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* apw struggles on with crap internet, go bt go07:36
* jk- read that as "crab internet"07:38
smbIts probably going as much sideways as that...07:39
smbapw, Any estimate whether or when they fix the wiring madness?07:40
apwjk-, you are upside down, so that is not supprising07:40
apwsmb, in theory the people to fix the broken draw arrived 40 minutes ago, fail07:41
smbapw, professionals...07:41
apwsmb, and bt have magnanimously decided they can come back on the 13th to finish the job assuming the wire is in place07:41
apwso no internet until then at least07:41
* apw burns some giffgaff data he has07:42
smbdoh! what a fail07:42
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amitkapw: I think this behaviour is part of charter of the Telecom Union of the World. I have yet to see a good Telecom company (though my Finnish one came close)07:51
apwin this day and age i find it incredible the lead times one has on service.  virgin for instance i am waiting now 4 weeks for someone to come and see if we have a wire at the house, which btw we do i can see it sticking out of the ground and the one next to it goes to our neibour who has service07:52
apwbut till some minion comes to see if the cable they laid exists, they can't even tell me how long it would take to get someone to come and connect it07:53
apwoh and they won't call me for 7-14 days07:53
apweven call me, to tell me when they might be able to come07:53
apwi feel a ranting blog post coming on07:53
ppisatigit fsck FTW! :)09:02
dholbachdoes anyone know if an Atheros AR9000 card (in a HP Probook 4545s) is somehow supported in Ubuntu? I'm looking at a friends laptop with 12.04 right now10:44
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ovidiu-florinhello world :d12:21
ovidiu-florinwhen is the next kernel update planned for Precice?12:21
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brendandovidiu-florin, by the end of this week12:54
ovidiu-florinbrendand: to what version?12:55
sforsheeogra_, ppisati: do either of you know whether anyone's looked at using the sensors on the nexus 4 yet?13:07
ogra_nope no idea13:07
sforsheehmm. It looks like android is using a proprietary library13:08
psinosmb: do you know whether the patch mentioned in https://lkml.org/lkml/2013/3/21/518 will be applied to the planned precise kernel upgrade this week?13:09
smbpsino, yes no, as they still have not succeeded in pushing it upstream13:10
psinook, I've been on easter vacation so I haven't been able to pay attention to the progress13:11
smbpsino, There was another ping for it but since it has to go via x86 maintainers it seems to be a bit sluggish13:12
psinowhat's the chance for having ubuntu include the patches before it's fixed upstream like fedora decided to do? :)13:15
smbpsino, if the problem is bad enough, there is a bug report and someone willing to do testing. Of course things upstream can happen relatively quickly and the effort might be in vain in the end.13:23
psinodo you know any of the x86 maintainers or a thread where there's some more information about the current state of the patches, so I can see how it is progressing / possibly have a little chat/email with the people who's going to merge it upstream?13:26
ogra_sforshee, talk to tvoss ... i think he looked into it but not on  a kernel level13:27
ogra_(not sure that was specifically on n4 though)13:27
sforsheeogra_, thanks. I'm really just looking for where the knobs for powering various device on/off are, but in the n4 they don't seem to be in the kernel13:28
ogra_right tvoss might know more ... i know he researched the general android sensor handling ... 13:28
smbpsino, Think this (http://lists.xen.org/archives/html/xen-devel/2013-03/msg01976.html) are the latest messages13:30
smbpsino, and hpa is one of them maintainers13:33
psinosmb: thanks, I'll possibly give him a small prod to check the status of the patches :)13:35
smbpsino, Well Boris did just yesterday. But one can always try. :)13:36
psinoprobably doesn't hurt to let him know there's more people being affected by it :)13:37
psinowhy would boris not want the patches to go into 3.9?13:40
smbI think that does not mean he does not want them there. Its more that he fear they wont make it. Or maybe implying that they have not appeared because 3.9 needs to be finalized first13:42
ogasawarartg_, bjf, apw: just to confirm we're all in agreement, we're not going to provide an LBM package for Raring at this time.  correct?13:43
rtg_ogasawara, I don't think we shold be providing LBM for any release other then LTS13:44
ogasawarartg_: I'm good with that13:44
rtg_given the shorter life span of the interim releases and the amount of work required to maintain an LBM13:44
rtg_ogasawara, you could drop in a cw-3.[78] into the precise LBM if you're tired of managing :)13:47
ogasawarartg_: I am, I'll put it on my todo list13:47
apwogasawara, works for me13:51
rtg_apw, I'm down to about 40 SAUCE patches to review, so you can expect more carnage in raring master-next.13:55
rtg_more, and frequent13:55
apwrtg_, great13:57
rtg_apw, just wanna be sure I don't push over something you've just pushed 'cause I'm not really checking very closely13:58
apwrtg_, nope, i have been helping the builders cut my house to bits13:58
rtg_apw, ugh, sounds painful14:00
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apwrtg_, bah you beat me to applying those patches14:50
rtg_apw, email overlap14:50
amitkrtg_: do you moonlight as the host of Radioparadise? :)14:54
rtg_amitk, I havern't been a DJ in a long, long time.14:55
amitkrtg_: damn, he sounds just like you14:55
rtg_yeah, but they play all this mushy crap.14:56
rtg_I'm a rock 'n roll dude14:56
amitkrtg_: yeah, I tuned into them after ages while testing a new install for sound. I'm sure I'll grow up in a day or so.14:57
psivaabjf: reported bug 1164553 for the test failure on panda14:58
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1164553 in linux (Ubuntu) "ubuntu_ecryptfs.lp-872905.sh.btrfs test fails to complete on panda ES with linux-ti-omap4: 3.5.0-222.33" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116455314:58
bjfppisati, cking, ^14:59
ckingoh goody14:59
apwrtg_, i don't think i can visualise you as a DJ14:59
rtg_apw, I guess I was a different guy then :)14:59
ppisaticking: is it the same one you made me test some weeks ago?15:00
ckingppisati, I'm not sure (yet)15:00
apwrtg_, i am struggling with that image :)15:20
rtg_apw, we all evolve.15:20
apwrtg_, even us dinosaurs ?15:22
rtg_it happens slowly....15:22
* ppisati wanders away for a bit15:34
psivaacking: linux-lts-quantal-3.5.0 also has the same issue, 'WARNING: at /build/buildd/linux-lts-quantal-3.5.0/fs/btrfs/super.c:221 __btrfs_abort_transaction+0x99/0xb0 [btrfs]()'15:37
psivaacking: do you need a separate bug for that?15:37
bjfpsivaa, no, same issue there. see the comment cking added to the bug15:42
psivaabjf: ok, i see that now, thanks. I'm rerunning the tests again. But if it happens again, i'm not sure how to proceed, since the rest of the tests wont be run after this.15:50
ckingbjf, I suggest disabling this test for the moment, it is a corner case15:51
apwrtg_, how is raring, i have a patch to push ... let me know when she is static enough for me to push15:59
apw(rebase and push obviously)15:59
rtg_apw, another hour ?15:59
rtg_18 patches left to review16:00
rtg_apw, while you're waiting, perhaps you could take a stab at upstreaming 'UBUNTU: SAUCE: rds_ib_send() -- prevent local pings16:02
rtg_ triggering BUG_ON()' ?16:02
bjfpsivaa, i'm sort of confused right now since it looks like that test is blacklisted16:12
bjfpsivaa, i'm still looking at it16:12
psivaabjf: ack, thanks16:13
psivaabjf: just to confirm that the test was running and was passing in the past, the latest good one being on 19/0316:17
rtg_sforshee, did you ever try to upstream 'UBUNTU: SAUCE: dell-wmi: Demote unknown WMI event message to pr_debug' ?16:22
sforsheertg_, I did, but mjg59 didn't merge it or even respond16:23
rtg_sforshee, how did you remember that so quick? that was over a year ago16:25
sforsheertg_, I tried again within the past several months16:25
sforsheethe first time he was going to merge it but someone from dell said they'd post patches to handle the events soon16:26
sforsheethat never happened16:26
rtg_sforshee, oh well, its a simple enough patch.16:26
rtg_cking, do you think we still need 'UBUNTU: SAUCE: S3 early resume debug via keyboard LEDs' ?16:26
sforsheertg_, yeah. The problem was we kept getting bug reports from folks who saw the message in dmesg.16:26
ckingrtg_, I think we can bin that16:27
rtg_cking, ack16:27
sforsheertg_, the more recent attempt was in December: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.drivers.platform.x86.devel/406516:27
sconklinsforshee: some patches of yours that we got from stable for 3.2 are triggering a build fail due to config changes. Do we need these in precise? It looks like it adds nothing unless we make a config change, which we're not likely to do:16:39
sforsheesconklin, looking16:40
sforsheesconklin, I'm curious what the build failures are, but I think we'll want to set CONFIG_EFI_VARS_PSTORE=n as we've done for raring16:44
sforsheethis was done in response to stgraber's lenovo getting bricked twice when pstore tried to write crash dumps to efivars16:45
sconklinEFI Variable Support via sysfs (EFI_VARS) [Y/n/m/?] y16:45
sconklin  Register efivars backend for pstore (EFI_VARS_PSTORE) [Y/n/?] (NEW) aborted!16:45
sconklinConsole input/output is redirected. Run 'make oldconfig' to update configuration.16:45
sconklinsforshee: ^^16:45
sforsheesconklin, so it fails simply because there's a new config option16:45
sconklinWhat confused me was that the patch says it sets it, but it clearly didn't16:46
sconklinI'll updateconfigs16:47
sforsheesconklin, the other option is to enable that one and set the other option to make it disabled by default, then it can be enabled via the command line16:47
sforsheebut I think we should keep it off by default until upstream has figured out how to work around all the firmware bugs that cause machines to get bricked16:48
sconklinsforshee: ack16:48
rtg_ogasawara, which blueprint has the SAUCE patch review work item? LP is timing out so I'm having trouble searching.16:56
jsalisburyrtg_, apw Is there a technical reason why the number of cpus is limited to 8 for the 32 bit arch?  I see CONFIG_NR_CPUS=8 in the config file.  A bug was opened for this: bug 116412216:56
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1164122 in linux (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu 12.10 32-bit only shows a maximum of 8 cores" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116412216:56
rtg_jsalisbury, IIRC there was a memory cliff for 32 bit if you defined more then 816:56
ogasawarartg_: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/hardware-r-kernel-delta-review16:56
ogasawarartg_: but really, you want the spec -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Specs/RaringKernelDeltaReview16:57
jsalisburyrtg_, ok thanks.  I'll see if I can find some details to post to the bug.16:57
rtg_ogasawara, ok, I have looked at _every_ SAUCE patch over the last 2 days.16:57
ogasawarartg_: ah, so you really do just want the bp to close that sucker out then16:58
ogasawarartg_: I can do it for you, I've got it open here16:58
rtg_ogasawara, what I really want is my name clear of all responsibilities :)16:58
ogasawarartg_: I'll make it so16:58
rtg_ogasawara, :)16:58
rtg_apw, raring master-next pushed. I'll return to my usual policy of _carefully_ checking before push +17:02
rtg_now to rebuild unstable-3.917:02
apwrtg_, fix pushed to raring master-next, thanks17:14
rtg_apw, ack17:18
jsalisburysforshee, I'm looking at bug 1155731, which appears to be related to a SAUCE patch or config file change.  Do you happen to have a  MacBook3,1 and a Apple bluetooth keyboard to see if you see this as well?17:28
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1155731 in linux (Ubuntu) "Recurring kernel panic with khidp after resume from S3 on a MacBook3,1 with a connected bluetooth keyboard" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115573117:28
sforsheejsalisbury, nope, I have neither17:31
jsalisburysforshee, ok, thanks17:31
* rtg_ -> lunch17:32
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* rtg_ -> EOD20:08
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dobeyanyone know how i can disable a specific PCI address from being used, rather than just blacklisting a module?23:37

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