redtape UDS ala-2065 (where only one dev. turns up 'cos of fuel prices) :P            http://i.imgur.com/Jtq1QAj.jpg01:58
JamesTaitHappy International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action, people! (phew!)08:04
TheOpenSourcererAnyone looking for a job in open source in luvly Farnham? http://www.libertus.co.uk/about-us/jobs08:15
TheOpenSourcererWe are getting busier and busier - had new 5 enquiries this week already and it's only day 2!08:15
KrimZon_2does anyone know how to change the sudo timeout for one user only?08:21
KrimZon_2ahh, thanks08:23
kvarleyDoes anybody know what the Ubuntu port to the Nexus 7 is called? The one that came before Ubuntu Touch - runs the whole system on it.08:27
kvarleyAh found it https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nexus7/Installation08:28
kvarleyShame there is no port of it for Nexus 1008:28
kvarleyThe Google Samsung Chromebook has the same ARM chip in as the Nexus 10 - does that mean that I should technically be able to run the ARM versions of Ubuntu on the tablet?08:46
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davmor2Morning all09:00
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marxjohnsonSkype tells me "Today, Alan Pope turns 41"09:37
marxjohnsonHappy popey day09:37
popeySkype never lies!09:37
* SuperMatt fires off the steamers and kicks around some balloons09:46
* daubers rolls out the dancing rodents09:48
daubersSo next year popey is the answer to the great question of life the universe and everything?09:48
daubersat which point he will design a new, faster, more powerful popey?09:49
dwatkins...and multiply six by nine in base thirteen...09:49
SuperMattthat's just silly09:54
* kvarley always thought of popey as 3209:54
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:57
SuperMattgood ning09:57
brobostigonmorning SuperMatt09:58
popeykvarley: thanks ☺09:58
kvarleypopey: What shiny bit of tech did you buy yourself for your birthday then? :P09:58
popeyheh, I didn't09:59
popeyother people bought me stuff tho09:59
kvarleyAh, good :)09:59
kvarleyWell, enjoy :)09:59
SuperMattwhat did you buy yourself from your children?09:59
kvarleySuperMatt: hehe09:59
popeyhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B008D1M7KE for example09:59
* SuperMatt makes note for next year's secret santa09:59
kvarleyYou just overshadowed my Ubuntu mug10:00
kvarleyOT: Does anybody know if Orange uses Virgin Media masts? A phone with an Orange SIM card is showing Virgin media as the provider for some weird reason10:01
MyrttiI was super boring and bought D a £25 Google Play gift card10:02
SuperMattnothing boring about that10:02
SuperMattlots of good things can come of it10:02
MyrttiI'm happy that they brought them out, playing around with prepaid Visas is a bit cumbersome10:03
MyrttiI can't get any books or magazines with a Finnish credit card, you see.10:05
popeyalso got a craft ruler, couple of kitchen utensils, and more cooking classes ☺10:06
popeyalso, forgot that skype knows my birthday. it's interesting how I got zero "happy birthdays" until someone noticed skype, because I defriended everyone on facebook, so no HB from there10:07
MyrttiGoogle+ isn't telling about birthdays either :-(10:08
popeyyeah, I hid that10:08
popeyI did get a load of HB from various forums around the world though10:09
kvarleypopey: why the defriends? privacy?10:09
popeybecause facebook is shit10:09
kvarleypopey: Haha, true10:09
MyrttiI hid mine from Facebook. People are too preconditioned to do HBD to a person they don't really communicate normally, found it a bit disturbing.10:09
* SuperMatt nods10:10
kvarleyI'm only on FB because everybody else is. Annoying.10:10
SuperMattI would rather people stayed off google+10:10
SuperMattI like how quiet it is ;)10:11
ali1234g+ isn't that quiet any more10:11
MyrttiI've got lots of people in Google+10:11
SuperMattit is if you don't add too many people :P10:11
ali1234loads of people keep adding me and i have no idea who they are10:11
ali1234but then i follow loads of people who have no idea who i am so yeah10:12
SuperMattthat keeps happening to me too10:12
SuperMattI can only assume they're linuxy types10:12
SuperMattI understand following a celeb, but I question why I get followed10:12
popeymy G+ is way more interesting that fb ever was10:12
MyrttiI have to ignore the fact people are adding me, I get creepy feeling quite often10:12
SuperMattI think facebook is for IRL friends, and G+ seems to fit nicely with people who think much like me10:13
ali1234the reason g+ seems better than facebook is because we all learned an important lesson on facebook10:13
ali1234which is don't try to friend as many people as possible10:14
popeyi had way more people in G+ circles than fb friends10:15
MyrttiI never tried to friend as many people as possible... but I find it easier to control who I share stuff with and who's stuff I see in G+10:15
popey1116 on fb10:15
MyrttiI've got way more people in G+ than in Facebook10:15
popeysome dupes though, as some people have multiple accounts10:15
ali1234facebook doesn't even have a "number of friends" counter any more10:16
Myrttihas anyone had a good fiddle with Google Pixel, btw? we went to PC World in Peterborough few weeks ago and the Google rep there said that there's about 3 Pixels on display in the country, so if you want to see it live you need to waylay someone who's bought it to get a lookfeel10:17
kvarleyMyrtti: No but everybody who has is in love with it10:17
MyrttiI know10:17
MyrttiI'm trying to talk myself out of ordering it10:18
SuperMattit's a bit steep price wise10:18
SuperMattwhat's the disk space like?10:18
kvarleyBut it is massively over spec10:18
Myrtti16GB for wifi only model10:18
SuperMattI don't understand why a web browser needs such high spec ;)10:18
kvarleyAnd it's google so it's gonna be a very nice bit of kit10:18
kvarleyWith it though you can run Chrome OS and Linux at the same time10:18
popeyi notice it has an internal sata port10:18
MyrttiI think the LTE version has 32GB10:19
popeysorry, mini pcie10:19
popeyso without the 3G card you could potentially add an msata card for more storage10:19
AlanBellit has a useful aspect ratio screen10:19
Myrttiwell I'm using about 8.8 with my Debian at the moment, and I don't game so I don't really care that much. All my bulky data is on an external harddrive10:19
Myrtti(which is at the moment mounted upstairs on the Viglen)10:19
Myrttiit just would be nice to have a new, fairly top speck laptop once in my life10:20
kvarleyMyrtti: I tried to talk myself out of the Nexus 10, it didn't happen. Google hardware is so nice & it's probably more open than any other laptop you'd get.10:21
ali1234doesn't it cost about the same as a macbook pro?10:22
kvarleyali1234: probably cheaper knowing Apple10:22
kvarleyIt's better spec screen wise than the retina macbook anyway isn't it?10:22
Myrttiali1234: if it were the same price, I'd pick Google anytime ^____^10:22
* brobostigon hugs his nexus7. 10:23
ali1234pretty similar really10:23
ali1234the pixel is slightly cheaper10:23
ali1234to be honest i think i would pick the mac10:23
Myrttiwith a touch screen (for which I can't think any use for tho)10:23
ali1234probably get better support10:23
ali1234it's funny that the two best products are apple and google laptops and nobody cares about microsoft's rubbish tablet10:24
ali1234so the pixel is $200 cheap than the macbook pro... but the mac completely destroys it in specs10:26
SuperMattThe one thing that stops me from getting a mac is the bloody keyboard10:26
ali1234that's a good point10:27
popeyapple support > google support10:28
ali1234it's a pretty close fight really10:28
ali1234which is kind of interesting10:28
ali1234i can't afford either of these things though10:28
ali1234unless someone is selling them for bitcoins10:28
Myrttiwell if there's any problems while I'd be in Finland, there's no difference between apple and google support. Neither have official direct presence in support there.10:29
directhexi don't think popey has good things to say about google support10:34
bigcalm_laptopHi peeps :)10:35
Myrttiyeah I've read the saga10:35
Myrttibigcalm_laptop: hiya10:35
bigcalm_laptopHey Myrtti :)10:35
bigcalm_laptopMyrtti: you and Duncan joining us for the RAT in September?10:35
Myrttihe doesn't drink anything with alcohol and I don't drink beer, so it would be a bit of lost cause for us I'm afraid10:36
bigcalm_laptopMyrtti: they have more than just ale. A rather fine cider for one, wine in the bar and soft drinks as wewll10:37
bigcalm_laptopBut it's not for everybody :)10:37
ali1234hmmmmmm did a microsoft certificate get revoked recently?10:40
Myrttibigcalm_laptop: I'll have to ask him, it's a bit more tricky nowadays tho with his 8.30 - 17.30 office job.10:44
bigcalm_laptopMyrtti: fair enough :)10:45
Myrttibloody meerkats.10:45
SuperMattdangit! my company meeting is on the same night as what *would* be the raring release party11:02
bigcalm_laptopSuperMatt: have the meeting at the release party11:05
SuperMattwell, our company meetings tend to end up at the pub...11:06
SuperMattbut that'll be here in oxford circus, rather than at the hip south bank of london11:07
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MartijnVdSWhen/where is the Raring party?11:17
SuperMattit hasn't been decided yet11:18
popeywat! snow!11:18
SuperMattit'll probably be on the 25th, which is the predicted release day11:18
SuperMattcomic shop time!11:19
SuperMattback in a mo11:19
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bigcalm_laptoppopey: are birthday wishes in order?12:37
popeyI just blew out some candles atop some profiter roles12:37
popeyhttp://popey.com/webcam/ not showing up much12:37
bigcalm_laptoppopey: happy thingy wotsit to you :)12:38
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kvarleyOT: are all car cd player bay sizes the same?12:46
popeykvarley: there are standards12:47
popeyDIN D, DIN E etc12:47
kvarleypopey: Ah ok, if I pull the thing out will it say on it somewhere?12:47
kvarleyActually I could just measure it12:47
davmor2popey: I second bigcalm_laptop 's sentiment12:47
popeyThere is this thing called the internet ☺12:47
kvarleypopey: heh12:47
kvarleythanks popey12:49
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kvarleyCan I have SSH setup to use authorized hosts but not on a certain IP?13:46
kvarleyAs in it will deny any unknown hosts from a foreign IP but from known IPs it will skip the check13:46
brobostigonhow do i view an email header in gmails web view?13:47
Myrtti"see original"13:48
kvarleyUrgggh apparently uninstalling an app you just bought results in a refund on Android :(14:03
popeydepends on the timeline14:04
kvarleyI had the free version of an app installed then bought the pro and accidentally then removed the pro instead of the free version14:04
brobostigonthank you Myrtti14:05
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kvarleyBuying printers has to be the most boring task ever14:36
popeyprinters are devices for causing pain14:37
bigcalm_laptopPrinter is on fire14:37
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kvarleypopey: they work fine ... when you don't need them. As soon as you need to print something urgently all hell breaks loose14:38
popeythey also sometimes print stuff14:38
kvarleyhehe yeah14:38
kvarleyThe model numbers make my head hurt14:38
kvarleyWhy they can just say "Inkjet Mono V3" etc I don't know14:38
Myrttiinlaws are probably buying Samsung monolaser-multitasker14:44
kvarleyI've got a problem with my parents tho, they both like colour14:45
kvarleyI keep finding good printers then realising they have only 1 colour cartridge. Separate cartridges are meant to be better aren't they?14:46
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dogmatic69_for some reason a ssh tunnel I created keeps breaking. It was working ok yesterday15:15
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shaunothey can be quite fussy.  if it drops for any reason (hey, the internet's a scary place), and your end notices first, when it reconnects it won't be able to bind the ports that the remote version still has held open on the 'ghost'.  or vice versa.  especially when ssh-agent comes into play, and can keep them propped open when you're not watching15:19
dogmatic69shauno: I think this time it was actually my internet that dropped.15:20
dogmatic69I am gonna just make a cron to keep connecting if the connection is not there.15:21
kvarleyDoes anybody know where XFWM4 stores the keyboard shortcuts configuration? I want to change the key used to grab and move windows via a config file. (The gui only lets you choose set options)15:21
bigcalm_laptopdavmor2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cqg503pqu815:45
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livingdaylightHi, anyone know about the lenovo ideapad S206 amd processor?17:00
popeyE1-1200 isnt it?17:01
livingdaylightalso, is dual-booting and generally installing Ubuntu on Windows8 machines as simple and straightforward as it ever has fbee17:01
livingdaylight*has been?17:01
livingdaylightthey're going cheap on eBay, and I'm considering it, but, for the amd processor and with the graphics card whether Ubuntu is going to be a smooth experience17:03
livingdaylightpopey: don't know about E1-120017:03
popeynever used one17:03
livingdaylightAMD Dual Core E1200 1.3GHz  i see what you mean now - yes.17:04
livingdaylightooops, that's not a resounding endorsement on askubuntu - I'm glad I asked - thank you, popey17:05
livingdaylighthas a nice mac-look and keyboard, no hd and 11.6 - good for on the move17:05
livingdaylight£229 a good price though. One person who responded on askubuntu seems to suggest that the speed issue can be ameliorated if the correct driver is installed17:10
livingdaylightintegrated DirectX 11 graphics so different than the toshiba on askubuntu, popey17:12
livingdaylightkrikey http://clip2net.com/s/4RzTqT17:52
Myrttilivingdaylight: :-D :-C17:53
livingdaylightthat's new to me17:53
livingdaylightmust be a while since I've gone to a torrent site17:53
MartijnVdSnaughty livingdaylight ;)17:54
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livingdaylightsilly cat and mouse games17:57
aquariusanyone know about bind mounts? I don't think I understand them. Imagine that I have a drive /dev/sdb, not mounted, ext3. In the root of that drive I have a folder, /stuff. Can I mount that /stuff folder on /home/aquarius/things? That is: on the drive, there is /stuff/file.ext. I would like that to be available as /home/aquarius/things/file.ext. I can mount /dev/sdb /somewhereelse and then mount --bind18:14
aquarius/somewhereelse/stuff /home/aquarius/things, but I'd like to not have to do the somewhereelse step18:14
MartijnVdSisn't a bind mount just a "symlink" mount?18:15
MartijnVdSas in, a copy of a mount at a different mount point18:15
MartijnVdSno wait18:16
aquariuswell. you seem to be able to bind mount a *subfolder* of a mounted thing at a different mountpoint, as well as the mount root.18:16
MartijnVdSit's a view of a _directory_ in another place on the filesystem18:16
aquariusbut what I want to do is bind mount the subfolder without mounting the drive first :)18:16
MartijnVdSunpossible, except maybe on network file systems18:16
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aquariusdarn. that's what I thought you were going to say.18:17
MartijnVdSbtrfs can sort-of do it with subvolumes18:18
MartijnVdSyou can specify the subvolume to mount18:19
aquariusI shall just have to mount it and then bind mount it.18:23
aquariusbah humbug :)18:23
mungbeanmega fail. cannot make payment into wifes isa due to unkonwn error19:31
mungbeantoday is last da yright?19:31
penguin42mungbean: Of course the question is whether the unknown error actually took the money or not19:34
bigcalmdavmor2: I went to Halfords and ordered a unit. They'll also fit it. Hope to have it by Tuesday next week20:14
bigcalmI've made it to the pointless fire puzzles in Opposing Forces. Every good game has its silly bits20:21
popeybah, just shut my desktop down, its in the middle of being backed up, so wont actually shutdown20:23
popeythis is a good/bad thing20:23
bigcalmIt means you can chat on here for a little longer!20:23
popeytwo computers20:24
popeyits the other one20:24
popeysee the silly mug I got for bday?20:25
bigcalmDoes it feel creepy?20:26
bigcalmWill it explode all other mugs in the cupboard?20:26
* StevenR_ wonders why amazon won't load20:32
StevenR_and lo, it loads. *sigh*20:33
penguin42StevenR_: I had a failure to load earlier on amazon as well - worked 2nd time20:33
mungbeandear car people, why did my car need jump start today? battery and alternator are <1yr old20:45
popeylights left on?20:49
popeydoor left open?20:49
popeylots of short journeys with lots of power items in use and not enough time to charge20:49
mungbeana bit of the latter but it a new battery so thought that was a biy extreme20:51
mungbeannot charging anything or blowing air con on max20:51
popeyair con. get you20:53
mungbeanair con = hot blowers :)20:55
popeymy air con has been busted for years20:55
directhexwe have a 12000 btu air con20:55
directhexfor the chinchillas20:55
mungbeanwhat noise do they ch make?20:55
mungbeansorry typing one handed, too much to type20:56
mungbeanholding baby, nothing rude20:56
Myrttimungbean: something is shorting the system?20:57
mungbeanits possible Myrtti20:57
popeyits not a mini is it?20:57
MyrttiI want a mini, what's wrong with minis?20:57
mungbeanfocus estate diesel20:57
popeyI have had two experiences of shorting out in minis20:57
Myrtti(I need a licence first)20:57
directhexthey mostly don't make noise20:57
directhexthey quack when annoyed though20:57
mungbeanthey are girls cars, but Myrtti is a girl so its ok.20:57
directhexthey bark like a duck when disturbed.20:57
mungbeanthey get grumpy too lol20:58
mungbeanmy aceqauninatance has a non speakinng one20:59
mungbeananyone used mediahint.com?20:59
mungbeanthey also live for loads of years dony they?20:59
directhexabout the same as a cat20:59
directhexif they die of old age21:00
popeyon one occasion the earth strap came away from the engine of a mini. So the only way the engine was grounded was through the carb, then through the accelerator cable. but it only grounded when foot was placed hard down on pedal, as the pedal hit the bulkhead21:00
popeyit would spark and then weld the accelerator pedal down to the floor21:00
popeyso the car would be stuck on full blast21:00
popeywhich was fun and dangerous in equal measure21:00
popeyon the second occasion the live wire from the battery (which is in the boot) runs along side the (hot) exhaust pipe to the engine at the front.21:01
popeyrattle rattle exhaust, shakey shakey, rubs against live wire, eventually melting coating and shorting out the battery, intermittently cutting out the car21:01
popeyhilarious at 2AM on a dark road21:02
shaunowelding the accelerator pedal down is about the only way my old mini would have got past 7021:02
popeyali1234: still have your n900? apparently the maemo repos are back up?21:03
Myrttinow there's a name I've not heard for a while21:06
mungbeanremember when you could actually find the books you want in a library? my london library cataloguie search features an amazon banner..i know why21:09
popeylibraries.. i remember those21:09
ali1234popey: yes i still have it. i don't use it and i certainly wouldn't try to update the software on it21:10
ali1234last time i tried, apt-get update took about 2 hours21:10
mungbeanyeah, have been going with my son lately but adult selection across the borough is lame21:10
ali1234and it does it every time you launch the package manager, and after every time you install a package21:10
mungbeanby adult, i mean books for grown ups, rather than smut, of which there is a lot of21:11
ali1234i didn't even know the repos went down tbh21:11
mungbean50 shades has a lot to answer for21:11
directhexi support 50 shades21:12
directhexit's terrible erotica, and a poor portrayal of bdsm lifestyle21:12
directhexbut it's made it okay to talk about bdsm in the supermarket. which i think is healthy for society21:12
mungbeannot sure if joking or not21:13
directhexjust as sex & the city made it okay for "normal women" to talk about vibes. i don't like the show as a show, but it broke a barrier21:13
* popey chuckles at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DTtyyaPFe821:13
mungbeanreminds me of the pulp fiction they produced in 1984 to keep the proles from thinking about anything21:14
ali1234popey that demo is awful21:14
popeyyeah, but it was one of the only ones I saw back in the day21:15
* popey retires with beer, nuts and jonathan creek21:16
mungbeanjust realised ive had my white noise running for 2 hrs without noticing,21:17
mungbeanreminds me of working in a modern office with a/c21:17
mungbeanwatche jon creek yesterday21:18
andylockrancan anyone help me set up a direct ethernet connection between a macbook pro 8,1 and a Acer Revo (running ubuntu) ?21:23
andylockrani'm not sure if a crossover ethernet cable is required?21:23
dwatkinsandylockran: if the interfaces are gigabit, no22:04
ali1234so how do i use apparmor then?22:18
ali1234like say i've got this program and i want to limit the files it can open...22:18
penguin42ali1234: See some example in /etc/apparmor.d22:19
ali1234can i do system wde stuff? like "only this binary can access these files"22:20
penguin42not that I'm aware of with apparmor22:21
penguin42ali1234: Right, so you're trying to do something like only let your bitcoin wrangler have access to your wallet?22:22
ali1234specifically i want to stop all the daemons from looking at each other's stuff22:24
penguin42so I don't think that's possible with apparmor, I think it's only a way to lock down a specific process/tree22:24
ali1234i currently have: bitcoind, namecoind, litecoind, ixcoind, i0coind, ppcoind, terracoind, nvccoind, solidcoind, mincoind, bytecoind22:25
penguin42ali1234: You *can* do it with selinux in full enforce mode but it's a true PITA - and somewhere between impossible really hard with Uubntu22:25
ali1234and i don't want any of them to be stealing my wallets22:25
penguin42ali1234: Why don't you drop your bitcoins into a vm, and encrypt that VMs storage from the VM side; yes it would be possible to do it from a hacked host but a heck of a lot harder22:26
ali1234because i would need 11+ VMS22:26
ali1234i want to prevent terracoind from stealing my bitcoin wallet22:27
ali1234and sending it to terracoin developer22:27
penguin42why would you need multiple VMs?22:27
ali1234one for bitcoin, one for terracoin22:28
ali1234one each for the other 922:28
penguin42sorry, I don't know the details of bitcoins/terracoins etc22:28
ali1234they are all identical22:28
ali1234they all store a wallet.dat with your private keys22:28
ali1234i want to protect that file by only allowing one binary on the system to read it22:29
penguin42ok, then I think the only thing that can do that is selinux22:29
ali1234so if i make a selinux VM?22:29
penguin42ali1234: yeh, it's probably easiest to use Fedora/CentOS for that - although you might be able to get away with Ubuntu since you're only trying to protect a few files22:30
penguin42ali1234: (but you also have to protect all the processes that can access them I guess)22:30
penguin42ali1234: Be aware that SElinux is quite tricky to get right; but again because you're only really trying to protect a few files it may be easier22:32
penguin42ali1234: is it not more practical to protect this from a network point of view if your worry is about where it connects to?22:35
penguin42ali1234: The other thing you could try looking at is either containters or simple chroots22:36
ali1234it's p2p so that is not really practical22:36
penguin42ali1234: If you;re worry is about specific processes then you can just run those as different users, and/or run with apparmor, trying to make sure nothing else can access a specific file is much harder22:37

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