saryroasted: which macbook modle, and have you tried swiching to refind .. as it has lots of improvements as mentioned in http://www.rodsbooks.com/refind/getting.html00:02
roastedmid 201000:02
roastedI'm not even sureit's worth it. Having a hybrid partition table is kind of a mess anyway00:02
saryright , see: http://www.rodsbooks.com/ubuntu-efi/00:04
saryI use to hear alot of people use to get it woking fine in the past.00:05
roastedI'm sure if I do a regular install of Ubuntu on the Mac it'll work great. I have an iMac at work with only Ubuntu and it's great.00:05
roastedbut I've heard people say before with having OSX and Ubuntu on one disk, the differences of the partition table layout is a hot mess00:06
phunyguyroasted, I am going to try this on my mac00:06
phunyguyto see if it is inteed sometthing with my laptop.00:06
roastedI managed to get into the recovery shell of another kernel and removed everything in xorg.conf00:10
roastednow I'm booted up but without brightness controls again00:10
roastedwhy is apple gear such a bummer00:10
phunyguymine works great with buntu00:13
roastedis it JUST ubuntu?00:13
phunyguynot yet00:13
roastedany apple device I've dual booted has been extremely problematic00:13
roastedany apple device I've put only linux on has been as problem-free as a regular system00:13
phunyguyoh right00:14
saryroasted: could it be your Graphics card drive!00:14
phunyguyyeah this wont be dual boot00:14
roastedsary: sure, but it's nvidia - nvidia has been good00:15
roastedin my experience00:15
saryroasted: see if there is driver updates for your chipset , from additional drivers.00:16
roastedsary: I did, I had them installed.00:21
saryi hope this upgrade to gnome 3.8 solve these last carshes i had, because there is a driver-updates for my nvidia card , which i think these wholes crashes is related to.00:22
roastedwhat whole crashes?00:22
saryroasted: good to know then.00:22
saryI have 6 bug reborted in 5 days!00:23
roastedI've reported 3 in 2 days00:23
phunyguyI've reported 3 in a year and they aren't fixed.00:24
phunyguygood luck00:24
sarythere you go ..00:24
roastedone that I reported the other day was fixed within 2 days00:27
roastedtake that phunyguy00:27
phunyguyyour bugs are easy00:27
phunyguyI find the good ones00:27
sarytahah :)00:28
saryI subscribed few developers on some of the reports :D00:28
sarythere is a Mactel project, but it looks dead!00:31
phunyguysomeone please highlight me00:35
roastedphunyguy: nevar00:35
phunyguyno tray icon for quassel in all but kubuntu00:36
phunyguy(and gnome3)00:36
roastedtray icon in the notification menu?00:36
phunyguyyeah. and xfce doesnt have a notification menu00:36
phunyguynone there either00:37
saryroasted: see #3 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/102037300:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 1020373 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "Brightness control not working on Ubuntu 12.04(mac)" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:40
saryroasted: another interesting one .. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hal/+bug/20692100:45
ubot5Launchpad bug 206921 in HAL "MacBook brightness adjustment does not work in Hardy" [Medium,Fix released]00:45
saryroasted: see if you can change the brightness in the NVIDIA X Server Settings.00:46
saryroasted: have you tried a similar method as answer (5) here http://askubuntu.com/questions/76081/brightness-not-working-after-installing-nvidia-driver00:49
roastedI just went back to the nouveau driver and brightness controls are working.00:57
sarygood thinkin on you part.01:56
roastednot sure about that02:00
roastedI forgot why I went to the nvidia driver until I was back on nouveau02:00
roastedit seems as if with relative ease I can trigger GS to crash02:00
roastedbut I wasn't able to get GS to crash on nvidia02:00
roastedbut I have 0 brightness control on nvidia. gah.02:00
roastedDoes the Gnome3 PPA work fo rMint?03:56
roastedI'm tempted to fire up a Mint/Gnome3 box for some comparisons.03:56
camelinahatMorning folks.12:48
camelinahatjbicha: Any more word from ubuntu-releases on the beta 2 download links? Is it potentially due to the oversized warning?12:49
camelinahatHmm no not the overside as UbuntuKylin also has oversized warnings but their download links are appearing12:50
jbichacamelinahat: use http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-gnome/daily-live/current/12:50
camelinahatjbicha: Yeah that's what I had figured, just wanted to make sure. Is that beta 2, or just a Canidate for beta 2?12:51
jbichacamelinahat: it's still a candidate, we need those testcases completed before official release of the beta12:52
camelinahatAh gotcha. How many completed do you need? Or just one of each test case?12:53
jbichaI think it's a minimum of 1 completion per test case12:54
camelinahatPerfect. And finally just to confirm using a virtual machine to run the tests on is acceptable yes?12:55
jbichacamelinahat: yes, the tests are mostly just testing installability12:57
camelinahatHrm... jbicha One interesting note is that I have that image currently installed (the Ubuntu Gnome 13.04 daily build from April 2nd). So I'm going through the 'Install (erase entire disk)' test case right now. And it says "Erase Ubuntu Raring Ringtail and reinstall" rather than specifically saying Ubuntu Gnome. That a bug to file with the installer package?13:12
jbichacamelinahat: I think there are some wording issues with the installer (for instance it says Ubuntu-GNOME instead of Ubuntu GNOME in several places)13:30
jbichabut we're past UI Freeze so as long as it's not a very big problem I'd rather wait until next cycle13:31
jbichaif you do it now, it would need a UIFE (and still is too late for this Beta) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess#UserInterfaceFreeze_Exceptions13:32
camelinahatNo wasn't anything major I saw, and in this case is may be more unique were Ubuntu GNOME was already installed and I'm erasing and reinstalling.13:33
jbichacamelinahat: are you testing 32bit or 64?13:56
camelinahat64-bit at the moment.. well it's pretty much completed but I have to upload a hardware profile13:56
jbichacamelinahat: could you log in to the qa tracker and mark the testcases you're working on as "In progress"?13:57
jbichaI don't think the hardware profile is mandatory14:00
roastedhello friends14:06
camelinahatjbicha: Oh I see. I know the U+1 wiki for iso testing QA says they want it to report a pass or a fail. (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/U+1/iso-testing-qa#Step_2:_Hardware_Profile) so I was just going by that14:06
roastedAnybody having their entire GUI crash by opening Nautilus with no other windows open on 13.04 with Gnome3?15:05
jbichaok, i386 testcases are almost done, we have a few more amd64 ones though16:54
camelinahatjbicha: I just completed the entire disk with lvm and encryption (much slower than a standard install haha)17:04
camelinahatAbout to do the 'live session' test since the bug listed has been fixed (the links are now displayed)17:06
jbichalive session failed here on i386 the second time I booted the image :(17:14
roastedcurrently purging Gnome3 PPA so to see if my problems are 13.04/beta related or PPA related.17:42
roastedwell Nautilus is not crashing my system each time I open it on Def Gnome3 PPA related.17:45
roastedand I have a battery indicator! :) :) :) :) :)17:48
camelinahatI'm going to have to delay the Live Session one for the time being, so I deleted my 'in progress' for now. (Work)17:48
jbichacamelinahat: thanks for the help18:04
camelinahatjbicha: I'm glad to help out as best I can :)18:33
darkxstroasted, do you have nautilus doing desktop icons?21:04
roasteddarkxst, no21:42
darkxstroasted, does apport catch the crash? can you get a backtrace?21:42
roastedit does the same thing regardless21:43
roastedI filed a bug on it21:43
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1164086 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "Gnome Shell non-recoverable crash when opening Nautilus more than once." [Undecided,New]21:44
roastedI think the fact it crashes twice in one  minute is why it won't recover21:46
darkxstroasted, need a backtrace to see what is going on, if it triggers an apport(ubuntu-bug) dialog, then click "examine locally"21:50
darkxstand there will be an option to generate a symbolic stacktrace of the crash21:51
roastedcan I get that to you later ?  I'm on my phone now but I'd love to help21:52
darkxstroasted, sure21:56
roastedhi, sorry about that22:11
roastedI actually disabled apport because it comes up every 2 freakin minutes :P22:11
roastedbut when I filed the bug I filed it against ubuntu-bug gnome-shell22:11
roastedlet me reenable it and crash it22:11
roastedactually on this laptop apport is 1, so it should be enabled22:12
roasteddarkxst: just had it crash - no apport message.22:12
roasteddarkxst: are you on 13.04 with Gnome3 PPA enabled and on I've found this SUPER easy to replicate.22:13
darkxstyeh, I just reproduced it22:14
roastedat least it's not me being crazy22:16
roastedfeel free to bump a comment on that bug report that you saw it too :P22:16
roastedI'm surprised I'm not hearing more people complaining about it. Nautilus is what I spend a truckload of time in, so it's often the FIRST thing I open - which is exactly when this bug lands.22:16
darkxstroasted, see I am safe then, terminal is the first thing I usually open ;)22:17
roastedterminal is often the 2nd thing I open :P22:18
roastedI do a truckload of SSH work, but I'm currently testing some sync clients for owncloud and whatnot, so I open nautilus to make sure things come across as I expect.22:18
phillwhey, my memory isn't that bad after all :)22:51
phillwI have moved my mirror of U-G entry from 'daily' to beta-1 so that the zsync programme uses it. Once the beta-2 is mirrored up, I will delete that entry.22:51
phillwit's just an internal alteration to the mirror that speeds up syncing the beta-2 and saves on bandwidth from the canonical server.22:52
=== ubot5` is now known as ubot5
jbichaphillw: oh I meant ubuntu-gnome@lists.ubuntu.com23:19
jbichaas it has a lot more readers than even here23:19
phillwjbicha: It's only an administrative task on my mirror. I down loaded the 'daily' so that zsync would not have to install from scratch. There was never a beta-1, just that I took a snap-shot of your 'nearly' beta-1 for the sole purpose of the update script having a reference point to zsync against.23:27
phillwThat daily is now well out of date and has served its purpose to allow the guy who looks after the script that does all the zsyncs to http://phillw.net/isos/ to ensure it runs correctly. There are two new flavours to mirror this cycle and he wants to ensure the script works for them both :)23:29
=== roasted_ is now known as roasted
phillwjbicha: have I explained that correctly, or would you like me try and start from the beginning. I fully understand that you do not know the actual script and will be happy to give you more details (you can even view the script, which I can just about follow!).23:33
jbichaphillw: I think I understand, I just thought you might like to advertise your mirror more widely so I suggested our mailing list23:35
phillwjbicha: I only mirror, it's up to the teams to decide if they wish to take advantage of it.23:36
phillwjbicha: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/GetLubuntu#Mirror_Sites23:38
phillwyou may well find that lafibre will also agree to mirror, they do have several *buntu's on there.23:38
phillwjbicha: you really have no idea how simple ubutnu-gnome is to look after :P23:41
jbichaphillw: hmm?23:42
jbichado you want the job? ;)23:42
phillwlmfao... have a look at http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/264/builds ... You take on TL for  QA / Testing for lubuntu, and I'll do u-gnome :)23:44
jbichaphillw: lol, there's a reason we only have 2 images :)23:45
phillwand there is a reason we have so many. We do not like to leave wounded computer in the battle field... Every one gets home.... It may seem either emotional, or silly: But, lubuntu will support the oldest systems for as long as we can. A side affect of that is that it runs like sh1t on newer computers :)23:48
phillw*as in really FAST, no poorly*23:48
phillwbtw, how has the launch of ubuntu-gnome gone with the ubuntu community? I try to stay out of 'politics', but there must still be a rump who do not like Unity.23:53
jbichawe have a fair amount of fans but I expect that number will go up a good amount once 13.04 is final23:55
bp0hello I'm using 13.04 with the gnome3 ppa that is supposed to include gnome 3.8. I was reading this article listing the "top 10" new features in gnome 3.8 and it includes a weather app. What is the package name for the weather app?23:55
jbichaI'm really looking forward to 13.10 which should include the new classic mode for GNOME Shell23:56
bp0the article: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/03/10-best-features-in-gnome-3-823:56
darkxstbp0, I don't think the weather app has been packaged yet23:56
roastedI'm looking forward to 13.10 too23:56
bp0oh and speaking of classic mode, how does someone enable it?23:56
roastedwas kind of bummed 3.8 wasn't fully included in 13.04 :(23:56
jbichaenabling the High Contrast theme in GNOME works much much better than it does in Unity so I imagine the new GNOME Classic will be a good choice for my older relatives23:56
bp0darkxst, ok23:57
jbichagnome-weather is packaged in Debian svn, we could probably build it for the GNOME3 PPA23:58
bp0The clocks app is nice. i found it as gnome-clocks. But I miss the great sunshine map from gnome2 clock :)23:59

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