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RoyKany idea when this fix will make it to the repos? http://www.postgresql.org/about/news/1456/13:43
RoyKseems to be pretty critical13:43
PiciRoyK: It already did.13:43
Pici(similar updates out there for other versions)13:45
RoyKhm... I haven't seen any postgres update recently. which files are updated?13:47
PiciNot sure exactly, but it just hit a few minutes ago.13:48
RoyKok, perhaps my repos hasn't got it yet, then13:48
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mitya57Pici, RoyK: the update is in Debian, pitti says he'll sync it once Launchpad picks it up13:59
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melodiedoes someone know which package provides the second gui at boot of the live : the one which displays the choices in languages ?18:23
roadmrmelodie: that's the ubiquity installer I think18:37
melodieroadmr oh ? that would be ?18:37
roadmrmelodie: the package is "ubiquity". Need to file a bug against it?18:38
xnoxmelodie: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-Zj5811Vxvlw/UIVRu5Nrg5I/AAAAAAAAAYA/fDvanW9zgtk/s1020/009.png18:39
xnoxmelodie: or this https://plus.google.com/photos/105922848292507689403/albums/5802141841426381089/5802141869619564914?banner=pwa18:39
xnoxbetter second link: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-GHQRJWoEzV4/UIVZShMYUXI/AAAAAAAAAe4/SUbDohx26BU/s1024/009.png18:39
melodieroadmr not at all, I just try to narrow the function of different parts related to the languages choice, and locale configured for the default directories18:40
melodiexnox thank you18:40
melodiexnox this is what I meant, right18:40
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