fine previously without any updates or upgrades17:40
bjsnideri suppose it got turned off in the bios17:41
bjsniderthat would stop the board from sending an electric current to it17:41
BluesKajhow could it be turned off in the bios if he just rebooted17:42
bjsnideri dunno17:42
BluesKajmakes no sense unless it failed completely17:42
bjsniderit could have17:42
zerickbjsnider: live cd not detecting, I think they (because there are two NIC's) dead17:44
bjsnideris ther a green light on the back of the board where the rj45 ports are?17:44
zerickthey are blinking17:46
BluesKaj a conflict maybe17:46
bjsniderthey're blinking and they're green, not yellow?17:47
zerickthis one has only yellow color17:48
zerickand orange17:48
bjsniderwell, that indicates a problem i believe17:48
bjsniderso that also suggests bad hardware17:48
bjsnideryellow/orange = no connection17:50
zerickwell, but, never was a green one17:51
bjsniderif you say so17:52
johnjohn1013 more weeks!!17:54
lucianoHello! Will there be an official beta for 13.04? I see it's scheduled for April 4th, however there are only daily builds18:13
ubottuRaring Ringtail (13.04) release milestones can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule18:13
BluesKajluciano, heard a rumour , the beta might available today , dunno exactly when or if it's even true18:15
bjsniderthe alphas and betas don't always appear at exact predictable times18:16
bjsniderrepeating what i said in here last night18:16
bjsnidershould keep that in the clipboard i guess18:16
tyrogHello. Beta is scheduled for today right? thanks18:20
johnjohn101will there be any real changes from the what i have loaded now from the daily?18:20
tyrogjohnjohn101: Nothing. If you keep the daily updated, you already have the beta18:21
johnjohn101it's a pretty solid release so far. I'm running on vmware player and have no real issues.  still running 12.04 on home desktop and it's so stable, that it's tough to upgrade18:22
tyrogjohnjohn101: I agree. This is one of the best Ubuntu betas I have ever tried. Haven't found flaws yet and is much faster than 12.10, that was a poor release imo18:23
BluesKaj12.10 with KDE was just fine here18:26
tyrogBluesKaj: Right. I really wanted to mention the Unity version. KDE in 12.10 was fine. But in 13.04 it is even better too18:27
johnjohn10112.10 wasn't enough of a change for me to move off of 12.04. still a decent release18:27
BluesKajkubuntu 13.04 is quite stable now too , even with the kde 4.10,2 rc18:27
johnjohn101i'm using kde for the first time in a long time but still prefer unity in a lot of ways18:28
tyrogThe fact is that with KDE you should be able to create a Unity-like environment, or anything you want to. With unity you are mostly stuck with what they give you. Still I like unity too18:29
BluesKajsome ppl get hooked on the brown-orange and earth tones :)18:30
johnjohn101i miss the old 9.04 tones18:31
BluesKajmakes them feel all warm and fuzzy18:31
tyrogI think Unity provides a good out of the box experience, and is an interface that doesn't get in the way. I think it suits most users tastes and is also easy to work with, that's why it is the default18:31
tyrogBluesKaj: you have to admit that default KDE looks very bland in comparison to either Gnome shell or unity18:32
tyrogOnly the icons are better than gnome's18:32
BluesKajdidn't like unity from the start ..went back to kde after 2 weeks ...more used to the way things work on kde18:32
tyrogjohnjohn101: 12.04 seems to be better each day. I can't make up my mind as well. Is 13.04 going to be a rolling release after 25th April?18:33
johnjohn101i tried going back to the old gnome 2 desktop and unity is MUCH better18:33
tyrogBluesKaj: If you were used to KDE and know how to fine-tune it to the maximum there might be no competition on the desktop for it xD18:34
BluesKajtyrog, yeah , it's more familiar to old windows guys like I used to be before I started with linux18:35
BluesKajzerick, green means connected,  and amber is the traffic18:36
tyrogMe two, and most people :) . I found the Unity interface weird in the beginning too.18:36
tyrogjohnjohn101: GTK3 looks better, there is no doubt on that. And if you enjoy the Dash, then unity is definitely for you18:37
johnjohn101dash is the best18:40
johnjohn101tyrog, will be interesting when unity moves to QT18:40
johnjohn101i hope it looks exactly the same18:41
tyrogyes. And with Mir, graphics drivers may stabilize forever xD18:41
tyrogI don't. I hope it looks even better18:41
johnjohn101i wonder if Mir is coming to 13.10?  or will wait until 14.0418:41
tyrogHard to guess at the moment18:42
tyrogI don't know if I will be following the proposed rolling release after 13.0418:43
tyrogOr keep with 13.04 and upgrade. This should be an advantageous path in terms of stability vs. the rolling release model18:44
johnjohn101rolling release just seems like there are too many possibilities to get everything out of sync18:48
IdleOnethere is no rolling release being followed for Ubuntu.18:49
IdleOnethe support durations have been changed to 9 months for non-lts releases.18:50
IdleOnethat is all that has changed.18:50
johnjohn1019 months is not that much time18:51
tyrogIdleOne: If they can provide me with development releases as good as Raring, then fine by me xD18:52
IdleOnejohnjohn101: if you need/want a longer supported version there is still LTS releases which will continue to have 5 years of support.18:52
tyrogI think Ubuntu should give more attention to the LTS after it is released. Provide more updated packages in the main repositories, so we do not depend very much on PPAs18:53
tyrogBut yeah, 12.04 LTS is also awesome, just like 13.04 is. Hard to decide which one I will be using the most xD18:53
tyrogIdleOne: I read many commentaries suggesting LTS releases for most people. Still, I think most people use the interim releases. Not everyone needs the absolute stability of an LTS and for the most part the interim releases are at least "ok"18:57
timhi, is it possible to install plasma-scriptengine-ruby on ubuntu 13.04?18:58
bazhang!find plasma-scriptengine-ruby18:58
ubottuFound: plasma-scriptengine-ruby18:58
bazhangtim, it appears so ^18:59
timbazhang: well, apt-get is not able to locate package plasma-scriptengine-ruby18:59
bazhangtim try updating your sources.list then19:01
timbazhang: with what?19:01
bazhangsudo apt-get update19:01
bazhangmake sure all the necessary repos are enabled19:02
timbazhang: that was my question ...19:02
bazhang!info plasma-scriptengine-ruby19:02
ubottuplasma-scriptengine-ruby (source: kde-workspace): Ruby script engine for Plasma. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.10.1b-0ubuntu5 (raring), package size 20 kB, installed size 209 kB19:02
bazhangtim and I just gave you the answer...19:02
timhm interesting19:02
timah, the distribution upgrade failed on one of my machines, remove too many repos ... had some other issues before19:04
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sarymicahg,Hi .. you there!20:52
micahgsary: yes?21:22
haysso should i upgrade to the beta for fun? :)22:03
bazhangdepends if your idea of fun includes bug fixing22:10
hayshmm,, well it can23:15
haysdepending on the bug :)23:15
Bauerhmm after 13.04 hits final, will it become an LTS?23:22
Bauerrebooting, brb23:25
tyrogBauer: 12.04 is the current LTS. 14.04 is the next one. 13.04 will only have 9 months support23:29
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Bauertyrog: I see, thanks23:32
gilly345I feel like an apple fanboy. I'm waiting for the Final Beta release of raring :-) periodically checking for the .iso to appear.23:50
penguin42hey just install and upgrade23:52
ironhalikgilly345: it's almost like standing in line at some apple store ;>23:54

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