daniel304there is no juddering on any other settings except 720 and 1080!!00:12
daniel304html5 version judders and flickers black screen00:29
daniel304while playing video00:29
qwebirc82196should the mythbuntu-desktop package have dependencies on mysql mythtv-backend mythtv-database, etc01:07
qwebirc82196according to packages.ubuntu.com and apt-cache is should not, but when i try to install mythbuntu-desktop apt wants to install all of these extra packages01:13
qwebirc82196im actually pretty stuck, because when I installed xserver-xorg-dev it removed mythbuntu-desktop as a conflict. I was hoping i could reinstall it afterwards, but the machine is only supposed to be a fronted so I dont want all of the backend packages01:15
daniel304still got juddery you tube videos! anyone know how to stop HD videos from stuttering? need to know as i don't want live tv to have the same problem when i buy my tuner card!01:47
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qwebirc13137Hi All - does anyone have some experience with upnp on myth ?08:09
qwebirc13137not everyone at once !  :-)08:12
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qwebirc67285anybody out there?21:37
Seekerqwebirc67285: yup23:52

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