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mptJust published: preliminary sketches for the System Settings overview on Ubuntu Phone. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemSettings#phone11:47
mptI'm currently working on the settings panels for choosing background pictures.11:49
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mptJust completed initial draft of Background settings design for the phone. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Appearance#Phone16:30
snwhmpt, cool stuff :)16:33
mptNow writing up the Brightness settings design16:38
mpt(None of this iOS "Brightness & Wallpaper" or Gnome "Brightness & Lock" nonsense)16:39
snwhAndroid, shuffles brightness under "Display" along with wallpaper, rotation, sleep, font and "Daydream" (screensavers lol)16:45
mptBrightness: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Brightness#Phone16:55
mptHeh, "Daydream"16:56
mptsnwh, seems to me that rotation is the sort of thing you'd never want to go into settings for, only ever more quickly than that16:57
mptlike sound volume16:57
mptHmmm, what to do next17:09
snwhI wonder if I can get and electric sheep "daydream"17:11
snwhmpt, I agree. on my nexus 7 rotation is in the "quick settings"17:12
snwhmpt, what about data usage et al.?17:13
mptThat is on my list, and it might help with debugging during development17:13
mptI think knowing what version you're actually using might be even more helpful for debugging :-)17:14
snwhI assume that'd go under "About Phone"17:14
mptand that should be much easier to design and implement, so I might do that one and then do data storage17:14
snwhI meant data usage as in Wifi17:14
snwhmobile data17:15
mptSorry, I misread as data storage17:15
snwhfor those of us without the unlimited data plans, I find it useful lol17:15
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