MFSOTHi all, intermediate linux user here, have my home boxes running linux mint and just switched from win2k8 to ubuntu server with a webmin gui, I have an external hdd on my server that I would like to be able to access/share/write to and it's proving to be difficult via the webmin, I've read I should SSH into the server, this that and the other thing, just looking for opinions and some help00:20
ScottKhttp://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html is not a bad place to start.00:27
MFSOTthanks bud00:27
MFSOTtook a lot of effort to be a dick00:28
qman__MFSOT, firstly, that was a perfectly valid response, and secondly00:31
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.00:31
qman__all of that said, you need to get a bit more specific in what it is you want to accomplish00:32
histoWhy would outlook completely fail at sending mail from my server when other clients work fine00:32
histoI'd assume it has to do with starttls or something goofy. Anyone experience this?00:33
histoRunning postfix/dovecot setup with virtual users controleld by text files00:33
qman__because microsoft follows standards about as well as square pegs fit in round holes00:33
qman__outlook, and only outlook, requires a non-standard auth line to work on your server00:33
histoqman__: what is the non-standard line and where in the config do I put it?00:34
qman__everybody else uses "AUTH PLAIN", but outlook requires "AUTH=PLAIN" to be accepted00:34
qman__there's a bit in the default config file regarding this00:34
qman__you need to make sure it's enabled00:35
histoqman__: in postfix's config?00:35
qman__this may be helpful: http://holdenweb.blogspot.com/2008/04/outlook-is-driving-me-nuts.html00:36
histoqman__: I don't see it anywhere00:36
histok will read00:36
histoi've added both those changes00:37
histoqman__: With no luck00:37
MFSOTqman__ I appreciate your response as at least you asked for something and didn't point me to a useless page to try to make me feel stupid, there's too much of that shit on irc - I know webmin isn't supported any longer but I've read that it works just fine and to be honest it's a lot cleaner and easier to use than the other gui's I've been messing around with. I ultimately want to be able to share files on my home network and pipe00:37
MFSOTin via my vpn that I have set up and browse and use my home file system, I also want to either have an FTP site or SSL site, a way to share larger files with friends basically00:37
qman__"works just fine" is anecdotal, I've seen it break plenty of stuff, and if you come here with broken stuff and webmin, we really can't help00:38
bobbyzhisto: broken_sasl_auth_clients = yes00:38
qman__but if you want some basic instructions, try the server guide00:38
MFSOTI'm not opposed to giving webmin the axe, this is a setup I just started today, I was looking at using ISPConfig, or just putting an gui on until I got things where I wanted them00:39
histobobbyz: yes I have that set00:39
ScottKMFSOT: If you think that page is useless, go back and reconsider.  No one here is under any obligation to help you at all.  Personally, I'm done with the prospect.00:39
histobobbyz: also have plan login cram-md5 in my dovecot.conf as well00:39
histoI noticed though when I telnet to my server port 25 it doesnt' display auth anything00:40
MFSOTwell you haven't helped in anyway, considering you never started, glad you're done00:40
bobbyzhisto: this might be a dumb question, but you issued a 'postfix reload' after you set that in /etc/postfix/main.cf right?00:40
histobobbyz: It's been set that way the entire time i've been trying let me restart just to be sure00:40
ScottKAlso look in /var/log/mail.log for information about what's going on.  Both postfix and dovecot log there.00:40
histobobbyz: qman__ still getting relay access denied from windows live clients00:42
histoScottK: yeah i'm tailing the log but it just rejects it and says relay access denied00:43
qman__histo, are the clients attempting to log in? you have to specifically tell them to do SMTP auth, they try anonymous by default00:43
histoThunderbird works perfectly with my setup00:43
qman__even if you have pop3/imap configured00:43
histoqman__: yes00:43
histoI'm testing on a windows 7 box with windows live mail. And it will not send friggen mail.00:44
histoJust 554 relay denied00:44
histoSo it has to be something witht he AUTH00:44
ScottKDunno if it's still the case, but for a long time Microsoft clients didn't support TLS properly and you had to use SMTPS on port 465.00:44
qman__also, with many typical virtual user configs, the username is "user+domain.com"00:44
ScottKThere's a commented out entry in master.cf for that service.00:44
qman__rather than "user" or "user@domain.com"00:44
qman__but that should show against any client00:45
ScottKIIRC the server guide has a decent description of setting up dovecot for SASL auth with postfix.00:45
histoScottK: I've been following the server guide00:45
ScottKIf it works for non-MS clients, I'd try SMTPS on port 465 then.00:46
histoqman__: I know as I can configure thunderbird to login and send mail just fine. Windows live mail is the problem00:46
qman__just thinking aloud, my go-to ideas have been exhausted00:46
histoScottK: If I enable ssl it still errors denying the relay I haven't tried port 25 although I don't see how that matters00:48
ScottKport 465/SMTPS is a different technology than TLS, so it was worth a shot.00:49
ScottKpastebin the log entry for the entire transaction.00:49
histoScottK: which the mail.log?00:49
ScottKAlso pastebin the output of postconf -n.00:49
bobbyzhisto: share your dovecot.conf too?00:52
histoScottK: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5675238/ is the mail.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/5675239/ is the postconf00:52
histobobbyz: ScottK http://paste.ubuntu.com/5675244/ is my dovecot.conf00:54
histoThis setup is from the wiki postfix virtual users and domains with clamav00:55
histoI believe the dovecot.conf has some obsolete settings from the wiki however there are only warnings in the dovecot logs00:55
histoI added the disable_plaintext_auth = no to the dovecot.conf to get outlook to login for pop and imap00:57
ScottKSo there's no indication of SSL/TLS or SASL in that log snippet.00:58
histoScottK: No that's the problem outlook isn't using either. Thunderbird does starttls and just works00:59
histoI don't have enough experience with these setups to know what needs to be enabled for outlook to just work.00:59
ScottKWhat if you enable SMTPS and set outlook to connect via port 465?00:59
histoI have pop working00:59
histoScottK: How would one do that?00:59
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histoI'm kind of confused by the whole listener thing in the dovecot.conf so is postfix actually listening or dovecot??? I'd assume it's just for internal communicaiton between dovecot and postfix but I don't know why they would even need to communicate01:00
ScottKhisto: Look in /etc/postfix/master.cf and you'll find a commented out entry that starts: smtps     inet  n       -       -       -       -       smtpd01:01
ScottKUncomment that and the succeeding lines then stop/start postfix.01:01
ScottK(not reload, for a new master.cf service to be recognized, you need to stop then start.01:01
ScottKDovecot only talks to the outside world via pop3 and imap.  Any mail sending/delivery between other mail servers is handled by postfix.  So when postfix receives mail that is to be delivered locally, it has to give it to dovecot (thus communication required)01:03
histoScottK: what would the service imap and service pop lines in the dovecot.conf be for. I don't believe they are even needed01:04
ScottKI believe they aren't in the default setup if you have the right packages installed, but I mess with dovecot config rarely enough that I tend to go look things up to be sure.  Don't quote me.01:05
ScottKOne problem at a time though.01:06
histoIt's still denying it01:06
histoNew error though client host regjected01:06
ScottKProgress.  Paste the log again01:07
histoApr  3 21:07:45 bremecmail postfix/smtps/smtpd[7524]: connect from h230.171.189.173.dynamic.ip.windstream.net[]01:08
histoApr  3 21:07:46 bremecmail postfix/smtps/smtpd[7524]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from h230.171.189.173.dynamic.ip.windstream.net[]: 554 5.7.1 <h230.171.189.173.dynamic.ip.windstream.net[]>: Client host rejected: Access denied; from=<admin@bremecgroup.com> to=<histoplasmosis@gmail.com> proto=ESMTP helo=<KimPC>01:08
histoApr  3 21:07:46 bremecmail postfix/smtps/smtpd[7524]: disconnect from h230.171.189.173.dynamic.ip.windstream.net[]01:08
histoOnly 3 lines in log there01:08
histoScottK: Those are the new entries in the log. Same generic errors01:10
ScottKI thought you said there was a new one.01:10
histoScottK: On the client side there is a new error01:10
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ScottKWhat's the exact error there?01:10
histolet me restart postfix to be sure01:10
histoScottK: Server response 554 5.7.1 IPblah...: Client host rejected: Access denied01:11
ScottKActually the error is different.01:11
histoGawd I hate microsoft01:11
ScottKBefore it said "Relay access denied"  Now is says " Access denied"01:11
histoYes and keep in mind thunderbid on my linux laptop works perfectly fine01:12
ScottKSo that's an indication you've switched from refusal to relay unauthenticated mail to an authentication failure.01:12
ScottKI don't have any MS clients here to mess with, so I'm not sure exactly what to do next and I can't mess with it.01:13
ScottKYou're making progress though.01:13
histoIt's still a 554 error though.01:13
histoThis can't be that random of a question getting MS clients to work with a linux mailserver.01:14
qman__you're sure you have SMTP authentication set up on the client? from what I see it looks like it's not even trying01:14
histoqman__: I'm ticking my server requires authenticaiton in the windows live config01:14
histoand it's set to use the same settings as my incoming mail server01:15
qman__they bury it, http://blog.arvixe.com/how-to-turn-on-smtp-authentication-on-windows-live-mail/01:15
qman__just checking, I've seen that problem derail lots of people01:16
histoqman__: yes I have those settings there. If I try port 465 and requires ssl I get that client host rejected. If I try port 25 without ssl I get the relay denied01:18
ScottKDoes that user name and password work from thunderbird?01:18
histoin the mail.err log there is an error fatal: no SASL authentication mechanisms01:19
histoScottK: yes01:19
histoScottK: nvm that is an old error01:19
histofrom hours ago when I was mucking around in configs01:19
histoIt's fixed now01:19
ScottKAnything in mail.err should also be in mail.log, so that would have been weird.01:19
histowell the error is fixed but the problem persists from outlook01:19
ScottKWhat SASL mechanisms do you have enabled?01:20
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histoScottK: dovecot01:21
histoScottK: and the path is private/auth-client01:21
ScottKNo, I mean like PLAIN, LOGIN, etc.01:21
histoScottK: plain login cram-md501:21
histoin the dovecot.conf01:21
ScottKOK  That should be fine since login is what MS clients like.01:21
histoScottK: in the postfix main.cf I see smtpd_sals_security_options noplaintext is that potentially the issue?01:22
ScottKGood point.  Since you're using SSL/TLS you don't need that.01:22
ScottKLOGIN is a plain text mechansim.01:23
qman__I forget the names but the way it works is, you have to allow plaintext logins, but then there's another setting that says only allow plain over SSL/TLS01:23
histojesus christ it works01:23
histostupid outlook01:23
histookay so now to enable pop3s imaps and disable the others01:24
histoThat way everythign is ssl and outlook can be happy plaintexting passwords01:24
ScottKGood catch.01:24
histoScottK: qman__ TY guys for helping me think through this01:24
ScottKYou're welcome.01:24
histoNother notch in my belt for reasons to never us M$01:25
qman__your linux client must have been using cram-md501:25
qman__because that setting in particular is not outlook specific01:25
histoqman__: yea it was01:25
histolooking back at old linux client logs01:25
histoScottK: I noticed in my master.cf smptd isn't enabled but bsmtp is that normal?01:26
histonvm i'm seeing stuff now01:27
histoBeen at this awhile now i'm seeing things01:27
histoNow trying to enable imaps and pop3s01:30
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histoactually dont' care about those nvm01:31
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hachreI've just installed a fresh server and for some reason it is settings some of my vars like LC_ADDRESS to de_DE while the german language pack isnt even installed. I have LANG set to en_US.UTF-8 in /etc/default/locale but that doesn't seem enough.. What's missing here?03:25
hachreI also keep seeing this error message on many things apt does: "locale: Cannot set LC_ALL to default locale: No such file or directory", I'm not sure what it's referring to when it speaks of no such file or directly though since locale-gen works fine03:28
sarnoldhachre: 'locale' will report the values of all the locale variables..03:32
sarnoldhachre: maybe grep -r de_DE /etc/ would be useful?03:33
hachresarnold: locale reports en_US only for LANG and the rest is on de_DE... grep shows only the normal aliases in /etc/locale.aliases03:35
sarnoldhachre: how about your ~/.??* files?03:35
hachresarnold: I can solve the issue by setting LC_ALL in /etc/default/locale but I'm wondering where it's getting the idea for de_DE from03:35
sarnoldhachre: I think _some_ environment variables can come through via ssh; any chance you've ssh'd in from a de_DE terminal?03:36
hachresarnold: nope03:36
hachresarnold: oh wait... wow you're right03:36
hachresarnold: my machine here has the same issue03:36
hachresarnold: but it isnt complaining about it03:36
hachrerunning raring here on the desktop03:37
sarnoldI wonder why (both counts...)03:37
hachreand I wonder why my desktop doesnt complain about it like the server does03:38
hachreI have no german language pack installed here either03:38
hachreyoure probaly right and the server takes it from my ssh03:38
hachreim gonna set all my LC variables right and ssh back in to check03:39
sarnoldat least the desktop I can flummox my way to changing the setting system-wide.. in the settings, language support, there's an "apply system-wide" button03:39
hachrethe server is fine03:41
hachreits really coming from my ssh03:42
hachrenice catch :)03:42
sarnoldwoo :)03:43
sarnoldnow you get to answer the same question on your desktop. hehe.03:43
hachreon my desktop the /etc/default/locale has this crazyness set up03:43
hachrewas easy to find :)03:43
hachrewho knows how that happened03:44
sarnoldI've got a vague feeling I've seen some geolocation code in the installer to pre-select "the right timezone" and stuff, perhaps it also automatically picks locales, too? (though that'd put more faith in the geolocate stuff than I'd care to use myself...)03:45
hachreyea I've been thinking that too03:45
hachreand it detected rubbish for me when i installed03:45
hachrebut i didnt care03:45
hachremaybe thats why03:45
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gazoomboutlemming: I'm still interested in learning more about the build process for the Vagrant boxes, if you have time.04:42
gazoomboutlemming: CentOS is also looking to start releasing official Vagrant boxes: http://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=636504:46
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yousafCould do with some help08:26
yousafdmesg output shows multiple instances of [    0.000000] *BAD*gran_size: 128M chunk_size: 2G num_reg: 8  lose cover RAM: -904M08:27
yousafits a dedicated unmanaged server, the hosts says they have done CPU/MEM test and are confident that its fine08:27
yousafso what does those msgs in the dmesg output mean then?08:27
R1ckhard to tell from a single line, there are probably alot more08:34
R1ckcould you pastebin the entire dmesg?08:35
Arun_GPIs someone listening?08:49
Arun_GPI am writing a tutorial on LAMP stack08:50
Arun_GPMy public_html has permissions 750. The problem is when my webserver uploads a fil/folder it takes ownership of that file/folder. So I can't modify them.08:50
Arun_GPDoes you know a method in which, a newly created file/directory(by other users) inherits ownership of that directory.08:50
Arun_GPI know ACL won't work, because it inherits POSIX permissions only08:50
Arun_GPSGID inherits GID of directory08:51
R1ckArun_GP: you mean when a file gets uploaded the owner is whatever Apache is running as (ie www-data) ?08:51
Arun_GPand POSIX states newly created file/directory inherit ownership from UID os that process08:52
R1ckdon't pm me.08:52
Arun_GPPardon me...new to IRC08:52
Arun_GPAnd, Yes that is what I meant08:53
R1ckask your questions in here so multiple people can answer them or learn from the answers to your questions08:53
R1ckso, when you say "So I can't modify them.", what do you mean exactly, in what way are you trying to modify them?08:53
Arun_GPR1ck I went to stackoverflow and saw many webmasters are confused by this08:54
Arun_GPAnd some of them uses scripts to periodically check the permissions08:54
Arun_GPBut I got another solution fsniper that uses inotify instead of continuous polling - http://freecode.com/projects/fsniper08:55
R1ckJust answer my question please08:55
Arun_GPSuppose Apache creates a directory08:56
R1ckJust answer my question please08:56
Arun_GPI do not have write access to that directory08:56
Arun_GPBecause Pache takes ownership of that directory08:56
Arun_GPDid you get it R1ck?08:57
R1ckanswer my question and I'll try to help you.08:58
Arun_GPCreating a subdirectory inside a directory can also be considered as 'modifying'09:00
Arun_GPIf you knew how to solve this, you would have already did09:00
Arun_GPDOn't be a D1ck R1ck09:00
R1ck*how* are you trying to create a subdirectory09:01
R1ckin a shell? ftp? website? rsync?09:01
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shafoxi added the ppa:nathan-renniewaldock/ppa for the latest php and mysql-server , but when i did sudo apt-get install php5 it installed the php fine but couldnt install the mysql-server5.5 showing me this error. https://gist.github.com/anonymous/5309328 ... any solutions for this one ??11:21
shafoxi am on lucid btw11:21
R1ckshafox: find out why it fails to start11:38
roniezanybody knows if its possible to move the /home folders to another disk by creating a new partition on a 2nd disk for only the /home what would be the best way to go by that.11:41
R1ckroniez: create the new partition, copy all files from the old /home to the new location, add the partition to /etc/fstab, clean the old /home and mount /dev/newpartition /home11:49
halvorsMay anyone please help me out with the Ubuntu nagios-snmp-plugins package? :)12:32
halvorsI can't get snmp to work probatly :(12:32
halvorsI get the error in Nagios "ERROR: Description table : No response from remote host "". " Does that mean that it can't reach the snmp host or that no information could be pulled from it?12:35
halvorsI'm using the check command "check_snmp_int_v1!"GigabitEthernet-[1-6]"" :)12:35
R1ckhalvors: either snmp isnt running or the community is invalid12:35
R1ckhalvors: very snmp is working correctly with snmpwalk first12:35
halvorsR1ck: It is, but maybe my snmp community isn't set probatly?12:40
halvorsI have set the snmp community using this command in /etc/nagios3/resource.cfg12:41
zulyolanda:  ping https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-novaclient/2.13.0/+merge/15709512:41
yolandahi zul12:41
halvors$USER7$=-C public -212:42
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halvorsR1ck: Any idea? Is it set probatly then? Any more detailed log files i can check for nagios?12:42
halvorsRick: ? :)12:46
ndeeI have a fresh server and want to install all the packages from another server. This is what I found: http://askubuntu.com/questions/17823/how-to-list-all-installed-packages when I try this, I get following message: http://pastebin.com/D643sp9m <-- how can this be on a total new server?12:47
patdk-lapeasily, likely it isn't a real server, but some openvz thing12:49
ndeepatdk-lap, no, it's a physical server, that I'm sure.12:50
halvorsI get the error "ERROR: Description table : No response from remote host ""." when trying monitor a cisco switch using the nagios-snmp-plugins ubuntu package. May anyone please help me out?12:58
rbasakndee: are both servers running the same release?13:02
ndeerbasak, yes13:04
patdk-lapyou did do an, apt-get update, first?13:07
ndeepatdk-lap, yes13:09
ndeeI made apt-get update, apt-get upgrade on the new server13:09
ndeethen got the packages from other server with dpkg --get-selections, then set the new selection with dpkg --set-selections < packages on the new server and now that error shows up.13:10
zulyolanda:  ping https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-glanceclient/0.9.0/+merge/15710613:11
ndeeadduser, ron and upstart are also installed so I'm really baffled.13:15
ndeeI cleared the selections again with: dpkg -l '*' | grep '^in ' | awk '{ print $2 " deinstall" }' | dpkg --set-selections so everything is now as before. Is there another way to get server foo to the same state as server bar?13:21
patdk-lappersonally, I use aptitude search '~i !~M' -F "%p install"13:23
patdk-lapdo a diff between the two systems13:23
patdk-lapthen install the diff13:23
halvorsHow do i set the SNMP community in the nagios commands in nagios-snmp-plugins?13:28
hallyn_zul: !  uh, can i get you to consider packaging libvirt 1.0.4 for raring at the last minute? :)13:39
hallyn_zul: it fixes bug 1157626 without a custom hack in qemu13:39
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1157626 in qemu "Unable to use "virsh migrate" on two hosts after moving to raring" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115762613:39
zulhallyn_:  sure13:39
hallyn_i'm not opposed to fixing it in qemu, but that's going to end up more different from usptream and debian, which will hurt in the long run13:40
hallyn_of course, with raring htere isn't really a long run :)13:40
hallyn_zul: awesome, thanks13:40
RoyKany idea when this fix will make it to the repos? http://www.postgresql.org/about/news/1456/13:42
RoyKseems to be pretty critical13:42
ScottKRoyK: I know that the security team knew it was coming, so I'd imagine "soon".13:48
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RoyKScottK: I hear from #ubuntu-bugs that the fix was released minutes ago. guess it takes a while to reach my repos13:51
ScottKAlso, since the release included more than just the security fixes, for -security, the Ubuntu security team will probably have to segregate out the security changes to apply separately.13:52
ScottKActually I'm wrong.13:53
ScottKIt looks like 9.1.9 is published to security already.13:54
ScottKRoyK: Published 20 minutes ago, so it should be hitting mirrors real soon now.13:54
zulhallyn_:  do we need the enable qemu-spice patch anymore?13:59
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hallyn_uh, lemme check14:01
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hallyn_zul: no14:02
hallyn_zul: though, if a vm.xml specifies /usr/bin/kvm-spice, will that then still work?14:02
zulill leave it in then14:03
mardraumhallyn_: re 1157626 I'm here for a little while longer (1 hr?) until I need to sleep if you want me to try anything :)14:07
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ScottKRoyK: http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-1789-114:11
hallyn_mardraum: after you migrate a vm with my patch applied in qemu, have you logged in and really used it?  Do you see any corruption with things coming from disk (which weren't yet in page cache)?14:12
RoyKScottK: thansk14:13
hallyn_mardraum: basically there are 3 ways to go:  (1) my patch, (2) a probably better patchset from upstream, (3) newer libvirt.  so zul is packaging newer libvirt right now, andI'll run a testsuite on it14:13
hallyn_if it looks ok, we'll try to push that as a cleaner fix14:13
mardraumhallyn_: yes, I have logged in, run new binaries, rebooted etc14:13
mardraumall ok14:13
halvorsAnyone know how to use the check commands in the nagios-snmp-plugins package?14:14
mardraumstill using the 12.10 test vm14:14
hallyn_mardraum: awesome, thanks14:14
mardraumI'll install some new software now14:14
hallyn_mardraum: (just saw your email reply sorry :)14:14
mardraumno worries14:14
mardraumjust installed nginx for example, and the depends all ok14:15
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zulhallyn_:  just doing a local build now14:31
hallyn_mardraum: cool.14:35
hallyn_zul: ^ newer libvir tis the *cleaner* fix but after spending 1.5 days on that one-line qemu fix, i'm attached to it dammit :)14:36
* hallyn_ biab14:37
zulhallyn_:  ftbfs :( ill fix it up14:38
mardraumhallyn_: thanks for your time on this one. bbl14:52
zulhallyn_:  around?15:16
hallyn_zul: yup15:20
zulhallyn_:  im just in the middle of uploading libvirt to http://people.canonical.com/~chucks/libvirt can you see why the testsuite fbtfs please15:21
zulyolanda:  ping https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/nova/2013.1/+merge/15713815:24
zulyolanda: ping https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/swift/1.8.0/+merge/15714215:39
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hallyn_zul: fwiw at least the first error appears to be a real bug in the test driver...  just doing '../tools/virsh -c test:///default list' should show the test domain, and doesn't.  <huh>16:14
bobbyzhallyn_: I haven't seen all of your above, but have you added '--all' flag to that command?  If the domain is not running, you won't see it in 'list' output unless you tag --all onto that16:16
hallyn_bobbyz: this is the test driver.  it does show up without --all in 1.0.2, and teh testcases (upstream) expect it16:27
hallyn_zul: i mean ffs, 1.0.2..1.0.4. has 729-line diff in src/test/test_driver.c.16:39
yousafhi all16:45
yousafI am having issues with twitter oauth, after debugging i found out that my server can not literally find twitter.com16:45
yousafany reasons why?16:46
Fieldyi'm trying to get an ipv6 tunnel up. I have done this many times on many distributions and kernel versions, however for some reason on this ubuntu server system, i'm getting a problem. any ideas? commands and error output: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/5312013/raw/4ccccaba09acfaf5239bba852ed1031d52475d93/stdin.txt16:51
Fieldyi've done a lot of searching on that error, with nothing solid as a result16:52
Davieyroaksoax: I know you are committed with a tonne of stuff right now, but in the next few days.. can you work with plars to coordinate MAAS ISO tests for Raring?16:52
roaksoaxDaviey: sure thing16:53
sarnoldFieldy: a few shots-in-the-dark -- does your kernel.modules_disabled sysctl prevent loading one of the ipv6 modules on demand?16:58
Fieldysarnold: i'll have a look, that's actually what i was just now poking around in -- i had formerly disabled ipv6 (because I didn't need it yet) in 3 sysctl lines however I reversed that (by echoing the opposing value by hand to them)16:59
Fieldyand confirmed that worked by catting them16:59
FieldyI don't have kernel.modules_disabled at all in /etc/sysctl.conf or /etc/sysctl.d/*17:00
sarnoldFieldy: okay, then it's probably not changed (you could check with sysctl directly) -- are the ipv6 modules blacklisted in /etc/modprobe.d/ ?17:00
Fieldyooh, no i didn't. i'm tired and was doing crap like echo "0" > net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6   ... FAIL. let me do that right17:01
Fieldythat'll teach me to get with the times -- i'm so used to just echoing and catting17:02
sarnoldFieldy: heh, well... the kernel devs have wanted to kill off sysctl for years. I'm not sure they're ever going to do it, but it's been on their minds for ages. blah.17:04
Fieldyheh heh heh. that was it.17:04
sarnoldFieldy: nice :D17:05
Fieldycough: ls                   bin  mysql-backups  net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6  net.ipv6.conf.default.disable_ipv6  net.ipv6.conf.lo.disable_ipv617:05
* Fieldy deletes those and pretends they never existed17:05
Fieldysarnold: unless they have something that much better... leave it alone imo17:06
sarnoldFieldy: yeah. I've always liked sysctl. it's easier to sysctl -a | grep ... than it is to find /proc -name '*...*'  :)17:06
Fieldyno doubt17:06
qhartman_I'm trying to install ubuntu server 12.04.2 i386 on an older P4 IBM server. The installer gets to 77% complete and then asks for a disk change. Has anyone found a work around for this? I've checked all the MD5's and done a disk validation, so I know the media is good.17:08
qhartman_I also know the drive is good, I've used it to install other distros and versions on this machine w/o problems17:08
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zulhallyn_:  sucks doesnt it have you figured out whats going on with libvirt?18:25
Questhow to know how much bandwidth is taken on a specific port?18:29
hallyn_zul: no i haven't18:29
hallyn_i'm buildign from git right now18:29
hallyn_zul: i mean yes - the test:///default is not properly registering domain test18:29
Questrephrase:  I need to know what bandwidth is taken on trafic on a specific port. how it can be done?18:29
rbasakQuest: look into iftop18:30
rbasak(though that's interface-based, not port-based)18:30
zulhallyn_:  awesome18:30
zuladam_g:  how do you want to review these 2013.1 merge requests do you want them one by one or do yout want me to queue them up for you18:31
adam_gzul, doesnt matter. im actually about to push a keystone bug fix that would be great to get out /w 2013.118:31
zuladam_g: okies i havent gotten to keystone yet so that would be cool18:32
zuladam_g: btw https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/glance/2013.1/+merge/15719618:33
adam_gzul, https://code.launchpad.net/~gandelman-a/ubuntu/raring/keystone/lp1158563/+merge/15719918:35
Questrbasak,  how to see traffic on a specific port by iftop?18:41
plarsAnyone here who could help with the maas tests or iscsi tests on iso tracker?18:43
Questrbasak,  ?18:44
hallyn_zul: well, with libvirt from git i don't get thta problem.  wtf?18:46
zulhallyn_:  maybe something is missing from the tarball (wouldnt surprise me)18:47
hallyn_but, 2 other possibilities:  1. i had to apt-get purge libcurl4-gnutls again to get git version to build.  maybe it built but wrongly bc of that from package.  (re-building to test)18:48
hallyn_2. could be osme patch we have.18:48
hallyn_do you want to try building from the release tarball?18:48
hallyn_(else i'll try that third)18:48
vedicI have removed .bash_history file but I still see output of about 10 commands when I write 'history' on the terminal. How to clear history completely?19:05
zuladam_g:  https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/quantum/2013.1/+merge/15720519:07
sarnoldvedic: see the HISTIGNORE and HISTFILE environment variables in the bash(1) manpage19:08
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hallyn_zul: well huh, for some reason it does not get past19:09
hallyn_    if (!conn->uri->scheme || STRNEQ(conn->uri->scheme, "test"))19:09
hallyn_        return VIR_DRV_OPEN_DECLINED;19:09
hallyn_(it being testOpen())19:09
zulwhich file is that in?19:09
hallyn_zul: src/test/test_driver.c19:10
hallyn_zul: OMG conn->uri->scheme is 'qemu', despite "-c test:///default"19:10
zulhallyn_:  can you do me a favor? can you drop 9002-better_default_uri_virsh.patch19:11
hallyn_(gonna take a few misn to build)19:12
hallyn_zul: all tests pass with that patch dropped19:22
zulhallyn_: hah thought so19:23
hallyn_zul: odd, it seems to have been ported correctly at first glance19:23
zuli noticed debian isnt using that patch anymore either19:23
hallyn_zul: i think i see why19:39
hallyn_zul: commit abfff210060625af8914e28601f1ec6ed96b05ae switched the order to first call vshInit(), then parse argv19:39
jacklnI'm trying to setyp a PPTP VPN server, what IPs do I use?!19:44
jacklnfor remoteip and localip19:44
hallyn_zul: building with that reversed19:44
red82can anyone point me at a good resource that I can read up on the process of replicating a mysql database from server A to B such that server B can function as a failover in the even that A goes down?  Application is e-commerce.19:52
plarsis http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases/1463/info still valid? I'm not seeing these options listed in preferences19:55
jacklnDo you know anything about VPNs?19:58
hallyn_zul: yeah with http://people.canonical.com/~serge/9002-better_default_uri_virsh.patch it works19:59
hallyn_aaaand.... the machine i was doing that just shut down for no reason20:00
hallyn_hardware sucks20:00
hallyn_zul: OTOH, virsh list now gives me segfault.  <fume>20:07
hallyn_oh, heh.20:07
hallyn_left some debug cruft in my pkg20:07
hallyn_zul: i dunno, pkg isn't working for me - won't show my installed vms20:25
hallyn_or have they been deleted20:26
* hallyn_ slaps self20:27
hallyn_yeah nm it's working.  now to run the qa tests20:28
cwinebrinnerecho $-21:47
cwinebrinnerecho $T21:47
cwinebrinnerwoops >.>21:47
adam_gzul, not sure if its related to that keystone fix from earlier, but i can't the test suite to pass for the life of me.21:50
hallyn_zul: so the qa tests mostly pass, except there is some domxml-to-native weirdness22:05
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Questwhat is the package name to install GUI  on ubuntu server? (i think its unity or gnome for ubuntu?) (and i would prefer kubuntu GUI (kde) ?22:10
sarnoldQuest: try: 'sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop^'22:13
Questwhats ^ for?22:13
sarnold(the ^ asks to install the _task_ named kubuntu-desktop, which is different from the package named kubuntu-desktop)22:13
Questif i omit ^. will it install kde?22:15
sarnoldQuest: it'll install the metapackage kubuntu-desktop. you might never know the difference between the two.22:16
Quest  Temporary failure resolving 'us.archive.ubuntu.com'22:19
sarnoldworked for me locally, and with both and public recursors22:21
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Quest I just ssh through public ip to my server. but it seems i cannot ping -s 25 google.com or apt-get update.22:29
Questare all ports open by default on ubuntu-server (which is contrary to ubuntu desktop)?22:30
hallyn_zul: ffs - it dies unless youhave a mem-balloon specified in the xml22:32
Questsarnold,  ^?22:33
sarnoldQuest: yes, all ports are open by default on both ubuntu-server and ubuntu-desktop. if you've configured iptables (or one of its frontends like ufw) then of course that'll be different.22:36
Questsarnold,  i just installed ubuntu-server  . it updated fine during installation . but now its not22:37
sarnoldQuest: check demsg. check 'ping'.22:37
Questlet me se22:40
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QuestI just installed ubuntu-server . it boots with a black / blank screen and does not shows anything. what can be wrong?23:22
patdk-lapkernel graphics driver issue probably23:23
Questpatdk-lap,  what can be done?23:25
Questwhats the main difference b/w ubuntu server and ubuntu desktop. ? i am having problems installing server . can i go with desktop?23:34
sarnoldQuest: server doesn't come with a gui and doesn't use NetworkManager to manage its interfaces. The desktop variant will use NetworkManager, and come with a GUI.23:36
sarnoldQuest: you sure can use the desktop variant as a server platform if you wish -- I've done that for my pandaboard, which has no monitor connected23:37
Questone add is ssh23:41
Quest i can install openssh my self. any thing else that is different?23:41
patdk-lapthere is 0 difference between ubuntu server and desktop23:42
patdk-lapjust what default packages are installed23:42
sarnoldQuest: you can compare the package manifests at e.g. http://releases.ubuntu.com/precise/23:43
sarnoldoh. uh. there's no server manifest there.23:43
Questiam having a general error of mounting file systems. iam at shell while installing kubuntu. how to install from shel?23:57

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