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bkerensaSergioMenesesAFK: thanks00:51
bkerensapleia2: thanks et. al00:51
vibhavApparently, google has forked webkit05:51
vibhavNobody is saying that google is fragmenting open source :(05:52
philipballewGreetings Ubuntu people!06:58
dholbachgood morning07:10
philipballewmorning popey08:02
dholbachjussi, happy birthday! :)08:06
nigelbjussi: Happy Birthday!09:14
nigelbpopey: Wait it's your birthday?10:48
popeyIt is.10:49
nigelbI didn't realize you and jussi shared birthdays.10:49
popeyApril is Best Month.10:49
nigelbHappy Birthday!10:49
popeyNeither did I until 10:14 this morning10:49
popeythanks ☺10:49
dholbachpopey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!10:49
* dholbach hugs popey10:49
* popey hugs dholbach 10:49
smartboyhwpopey, happy birthday10:51
smartboyhwAnd happy birthday jussi10:51
czajkowskidaker: cuba are running into an unusal issue, their contenant isn't showing up under the global events11:12
czajkowskiany idea why ?11:12
smartboyhwHello elfy :)11:13
dakerczajkowski: what's the link of the event ?11:13
czajkowskidaker: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/2322/11:14
czajkowskisee at the bottom11:14
dakerczajkowski: it's there11:15
czajkowskidaker: but their issue is it's under Events in countries without continents11:15
czajkowskithey have a continent11:15
popeylocation: Ocean11:16
dakerpopey: yep11:16
dakerczajkowski: lemme see11:17
dakerczajkowski: so this listing (http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/2322/) is based on venues11:20
czajkowskidaker: so if they add a venue then it would appear on their contenent ?11:20
dakerczajkowski: a venue with their continent/country11:21
czajkowskihmm ok11:21
czajkowskiI was wondering should it be the Caribbean11:21
czajkowskiand then it would show up there11:21
JoseeAntonioRdholbach: hey, is the next hanguout on a Friday?11:22
dakerczajkowski: well that's showed me another thing, if there is no venue the map should not be visible11:24
dholbachJoseeAntonioR, you mean the event with stgraber and lool?11:25
dholbachdoes it clash with anything else?11:26
JoseeAntonioRI'll add it to the cal11:26
dholbachthanks JoseeAntonioR11:28
smartboyhwczajkowski, has etherpad went down?11:28
smartboyhwHey JoseeAntonioR11:28
JoseeAntonioRhey, smartboyhw!11:28
* smartboyhw grrrs for etherpad downtime11:28
elfyhello smartboyhw11:28
smartboyhwNow I don't know how to change my special etherpad for Ubuntu Studio Release stuff:(11:29
* popey checks with IS11:29
czajkowskismartboyhw: asked in #canonical-sysadmin11:30
czajkowskinow I see popey message11:30
JoseeAntonioRit's up for me11:33
JoseeAntonioRoh, past the openid auth it's down11:34
popeyits back11:41
dakerfor some unknown reasons chromium sync doesn't work anymore :( http://paste.ubuntu.com/5676442/12:25
dakerhas anyone see the issue before ?12:28
nigelbdaker: Use firefox :P13:13
smartboyhwCanonicalers what's the name for S release?:P13:40
elfysecret squirrel13:41
elfydidn't you know smartboyhw ?13:41
smartboyhwelfy, no:P13:41
smartboyhwelfy, is it the official announcement from the sabdfl?13:41
elfyis what?13:41
smartboyhwelfy, I mean did sabdfl officially announce the name?13:42
smartboyhwelfy, and you are NOT a Canonicaler13:42
elfynot that I know of13:42
elfyhow do you know - I might be - just not wanting anyone to know13:42
smartboyhwelfy, uh hum .... (/me wonders then why elfy just said that he is looking for a full-time job in #ubuntuforums)13:43
elfysubterfuge ;)13:43
elfy"A statement or action resorted to in order to deceive."13:44
elfyit's the internet - I could be the king of siam :)13:44
elfyanyway - there's no announcement yet - when it turns it turns up13:45
smartboyhwelfy, boo:P13:49
elfyit's just a name smartboyhw13:49
balloonselfy, lol, how did you find out?!13:58
elfyyou know how it is :)13:58
smartboyhwballoons, lol13:58
smartboyhwballoons, is it real?;p13:58
elfyremember subterfuge balloons13:59
* balloons winks13:59
smartboyhwWhat IS subterfuge?13:59
* smartboyhw snaps balloons in his head13:59
elfyI remember my cousin wanting to know where cognito was because he'd heard a song about some submarine in aharbout incognito13:59
elfysmartboyhw: I gave you the definition earlier14:00
elfyhi popey14:00
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* smartboyhw snaps elfy in his head14:01
balloonsanyways, s name hasn't been announced yet14:02
smartboyhwballoons, should we ask jono ?14:03
balloonssmartboyhw, lol.. you can.. he doesn't name them :-)14:04
smartboyhwballoons, actually who names them? sabdfl or?14:04
jononame what?14:04
smartboyhwMaybe the Ubuntu Release Team?14:04
smartboyhwjono, the upcoming S-series codename14:04
jonosmartboyhw, that's Mark14:04
smartboyhwjono, oh14:04
jonohe will announce it soon, I am sure14:05
elfysmartboyhw: it's sss this time anyway14:05
elfyseriously secret squirrel14:05
elfyhi jono14:05
smartboyhwelfy, 1. it can only be two words and 2. Are you talking about congruent triangles here? S.S.S. is an proof that two triangles are congruent;)14:05
elfysmartboyhw: I'm actually not14:07
smartboyhwelfy, I think the sabdfl will choose S(*) Squirrel though14:08
smartboyhwHe likes animals at the end:P14:08
elfyI'd not noticed that ...14:09
smartboyhwActually maybe I am wrong14:09
smartboyhwHowever he must quote it from some sentence by famous people (for example, in the release announcements)14:10
smartboyhwOcelot, Pangolin, Quetzal, Ringtail14:10
jonohey elfy14:10
smartboyhwjono, how's life?14:11
jonosmartboyhw, good, although a little sick right now14:11
smartboyhwjono, oh no14:11
jonobut my son doesn't respect the sickness, hence up at 6.45am :-)14:11
jonoso going to do my calls and then go to bed14:11
smartboyhwjono, eh teach your son not to be naughty:P14:12
elfyjono: they've no respect14:12
jonothis is true14:13
elfyit get's better - I'm full of hope for when my lad reaches 2514:13
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dholbachjono, go back to bed!14:30
smartboyhwdholbach, don't force people to go back to bed:(14:31
smartboyhwAlthough he is sick indeed14:32
dholbachsmartboyhw, don't worry - I'm in no position to force him14:32
balloonsfeel better jono :-)14:32
smartboyhwdholbach, LOL14:33
jonodholbach, :-)14:33
jonoI plan on going back to bed when done with calls14:33
dholbachjono, another work day full of calls? :)14:33
jonodholbach, fortunately not, just two this morning :-)14:33
dholbachgood! :)14:34
dakernigelb: 3 years ago the sync on firefox was my nightmare :)14:54
nigelbdaker: Chrome doesn't encrpyt history. Google can read it. Never ever using that.14:54
mhall119most of my history is from google.com anyway14:56
dakeri don't sync my history :)14:56
dholbachall right my friends - I have to rush off - see you tomorrow!16:07
mhall119jono: can you reddit http://mhall119.com/2013/04/core-apps-road-to-october/ for me?17:17
pleia2jono: are there dates for the next vUDS? people need to start scheduling the time off from work if it's going to be in early May17:17
pleia2(concern brought up at CC meeting today)17:17
mhall119pleia2: they should be on summit.u.c now17:18
mhall119May 14-1617:18
pleia2mhall119: confirmed?17:19
pleia2thank you17:19
pleia2an announcement would be good :) if someone wants to toss something on fridge just drop by #ubuntu-news and let us know17:20
pleia2IdleOne: nominations are open through tomorrow18:15
pleia2so I guess just let us know if there are more?18:16
IdleOnepleia2: absolutely. but I don't think there will be more unless you want to do a quick blog post in case.18:17
pleia2some people wait until last minute ;)18:17
IdleOneI like to be early :)18:17
IdleOneor not show up at all :/18:18
IdleOneAnyway, I will certainly forward any more applications if they come in.18:18
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