moocow1452cyphermox, is there anywhere else I should go with this, or keep on bugging you and the irc?00:00
cyphermoxlines 262-265 are the issue00:01
cyphermoxI think you're missing something in the files you added for your device00:02
cyphermoxeither as an include that is missing, or something else00:02
cyphermoxAID_NET_RAW is undeclared00:02
cyphermoxoh wait, is that a kernel thing?00:02
moocow1452Do I need to specify those in the kernel?00:04
mhall119Saviq: because you don't sleep, I'll ping you about this00:06
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mhall119I got the new QML shell, and app search works, but the on screen keyboard lets press events fall through, so it'll select something under the keyboard when I try to search00:07
Saviqmhall119, flash your device00:07
moocow1452defconfig makes no reference to AID_NET_RAW. Should I try y'ing it in the kernel, or do I need a file transplant of some sort?00:07
Saviqmhall119, there were problems on the other side with keyboard recently00:07
mhall119dang, you really are awake?  What's the matter with you?00:07
* mhall119 phablet-flashes00:08
Saviqmhall119, fixing something we broke yesterday00:09
Saviqmhall119, you did ask whether the SideStage hint is going to affect the phone...00:09
Saviqwell it shouldn't, but it did :/00:09
cyphermoxmoocow1452: check kernel/wherever your kernel code is for encore/include/linux/android_aid.h00:13
cyphermoxthat file should be there and include AID_NET_RAW00:13
cyphermoxso under kernel/bn/encore00:14
mhall119I hope the keyboard fix works on apps too, that was bugging me00:15
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mhall119Saviq: image 56 doesn't fix the keyboard issue00:28
Saviqmhall119, hum, what's your steps? and on what device?00:29
* Saviq tries image 5600:29
mhall119nexus 7 (grouper I think)00:30
geeknuxas you are saying about keyboard, i wonder is there any way to add another language to the keyboard?00:31
mhall119I go to dash, apps lens, press the search at the top and the keyboard comes up.  The R is above one of the installed apps (ebay in my case), so when I press R it registers the keyboard press, and also registers a press on the ebay launcher00:31
bobweaverping Saviq00:37
Saviqmhall119, can't reproduce here00:38
Saviqmhall119, freshly flashed 56 on Galaxy Nexus00:39
Saviqbobweaver, hey00:39
bobweaverhello Saviq  how to make dafault satae of text edit String ? I know vague got time for gH ?00:41
Saviqbobweaver, E_SYNTAXERROR00:42
bobweaverlet me paste some code00:42
bobweaverline 1000:44
bobweavertried to make into case still no good00:44
bobweavercan not figure it out00:44
bobweaverso if you lokk at video you can see that there i is missing soace in text so user can not click to edit00:47
bobweaverSaviq, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H05mT0jStgM00:47
bobweaverfrontend info it is a component well kinda00:48
bobweavermodel / delegant00:48
bobweaverthat dumps sqlight data to local storage00:49
Saviqbobweaver, «DataBase.frontendPort1() !== "6547" || ""» looks wrong00:49
Saviqbobweaver, "" is always false00:49
bobweaverthat is what I am talking about00:50
bobweaverso is NULL thwen false ?00:50
mhall119bobweaver: did you mean to do (DataBase.frontendPort1() !== "6547" || DataBase.frontendPort1() !== "") ?00:51
bobweaveralso look at ip00:52
bobweaverlike to have default state that is there unless sqling ihas info00:52
bobweaverif DataBase.whatever = error then ....00:52
mhall119bobweaver: I've been using placeholderText on TextField to display something when the text input has no value00:52
mhall119then logic elsewhere to do the "right thing" when there is no specific value00:53
bobweavermhall119,  yes user needs to be able to click info00:53
bobweaverif there is not String in the textedit feild then they can not clickaroo00:53
Saviqbobweaver, you shouldn't bind TextInput.text - the binding gets broken as soon as you enter anything in the field00:57
bobweaverBut I dont care about that allI care about is if sqllight db has nothing then have default text:00:59
Saviqbobweaver, then use what mhall119 said - there's a placeholderText property on a TextField00:59
bobweaverSaviq,  you think that i should make a binding statement ? I am sorry I am a noob just trying to make things that work for me in my house01:00
bobweaverSaviq,  what about qt4 supported ?01:00
Saviqbobweaver, not gonna happen01:00
bobweaverfor necessitia and what not ?01:00
Saviqbobweaver, we rely on Qt5 for too many things01:01
Saviqbobweaver, unless you mean support for Qt4 apps on Ubuntu Touch? then that will probably come at some point01:02
bobweavernot just you YOU but for every one01:02
Saviqbut we won't support it01:02
bobweaverlike I can make qt5 app and also qt4 for other sdk like making dsk in necessitia01:02
bobweaverthat is great but would be cool if you did01:03
bobweaverwould make sort term opp faster01:03
Saviqbobweaver, necessitas will port to Qt5 soon enough, I'd say01:03
bobweaverI mean +201:04
* sergiusens is running a raring build03:17
sergiusensrsalveti: boots, launches, runs apps... most of it works on raring :-)03:17
Mirvmhall119: you can find an example with apt-get source qtsensors-opensource-src (the plugin part)04:07
Mirvsergiusens: awesome! :)04:08
sergiusensMirv: posting the image out of band soon for people to play with04:09
* sergiusens was expecting to boot into a black screen :-P04:09
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Mirvsergiusens: I'd have guessed it'd work quite far, since we rely so heavily on Qt and it's the exact same Qt in both04:20
Mirvsergiusens: for raring there's a newer qtwebkit build in qt5-proper PPA (pixel ratio patches etc), otherwise everything's in the raring archives04:21
Mirvbut it's great if there's also nothing major in the other stack that breaks with raring04:22
sergiusensMirv: well somethings are broken as they are in raring and still need to be overriden04:25
Mirvsergiusens: regarding parts of Qt or something else?04:29
sergiusensMirv: not, Qt is fine :-)04:32
Mirvok, just double-checking :)04:32
sergiusensMirv: network is broken, running out of memory with media...04:32
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sergiusensMirv: in case you are interested, just sent an email to he list05:16
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Mirvlooks interesting05:48
dholbachgood morning07:11
dim319Hi! Is there some progress on Terminal App?07:53
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kvarleyIs it possible to switch Ubuntu Touch onto a shell like the desktop Ubuntu?08:19
ogra_"onto a shell" ?08:19
ogra_it is/has a shell08:20
kvarleyogra_: Sorry I mean like on Ubuntu it runs the GUI by default but if you press Ctrl Alt + F1, etc you can login in text based mode08:20
ogra_ah, you want tty consoles ... no , by design it supports adb shell from a remote machine though08:21
kvarleyogra_: Will it be possible in the future?08:22
kvarleyogra_: Or rather, will there be a Terminal app in the future?08:22
kvarleyOh well in the future it will support docking won't it so that'd solve that problem08:23
ogra_there will be a terminal app by default (at least in the images we publish, i doubt if a carrier ships a phone he will allow that)08:23
kvarleyogra_: Ok, thanks for the help. Just looking at replacing my work setup with a single device running Ubuntu Touch :)08:23
ogra_heh, we will di that for you in 14.04 :)08:24
ogra_unity next (which is what you currently know as ubuntu touch UI) will move to the desktop too08:24
ogra_(it will still look like todays desktop ... or similar at least, thats why it takes a bit to port it)08:25
kvarleyogra_: Will switching to QT improve performance? Or is it a switch to improve development?08:26
ogra_both :)08:26
nik90Saviq: ping08:56
Saviqnik90, wassup?08:57
nik90Saviq: I saw your MP https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-desktop-and-arch/+merge/15695208:57
nik90since the desktop file is doing all the work to execute the clock app, do we need the ubuntu-clock-app file?08:58
Saviqnik90, yeah, it's not needed08:58
Saviqnik90, but doesn't really hurt when you launch from the console08:58
nik90Saviq, is this how the other core apps are doing it as well?08:58
Saviqnik90, although I'd add the --desktop_file_hint=... --stage_hint=side_stage hints to the script08:59
Saviqnik90, or at least pass $@ in there08:59
Saviqnik90, yes, that's common08:59
nik90Saviq: alrite, so do you recommend letting the ubuntu-clock-app file remain with the additional commands you mentioned?09:00
Saviqnik90, it won't hurt, but will only be used when you launch from the console09:01
kvarleyGiven that the Samsung Chromebook and Nexus 10 have the same SoC, would it be possible for me to boot Ubuntu on my Nexus 10? I know that the I/O is different, but if Ubuntu booted off the Android kernel that would solve the issue. The video drivers are available for the SoC in the 13.04 repos so the only issue would be GPU access.09:01
nik90Saviq: ok...thnx09:01
Saviqkvarley, if you mean Ubuntu Touch, then Nexus 10 is one of the supported devices09:02
Saviqkvarley, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices09:03
kvarleySaviq: I mean full Ubuntu like the Nexus 7 has. Not Touch :)09:03
Saviqkvarley, wrong channel, then ;)09:03
Saviqkvarley, but I dunno09:03
kvarleySaviq: ok :)09:03
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seb128ogra_, should adb see my nexus7 if the tablet is booted under raring (stock ubuntu, not touch)?09:29
ogra_seb128, nope, only in recovery09:34
ogra_we dont ship adb in the desktop09:35
seb128ogra_, ok, thanks, that's broken as well, I get a green android robot with a red sign09:35
seb128I'm putting back android on it then going to phablet09:35
ogra_seb128, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/current/quantal-preinstalled-recovery-armel+grouper.img09:36
ogra_fastboot flash recovery quantal-preinstalled-recovery-armel+grouper.img09:36
ogra_then try again09:36
ogra_if you get adb, use https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install#Manual_Installation09:37
ogra_no need for a whole android flashing09:37
seb128ogra_, \o/ recovery mode back09:38
seb128ogra_, danke09:38
seb128$ phablet-flash -l09:38
seb128Device detected as /sbin/sh: getprop: not found09:38
seb128I guess I need to -b09:39
seb128no, same issue09:39
ogra_use the manual method i linked above09:40
seb128ogra_, shouldn't the script work?09:40
ogra_you can use "-d grouper"09:41
* ogra_ never used that script09:41
seb128ogra_, I'm wgetting the img, let's try to be old school ;-)09:42
ogra_yeah, effectively the script does the same with some cream and cherry on top09:42
kvarleyDo any of the Touch devs have an image for the Nexus 10 that will boot straight Ubuntu? (13.04) Similar to that which is provided for the Nexus 7.09:43
ogra_there are no desktop images if you mean that09:43
ogra_only ubuntu-touch09:43
kvarleyogra_: Do the images support docking (full unity) mode yet?09:46
ogra_that will only start working once Mir is used on the desktop too09:48
kvarleyogra_: Ah ok, early days then. Will be great to see that in action. I think bug #1 might be fixed if it's done right ;)09:55
ubot5`bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109:55
ogra_hopefully :)09:56
kvarleyMaybe not for personal use, but in the business world :)09:56
ogra_a touch version of UbuntuKylin might fix that bug i would guess :)09:57
Quintasanogra_: Are armhf images made with NEON support?10:22
* Quintasan wonders why linker skips libc.so on his tf10110:22
ogra_Quintasan, as usual ... for apps that do runtime switching, yes10:22
ogra_for apps that can only use build time NEON enablement we dont allow it10:23
Quintasanogra_: I see, any idea how to debug ubuntu-session failing to start?10:23
ogra_hardcoded NEON isnt allowed ...10:24
smartboyhwogra_, why do you always have an _ behind your nick?10:24
ogra_look in the logs10:24
ogra_smartboyhw, because i'm to lazy to configure my bip server to always authenticate with my user10:24
Quintasanogra_: Problem is the only real error I get is E/linker  (  219): ics/linker.c:1598| WARNING: Skipping libc.so10:25
smartboyhwogra_, .......... You aren't that lazy are you?10:25
* ogra_ does that once a year to make sure my password still works ... but on the next reconnect i fall back to _10:25
ogra_smartboyhw, i rather spend my time in development than doing paperwork for IRC :)10:25
* Quintasan reflashes the image to look at the logs in detail10:26
ogra_Quintasan, when do you see that ? while starting ?10:26
Quintasanogra_: I flash the image, try booting it then I see nothing (read - only backlight gets activated) then I managed to do adb logcat on the device somehow10:27
Quintasanogra_: I'll try flashing that again and logging in via adb but that generally doesn't work since it seems to be constantly rebooting itself10:27
ogra_well, you want to use "ubuntu_chroot shell" and look in the phablet users homedir under .ubuntu-session/logs/10:27
ogra_how old is your android image ?10:28
palanglungcan i go back to the android.. after flashing ubuntu? on tf10110:28
ogra_Quintasan, could be that there were changes to the hybris or platform-abi stuff, you need to make sure to bzr update them in the ubuntu subdir of the android tree before building10:29
ogra_repo sync doesnt run bzr10:29
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Quintasanogra_: I'm pretty sure I flashed quantal preinstall armhf from yesterday10:38
QuintasanI did not build the image myself but I think I will actually start doing that10:38
ogra_you should, or make sure the person doing it does regular rebuilds if the bzr trees change10:40
Quintasanogra_: I see. Thanks for help!10:41
* Quintasan heads off to build the image10:41
ogra_well, not sure i have helped yet :)10:41
ogra_you will see if that is it once you have a fresh image10:42
ogra_might be a completely different thing10:42
Quintasanogra_: I somehow get the idea that updating the bzr stuff will help10:42
Quintasanogra_: Actually I'll try making that person who is spinning the images do the update before fetching the whole thing myself10:49
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netcurliis there a way to make the toolbar in a Ubuntu Touch qml app hide? for example when I have a page stack layout and I used the back button to pop a page from the stack and then push that page again, the toolbar is still open11:18
netcurliI tried setting page1.tools.active = false; but that didn't seem to do anything11:19
mptJust published: preliminary sketches for the System Settings overview. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemSettings#phone11:47
rvrI'm trying to unlock the Nexus 411:49
rvrbut "fastboot oem unlock" is stuck <waiting for device>11:50
rvrIt did work with Nexus 711:50
ogra_mpt, the variable tiles one looks really slick11:51
steve_firvr, I don't know why, but I had to reboot my nexus 4 for it to work11:51
rvrsteve_fi: I've tried a couple of times with no luck, let me try again11:51
mptogra_, yeah, I'm a bit fond of it too. :-) But it's quite different from the style of the rest of the system.11:52
ogra_its special and makes us special :)11:52
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rvrWeird, still <waiting for device>11:54
steve_firvr, what I found is that when I booted into recovery to unlock the bootloader, adb wouldn't work unless I turned the nexus 4 off then back on11:55
steve_firvr, I don't know if it's specific to the nexus 4 or not, never had a problem on any other devices I've used11:55
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steve_firvr, when I switch it back on, I'd get into recovery and it would always say "do not switch the device off"11:56
steve_fiuntil the operation had completed11:56
netcurliok, got the toolbar hiding working now, would be good though if this was done automatically with the build-in back action in page stacks11:56
ogra_rvr, but you are in fastboot mode (not recovery) ?11:56
rvrsteve_fi: On the Nexus 7 it was very much straightforward, like stated on the wiki11:56
pmcgowanrvr: do you have the latest version of android-tools-fastboot installed?11:57
rvrpmcgowan: Yup, packages updated11:57
pmcgowanrvr: ran it as sudo?11:57
steve_fiogra_,  perhaps i used the wrong word ... ooops ;)11:58
rvrpmcgowan: Sh*t11:59
rvrThat was it, sorry :P11:59
pmcgowanbeen there done that11:59
ogra_we should ship proper udev-acl rules in the adb package for this12:00
ogra_so you dont need root12:00
pmcgowanogra_: good point12:00
ogra_(or in the fastboot package rather)12:00
ogra_(or even in both !!)12:00
pmcgowanpopey: can we get those MRs for the core apps in12:05
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pmcgowanSaviq: what is left to do to use the flags for the stage selection12:10
popeypmcgowan: they already have been12:11
* popey checks in case he's gone mad12:11
pmcgowanpopey: calc was merged, not the other two12:11
popeyclock has12:11
popeyI'm on a hangout with them now12:11
pmcgowanpopey: clock not acc to the mr12:12
pmcgowanexpected jenkins to do its thing12:12
popeyok, top approved12:12
Saviqpmcgowan, the only remaining one is share-app, which fails (unrelated) tests12:20
Saviqpmcgowan, https://code.launchpad.net/~paulliu/share-app/desktop_file_tweak/+merge/15656012:20
pmcgowanSaviq: did the shell need an update to use the flags, or how is it done?12:20
Saviqpmcgowan, the app lens did12:21
Saviqpmcgowan, but only to filter _out_ those that didn't have Touch=true12:21
pmcgowanSaviq: so there is a new update pending on that or the one from yesterday12:21
Saviqpmcgowan, everything is merged now12:21
pmcgowanSaviq: thanks12:21
Saviqpmcgowan, apart from the share app12:21
Saviqpmcgowan, not everything is in the image yet12:22
pmcgowanright, hoping to see that tonight12:22
nik90popey: is the current month 13.10-month-0?12:28
Saviqpopey, love your use of unicode ;)12:30
popeySaviq: :D12:30
popeynik90: yes12:30
popeynik90: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-commons/coreapps-13.10 has dates next to milestones12:31
popeySaviq: I started using Unicode a lot after Fedora had a bug in their bug tracker which made it impossible to file bugs against Fedora 18 because it's called "Schrödinger's cat".12:33
nik90popey: thnx12:35
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netcurliI get a segmentation fault when exiting a QtWebkit WebView in a qml app with visible set to false: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5676504/12:51
netcurliI don't know if that is a bug in the qt version in ubuntu or qtwebkit in general12:51
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nik90ckpringle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUoRgsPYkbQ13:14
ckpringlenik90: cheers!13:14
nik90gtg..c u later13:14
ckpringlenik90: oh sorry we went straight for lunch after, talk to you later ;)13:14
nik90ckpringle: np :)13:15
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rsalvetisergiusens: mind taking a look at the chromium_net related patches later on?13:59
rsalvetineeds to be applied at phablet.u.c13:59
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tsdgeoszsombi: ping14:05
zsombitsdgeos: pong14:06
tsdgeoszsombi: greyback told me i should tell you about the problem i'm having with ActivityIndicator14:06
tsdgeoszsombi: it's taking 40% of the CPU of the Nexus414:06
zsombitsdgeos: :(14:07
tsdgeoshe says you had a patch for that or something?14:07
zsombitsdgeos: which SDK release you have?14:07
tsdgeoszsombi: 0.1.39~quantal1 is what is running on the phone14:08
zsombitsdgeos: we had a patch for turning it off when not running, but when running, that's the time it takes :/14:09
zsombitsdgeos: so you have the latest one... I'm sorry to say that animating the image unfortunately takes that much. I guess you are concerned about the time taken when running, right?14:09
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tsdgeoszsombi: well, the thing is that i'm doing other processor intensive stuff while that is running14:11
tsdgeosand i max out the cpu14:11
tsdgeosand all gets choppy14:11
mhall119Saviq: so I still have that keyboard problem, who should I bug about that?14:12
Saviqmhall119, tmoenicke to start with14:12
mhall119tmoenicke: pingity ping14:12
SaviqoSoMoN, are you caring for share-app? or is Ugo?14:18
=== mmrazik is now known as mmrazik|afk
oSoMoNSaviq: Ugo is, but he’s working part time these days, and he’s off until next Monday, so if there’s anything urgent I’ll take it14:20
SaviqoSoMoN, if you had any idea why https://code.launchpad.net/~paulliu/share-app/desktop_file_tweak/+merge/156560 fails tests14:20
oSoMoNSaviq: I’ll have a look14:22
=== jhodapp|afk is now known as jhodapp
oSoMoNSaviq: the autopilot tests pass locally, I’ll try to figure out why they are failing on jenkins14:31
SaviqoSoMoN, thanks14:32
sergiusensrsalveti: ack14:33
tmoenickemhall119: pong14:35
mhall119tmoenicke: hey, I have a problem with my onscreen keyboard on my nexus 714:36
mhall119when I click a key on it, the press event is also passed on to whatever widgets are below it14:36
tmoenickemhall119: yes, I'm working on it :)14:36
mhall119ok, Saviq said it was fixed yesterday, but it's not for me, so I wanted to make sure the correct people knew it was still a bug14:37
tmoenickemhall119: it was marked as fixed but re-opened14:37
jhodapprsalveti, thanks for the permissions fix yesterday...it did the trick for the permission denied error...still get a connection refused error but like you said before, progress. :)14:40
rsalvetijhodapp: cool14:42
mterryxnox, regarding dep8 tests, we talked about those recently.  They aren't run as part of stack prep right now14:46
rvrIs it a known issue that device restarts when executing ubuntu_chroot?14:47
xnoxmterry: fair enough. I think jibel and friends did say that it is possible to add ppa's to DEP8 infrastructure. But I can see how that will not block merge proposals / uploads.14:48
xnoxmterry: even just running them against the resulting PPA would be nice (if there are any)14:48
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xnoxSo if my test binaries need android, that means if I flash my nexus7 with a phablet image I will be able to execute them. Correct?14:57
cyphermoxxnox: possibly?14:59
cyphermoxyou will not likely be able to display anything on screen, but you can query android bits14:59
xnoxHm... i have ubuntu core on my nexus7, will need to reflash it.14:59
cyphermoxit all depends what you're trying to do :)15:00
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xnoxSince I still boot into ubuntu-core sometimes.15:14
xnoxphablet-flash doesn't quite work for me.15:14
xnoxI reboot into recovery and phablet-flash doesn't "flash" if it's in recovery. I'm following manual deployment steps atm.15:14
xnoxIt would be nice if it just did the right thing, if I specify the device type.15:14
ogra_xnox, see the Install wikipage15:15
ogra_i added a "Manual Installation" topic15:15
ogra_just follow it15:15
seb128the battery indicator's menu is sometime empty on today's image for me15:15
seb128is that a known issue?15:15
xnoxogra_: yeah, I'm following that. =) I now wish phablet-deploy learns to do that =)15:16
ogra_it largely does that :)15:16
ogra_just a bit different :)15:16
cyphermoxxnox: I was also using manual steps, don't want to reflash recovery or really get out of it15:17
cyphermoxxnox: I did some changes in phablet-flash to make it agree to flash in recovery, but I'm not sure how to properly integrate that and have both ways work15:17
xnoxcyphermox: if you pastebin your diff, I can work on it further =)15:18
cyphermoxxnox: I think I reverted the changes, but it's easy enough15:18
xnoxcyphermox: ok, will poke it later.15:18
cyphermoxxnox: i'll edit in a branch and send you the link soon15:19
ogra_just use the manual mode i added as a blueprint add it to phablet-flash in a way that it does exactly that but only if you run it with --recovery-install15:19
ogra_easy peasy :)15:19
xnoxogra_: well adb devices already lists recovery, it's just it should start doing stuff if it finds recovery in adb devices && device type was specified on the command line.15:20
oSoMoNSaviq: I *think* CI is failing for the share-app because of missing runtime deps for the autopilot package, I’ve submitted https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/share-app/more-autopilot-deps/+merge/157137, let’s see if CI passes there15:20
cyphermoxogra_: indeed, should be simple enough15:20
cyphermoxI'll squeeze in an hour to fix it up ;)15:20
cyphermoxogra_: there are some changes needed because for instance, df isn't the same in recovery as in the device (for detection)15:21
cyphermoxif I was to make it run through almost the same steps... ;)15:21
SaviqoSoMoN, thanks15:21
cyphermoxbut yeah, got a few ideas15:21
MakyoHi all.  I'm having a problem getting things running again on a Nexus 10 after what appears to have been a corrupted flash with r55.15:23
oSoMoNSaviq: CI passed, can you please approve https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/share-app/more-autopilot-deps/+merge/157137 ?15:41
ogra_janimo, the "ubuntu touch display server" (as you call it in your mail) currently is android :)15:41
SaviqoSoMoN, awesome, thanks15:41
janimoogra_, well I did not want to call it anything as I knew it was a Qt/SurfaceFlinger combo but with no idea how it related to xinput :)15:43
janimoand just in case Mir went in in the past few days without me noticing :)15:43
ogra_well, its libinput from android15:44
ogra_i doubt that will change with Mir15:44
ogra_at least for the start it wont i guess15:44
oSoMoNSaviq: once it’s merged, we can re-trigger CI on Paul’s MR15:45
SaviqoSoMoN, yup, I'll take care of it, thanks15:45
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xnoxHmm... how do I run raring on this thing? dist-upgrade and away I go? =)16:09
janimoogra_, that explains why we needed the kernel change to have it work with X and now need to revert it so it works with android again16:10
ogra_janimo, right, but i dont want to break the desktop images ... so worst case we need to leave its kernel as is16:11
janimoogra_, I am sure something can be done to have it work both ways, but don't know how16:12
ogra_yeah, well, i suspect the desktop image will go away after 13.0416:13
* xnox downloading raring build.16:14
xnoxogra_: I'm confused why are we releasing nexus7 desktop image at all to be honest. Same with pandas and ac100.16:15
xnox(well ac100 is kind of lubuntu target, which is ok)16:15
ogra_ac100 is a community image16:15
ogra_i wont comment the panda :P16:16
ogra_xnox, the nexus7 is our current desktop reference image on arm16:17
ogra_for the convergence story we need to make sure desktop bits work16:18
* xnox downloading raring build of ubuntuone takes a while.16:18
ogra_someone on the ML said it took him 4h16:18
ogra_sergiusens, so when can we switch the dailies on cdimage to raring ? :)16:19
ogra_any planned ETA ?16:19
xnoxsergiusens: can you throw the raring.zip on to people.canonical.com or something? =)16:19
janimoogra_, for convergence? Should that not be better served by an Ubuntu Touch image then?16:19
ogra_janimo, it will still use desktop apps16:19
janimoI don't suppose Unity in it's current form will move forward on the Nexus 716:19
xnoxogra_: it seems like dist-upgrade + enable ppa's wil be quicker.16:19
ogra_no. it wont16:19
ogra_(that was to janimo )16:20
xnoxjanimo: it is a stable reference platform for debugging though, and easier to deploy to.16:20
xnox(no chroot/containers)16:20
ogra_janimo, but we might use apps and cant test them without X yet16:20
ogra_so until we have XMir to test i.e. LibO on arm for cobnvergence we will need one image around that can run this16:21
krabadorogra_, can you tell me what are now difficulties for calls on i9100?16:21
ogra_krabador, nope, i dont even have a  SIM in mine16:21
ogra_i use my i9100 for app testing etc16:22
krabadorogra_, ok, but it's related on cm10.1 kernel, or ubuntu-touch support?16:22
ogra_did the xda forum guys not get it to work yet ?16:22
krabadorogra_, not, until now, not working.16:23
ogra_the ubuntu side should support calls and SMS if you have a SIM without PIN16:23
ogra_no 3G though16:23
hopkinskongAnyone are here?16:25
Robin_Wattsseb128: hey16:25
hopkinskongI got SEG FAULT on all services16:25
Robin_Wattsseb128: Just checking in in case you had any questions you wanted to ask about mupdf in advance of the doc viewer meeting this evening.16:26
hopkinskongi mean services that in my base android inculding surfaceflinger, etc16:26
hopkinskongall returned MAPERR16:26
seb128Robin_Watts, hey, nothing specific16:26
hopkinskongHow to debug/fix?16:26
seb128Robin_Watts, do you have a full feature desktop client using GTK or Qt using it?16:26
Robin_Wattsseb128: one second while I phone a friend :)16:27
Robin_WattsThe short answer is that we don't have such a thing checked in anywhere.16:28
Robin_Wattsbut Tor was working on a new viewer for a while that I think used GTK.16:29
Robin_WattsWe were hoping that we'd be able to get both windows and linux out of the same viewer by doing that, but it transpired that the GTK system requires about 30 DLLs or something stupid, and so it ground to a halt.16:29
hopkinskongAnyone could help me?16:30
Robin_WattsI was just trying to confirm with Tor that it was really GTK, but he seems to be afk at the moment.16:30
Robin_WattsThe fullest featured client we have is for android.16:30
Robin_WattsWere you thinking of this as something to try out? or something to build from ?16:31
seb128Robin_Watts, something to try out, and also trying to see if we use mupdf for the phone if we could use it on the desktop and if there was an evince equivalent for it16:32
mterryfginther, so...  I just ran "./cu2d-update-stack ../stacks/head/platform.cfg"  According to the wiki, I need to "ping an archive admin so that he pulls the modification on lillypilly for the second-safety check process".  Is that you?16:32
nik90mhall119:  ping16:32
seb128Robin_Watts, seems there is nothing we could replace evince with easily on the desktop though16:32
mhall119nik90: pong16:32
Robin_Wattsseb128: AIUI, evince calls out to different backends, right?16:32
nik90mhall119:  I am currently adding copyright info for the ubuntu clock app. THe bug report is at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/116459416:33
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1164594 in Ubuntu Clock App "Add copyright/license headers to the clock app files" [Undecided,In progress]16:33
Robin_Wattsso I don't immediately see why evince couldn't call out to mupdf.16:33
nik90mhall119: Should I follow something similar to http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/trunk/view/head:/UnityCore/ApplicationPreview.cpp16:33
seb128Robin_Watts, it's "just a matter of code", right? ;-)16:33
Robin_WattsThat may be something we can/should look at.16:33
Robin_Wattsa simple matter of programming, yes :)16:33
mhall119nik90: hmmm, outside of my area of expertise16:33
nik90mhall119: oh...whom should I contact regarding this?16:33
mhall119seb128: can you help nik90 with the proper way of doing copyright/license headers?16:34
seb128mhall119, nik90: sure, what's the question?16:36
seb128http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/trunk/view/head:/UnityCore/ApplicationPreview.cpp is a good example of the usual/standard way yes16:36
nik90seb128: What should I include in the Authored section?16:37
nik90seb128: just the names who wrote that piece of code?16:37
nik90seb128: Does this license need to be included in Every file in the project?16:37
seb128nik90, it's not an hard requirement but it's good practice16:38
didrockshey mterry!16:38
ogra_hey didrocks16:38
mterrydidrocks, hi!16:38
nik90seb128: ok thnx..I will basically copy the format from that file and edit the authors to suit the ubuntu clock prohect16:39
seb128hey didrocks16:39
seb128nik90, great16:39
mterrydidrocks, so...  I just ran "./cu2d-update-stack ../stacks/head/platform.cfg"  According to the wiki, I need to "ping an archive admin so that he pulls the modification on lillypilly for the second-safety check process".  Is that fginther or mmrazik or something?16:39
didrocksfamiliar environment :)16:39
mterrydidrocks, also...  what did cu2d-update-stack actually do? it updated some phablet-team branch?16:39
hopkinskongANY ONE?16:39
didrocksmterry: it created the jobs16:39
mmrazikdidrocks: the admin mterry is mentioning is you, right?16:40
didrocksmterry: archive admins are listed here (not sure everyone knows what to do though): https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-archive16:40
mterrydidrocks, oh!  you mean a real ubuntu archive-admin16:40
mterrydidrocks, then poke16:40
didrocksa real and only one16:40
didrocksoh hey mterry16:40
didrockswhat's up? :)16:40
didrocksok ok, doing :p16:40
mterrydidrocks, didn't think this had to do with ubuntu, since it was just a PPA16:40
mterrydidrocks, but I guess the same job could upload to ubuntu so yeah16:41
didrocksmterry: it's not *required* for now16:41
didrocksmterry: but yeah, better to follow the same process16:41
mterrydidrocks, so what are you doing now?  reviewing the change and making it final?16:41
didrocksor we'll forget about it later on16:41
mmrazikmterry: as far as I understand cu2d-update-stack updates some jenkins jobs on magners16:41
didrocksmterry: I'm just sudo -u ubuntu-archive -i on lillypilly16:41
nik90seb128: one last thing...the most recent copyright is 2012-2013 Canonical Ltd?16:41
didrocksmterry: cd cu2d/cupstream2distro-config/16:42
didrocksmterry: bzr pull (looking at the diff you did)16:42
rickspencer3rsalveti, tmoenicke so, my browser input for my nexus7 worked for one glorious moment yesterday :/16:42
seb128nik90, the years reflect when the code has been written, if it's a new project no need to list 2012, just 2013 is enough16:42
mterrydidrocks, mmrazik: so once this change goes live, hopefully platform-api will be building in the PPA (though I believe all tests will fail, until xnox updates them for new names16:42
didrocksmterry: oh excellent, as it's a new stack, I should add the step to poke update the jenkins views16:43
didrocksmterry: jibel has a script for him, mind poking him? :)16:43
didrocksmterry: this is only when creating a stack16:43
mterryjibel, I'm double poking you, in case you (quite naturally) have a filter for didrocks16:44
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jibeldidrocks, mterry if only it worked on the version of jenkins we are running, I'd be happy16:44
mterryjibel, there's a new platform stack in head16:44
didrocksmterry: sometimes I wonder if that's not part of the default configuration :p16:44
didrocksmterry: we should remove ubuntu-ui-toolkit, right?16:45
didrocksas in the end, it will be in another stack AFAIK16:45
mterrydidrocks, I don't see it on the stacks breakdown document16:45
mterrydidrocks, oh, there's an empty sdk stack16:46
didrocksmterry: yeah, let me fix it16:46
didrocksor do it16:46
didrocksif you have it opened16:46
didrocksthat would be lovely!16:46
mterrydidrocks, sure.  a stack with just the sdk?  Why not throw it in platform?16:46
didrocksmterry: long discussion with sergiusens. Basically, they are done by different teams16:46
didrocksmterry: so if one is breaking the whole stack publishing, maybe let's avoid to end up in some social tensions :)16:47
didrocksmterry: platform-api was in stacks/phablet/misc.cfg btw for the ci configuration. I think that mmrazik finally wants us to move them16:47
mmrazikdidrocks, mterry: mhm.. you didn't move it just added?16:48
mterrydidrocks, stacks document updated16:48
didrocksthanks mterry16:48
didrocksmmrazik: it's in the finale stack location, so should be removed frmo stacks/phablet/misc.cfg16:49
mterrymmrazik: Oh, I thought you earlier said that you wanted to handle that bit16:49
mmrazikdidrocks: is it reasonable to have the same branch in two different stacks/releases?16:49
didrocksmmrazik: I don't see why we would want that16:49
mmrazikmterry: I sai I would prefer MP for cross-check :)16:49
mmrazikdidrocks: we have that right now :)16:49
mmrazikI agree it doesn't make much sense16:49
didrocksmmrazik: right, hence the "now, let's move them one by one to head"16:50
mmrazikso let me move it from phablet16:50
didrocksmmrazik: but not all at the same time :)16:50
mmrazikdidrocks, mterry: I'm moving platform-api from phablet/misc.cfg16:50
didrocksthanks mmrazik :)16:50
mmrazikdidrocks: ack. but it would be appreciated if the move happens atomically (i.e. in one commit)16:50
mmrazikatomically for one project/branch (at least)16:50
mterrymmrazik, oh right, thanks.  I'll look at commit to make sure it's the same I would have done16:50
mterrymmrazik, for future16:51
didrocksmmrazik: ok, let's do that for the others :)16:51
mterrymmrazik, I see that i386 is disabled?  I don't think it should be16:51
JamesMRI'm not managing to find anything helpful on google, would anyone know if it's possible to dual boot the nexus 10 with android and Ubuntu?16:51
mmrazikmterry: I think it wasn't building on i386 :-/16:51
mmraziksergiusens: do you know details ^^ ?16:51
mmraziksergiusens: (platform-api disabled on i386)16:51
mterrymmrazik, well, it should.  Can we enable the build for i386 and then fix the build issue?16:51
mmrazikmterry: ok. I'll enable it16:52
mterrymmrazik, I don't think platform-api will build right now anyway because it's tests are borked.  But I figured we can go ahead with the stacks and everything even so16:52
mmrazikmterry: I'll only keep raring builds (and disable quantal)16:52
mterrymmrazik, yeah good point too16:53
didrocksmmrazik: I think you are using stacks/raring/platform.cfg, isn't it?16:53
didrocksas it doesn't match, that looks weird16:53
mmrazikdidrocks: using for what? I'm actually not using it yet16:54
mmrazikI planned to do it today but didn't manage it16:54
didrocksmmrazik: oh, can we directly target the good stack name then?16:54
didrocksmmrazik: in fact, it should be in head/ only, not raring, thinking about it (as we are only going to support one branch)16:55
mmrazikdidrocks: I'm confused. I'm moving platform-api from phablet/misc.cfg to head/platform.cfg16:55
didrocksmmrazik: right, the sdk will be another stack16:55
mmrazikdidrocks: so we need to move ubuntu-ui-toolkit from platform.cfg?16:55
mmrazikdidrocks: I didn't create platform.cfg16:55
mmrazikdidrocks: ken probably did16:55
didrocksmmrazik: right, after talking with sergiusens, it makes sense to move it somewhere else16:55
mmrazikI don't crae16:56
didrocksmmrazik: do you want me to do that? (it's not only a bzr mv, we have more to do)16:56
mmrazikdidrocks: uh16:56
didrocksmmrazik: I need to add the right dest ppa and so on, I can do that quickly, just want to warn you :)16:56
mmrazikdidrocks: platform-api is now is platform.cfg so I'm not sure if bzr mv is all we need16:56
mmrazikdidrocks: let me get rid of the duplicit platform-api first16:56
mmrazikit will take me 5 mins16:56
mmrazikand then do whatever you want with sdk16:57
didrocksmmrazik: ok :)16:57
mmrazikdidrocks: I'm done16:59
didrocksmmrazik: ok, pulling :)16:59
mmrazikgoing to regenerate the autolanding jobs to enable i38616:59
didrocksmmrazik: rev 14717:04
didrocks(once you want to enable it)17:04
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mmrazikdidrocks: ubuntu-ui-toolkit needs to be removed from head/platform.cfg (to_transition)17:05
didrocksI thought mterry was going to do it at the same time?17:05
mterryheh.  this is a tragedy of the commons17:06
tmoenickerickspencer3: working on it17:06
didrocksmterry: rev 148, hope you won't have a conflict :)17:07
didrocksmmrazik: ^17:07
rickspencer3tmoenicke, is the bug with the keyboard itself?17:07
mterrydidrocks, I updated the stack document, but didn't bother with the config.  It was marked as to_transition, so didn't want to enable it.  Once we're ready to enable, we can move into new stack, eh?17:07
tmoenickerickspencer3: the size it reports, yes17:07
didrocksmterry: right, it's just move to a separate "sdk" stack now, but still in to_transition ;)17:08
mterrydidrocks, OK17:08
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mterrydidrocks, ah, you did it17:08
mterrytoo many chefs!17:09
didrocksmterry: it's like video games with unfair latency checks ;)17:10
* sergiusens is glad he stayed out of the tide change that didrocks got into :-)17:15
didrockssergiusens: why everyone is telling me that? :p17:16
didrocksjoin the fun!17:16
ogra_sergiusens, oh, yoou too ?17:16
* ogra_ as well :)17:16
sergiusensogra_: regarding raring, I'm not the one who decides when to pull the switch. But we do need functional parity for sure17:17
ogra_yeah, i thought so17:17
ogra_sergiusens, so publishing your zips on lillipily might probably be better17:18
ogra_since peolple seem eager to try it and ubuntuone is really slow17:18
sergiusensogra_: yeah, I noticed... shouldn't of been slow...17:21
sergiusensogra_: so I'm not triggering any switch, but I do plan on having them available as part of the build (just not promoting them as working)17:21
kgunnpmcgowan: hey is technical complexity 3=hard, 1=easy ? ...ivanka's life w/ phone sheet17:27
pmcgowankgunn: yes17:28
mptDrafts of phone settings design for Background: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Appearance#Phone And Brightness: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Brightness#Phone17:34
boikodaliusd: so, just curious on why a custom date formatting is needed in the calc app?17:35
daliusdboiko, I guess to keep string shorter17:35
seb128mpt, with the dynamic home screen, should it have a way to configure the data sources to use for the custom "welcome screen"?17:36
seb128mpt, like the demos have number of tweets you received, etc17:36
daliusdboiko, do you have more questions?17:38
boikodaliusd: can't we use Qt.DefaultLocaleShortDate?17:38
rsalvetisergiusens: I approved the webapps mr, but I still see the calculator-mockapp at qml-phone-shell (Applications/applications.js)17:38
rsalvetisergiusens: should we also remove it from there?17:39
daliusdboiko: maybe :) I don't know. We can try to.17:40
WebbyITboiko daliusd I can look at it17:40
boikodaliusd: ok, so what's the preferred way for me to make suggestions on code changes? they are not actually bugs, so not sure I should open a bug17:40
boikoWebbyIT: nice! thanks!17:40
daliusdWebbyIT, assign it to yourself in blueprint - I just created task for it :)17:41
daliusdboiko, you can create blueprint items and write e-mail to us :)17:42
WebbyITdaliusd: ok :)17:42
boikodaliusd: ok, that works for me, thanks :)17:42
WebbyITboiko: so, create you the blueprint? :)17:43
boikoWebbyIT: for this date formatting topic I think daliusd already created the item, you just assign it to yourself17:44
boikoWebbyIT: for the others, I will create the work items and leave them unassigned17:44
daliusdboiko: sounds good17:45
WebbyITboiko: perfetct :)17:45
boikodaliusd: WebbyIT: ok, that's it then, thanks guys!17:45
daliusdboiko: thanks to you as well17:46
daliusdbye ;-)17:46
WebbyITthanks to you boiko :)17:46
WebbyITbye bye17:46
sergiusensrsalveti: need to remove calc, calendar and clock from there, but that's in lp:qml-phone-shell17:47
sergiusensrsalveti: another MR :-)17:47
rsalvetisergiusens: yup17:47
sergiusensrsalveti: let me make some progress on smokes a bit and I'll switch back to that17:48
rsalvetisergiusens: ok17:48
ShapeShifter499so the source is out?17:52
ShapeShifter499I'll have to pass this on to the XDA devs for Nook HD and HD Plus, they control the source and would know what to do for porting this17:53
Robin_Wattsseb128: evince is a *bitch* to build :(18:02
seb128Robin_Watts, how so?18:03
Robin_Wattsevince requires gtk+ newer than
Robin_Wattsthe latest stable release is 3.6.418:03
Robin_Wattsso I try to build gtk+, and it needs a newer than stable glib etc.18:04
Robin_WattsAnd the helpful crib sheet of commands given on the evince page doesn't rebuild gtk+ for you, just everything else.18:04
formolQCHi. I saw weeks ago a webpage with the status of the hardware compatibility for the Ubuntu phone. Im not able to refind it. Someone know where to found it?18:05
seb128Robin_Watts, just build evince 3.618:06
seb128or use jhbuild18:06
Robin_Wattsseb128: I was trying jhbuild.18:06
Robin_Wattsseb128: It seems I can do 3.4.018:11
priyaHi. ANy plans to port Ubuntu touch onn Intel tablets in near future? WOuld love to install an x86 build on my tablet18:46
priyavAnyone got success installing Ubuntu touch on an Intel tablet?18:59
ogra_priyav, you would have to port it first19:00
priyavogra_, so I would assume noone has ported it yet for x8619:02
mhall119larsgk: rss app meeting19:03
sergiusensogra_: there was a mention of an x86 port somewhere last Sat, don't recall exactly19:03
mhall119in #ubuntu-touch-meeting19:03
mhall119and any other RSS app developers19:03
mhall119dragly: ^^19:04
ogra_sergiusens, well, i have it on my todo as well for the emulator19:04
sergiusensogra_: what is the purpose of the emulator? Just apps?19:04
ogra_sergiusens, but first i need to get the cdimage builds goig (if these RTs get ever done) and then there is the ubuntu beta release today keeping me busy :)19:05
larsgkmhall119: aa yes - jumping in19:05
ogra_sergiusens, to be shipped with the SDK so you can run it in qemu and have full GLES support19:05
sergiusensogra_: sounds fun, that means my RTs will go ignored :-P19:05
ogra_dunno, mine are obviously ...19:05
ogra_IS probably doesnt like all that firewall piercing :)19:06
pmcgowanogra_: might also help us for automated testing in VMs19:07
pmcgowanso where is it??19:07
priyavogra_: Do you have a timeline for the x86 port if you are working on that along with the emulator?19:08
* ogra_ holds up his TODO sheet and points19:08
ogra_here, see ?19:08
ogra_priyav, within the next 3-4 weeks i would hope19:08
priyavogra_: Thats cool. Thanks19:09
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popeyDocViewer Core App meeting about to start in #ubuntu-touch-meeting19:31
pmcgowansergiusens: can I ask a ppa question19:34
sergiusenspmcgowan: shoot19:37
pmcgowansergiusens: how does one kick off or otherwise monitor what package builds a ppa is about to do, for example19:37
pmcgowanmy favortie apps have not rebuild yet but I see no builds pending19:38
pmcgowanthe packages in the ppa have still not picked up the desktop file changes from long ago19:39
sergiusenspmcgowan: you need to go into the architecture for the pending build, e.g.; https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+archive/daily/+build/446793019:39
sergiusenspmcgowan: well from what I can see, the score is low for that PPA and given that today there's a release, it might take some time19:39
pmcgowansergiusens: bollux good point19:40
sergiusenspmcgowan: most of those packages are pending publication though, so they'll be available soon19:40
sergiusenspmcgowan: just looking, only two are missing19:40
pmcgowansergiusens: and where did you find that? looking at view builds I could not19:40
pmcgowansergiusens: calc not built at all and clock and calendar need arm19:40
sergiusenscalendar for raring and quantal19:40
pmcgowaner calc not rebuilt at all19:41
pmcgowansergiusens: looks like they just finsihed, sorry19:41
pmcgowanexcept calulator needs to build19:41
sergiusenspmcgowan: I don't see a pending calculator in the queue though19:41
pmcgowansergiusens: thats what I mean19:42
sergiusenspmcgowan: for that we need to ask the owner of ubuntu-phone-apps-jenkins-bot... that guy gets the dput result19:42
sergiusenspmcgowan: I'm suspecting it was rejected19:42
sergiusensmmrazik: still around?19:42
sergiusensmmrazik: where can we check the email's for ubuntu-phone-apps-jenkins-bot19:42
pmcgowanmaybe popey knows19:43
* popey points at fginther 19:44
mmraziksergiusens: yup19:44
mmraziksergiusens: gmail19:44
mmraziksergiusens:let me send you the details19:44
sergiusensmmrazik: thanks19:45
sergiusensit would be nice if it could be converted to RSS :-)19:45
mmraziksergiusens: maybe I can just fwd to ps-jenkins@lists.canonical.com ?19:46
mmrazikthe e-mail was primarily meant as login19:46
sergiusensmmrazik: yes, that would be a good idea, still, it would be nicer to have RSS (but I'm not asking that of you ;-) )19:47
mmraziklet me do the forwarding19:47
mmraziksergiusens: done19:49
sergiusenspmcgowan: popey it was rejected: ubuntu-calculator-app_0.1bzr41raring0.dsc: Version older than that in the archive. 0.1bzr41raring0 <= 0.1ubuntu1bzr39raring019:51
sergiusensMy guess is someone pushed the feature branch to get stuff out of the way and the versioning it uses depends on bzr revno19:52
mmraziksergiusens: might happened when fginther was bootstrapping raring19:53
sergiusensmmrazik: the quantal one was also rejected btw Version older than that in the archive. 0.1bzr41quantal0 <= 0.1ubuntu1bzr39quantal019:53
mmraziksergiusens: please check with fginther. I vaguely recall he was running into this already19:54
fginthermmrazik, sergiusens I'm trying to catch up19:54
fgintherlooks like a version string issue19:55
mmrazikfginther: in essence -- phone core apps are getting rejected from ppa19:55
sergiusensfginther: ok, easiest solution and cleanest IMO is an upstream version bump19:55
mmrazikI wonder where the ubuntu1 comes from19:55
sergiusensfginther: my bet (because it happened before), is that a feature branch was dput, and those have a bzr revno greater than what is in trunk (most of the times)19:55
mmrazikthere is no ubuntu in debian/changelog at all19:56
sergiusensmmrazik: on what jenkins do these core apps run?19:57
sergiusensmmrazik: previous dput might have been a manual one it seems20:01
* sergiusens reconfirms assessment with the logs20:01
pmcgowangee never thought it would be so hard to add a few apps20:02
mmraziksergiusens: I'm calling it a day but fginther should know all the details20:02
fginthersergiusens, do you still think an upstream bump is needed? I can purge the current packages from the ppa and rebuild, but that of course does not help those with the package already installed20:09
sergiusensfginther: some people will never get updates if you do that20:11
sergiusensfginther: so you have purging powers on a ppa now?20:11
* sergiusens know who to ask for crazy stuff next20:11
cyphermoxrsalveti: turns out the mako needs some more config magic to work20:13
cyphermoxI'm finishing up, hopefully will be done before EOD20:13
rsalveticyphermox: ok, cool20:13
fginthersergiusens, are you working on an MP?20:16
sergiusensfginther: I don't know where the code is, but I can look for it and do it20:23
* sergiusens calculator calendar and clock all sound the same in his head :-/20:24
sergiusensfound it20:25
sergiusensrsalveti: https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/unity/mock2core/+merge/15722320:27
sergiusensfginther: https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/ubuntu-calculator-app/new_version/+merge/15722420:29
sergiusensrsalveti: did you see my blueprint email?20:30
sergiusensplars: can you share some burden with me? (not a fun task I'm going to ask)20:31
rsalvetisergiusens: not yet, let me check20:31
rsalvetisergiusens: weird, the series and milestone is correct20:31
sergiusensrsalveti: doesn't show up in my active workitems though20:31
fginthersergiusens, looking20:31
rsalvetisergiusens: maybe because it should be month-6?20:32
rsalvetiaka this month20:32
plarssergiusens: hey, what's up?20:32
rsalvetilet me try changing that20:32
rsalvetisergiusens: check in a few to see if it's there20:33
rsalvetimeanwhile you can check https://launchpad.net/~<user>/+upcomingwork20:34
fginthersergiusens, approved20:35
sergiusensplars: need some help triaging the ubuntu-touch-image bugs20:35
sergiusensplars: well, not triaging, confirming20:35
sergiusensrsalveti: ack, thanks20:36
MakyoI'm fresh out of ideas.  Anyone have any thoughts on r55 half-bricking a Nexus 10?  Will boot to recovery mode once, then crash hard enough to prevent anything but a battery symbol until I unplug it for at least half an hour.  I can't re-flash because it never boots to the OS, the manual install steps fail, and trying to fall back to Android fails.20:36
sergiusensMakyo: drained battery?20:37
plarssergiusens: anything specific? or just generally monitoring https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images for unconfirmed things?20:38
Makyosergiusens, I can't tell how fully charged it is given that it won't boot, but it's been plugged in overnight since I first flashed yesterday.20:39
sergiusensplars: yeah, just monitor New, and confirm or incomplete them20:39
sergiusensplars: I guess you can assign them too20:39
sergiusensMakyo: can't you boot into the bootloader?20:39
kgunnMakyo: can you flash the bootloader?20:40
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plarssergiusens: I don't have a good sense of who gets which bugs at this point, do you have some guidelines for this already?20:40
sergiusenskgunn: I wouldn't flash the bootloader, that can cause bricking ;-)20:40
Makyosergiusens, only after unplugging for about half an hour.20:40
kgunnMakyo: fwiw, i had something similar on nexus720:40
sergiusensplars: don't worry then, I'll take care of that, teams are in the mix lately20:41
kgunnrebooting at bootloader20:41
Makyokgunn, was there an indication of the reboot loop?20:41
kgunnwent back to google stock...seemed to take care of it20:41
kgunnmmm...sorry....too many late nights/beers since then20:42
Makyokgunn, fair :)20:42
Makyokgunn, I tried going back to stock, but no luck.20:42
kgunni do remember being very freaked out....and super happy when it worked20:42
kgunnmmm...well, at least you tried stock20:42
plarssergiusens: I'll do what I can, I'm still doing some beta2 testing for raring at the moment, but I should have some time today. Forunately it doesn't look like extreme numbers of bugs there yet :)20:43
sergiusensplars: nope, it's not that big, I went through half of them last week, I just don't feel like moving out of raring today on my devices ;-)20:44
plarssergiusens: ah, how's that going?20:45
kgunnMakyo: fwiw...i do remember trying a couple of times....and for whatever reason...it finally flashed20:45
Makyokgunn, alright.  I'll look a little more then.  I couldn't get fastboot to recognize the device, maybe that's changed.20:46
sergiusensplars: pretty well... the first build worked mostly out of the box20:46
sergiusensMakyo: sudo fastboot20:47
Makyosergiusens, Yeah, just <waiting on device>20:47
kgunnMakyo: ok...that really rings a bell20:47
sergiusensrsalveti: you didn't read my _Descrition_ for https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/unity/mock2core/+merge/157223 :-)20:49
sergiusensrsalveti: it should just work though :-)20:49
* sergiusens is still going to wait for the bot20:49
rsalvetisergiusens: sorry, didn't read it20:50
rsalvetisergiusens: it always validate the ci before merging, right?20:51
rsalvetior if I top approve before the CI it'll just merge directly?20:52
RobbyFafternoon everyone.20:52
sergiusensrsalveti: if you top approve it's already game over20:54
sergiusensrsalveti: although the same thing is done in the autolanding phase20:54
rsalvetisergiusens: right, thought it'd have some sort of ci first20:55
sergiusensrsalveti: what I wasnted though was for -ci to finish, grab the deb and install it on my tablet :-)20:55
rsalvetigot it20:55
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fginthersergiusens, ubuntu-calculator-app is building in the ppa20:57
fginthersergiusens, thanks20:57
pmcgowanfginther: sergiusens thanks guys21:03
rsalvetisergiusens: deb is already available21:12
sergiusensrsalveti: yup, looking21:28
sergiusensrsalveti: https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/ubuntu-calendar-app/lp1164130/+merge/15723621:29
* sergiusens is really close to getting smoke tests in place again21:30
* sergiusens switches back to MRs21:31
rsalvetisergiusens: ok, will wait :-)21:34
sergiusensrsalveti: the deb feels good21:35
sergiusensrsalveti: only thing I notice now it that the gallery has no icon21:35
sergiusensrsalveti: but that doesn't seem to be from my MR21:35
rsalvetisergiusens: nops, not related21:35
sergiusensrsalveti: we're good to approve21:36
rsalvetisergiusens: DOME21:36
rsalvetisergiusens: will you create release mrs for them today still?21:36
sergiusensrsalveti: excellent, release commit comes21:36
sergiusensrsalveti: yes21:36
sergiusensrsalveti: did you check that other MR?21:37
rsalvetisergiusens: yup, but jenkins is still not taking care of it21:37
sergiusensrsalveti: heh, it's a different jenkins :-P21:37
* sergiusens has no control over it21:37
rsalvetisebras: will it build as well as our jenkins?21:38
sergiusensrsalveti: it does build, doesn't publish the debs...21:38
sergiusensrsalveti: not really sure, this is my first interaction with core apps infra21:38
rsalvetiwill wait a bit more21:40
wade|shullok, time to reinstall the components and see if it works22:03
rickspencer3hey, am I supposed to be able to get pinch and zoom gestures in a PinchArea on my Nexus7, yet?22:10
rsalvetisergiusens: I'm community there: https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/ubuntu-calendar-app/lp1164130/+merge/15723622:10
rsalvetiso we need an app core dev to approve22:11
sergiusenspmcgowan: do you know of any?22:11
rsalvetisergiusens: that's probably why the ci didn't run22:11
sergiusensfginther: do you know why the ci didn't run?22:12
rsalvetisergiusens: popey might be able to help you22:12
sergiusensrsalveti: well, it's a different trigger that what we use most likely22:12
rsalvetiI think he got power cow powers at all core apps22:12
sergiusensrsalveti: ah, yeah, popey might be able to approve ;-)22:12
rsalveti*super cow powers22:12
fginthersergiusens, rsalveti, you need to be a member of one of the ubuntu touch teams: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers22:16
fginthersergiusens, rsalveti see the subteam list there22:16
sergiusensfginther: well we are not :-)22:16
sergiusensfginther: and if I am, I won't approve my own MR :-P22:17
fginthersergiusens, I'll approve22:18
wade|shulloh a team22:21
wade|shullI like teams22:21
wade|shulloh core apps22:21
wade|shullthey won't want me22:21
wade|shullI am fringe character at best22:22
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rsalveti_plars: yeah, I wonder why we have dconf-editor now :)22:49
rsalveti_is this a real touch app?22:50
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rsalveti_sergiusens: you might know as well22:50
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sergiusensrsalveti: the shell now looks at all desktop files22:53
rsalvetisergiusens: got it22:53
rsalvetisergiusens: but I thought it'd need x-ubuntu-touch foobar or similar22:53
sergiusensrsalveti: I thougt that was for sidestaging22:54
rsalvetimakes sense22:54
* sergiusens looks at webcam grabbing smoke tests running22:54
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rickspencer3rsalveti, I'm having a lot of trouble making an app reliably respond to pinch and zoom on my Nexus 723:40
rickspencer3is this because I'm early to the party for this?23:40
rsalvetirickspencer3: not sure, it might be a bug specific to nexus 723:41
rsalvetiand unfortunately it's the only device I don't have23:41
rickspencer3rsalveti, is there a way I could log a useful bug report?23:41
rickspencer3just upload my code and let someone else try it, I guess?23:42
rsalvetirickspencer3: yup, that should do23:42
rickspencer3will do23:42
rsalvetirickspencer3: then I can try at nexus 10 as well23:42
rickspencer3sounds great23:42
rickspencer3I'll do it right now23:42
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