lousygaruaphilipballew, hej you there?00:16
philipballewlousygarua, yeah!00:17
philipballewwhats up?00:17
lousygaruaphilipballew, all good. just had a little success with installing some wiki software for developing linux.org.il00:20
lousygaruaso i'm happy :)00:20
lousygaruaand I am both a Dutch and Israeli citizen00:20
philipballewlousygarua, oh nice!00:20
philipballewso you have two passports?00:20
lousygaruayeah :)00:21
lousygarualike a spy00:21
philipballewtaxes must suck!00:21
lousygaruaphilipballew, actually i have no idea about taxes00:22
lousygaruataxes about what? being a citizen? haha00:22
lousygaruai think i only pay for Israel00:22
lousygaruathe dutch passport is.. smt else00:22
philipballewwell in america you have to pay taxes on everything00:22
lousygaruamaybe i'm not a citizen yet00:22
lousygaruai just know i got my dutch passport00:23
lousygaruaamerica is great :)00:23
philipballewlousygarua, Its alright. It's all I know in many respects00:25
lousygaruaphilipballew, well I might be paying something that I just don't know of or too tired to remeember. I don't check my pills too good00:27
philipballewoh, what time is i there?00:28
lousygaruaphilipballew, 3:30pm :)00:30
philipballewah, so its the 4th there?00:30
philipballewlousygarua, thats tight. So what do you do work work or fun there?00:34
lousygaruacurrently fun00:36
lousygaruai'm between work00:36
philipballewme to.00:36
lousygaruamore like after a job and starting working as a freelancer00:36
lousygaruawhat is your profession?00:37
lousygaruaneed to see if i'll manage freelancing00:37
lousygaruaphilipballew, what's your profession?00:37
philipballewCurrently a college student00:37
philipballewso if I ever found myself in Tel Aviv, how long can I manage to sleep on someones couch there?00:37
philipballewso I can be able to speak properly and see the sights?00:40
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asw3הוא לוקח את כל התעבורה ממנו05:47
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asw3מה אפשר להגדיר05:47
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