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stlsaintduanedesign: ping00:56
yeehi1Using text install in Precise: I have successfully created a single encrypted volume, on which I can now put a file system. But I wanted to shrink this, so that some can be swap and the rest the file system. How do I do this?08:04
yeehi1If I create 2 encrypted volumes, one for swap and one for the fs, I would have to enter a password twice at bootup.08:04
yeehi1in Quantum/Raring, we only need to enter a password once, if we use the automated method.08:05
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isiah_s_by default how long do logs last in /var/log/sa?17:34
geirha/var/log/sa ?17:36
isiah_s_yeah, its something I found it is associated with the sar command17:59
isiah_s_looks like 9 days18:06
geirhayou can find the config for the log rotation in /etc/logrotate.d/18:19
geirha(That is, if this sar thingy uses logrotate to rotate the logs. Some do it other ways)18:22
isiah_s_I am thinking that I should rig up something like cctv, have a dedicated 500 Gb hd that just has a rotating log saving stuff like this for months18:24
rostamHello, where to set system wide proxy setting on 12.04 release? thanks18:53
geirhayou mean set the http_proxy environment variable? /etc/environment18:55
rostamgeirha: yes, do I have to reboot ? thanks18:56
geirharostam: no, it's read when you log in18:56
rostamgeirha: after editing the /etc/environment, how could I check if it has take place? I started a new xterm and I did not see it in printenv output? thanks19:00
geirhayou have to log in again19:05
geirhaopening an xterm is not a login19:05
rostamso for a vnc session I should restart the session again I assume?19:06
geirhayou can test it in a terminal by running   su - "$USER"   but it will only affect that one terminal19:34
MarcoAcheronHello all. I've been trying to install Samba on 2 Ubuntu 12.10 machines and ran into trouble. Anybody familiar with samba?20:29

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