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dholbachgood morning07:10
gesergood morning07:10
philipballewgreetings geser07:12
dholbachwho speaks German in here? :)08:16
* ogra_ hides08:16
dholbachjust a quick heads-up - the packaging guide is up to 58% of German translations now! https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-packaging-guide/08:16
dholbachif we get it up to 70% it'll be good enough to get it up on developer.u.c (and packaged as well)08:17
dholbachjust a few strings a day and we'll be done real-soon-now08:17
benonsoftwaredholbach: I'm currently learning German but don't know enough to be useful. :P08:24
dholbachbenonsoftware, Sehr gut! Viel Gl├╝ck! :)08:24
benonsoftwaredholbach: dDanke!08:26
geserdholbach: you should find many Germans in #ubuntu-de :)08:39
dholbachyeah, you too :-D08:55
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CoreyWho runs the Ubuntu MOTU mailing list?18:09
mitya57Corey: see in the bottom of https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-motu18:13
Coreymitya57: Thanks!18:17
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