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bazhang<Srini> I have installed ubuntu SMP, not able to get eth1 working.... I am able to see eth1 in dmesg and lspci... but not able to configure the interface...07:38
bazhangwhy would eth1 appear in lspci or dmesg07:38
bazhangthat sounds like something from ifconfig07:38
Tm_Tbazhang: it does appear on both, possibly07:39
bazhangon lspci? nope07:39
Tm_Tnot as "eth1" but as the actual device07:40
bazhanghe's very very confused as to how to describe a problem then07:41
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, rww said: !o4o =~ s/religion,/religion, bitcoins,/09:02
Tm_TIdleOne: I thought bitcoins is religion related anyway09:04
bazhangis github the paste site or something?10:23
elkygist? it gives people control over the visibility after pasting, so it's kinda popular10:25
elkyand they don't lose their pastes, etc10:25
bazhangok thanks elky10:26
bazhangjust noticed a lot of those recently10:26
bazhanggist.github etc pastes10:27
elkyalso, everyone who has github accounts seems to use it because it's open in their browser already kinda thing10:27
bazhangright, that makes sense10:27
elkyi kinda like it, github is far more stable than the generic pastebins10:28
ubottuIn #ubuntustudio-devel, smartboyhw said: !testers-#ubuntustudio-devel is <reply> smartboyhw, len-1304, Len-nb, zequence please help to do some testing12:34
Myrttiubuntulog seems to be missing from #ubuntu, has been for some time14:16
elkyprobably since the split-o-rama last week14:17
Myrttihi zerick15:58
zerickHi Myrtti16:04
Myrttizerick: how can we help you today=16:05
zerickMyrtti: I see, this channel is not kind for support, isn't it?16:07
Myrttizerick: not really no, see /topic16:08
zerickMyrtti: bytes!16:08
bazhang<riqdiiz> Need help Hi what's the actual'delete' key during a Unix session on a PDA with a trackball?18:22
bazhangquestion of the day18:22
tonyyarussoAsk him if 2002 is nice.18:55
bazhangI would wager that ronald_ is ronald_m , a known issue19:06
bazhang<||||||||||||||||> sup fools21:00
bazhangand /amsg 'd to multiple channels21:00
Fuchswhat exactly did you expect from him? Now it is not as if he was very unknown on this network ... and yes, might need an eye on. Note that he is not very easy to deal with, being blunt might very well result in spamming.21:01
bazhangyes, true. and he's gone as well now21:02
bazhangI was wondering, the <disconnected by services> quit message: is that staff induced?21:03
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1723 users, 15 overflows, 1738 limit))21:45
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1741 users, 16 overflows, 1757 limit))21:45
bazhang<mustafa_> Ubuntu is extremly unstable since latest 12.10 installation. It is even unusable. Could anyone advise?22:41
bazhangthats not vague at all22:42
bazhang<ProtoPunk> I have an issue... I just installed Xubuntu and I am unable to find MS Paint22:47

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