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mptxnox, hi, why did you assign bug 947107 to a team?08:21
ubot2`Launchpad bug 947107 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Precise) "No partition labels in the resize widgets" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94710708:21
xnoxmpt: I was young and naive in september last year?! =)08:38
ogra_ah, back then ... that were the times08:38
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simosxHi All! We have this issue, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1158750 that messes up the Ubuntu if it is installed in Greece (!).19:02
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1158750 in ubiquity "Ubiquity does not create correct UTF-8 locales" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:02
simosxWhat happens is that: 1. User installs Ubuntu 13.04 with the default environment in English. 2. GEOIP finds that the user is located in Greece (probably more countries), so it auto-adds the Greek locale for numbers, time, etc. 3. The Greek locale is not .UTF-8 but the old 8-bit style. 4. Many apps do not work, specifically those that show Greek from the locale (Mon, Tue, Wed, ...) and more.19:05
simosxQ1. Does anyone else from a non-English speaking country have the same issue?19:05
simosxQ2. We filed the bug under 'ubiquity'. Is that good? Should we have tried 'ubuntu-installer' instead?19:06
simosxhmm, and ping cjwatson ;-)19:06
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GrueMasterWow, lots of familiar names in the channel.  Sup!!22:46
GrueMasterAnyone here that can help woth oem-config on 12.04 server? It seems to crash on me when I try to reinitialize it on a running system. My steps are "apt-get install oem-config;oem-config-prepare" and reboot.22:46
GrueMasterThe reason for this is I am gearing up to start distributing servers with custom fpga development platforms in them to various customers, and I am tasked with streamlining and making the deployment as turnkey as possible.  Ubuntu is the best choice for this work.22:48
xnoxGrueMaster: sounds like you want cloud-init / cloud-based images that self-boot and self-configure (mostly)22:51
infinityNo reason oem-config wouldn't work for this.  How's it crashing?22:51
xnoxGrueMaster: it works fine on e.g. panda server preinstalled armhf images.22:52
GrueMasterxnox: Not cloud based.22:52
GrueMasterinfinity: It craches with a "File or Directory not found error.  Unfortunately, the system I had initially setup has already shipped out.22:53
xnoxGrueMaster: the fact that cloud-init was written for cloud can be missleading. It is used to lauch: VMs, lxc containers and even deploy bare-metal nodes/installations.22:53
GrueMasterxnox: I know.  I used to test them daily.22:53
xnoxfair enough, if you know it's not what you need, then you don't need it =)22:53
xnoxGrueMaster: was the debconf frontend installed?!22:54
GrueMasterThe issue here is that I need to install a system (no problem from USB), do some specific configurations for the apps we install, run tests on the fpga, then prep the system to ship out.22:54
GrueMasterxnox: yes (which was also an issue).  It installed both ubiquity-debconf and ubiquity-qt.22:54
infinityGrueMaster: oem-config-debconf too?22:55
xnoxGrueMaster: you want oem-config-debconf ubiquity-frontend-debconf and none of the qt stuff.22:55
GrueMasterxnox: I know.  I ran apt-get install oem-config and the dependencies pulled the rest.22:56
xnoxhmm... not much poking in the dark.22:56
* xnox ponders if we have any manual or automatic server oem config tests or not.22:56
GrueMasterNot last time I checked.22:57
GrueMasterAt least not very good ones.  But that is a different arguement for a later time.22:57
xnoxyeah, quickly checked iso-tracker & jenkins the closes thing is alternate cd, which is not the same as client side oem config is graphical.22:58
infinityapt-get install oem-config won't get you oem-config-debconf by default, I thought?22:59
infinityIt's been a while since I had to mangle all of that for panda preinstalls.22:59
GrueMasterbtw, adding "debug-oem-config" to the kernel boot paramters really didn't help.  Nothing useful was generated (in fact, it only showed the python crash details once instead of 4 times in the syslog).23:00
GrueMasterinfinity: "apt-cache depends oem-config" lists oem-config-debconf and it was installed on this system.23:01
GrueMasterI'll have to try to get some spare cycles and retest this I guess.  Bit frustrating though.23:01
* GrueMaster ponders writing a python test script for this, just to spite the powers that be.23:02
GrueMasterTHis is on x86-64 btw.  I'm now at Intel.  They tend to frown on arm development here.  :P23:03

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