Bonezdo any of you folks manage the actual ubuntu repositories?03:38
sarnoldsome people here are archive admins..03:40
Bonezi'm assuming ubuntu uses dak to manage its repositories?03:42
StevenKWe do not.03:42
pittiGood morning03:44
Bonezwell that sucks. thanks anyways then.03:44
ion… indeed03:49
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dholbachgood morning07:10
didrocksgood morning Mr Holbach :)07:10
dholbachsalut didrocks07:11
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dokocjwatson, is there light at the end of the haskell tunnel?09:20
evslangasek: due to a bug (https://bugs.launchpad.net/errors/+bug/1154189) I cannot see the graph for that bucket.09:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1154189 in Errors "Short URLs for buckets" [High,Triaged]09:29
evI have a branch to fix the URL issue. Please feel free to file a bug for anything amiss you find in the data (http://launchpad.net/errors/+filebug)09:30
cjwatsondoko: it's some way off yet, but I think so.  Definitely making progress09:42
dokojodh, should upstart-monitor be kept in main?09:45
dokoDaviey, zul: should cinder-backup, python-pybabel, quantum-lbaas-agent quantum-plugin-midonet  be kept in main?09:46
Davieydoko: I believe so09:47
dokoseb128, didrocks: should gwibber, gcalctool be kept in main?09:47
dokoDaviey, could you seed these?09:47
seb128doko, no to both09:47
jodhdoko: it's not essential, so maybe not. But would it be odd to have a single source package with binary packages in different repos?09:47
seb128doko, gcalctool is a dummy transitional package (got renamed gnome-calculator)09:47
dokojodh, it's your call09:48
sorenjodh: No, that's not odd at all. It's quite common.09:48
sorenjodh: So don't let that affect your decision.09:49
Davieydoko: ack09:49
dokocjwatson, should libdrm2-udeb be kept in main?09:49
dokoseb128, can you help with account-plugin-icons?09:50
seb128doko, what about it?09:50
dokoshould it be kept in main?09:50
jodhdoko/soren: I'm easy where it lives then :) It just ended up in main by default.09:50
seb128doko, probably not, it's a dummy transitional package09:51
dokoseb128, ok, demoting09:51
dokojodh, could you seed it?09:51
cjwatsondoko: No.  Moved to universe09:51
cjwatsonseed upstart-monitor> I would suggest lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/platform.raring supported-sysadmin-common09:53
cjwatsonOr perhaps supported-sysadmin-desktop since it includes GUI support09:53
cjwatson(Doesn't matter that much, it's support lifetime pedantry)09:54
jodhcjwatson: thanks09:55
dokoseb128, should ubuntu-system-service be demoted?09:55
dokoor maybe removed?09:56
pittiseb128: ^ is that actually completely replaced by other things? didn't that set the apt proxy in the past?10:01
seb128doko, pitti: no, it's still useful and should still be installed by default10:03
seb128let me find the right place to add back a depends/recommends10:03
seb128what pitti said10:03
pittiseb128: did we switch over to system-services now?10:03
pittiah, so we did10:04
seb128pitti, we did, and I dropped the u-s-s systemd compat parts10:04
seb128but as you said it still does stuff useful for us10:04
seb128we didn't get to move those bits somewhere else yet10:04
pittiseb128: what's left except the apt proxy stuff?10:05
seb128pitti, some keyboard stuff10:06
seb128pitti, but I'm not sure where/if we still use that10:06
pittiisn't that being done by accountsservice now?10:06
pittianother instance where I'd love to have codesearch.ubuntu.com :)10:07
seb128pitti, is has "is_reboot_required" as well10:07
seb128pitti, yeah, would be useful to have a codesearch, I'm wondering if we have anything left using those inferfaces10:09
pittiseb128: I guess apt proxy is g-c-c ?10:09
seb128pitti, it was, but we didn't port that feature to the new network panel afaik10:09
seb128so I'm not even sure it's used atm10:09
pittignome-control-center-3.6.3/debian/patches/50_ubuntu_systemwide_proxy.patch:+                                       "com.ubuntu.SystemService",10:10
pittiwe still have that10:11
pittiapparently upstream doesn't have a system-wide proxy config10:11
seb128pitti, series: "#50_ubuntu_systemwide_proxy.patch needs-rewrite"10:11
pittiit's not used at all in software-properties10:12
seb128pitti, right, one of the blueprint mention that it's planned to add to n-m10:12
pittiso I suppose the keyboard stuff can go as well10:12
seb128pitti, what's the right thing to grep for? com.ubuntu.SystemService I guess?10:12
pittiupdate-notifier and software-properties also don't use u-s-s10:12
seb128pitti, I will ask jdstrand if he can archive grep for it10:12
pittiseb128: *nod*10:12
seb128jdstrand, hey, is there any chance you could archive grep for com.ubuntu.SystemService in raring?10:13
seb128pitti, the only match in my local packaging dir is g-c-c and the patch is commented of the serie10:14
pittiso I suppose there's no need to add a dependency right now10:14
pittii. e. raring just can't set system-wide proxy with a GUI10:14
seb128right, we might want to try to fix that before release though10:15
seb128not sure how important the feature is10:15
* xnox had multiple reports from people not managing to get proxy settings right globally. E.g. apt-get works, yet downloading flash in the flashplugin-installer times-out and doesn't have the right proxy settings =(10:25
xnoxis_reboot_required - shouldn't that now be handled by the upstart file bridge? or do we need to enable user sessions as well (not enabled by default for raring) ?10:25
seb128xnox, well, that code gives a dbus interface to query to know if a reboot is required10:26
seb128not sure what uses it, seems like that should be an info available in aptd though10:27
seb128that's useful for e.g update-manager or the indicator-session to turn the icon red10:27
xnoxseb128: /me thought that we emit a dbus broadcast event upon flaggin up "reboot required" for the indicators and the like. They don't poll the status.10:28
xnoxoh, they might on startup/first login.10:28
seb128stuff like update-manager are not running all the time10:29
xnoxseb128: we can totally add that dbus interface to upstart, which has everything on dbus already.10:29
xnoxseb128: e.g. a file-bridge dbus interface to check reboot_required file, wherever that file is.10:29
seb128wouldn't it make sense to have that interface provided by aptd rather?10:30
seb128that seems like the appropriate service for package management related apis10:30
pittiseb128: preferably we don't want to trigger aptd on every boot each time, though10:31
pittiit's really heavy10:31
seb128that's a good point10:31
pittiprograms could just look for the stamp file10:31
pittithis is all heavily ubuntu specific anyway, so if we hardcode the ubuntu specific path or the ubuntu specific dbus name doesn't make much of a difference from a maintenance POV10:32
pittibut a huge one for performance10:32
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pittithe same is true for u-s-s, of course (being written in python)10:33
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vrodichey guys, i've just upgraded to 13.04 from 12.04, and now my single ext4 root filesystem doesn't unmount cleanly on reboot. a known bug?10:48
xnoxpitti: looking at the code for bug 1103024 the __gsignal__ only specifies 3 parameters. Unless action-done is name clashing with some other "action-done" with 5 parameters?10:50
ubottubug 1103024 in apturl (Ubuntu Raring) "apturl-gtk crashed with TypeError in _on_finished(): 5 parameters needed for signal action-done; 3 given" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110302410:50
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OdyXtkamppeter: build in the pipes11:22
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jdstrandseb128: re archive grep> started11:50
xnoxdoko: some of the underlinking is reported during gtk-doc builds, which frankly we don't care about underlinking as it does build a scanner only to find relevant/wanted symbols.11:51
xnoxcan it be somehow disabled in gtk-doc?11:51
seb128jdstrand, hey, thanks!11:51
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tkamppeterOdyX, OK. I am assuming that you are based on today's BZR commit (including the cups-browsed.postinst to overtake cupsd.conf entries).12:03
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jibeljtaylor, I proposed a patch for bug 1164362, if it is accepted you can keep the versions in ipython's test control file.12:08
ubottubug 1164362 in autopkgtest (Ubuntu) " autopkgtest: doesn't support versioned dependencies" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116436212:08
jibeljtaylor, just fix the deps for the test 'incomplete-install', there is a comma missing, and add python-lxml and python3-lxml to tools2 and tools3 dependencies respectively12:08
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OdyXtkamppeter: saw them later on; yes.12:11
OdyXtkamppeter: uploaded to experimental right now.12:11
tkamppeterOdyX, thanks.12:12
OdyXtkamppeter: I have pushed my changes to the repository.12:13
OdyXtkamppeter: can you tag the repository for me. I'm done with fighting with bzr…12:16
dokoxnox, sorry, failing to parse that ...12:35
Mirvdidrocks: hi. upstream has approved my patch to Qt Creator fixing bug #1135336 , at  lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/qtcreator12:36
ubottubug 1135336 in qtcreator (Ubuntu) "Qt Creator misconfigures itself on first run if qt4-qmake is installed (does not respect qt5-default)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/113533612:36
Mirvif you're willing to sponsor12:36
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xnoxdoko: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/136066048/buildlog_ubuntu-raring-i386.glade-3_3.8.0-0ubuntu5_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz fails during scanning docs. Can that "undefined reference to symbol" be optional at gtk-doc stage?12:37
didrocksMirv: oh, excellent news! do you mind summing that up for me on how this is fixed?12:37
didrocksMirv: like, I never lauchad qtcreator and installed qt4-qmake12:37
didrockswhat happens? :)12:37
Mirvdidrocks: it configures the Qt for you that is the default (Qt 5 in case of qt5-default)12:38
didrocksMirv: the fact to prefer qmake will should both qt5 and qt4 projects?12:38
didrocksin the new project window?12:39
Mirvdidrocks: it will show both qt quick 1 and quick 2, if that's the question, yes12:40
Mirv(Qt 5 supports qt quick 1 as well)12:40
didrocksMirv: exactly, thanks! :)12:40
didrocksah, that was what I meant, didn't realize the qt quick1 was coming from qt512:40
didrocksbut yeah, makes sense12:40
didrocksMirv: building and sponsoring :)12:40
dokoxnox, I don't think so. so is this gtk-doc which needs the fix? apparently something is linked during the doc build12:40
dokoseb128, ^^^12:40
seb128no idea about gtk-doc12:41
Mirvdidrocks: Qt Quick of Qt 4 was renamed to Qt Quick 1 when Qt 5 / Qt Quick 2 came out12:41
didrocksMirv: right right, I just didn't think about it when looking at the dialog that even qt quick 1 was indeed still coming from qt5 ;)12:41
didrocksMirv: nice work, the patch makes sense :)12:41
Mirvthanks. nice that upstream agreed, I was wondering if they had some other logic on mind.12:42
didrocksMirv: yeah, it seems too obvious and tricky. Great that you get them reviewed first, I was afraid of side-effects :)12:42
xnoxdoko: so to generate gobject like API docs, a scanner is compiled and linked against a library one have just built. And like a lot of ugly things, it only links that .so and nothing else. As well frankly it doesn't care about linking in the dependencies.12:43
xnoxdoko: anyway I uploaded a fix in glade-3, but I wonder how many more of "failed to build gtk api docs" we have in that test rebuild.12:44
dokoxnox, seb128: well, you could patch gtk-doc to explicitly pass --copy-dt-needed-entries12:45
xnoxdoko: nice. well just patch the gtk-doc included makefile snippet to do that in the correct target.12:46
xnox(that snippet is used by all gtk-doc packages, as that's the way to build gtk-docs)12:46
xnoxvia include.12:46
dokolamont, do you have a complete log for bug 1157687?12:50
ubottubug 1157687 in python2.7 (Ubuntu) "Upgrade to raring fails in prerm" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115768712:50
dokojibel, did you see this upgrade issue? ^^^ (or aren't you involved anymore with upgrade testing?)12:59
jibeldoko, psivaa and plars are doing upgrade testing now. psivaa plars did you see this issue^13:02
lamontdoko: looking13:03
psivaajibel: no i did not see this issue, i normally update quantal before upgrading to raring and not sure if thats the reason why we do not see that.13:05
dokoxnox, are you working on the gtk-doc patch?13:07
ev@pilot in13:08
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Ubuntu 12.10 released | Archive: Final Beta Freeze | Devel of Ubuntu (not support or app devel) | build failures -> http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/ | #ubuntu for support and discussion of hardy -> quantal | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots: ev
xnoxdoko: well back from lunch. Will quickly check how many other things failed at gtk-doc, and whether it's worthwhile to do in gtk-doc.,13:11
tkamppeterOdyX, why have you added your own init script for cups-browsed? there is an upstream one in utils/cups-browsed.in.13:32
plarsjibel, psivaa: no doesn't look like anything I saw either13:36
xnoxdoko: couldn't find another instance so far.13:36
nigelbpitti: Do you know if/when there will be an update for postgres in the ubuntu repos for today's sec release?13:36
xnoxnigelb: > #ubuntu-hardened maybe?13:36
xnoxfor security team.13:37
nigelbxnox: Aha, thanks!13:37
plarsjibel, psivaa: only thing I had problems with was compiz (shocker!) :)13:37
pittinigelb: way ahead of you :)13:37
nigelbpitti: already building?13:37
pittinigelb: it was built two days ago, mdeslaur is pushing out the announcements and packages right now13:37
nigelbor already *built*13:37
nigelbGood job you guys! :)13:37
pittinigelb: upstream, debian security, ubuntu security and me are currently doing live coordination13:38
* pitti currently feeding his backport PPA13:38
pmcgowanjdstrand: re the app launcher how is the app actually invoked such that this launcher is used13:41
tvosspmcgowan, the shell needs to make sure that the launcher is invoked as I understand it13:41
barrydoko: are you going to give back pycurl?13:42
jdstrandpmcgowan: that is TBD. we are going to write a prototype that is just an executable that can do 'applaunch /opt/../bin/foo' (or something)13:42
jdstrandpmcgowan: but we figured this would be more closely integrated with Unity13:42
pmcgowanok makes sense13:43
jdstrandpmcgowan: hence the 'handoff' portion13:43
pittioh dear, the PPA autobuilders are totally blocked at a bad time13:43
cjwatsonpitti: asking for score bumps would be justified13:43
ricmm_jdstrand: is the invocation just a middle-exec ?13:43
pitticjwatson: I did bump them (psql security updates)13:43
tvossjdstrand, is there a work item for the apparmor definition step (leaving aside how to do it)?13:43
ricmm_or is it a service that exposes an API13:44
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jdstrandtvoss: in that same blueprint, there is work for the apparmor definition. next month (iirc) we start looking at making it integrate with the SDK13:45
tvossjdstrand, cool13:45
OdyXtkamppeter: which is too generic as far as I'm concerned. Also $cups and $alioth don't work.13:46
tvossjdstrand, we were initially thinking about an executor approach that allows for more fine-grained entry points to an application than just int main(...)13:46
jdstrandricmm: my team is concerned really on with making sure the sandbox is setup properly. I think the Unity team is in the best position to define (with our review) how to execute a sandboxed app13:46
ricmmI mean in terms of the launcher, just wondering what your planned implementation for it is in terms of consumers13:46
mitya57pitti: hi, did you see debian bug 700838? do you want me to write a patch for it? :)13:46
ricmmnot just the definition of the sandbox itself13:46
ubottuDebian bug 700838 in calibre "calibre: embedded copy of libjs-mathjax" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/70083813:46
pittimitya57: oh, please13:46
ricmmor maybe I'm reading this wrong and the launcher is actually a work item on someone elses plate, to match your sandbox definition13:47
jdstrandtvoss: sure. do you have existing code for this?13:47
OdyXtkamppeter: also, it would be ideal if cups-browsed could 1) fork itself; 2) write its pidfile somewhere on his own.13:47
tvossjdstrand, nope, it was more an initial idea that would allow us to offer test executors and the like13:48
jdstrandricmm: well that's just it. we don't have a planned implementation for consumers. we have a plan for the sandbox setup. we want to plugin to your (I'm assuming you are on the Unity team) plan for executing things13:48
tvossjdstrand, however, people vetoed the idea for multiple reasons, among them the lack of protection of the executor, and the argument that not every app will be an executable/shared library13:49
jdstrandwhich is why we are just doing a super simple prototype at first13:49
jdstrandtvoss: I'm not sure I understand that comment. can you rephrase? for an app to be confined properly, it needs to have its own pid for attachment such that we can attach a profile to it for that application13:50
jdstrandie, multiple tabs for different HTML5 apps won't do13:51
tvossjdstrand, okay, the idea was that the executor is an executable that loads an app from a shared-object by resolving some pre-defined entry points, obviously, we could run the executor in your sandboxed env13:51
jdstrand(well, unless each tab is a separate process-- it gets slightly more complicated there, but it is technically doiable)13:51
jdstrandtvoss: this executor you refer to-- is that for the entire supported set of apps? (HTML5, QML, etc)13:53
tvossjdstrand, yup, that was the idea, although we didn't explore it any deeper tbh13:53
mitya57pitti: unrar in dfsg tarball?13:53
jdstrandtvoss: ok, so your executor could be our app launcher (ie, we plugin to it to setup the sandboxed env)13:54
jdstrandtvoss: we have the aa_change_profile() library call that we can use in the executor to change into the apparmor profile at an appropriate time (eg, just before fork())13:55
tvossjdstrand, interesting .. perhaps we stick to your first cut of main as an entry point and see how we can evolve things over time?13:55
jdstrandtvoss: I'm fine with proceeding how it makes sense. the prototype we want to have is really about showing how to setup the sandbox. that code can be pulled in to Unity in your executor or in some other fashion however it works best for Unity13:57
ScottKpitti: If you have postgresql-9.1 ready for raring, go ahead and upload (or when you do).  I'm happy to go ahead and accept it, freeze or no.13:57
tvossjdstrand, cool :) that sounds like a really good idea13:57
pittiScottK: ah, can do; I was going to sync it in about two hours or so, as dinstall is just running13:58
tvossjdstrand, can you point ricmm and me to the branch (under the assumption there is one already?)13:58
looltvoss: It seems practical to me to combine default handlers and apparmor setup in the same wrapper13:58
ScottKpitti: OK.  That should be fine.13:58
pittiScottK: but I can upload a fakesync now of course13:58
looltvoss: e.g. empty event handlers if the shared object doesn't provide this or that callback13:58
pmcgowantvoss: does this have any impact on making a qmlscene replacement for qml apps?13:58
jdstrandtvoss: cool :) so, we'd like to watch the executor work (coordinate, review, get involved), so if that is turning up on BPs, can you ping me and sbeattie (sbeattie will be working on the launcher)13:59
pittiScottK: I'm going to do just that; let's cover all our bases13:59
ScottKpitti: I'll trust you assessment of the urgency.  I mostly wanted to make sure you weren't waiting on beta 2 to release.13:59
loolpmcgowan: We need one to set some env vars in any case13:59
loolalbeit I'm not we have a list13:59
jdstrandtvoss: there is not one already13:59
tvosspmcgowan, totally not13:59
tvosspmcgowan, think about it like a helper that just bootstraps a sandboxed env13:59
jdstrandsbeattie: ^ when you have something, can you point to tvoss and ricmm13:59
ricmmjdstrand: tvoss lets entwine our names in single blueprint that contains the launcher/apparmor and executor story13:59
ricmmfrom the point of view of the extended app lifecycle13:59
ricmmnot just shell->desktop14:00
tvossricmm, +114:00
pittiScottK: oh, it's a merge anyway, darn; I didn't notice that we got ubuntu changes; uploading14:00
ScottKGreat.  Thanks.14:00
jdstrandricmm: sure, we can move our prototype work items over to you-- we just did it where we did since we don't have anything yet :)14:00
ricmmjdstrand: can we maybe have a call to explain how our lifecycle works right now? theres one thing that I deem important for this apparmor story and that is the resuming of previously-running applications after a power cycle and so on14:00
ricmmwe need to retore certain things, so all in all restore the sandbox... etc14:01
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ricmmanyways, would be cool to have a voice call about it as sometimes chat can be slow14:01
ricmmjdstrand: no I'm fine with confinement being handled by your team, I find it awesome14:01
tvossricmm, do you think the app lifecycle bp makes sense?14:01
ricmmgreat work indeed14:01
ricmmtvoss: yes14:01
jdstrandricmm: there shouldn't really be any concerns there-- apparmor policy is loaded into the kernel. any env variables are in memory and other stuff is filesystem, so a suspend/resume shouldn't need any particular attention14:02
jdstrandricmm: but maybe I misunderstand your question14:02
ricmmjdstrand: this is a power cycle scenario, apps exit memory14:02
ricmmand we restore from saved states14:02
ricmmI'd like to discuss the security concerns about it14:02
ricmmand update our lifecycle drafts14:02
jdstrandricmm: ok, please ask mdeslaur and jjohansen to attend the meeting14:03
jdstrand(I can also be there)14:03
jdstrand(mdeslaur is my techlead and jjohansen the apparmor lead)14:03
ricmmawesome, thanks14:03
pittiScottK: uploaded14:03
ricmmtvoss: jdstrand any date preference?14:03
tvossricmm, not on a weekend :)14:04
ricmmjdstrand: is there a blueprint for your work somewhere?14:05
ricmmso we can kind of bridge between our relevant ones and add them to the call14:05
jdstrandricmm: this particular work item is in https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/security-1304-appisolation-example14:06
ScottKpitti: Thanks.  Accepted.14:06
pittiinfinity, Daviey: ^ if you need to rebuild the server ISOs for beta 2 for some reason, including postgresql-9.1 9.1.9 would be a very good idea; I'll warn about this in my blog post14:07
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jdstrandricmm: re date preference> none on my end other than what tvoss said :)14:13
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dholbachdidrocks, ready? :)14:40
didrocksdholbach: seems that rickspencer3 abandonned my hangout, so yeah ;)14:40
rickspencer3hi didrocks14:40
didrocksno worry rickspencer3 :)14:41
dholbachdidrocks, we still have 20m - it's all good :)14:41
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BigWhaleev: I was tolk I could bug you for an upload... :)15:28
evBigWhale: sure15:30
evwell, depends on what you want to upload :)15:30
BigWhaleev: a new release of Kazam. This one, to be more preceise: https://launchpad.net/kazam/stable/1.4.215:32
BigWhale1.4.1 is already in raring, this is just a minor bugfix release.15:32
* ev looks15:33
pittixnox: I'll look at that tomorrow; too much psql troubles this afternoon15:36
tkamppeterOdyX, I had to release cups-filters 1.0.33, there was a NULL check needed. I have updated also the BZR for Debian.15:39
evBigWhale: is there a bug for this?15:40
xnoxpitti: ack.15:41
BigWhaleev: yes, there were two...15:42
BigWhaleThey were targeted15:43
evBigWhale: numbers please :)15:43
BigWhale#1100626 #108543815:44
evBigWhale: ah, I meant targeted against the Ubuntu source package15:45
evfor the upload15:45
evsince it will require freeze exceptions15:45
evBigWhale: see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess15:45
BigWhaleOh, none of them are.15:46
evBigWhale: would you mind creating one http://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kazam/+filebug that requests the new version?15:48
evI'll then attach the debdiff to that15:49
BigWhaleev: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kazam/+bug/116458415:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1164584 in kazam (Ubuntu) "New version request - 1.4.2" [Undecided,New]15:51
* ev moves quick in his remaining 10% of battery15:52
BigWhaleOh, thank you. :)15:52
=== deryck is now known as deryck[lunch]
evBigWhale: I've updated the bug with the debdiff and some follow-up instructions15:59
BigWhaleev: great, thanks!16:00
evonce you have approval from the release team, let whomever is patch piloting know and they can shepherd the upload through16:00
evgood luck! :)16:00
ev@pilot out16:03
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BigWhaleI just subscribed to a bunch of mailing lists... :>16:05
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mdeslaurricmm: whoops, just got your invite...16:15
mdeslaurricmm: are you rescheduling it?16:15
OdyXtkamppeter: ah, great, thanks.16:32
ricmmmdeslaur: yes, rescheduling16:40
roadmrHey folks! I'm backporting a couple of python packages, A depends on B. I successfully backported B, but since it's only available in a PPA, I'm wondering how to indicate that the build for A should use that PPA to install B as a build-depends17:05
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xnoxroadmr: > better ask similar questions on #ubuntu-packaginging. But simply uploading into the same ppa will use depends from that ppa during build.17:15
xnoxroadmr: well "biggest version wins", so packageB in ppa should be >> version number than in ubuntu archive proper.17:15
roadmrxnox: oh perfect! thanks! and OK, I'll ask there next time, didn't know that channel existed :)17:16
zygaxnox: so let's talk about command-not-found here17:25
xnoxzyga: \o/17:25
zygaxnox: so there are a few pieces17:25
zygaxnox: how to rebuild the data17:25
zygaxnox: when to rebuild it17:25
zygaxnox: when it should be documented17:25
zygaxnox: er, where17:25
xnox<roadmr> Hey folks! I'm backporting a couple of python packages, A depends on B. I successfully backported B, but si17:25
zygaxnox: and where it should be running17:25
zygaxnox: that's the original spec IIRC17:26
xnoxwith some *.pl URLs =))) ;-)17:26
xnoxboth are 404 though.17:26
zygaxnox: haah, I guess that's suxx.pl17:35
zygaxnox: sorry, need to move networks, brb17:36
zyga_xnox: so let me see that page again17:37
zyga_xnox: so the code is on launchpad which mirros github (or should, I'll update that)17:37
zyga_xnox: the code is on github.com/zyga/command-not-found17:37
zyga_xnox: inside the code there are a bunch of readme files17:37
zyga_xnox: I should probably update the layout a bit to look less sucky17:37
zyga_xnox: what do you expect in terms of automation17:40
xnoxzyga_: at the moment, all I want is to run and update command-not-found-data.17:41
xnoxzyga_: later i want instructions on a wiki page how to do that.17:41
zyga_xnox: ok17:42
zyga_xnox: so assuming you have the archive17:42
zyga_xnox: you need to look at https://github.com/zyga/command-not-found/tree/master/UnifiedDataExtractor17:42
zyga_xnox: and run ...17:42
zyga_xnox: probably create-binary-database17:43
zyga_xnox: let me check that in practice17:43
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zygaxnox: heh, it's been a while, let me do some basic cleanups to use it17:48
mitya57pitti: I have a huge patch for you @ lp:~mitya57/debian/sid/calibre/remove-embedded-libraries17:49
mitya57it removes bundled copies of mathjax, python-markdown and unrar17:49
mitya57and also fixes some minor issues such as not working clean target17:49
mitya57known issues: (1) it still has embedded jQuery17:50
mitya57(2) it tries to write to /usr/share/applications/defaults.list during build17:50
mitya57(3) the mime file is not installed17:51
mitya57none of these seems to be caused by my changes though :)17:51
* zyga cannot believe how crappy was his code just 8 years ago17:52
xnoxzyga: to be honest python2.4 was a different kind of animal.17:52
mitya57note that embedded unrar is a "Severity: serious" bug, but it doesn't affect wheezy17:52
zygaxnox: yeah but so were my python skills back then I guess :)17:56
zygaxnox: I think this was my first python program as well17:57
zygaxnox: and preinstalled on ubuntu, how cool is that :)17:57
zygaxnox: I didn't stress that much back then17:57
zygaxnox: the first commit is from 2006 though, I guess it's an import from something other than bzr, probably darcs17:58
zygaxnox: ok, so to run it18:00
zygaxnox: you need to run the scan script on the archive18:00
zygaxnox: basically on any debs you may have around18:00
zygaxnox: I've pushed a cleanup branch to git://github.com/zyga/command-not-found18:01
zygaxnox: I'll make usability nice18:01
zygaxnox: do you think this should be a native package?18:01
zygawhoever ran this18:02
zygascan is still using /usr/bin/env python2.418:02
roadmrhaha :)18:03
zygawell, it probably runs on some arcane 10.04 systen18:05
zygadoes 10.04 have python2.4?18:05
zygaxnox: perhaps there is a branch that is used by cannonical that is not in trunk somewhere?18:05
maxbEven 8.04 had python 2.518:06
zygaI wonder when I really wrote that18:07
zygadid 4.04 had python2.4?18:07
zyga(times when python2.4 was new, OMG :)18:07
zygaplars: hey18:08
zygaroadmr: I kept making logging.debug("..." % (...)) mistakes back then :)18:08
roadmrzyga: haha well the old you didn't have the present you to help with that ;)18:08
zygaroadmr: anyway, even today, the code that implements get_alternatives in both crazy and amazing https://github.com/zyga/command-not-found/blob/master/UnifiedDataExtractor/scan#L4118:10
zygaroadmr: it actually tries to interpolate for loops and keep track of shell variable values18:10
roadmrwow! reading18:10
zygaroadmr: it's not even close to correct but it improves results from 0% to something rather large18:10
zygaroadmr: I don't have the raw data to compare but when I wrote that, cnf is only usable with that hack18:11
zygawithout it most of the things that people mistype/don't have around is not found as it is actually installed via alternatives system18:11
zygaback then mirroring the archive was hard18:13
zygaI remember it filled my _spare_ disk18:13
zygaand I took a week to download all the packages18:13
zygaI guess I can start the mirror now, put my kids to bed and have the full archive after that18:14
dobeyit was a different time, before fiber was available everywhere18:14
zygadobey: yeah18:22
zygadobey: note: I'm still on ADSL, no fiber around where I live18:22
zygadobey: but it's 25MBit, not 0.118:22
roadmrwow heh18:23
zygaI guess I can make it a bit better now18:25
zygalike scanning partner repo18:26
zygaand getting skype :)18:26
zygaand scanning arm18:26
zygathat's really old stuff there18:26
zygaxnox: I'll get you the data for raring in a few hours18:26
zygaxnox: what's the total deadline for this?18:26
xnoxzyga: between now and 18th of April.18:28
xnoxthe updated command-not-found should be uploaded.18:28
jdstrandricmm: hey, I'd like to attend the meeting you scheduled for tomorrow, but I have a conflict. it is possible to move it a half an hour earlier?18:29
jdstrands/it is/is it/18:29
zygaxnox: ok18:30
zygaxnox: while I'll clean the code a bit we can just upload the data file18:31
zygaxnox: do you know where are the armhf files in the archive?18:32
zygaxnox: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/raring/ looking there I can only see i386 and amd6418:32
sarnoldzyga: ports18:33
sarnoldzyga: http://ports.ubuntu.com/dists/<release>/main/18:34
sarnoldzyga: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/FAQ#Architectures18:34
mitya57pitti: filed a MP (https://code.launchpad.net/~mitya57/debian/sid/calibre/remove-embedded-libraries/+merge/157195), have to go now18:34
* zyga starts mirroring the archive, I'll be back later when that is finished18:36
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t1mprickspencer3_: ping19:37
zygaxnox: ping20:50
zygaxnox: quick question, let's say I'm going to build a manually-verified database that annotates _all_ ubuntu packages with the update-alternative targets that each particular package might or does use; I could then automatically annotate the control files of all of those source packages with the appropriate meta-data, could we then merge this (big) delta back into debian so that we don't have to maintain it and so that command-not-found gets reliable, perfect 20:51
zygaslangasek: ^^ (maybe you can also say how crazy I am :)20:52
zygaxnox: I'll start with a standalone database (text, editable) that keeps each package-version -> mapping of update-alternatives used in version control20:53
zygaxnox: then try to get the latest version of all those packages in source form, patch the control file, generate a diff from that20:53
zygaxnox: do you think that's the right approch to getting that information back to debian?20:53
xnoxzyga: I'm slightly confused by above. In general we already have debtags on debian side for "annotating" packages. As all of this data gets volatile very quickly.20:55
zygaxnox: could you quickly describe those debtags?20:56
zygaxnox: are they in the source package or somewhere on the side?20:56
zygaxnox: (I remember this discussion years ago, I remember someone said 'ah yes, debtags can solve that', but debtags were still under discussion back then)20:56
zygaxnox: my goal is to have _reliable_ meta-data as to what update-alternatives targets each package uses20:57
zygaxnox: that data is required for command-not-found20:57
xnoxzyga: the general ideas about such things tends to end up in "AppStream" proposals (multiple incompatible with same name but different implementations) such that package self annotate a bit, but archive publishing software (dak in debian, launchpad in ubuntu) further scans source/binary packages and publishes one co-herent all-purpose index.20:57
zygaxnox: instead of mainitaining this data separately I'd like to get it back to debian20:57
xnoxneither of which are at a usable state at the moment.20:57
xnoxzyga: http://debtags.debian.net/search/?q=game20:57
zygaxnox: this cannot be automated20:58
zygaxnox: it's the same kind of data as Depends or Build-Depends20:58
xnoxzyga: sure. with AppStream proposal parts that cannot be automated live inside the package (source or binary as appropriate) other parts which can be automated live in archive software which merges the two together.20:58
zygaxnox: I see that, quickly and ugily as X-Update-Alternatives-Targets: /usr/bin/vim.real=/usr/bin/vim20:59
zygaxnox: so I don't care about the automated part simply because it's not automated in any way at all20:59
zygaxnox: how does one express the non-automated variant of that in the control file?20:59
xnoxzyga: the beauty of update-alternatives is that we have packages from 3rd parties hooking into that, e.g. like google-chrome web-browser and packages comming from outside of the archive (e.g. things like extra/new versions of emacs, postgresql etc)21:00
zygaxnox: great21:00
zygaxnox: so what?21:00
zygaxnox: for high-profile packages we can keep side-data in command-not-found itself21:01
zygaxnox: for the archive, I'd like to keep this _in_ the archive, otherwise it's something that's forever broken21:01
zygaxnox: it's something that packages would have to maintain21:02
zygaxnox: the benefit is accurate hit database from commmand-not-found21:02
zygaxnox: hint21:02
zygaxnox: I'm willing to do the initial scan myself, manually21:03
xnoxzyga: i think packages will ok self declaring "i update-alternative emacs with vim.real binary I provide", and then one can quickly scan and collate all those that declare "i update-alternative emacs"21:03
zygaxnox: I'm just looking for a way to contribute this back21:03
zygaxnox: packages or packages?21:04
xnoxzyga: it's best to raise that on debian-devel with a sample scan results & carefully explaining what you are trying to achieve. Prepare for a flamewar of being shot down with "apt-archive Package index is too big already" and "we don't need this" and "one day when dak supports this we may consider it"21:05
xnoxzyga: but hey maybe there are other people who where looking to achieve this as well.21:05
zygaxnox: the last item is exactly what I want to avoid21:05
xnoxzyga: plan your email well =)21:06
zygaxnox: I want to get this done done for ubuntu21:06
zygaxnox: getting this to debian is a bonus21:06
zygaxnox: sure21:06
xnoxzyga: ubuntu-devel then =)21:06
zygaxnox: I'll get the initial database today/tomorrow21:06
zygaxnox: do you think I should discuss this in ubuntu over debian first?21:06
zygaxnox: given my history of collaboration with debian, I'd rather not start wrong again21:07
xnoxzyga: the amount of overlap between the two mailing list is ever increasing =) no harm imho to start it on either lists & bounce to the other mailing list after initial rough corners are considered.21:08
zygaxnox: I'll start with ubuntu-devel to get the c-n-f goal done21:11
ausxxh_ubuntu/debian defaults to IET while Redhat defaults TGT, openstack/cinder now defaults to TGT due to ubuntu's efforts, confused21:29
rickspencer3t1mp, hi21:32
t1mprickspencer3: hi, I saw your bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-qtcreator-plugins/+bug/1161910 and created an MR that should fix it.21:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1161910 in Ubuntu QtCreator Plugins "creating a single page app adds a weird bar to the top of the screen" [High,Confirmed]21:41
t1mprickspencer3: it is eod for me, but feel free to try out my changes and comment on the MR21:41
rickspencer3thanks t1mp, let me know if you want me to test it in some way21:41
rickspencer3t1mp, will do21:42
t1mprickspencer3: thanks. You didn't include code with the bug, but if there is still some weird positioning happening, make sure that you do not set the anchors of the Page (that should be automatic)21:43
rickspencer3t1mp, well, it was a defualt app21:43
rickspencer3so, it should be easy for me to test it out21:44
dokoogasawara, the gcc-4.7.3 release candidate is currently building in raring. the version is now set to 4.7.3, just in case that you still depend on that21:44
dokojtaylor, why the syncs of the new java lib packages?21:49
jtaylordoko: bugfix releases21:49
jtayloryes I was confused to21:50
jtaylorbut the changes lists only bugfixes, diff is also small21:50
jtaylorI was asked by the debian maintainer to sync them21:51
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