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pittidesrt: I was, but there were two metric tons of rejections and some more problems, so I put that on the backburner; it's accepted upstream now, isn't it?03:45
pittiTrevinho: ah, that's right03:45
pittiTrevinho: I uploaded policykit-desktop-privileges_0.14.dsc to fix that, but it'll be stuck in unapproved until after beta-203:48
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desrtpitti: upstream did a different patch04:46
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BigWhaleGood Morning.05:51
didrockshey BigWhale!05:55
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BigWhaledidrocks, hey. :)06:09
BigWhaleWho do I go to if my go to Ubuntu upload guy is missing? :)06:09
didrocksBigWhale: patch pilot is working fine nowadays :)06:11
didrocksBigWhale: like the list was at ~14 items yesterday, directly pinging the patch pilot helps!06:12
BigWhalepatch pilot?06:12
didrocksBigWhale: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/CodeReviews06:12
didrocksBigWhale: you never noticed all those emails on the ubuntu-devel ML?06:13
BigWhaleI am not really familiar with all the official channels. :/ I was just bugging ken. :>06:13
didrocksjust go on #ubuntu-devel, follow the regular sponsorship process (see above, there are links ;)). If there is someone in /topic with patch pilot, you can in addition directly pings them!06:13
BigWhaleOk, thanks. :)06:15
didrocksyw ;)06:16
BigWhalehmmm... now I'm all confused. I just want Kazam which is now at 1.4.1 in Raring to get bumped to 1.4.2 :>06:18
BigWhaleI'll ask around. :)06:19
jibelgood morning06:50
didrockssalut jibel, ça va?06:50
jibelsalut didrocks ! Ça va bien et toi ?06:50
didrocksjibel: ça va bien :)06:52
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ogra_seb128, any objection to make the terminals recommends of u-desktop ?07:36
ogra_(they are hard deps atm)07:36
seb128ogra_, none to me07:36
* ogra_ does it then 07:36
seb128in practice all non-key-piece-of-infrastructure could be recommends07:37
ogra_hmm, or i'll better wait until beta is out07:37
seb128like there is no reason to force apps on users07:37
seb128well, commit to the seed so it gets in next time somebody refresh the package07:37
pittihey seb128, bonjour07:40
seb128pitti, salut, ça va bien ?07:40
pittiseb128: oui, merci; et toi ?07:40
seb128pitti, très bien, merci ;-)07:41
darkxstpitti, hi09:11
pittihello darkxst09:12
darkxstI think we should have a bunch of crash reports against packages with ddebs now09:13
darkxstbug 116340009:14
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davmor2hey guys I have an odd issue, all the album art from my u1 music isn't showing up in nautilus, rb or dash.  This is only for local music according to eyed3 the image is imbedded in the mp3 so I am wondering if it is something that nautilus is striping out some how?11:13
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davmor2hey guys I have an odd issue, all the album art from my u1 music isn't showing up in nautilus, rb or dash.  This is only for local music according to eyed3 the image is imbedded in the mp3 so I am wondering if it is something that nautilus is striping out some how?11:23
davmor2sorry if that is a reapet I wasn't sure if it got through11:24
seb128it went11:25
seb128nautilus is not modifying any file so that's not it for sure11:25
seb128not sure how the artwork is embedded in the file, maybe gstreamer/whatever is handling that is having an issue with it11:26
davmor2seb128: thanks, eyed3 is listing it like this https://pastebin.canonical.com/88389/  I'm not sure why nautilus isn't showing  it though as far as I know it is in Quantal >  is displaying it just not in the latest raring, this was an install from Tuesdays iso11:31
seb128where was it displayed before? as thumbnail in nautilus?11:32
seb128can you open a bug with an example file attached?11:32
davmor2seb128: in ~/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One/<artist_name>/<album>/  the track.mp3 would show the album art11:36
davmor2seb128: I don't know if I can add a commercial purchased mp3 to a launchpad bug for legal reasons, I can possibly share one with you directly11:37
seb128can you test if the same file was showing previews in quantal (or precise)?11:38
davmor2seb128: I can when I get home11:38
davmor2seb128: I'm co-working today11:39
seb128k, let me know how that works11:39
davmor2seb128: no worries if it shows up in quantal and precise and not in raring I'll open up a bug.11:40
seb128if you open a bug maybe put a link to a temporary u1 link to download the song11:40
seb128or just share the link in private on IRC11:41
seb128but first I would need a better description of the issue11:41
seb128nautilus doesn't display thumbnails of mp3 with a covert art image here11:41
seb128but I'm not sure it ever did11:41
seb128the dash/rhythmbox show those though11:41
davmor2seb128: right I'll add a load of screenshot of what I see in raring in comparison to what I see  in Quantal/Precise too then.  Along with eyed3 info on tracks.11:48
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attentehey seb12813:05
attentewhat version of g-c-c will be in S?13:05
seb128attente, hey13:05
seb128good question, I don't know yet13:05
seb1283.8 if possible13:05
seb128but they "broke" quite some stuff for us13:05
ogra_i think its 3.7 now13:06
seb128like they statically link all their panels13:06
ogra_(i.e. what will be in the initial toolchain upload)13:06
seb128which makes harder to have external panels13:06
ogra_oh. lol13:06
seb128ogra_, gnome-control-center13:06
seb128ogra_, you are on #desktop, not  #toolchain ;-)13:06
* ogra_ totally missed what channel he was in and even more missed the dashes13:06
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rsachahi. can anybody tell me something about how the unity launcher retrieves the bookmark information displayed when right-klicking on the nautilus launcher icon?13:19
didrocksrsacha: it's from the .desktop file of the application for the static quicklists13:19
didrocksfor nautilus, it's a dynamic one13:20
didrocksso it's the nautilus process which is exposing its bookmarks13:20
rsachadidrock: what a pity - i hoped it would fetch it from the .gtk-bookmarks file13:20
seb128it sort of does13:21
seb128through nautilus13:21
seb128nautilus reads that file13:21
rsachaseb128, i see.13:21
didrocksin adding to that, it's exposing the default ones, what .gtk-bookmarks wouldn't have13:22
rsachabackground is that we use 12.04 in an ltsp environment and nautilus has to run on the appserver. when it runs on that appserver, no bookmarks are displayed in the nautilus launcher.13:22
rsachais there any way to create a workaround for that scenario?13:23
didrocksI have no knowledge of LTSP, but if you can come with a patch with tests from someone knowing it, that would be great. I think it's a bigger issue with dynamic quicklist and LTSP though13:23
rsachadidrocks, i guess our setup: launcher=local and nautilus=remote is rather exotic and i wonder if it makes sense to create a patch for that :)13:25
didrocksrsacha: indeed, it's quite hackish ;) I doubt you will find a reliable workaround though :)13:26
rsachadidrocks, true. iw onder if it is possible to start a nautilus process locally in "hidden" mode - one that doesn't appear in the launcher and doesn't draw the desktop. that way, the launcher would retrieve the needed information for the remote nautilus from the local nautilus process13:28
didrocksrsacha: that's possible, if you click on the nautilus icon, you have a local version running?13:29
rsachadidrocks, no, we created /usr/local/bin/nautilus which is a script that runs "ltsp-remoteapps nautilus". so everytime we run nautilus it is started remotely. the only way to start it locally is to run /usr/bin/nautilus directly13:33
didrocksrsacha: you probably have issues with bamf matching I guess13:35
rsachadidrocks, uuh-ooh. bamf, never knew that something like that existed :)13:38
didrocksrsacha: right, taht's why I think the support isn't there nor really possible :)13:40
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desrtseb128: hey... looks like my suspicion that we would have more breakage caused by my iface-after-init changes uncovered only after the stable release turned out to be true15:42
seb128desrt, gtkmm and mono?15:42
desrtseb128: some c++ and c# apps are broken as a result.  there is a workaround in glib that will be part of .1 but maybe you want to pick the changes in the meantime15:42
seb128desrt, will do, thanks15:43
desrtboth camps agreed to try to have a 'real fix' by next cycle15:43
seb128you basically broke all the bindings but only pitti noticed and got pygobject fixed? ;-)15:44
pittito be fair, desrt pointed out the breakage15:44
pittiI didn't have to discover by accident15:44
pittialthough the test suite would have told me fairly quickly :)15:45
desrtseb128: problem is that neither gtkmm nor gtk# follow the unstable cycle15:45
desrtwhich is fine.... i expected that there would be people who didn't notice until now15:45
desrtthat's why i made the change the way i did15:45
desrteasy to backout and/or add exceptions15:45
seb128that still makes me a bit uneasy15:46
desrtit ought to15:46
desrtit makes me uneasy too15:46
desrtbut i'm pretty sure it's the right way15:46
seb128like are we going to find next that the java bindings have the same issue? ;-)15:46
seb128(not sure if anyone uses those)15:46
desrti've stopped caring about supporting weird uses of glib in a 100% compatible way forever15:47
desrtit's far more realistic to be compatible for 99% of the apps out there and have good mechanisms for distros to deal with the 1% cases in a sane way15:47
seb128desrt, do you plan to commit those to https://git.gnome.org/browse/glib/log/?h=glib-2-36 as well?15:58
desrtoh.  right15:58
desrtthanks for the obvious reminder :p15:59
seb128yw ;-)15:59
desrtin fact, it's questionable that they should be on master at all15:59
desrtbut i guess people running the development release may as well be without crashes for now :)15:59
seb128yeah, will make binding people happier I think15:59
seb128let them some time to fix their side15:59
desrtcherry-picked and pushed16:00
apt-get_installdidrocks, there?16:02
didrockshey apt-get_install!16:03
didrocksyep ;)16:03
apt-get_installWill I be able to compile and install programs from source on Ubuntu Touch? (didrocks)16:03
didrocksapt-get_install: sure, it's even already possible :)16:04
* ogra_ wonders why you dont ask in #ubuntu-touch ;)16:04
bhaveshidk if my question is related to the topic, but I just wanted to know if Ubuntu touch works only for high end phones or even on phones with 1Ghz singe core processor and 512MB RAM?16:04
didrocksogra_: we were after the hangout and we told people to come on #ubuntu-desktop for those still having questions16:04
apt-get_installdidrocks: nice, thanks16:04
didrocksogra_: it wasn't a touch show related :)16:04
ogra_didrocks, ah, cool16:04
didrocksogra_: do you have the webpages for bhavesh with the low-end device and high-end device? (IIRC, there is one)16:05
apt-get_installand will Ubuntu Touch be rooted as deafult?16:05
ogra_you mean the ones that UTouch was ported to yet ?16:05
didrocksbhavesh: ^16:05
bhaveshdidrocks, ogra_ Thank you. <316:06
nikthdidrocks, how about an idea to run an image of Ubuntu for mobile on a PC TV stick such as .. Rikomagic ? Will that be possible at all ? worth to try it ? Thanks16:06
didrocksapt-get_install: yeah, for only touch question, we should migrate to #ubuntu-touch, but it's the kind of questions we don't know yet :)16:06
ogra_apt-get_install, the version you install on your own will ... versions on devices preinstalled by manufacturers will likely not (depends on the manufacturer)16:06
apt-get_installlike android then?16:06
ogra_well, carriers and manufacturers often require that16:07
apt-get_installso, you must jailbreak it then16:07
ogra_but if we have a carrier device there will very likely be an ubuntu image you can install yourself on it16:07
apt-get_installI rather download and install it by my own16:07
didrocksnikth: there is a porting guide, if it's running android, it will be really easy (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting). For others, can be a little bit harder ;)16:07
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nikthYea didrocks  , for me (I have a RockChip) is little bit harder , is not so Linux friendly. The SoC is rooted by default but ... we'll see. Thanks for the link !16:08
didrocksnikth: yw! :-)16:09
didrocksmterry: I loose faith in humanity understanding sarcasm :)16:36
didrocksmterry: especially if they listened to the show when I talked about a wine indicator :)16:37
mterrydidrocks, I felt bad for peeps, they seemed to actually be upset16:37
didrocksindeed, it's all dholbach's fault! Germans, again :-)16:37
mterrydidrocks, you're not in #ubuntu-touch?16:37
didrocksoh hey ogra_!16:37
* didrocks joins one more channel for spam ;)16:38
ogra_didrocks, intresting, sarcasm usually makes me grow faiuth in humanity :)16:38
didrocksogra_: well, they didn't get it, that's why I'm loosing faith ;)16:39
ogra_heh, ok16:39
rvrdidrocks: Loosing faith is cool ;)16:40
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seb128mterry, don't ruin the g+ comments fun :p17:18
mterryseb128, heh, I felt bad17:18
seb128mterry, no trolling on social media websites? :-(17:19
ogra_huh ?17:20
ogra_i thought thats what G+ is for17:20
ogra_trolling and cat pictures17:20
didrocksogra_: I don't have the same circles than you it seems17:22
didrocks(for cat pictures ;))17:22
didrockscat: pictures: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type17:22
didrocksbtw ;)17:22
ogra_well, there also is that small fraction of people that break their phone backs all the time to take pics of the cracks ...17:23
* ogra_ looks at popey 17:23
* popey flutters his eyes at ogra_ 17:23
didrocksogra_: oh right, they seem to really perservere in that path :p17:24
ogra_my nexus4 lives in a phone sock ...  i drop it all the time :)17:24
* Nafallo just put an invisibleShield on his beloved phone.17:25
Nafallonow I just need to wait 12-24 hours to get to use it again.17:25
ogra_i had such a rubber condom ... but it makes it look like an iphone17:25
* didrocks waves good evening17:40
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GunnarHjAnybody who can create a Precise task at bug 1161953?20:43
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1161953 in language-selector (Ubuntu) "gnome-language-selector crashed with TypeError in _expand_pkg_pattern(): not enough arguments for format string" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116195320:43
rsalvetibryce: I'm looking at the xorg fix for bug 98288920:48
ubot2`Launchpad bug 982889 in OEM Priority Project precise "X trying to start before plymouth has finished using the drm driver" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98288920:48
rsalvetido you know if this patch is still needed?20:48
rsalvetiit broke all platform devices (not pci), including panda20:48
rsalvetibecause the patch is trying to parse the syspath by hand, and just dealing with the pci use case20:49
rsalvetiwhile before it was grabbing the busid from the drm functions20:49
rsalvetibryce: the patch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5677931/20:50
rsalvetitjaalton: ^20:50
tjaaltonrsalveti: mlankhorst did further changes to it20:52
bryceyeah the syspath stuff was mlankhorst's change20:52
rsalvetitjaalton: right, seems the description is not matching the patch20:52
brycemaybe we should switch to the patchset I sent upstream20:52
rsalvetibryce: have the link?20:52
bryceyeah one sec20:52
mlankhorstrsalveti: judging from the kernel that was the only working case..20:53
mlankhorstmaybe I misread it20:53
rsalvetinops, we also have platform devices20:54
rsalvetisuch as /sys/devices/platform/omapdrm/drm/card020:54
rsalvetimlankhorst: ^20:54
rsalvetibryce: thanks20:54
mlankhorstI see, I'll try to make it work correctly on pandaboard then20:55
rsalvetimlankhorst: shouldn't we just use the patches that bryce sent upstream?20:56
mlankhorstrsalveti: it's a workaround, I'd rather drop the patch entirely20:56
mlankhorstsince his version basically didn t work and only timed out, maybe that's fixed now, but if we could determine busid without requiring master then I think we should...20:57
rsalvetimlankhorst: problem is that we'd be parsing the string by hand20:57
rsalvetinot that elegant20:57
rsalvetithe busid for panda would be platform:omapdrm:020:58
mlankhorstindeed, I'd rather have it as sysfs property...20:58
mlankhorstwhich wouldn't be too hard20:58
rsalvetiso we need to grab the driver name and then the card id20:58
mlankhorstor just fallback if it's not a pci device20:58
mlankhorstwould that be ok?20:58
rsalvetimlankhorst: yup20:59
rsalvetimlankhorst: will you work on this patch?20:59
mlankhorstcan you open a bug report and assign it to me?20:59
rsalvetithere's one already, let me post the details there20:59
mlankhorstI'm not on my computer, and about to fall asleep :P20:59
rsalvetimlankhorst: bug 116198121:06
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1161981 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Boot stalls after Ubuntu Raring desktop ARM (Panda board) install" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116198121:06
thumpercan someone explain to me why I don't have any Display system settings any more (with raring)?22:03
thumperalso, why don't I have the sync indicator showing?22:03
sarnoldthumper: hrm, I've got a "displays" system settings page on my intel hd4000 raring ...22:04
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thumpersarnold: I went through a phase of having two...22:05
thumpersarnold: and now I have none...22:05
sarnoldthumper: haha :) nice22:05
bschaeferthumper, i've had a few of mine 'disappeared' with recent updates...check if you have them installed22:05
thumpersarnold: the early two was when I was on quantal with a development ppa22:05
thumperbschaefer: what should be installed?22:05
bschaeferthumper, hmm check if you have: gnome-control-center22:06
bschaeferand possibly gnome-backgrounds22:06
thumperbschaefer: Installed: 1:3.6.3-0ubuntu1822:06
* bschaefer forgot which one was missing22:06
bschaeferthumper, you've got gnome-backgrounds as well?22:08
thumperbschaefer: no22:10
koderhello everybody22:12
bschaeferthumper, well hopefully that'll give you system display back...but I think that was for appearance...22:12
thumperbschaefer: you are right, I have displays, but no appearance22:13
thumperbschaefer: any clue about the sync indicator?22:13
bschaeferthumper, hmm i had a few indicators go away as well try: sudo apt-get install indicator-sync22:14
thumpergah, session indicator all screwed up again22:14
thumperafter install22:14
thumpershows all users as ((null))22:14
bschaeferi've not seen that!22:14
bschaeferthumper, possibly a compiz --replace ccp22:14
thumperI get it whenever the system indicator is updated22:14
bschaeferwell I only have guest and my own account, so i22:15
bschaeferi've never noticed it change to null22:15
thumperI have a second account where I have personal stuff only open22:15
thumperso I can use my laptop without thinking of work22:15
thumperso I have email, but just personal email22:15
thumperirc, but just personal irc22:15
bschaefero nice, I use to do that with my desktop but i've stopped using it...I should split things up like that as well22:16
* thumper waves at jasoncwarner22:16
jasoncwarnerhey thumper22:16
jasoncwarnerthumper I don't know why you don't have the display settings or indicator. can you file a bug and we'll look into it?22:16
thumperjasoncwarner: I was wrong, it was appearance I was missing, not displays22:17
thumperbut sure, I can file a bug22:17
thumperjust installing the kernel updates, so will need to reboot after that22:17
jasoncwarnerthumper, yeah, reboot and see if it persists22:18
thumperjasoncwarner: I just installed gnome-backgrounds which bschaefer seemed to think was needed22:18
thumperjasoncwarner: but wasn't in the deps, so somehow got removed?22:18
thumperI'd hope that in making sure I had ubuntu-desktop installed, I'd get all the goodness22:19
* bschaefer had the entire g-c-c go away a week or so ago22:20
bschaeferbut I just needed to re-install somethings...22:20
thumpershould I have a dkms.conf file?22:21
thumperI get: Error! Could not locate dkms.conf file. after every kernel update22:22
* thumper reboots22:22
thumperjasoncwarner_: any particular tag I should use for the bugs?22:24
brycejasoncwarner, any lockups since changing the semaphores setting?22:25
thumperjasoncwarner: what should I file the bugs under?22:25
* thumper files three bugs22:27
jasoncwarner_bryce: no hangouts just yet...fingers crossed!22:30
thumperjasoncwarner: bugs filed and links in a PM22:41
* thumper saves extra peer reviews for after lunch22:41
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RAOFdesrt: Want to pop into #ubuntu-mir for a moment? We'd like to make your life more awesome.23:07

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