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tsdgeosSaviq: "The Unity Next shell, written in Qt/QML" looks a bit weird in https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity/tweak-desktop-file/+merge/15687108:36
tsdgeosdo I really care if it's written in Qt at all?08:37
Saviqtsdgeos, suggestions?08:37
tsdgeosSaviq: i'd drop the "written in..." part08:37
Saviqtsdgeos, k08:37
Saviqtsdgeos, "The converged Unity shell"?08:38
tsdgeosSaviq: that looks even better :-)08:39
Saviqtsdgeos, pushed08:39
tsdgeosSaviq: what does the "// FIXME: need to clean up unused filters on countChanged " mean with clean up?08:55
Saviqtsdgeos, what's the context?08:55
tsdgeosSaviq: categories.cpp08:56
Saviqtsdgeos, ah08:56
Saviqtsdgeos, it needs to del the filters that are beyond current category count08:56
Saviqtsdgeos, i.e. if there were 10 categories, but there are just 5 now08:56
Saviqtsdgeos, we don't delete the corresponding CategoryFilter08:57
tsdgeosi see08:57
Saviqtsdgeos, very improbable that this would happen, but need to do nevertheless08:57
seb128sil2100, mmrazik: you still have some TODO items on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-r-ps-processes ... could you update their status (POSTPONED them if that's not likely happening for raring since that's a raring spec)?08:59
mmrazikseb128: ack. Not sure why I missed this as I was going through my WI recently :-/09:00
seb128mmrazik, thanks09:00
mhr3_Saviq, if i want a ppa that's installable on the current phone image, it should be for quantal, right?09:06
Saviqmhr3_, +109:06
sil2100seb128: looking!09:14
seb128sil2100, thanks09:14
mmrazikdidrocks: ubuntu-ui-toolkit is released daily so the staging ppa should die, right?09:17
didrocksmmrazik: it's not, kenvandine is reponsible for it and he needs to evaluate the testing story09:19
mmrazikdidrocks: ok09:19
didrocksmmrazik: I'll keep you posted :)09:19
mmrazikdidrocks: I'm just moving the autolanding jobs to cupstream2distro... thats why I'm asking09:19
mmrazikso I'll migrate the staging ppa as well09:19
mmrazikand it can be removed once the daily release is happening09:19
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didrocksmmrazik: that's fine :)09:24
didrocksmmrazik: it's in the platform stack (for head)09:24
om26erpopey, hey09:25
mmrazikdidrocks: ack09:25
mmrazikdidrocks: btw. I'm adding this stuff to both raring and head in case both versions exists09:25
mmrazikdid it yesterday for misc.cfg09:25
didrocksmmrazik: hum, ok09:26
sil2100Is there any nice way of checking on which blueprints I have work-items to do? ;)09:26
mmrazikdidrocks: the rationale is that when people move from to_transition they can just copy&paste09:27
mmraziki.e. the autolanding configuration is ready. It just needs to be moved from to_transition09:27
didrockssil2100: rather go to status.ubuntu.com09:27
didrockssil2100: and check for your name09:27
popeyhello om26er09:27
om26erpopey, i have packages for both precise and quantal here: https://launchpad.net/~om26er/+archive/unity now you can do the before/after autopilot testing09:28
didrocksmmrazik: ok, we need to think about it in the future, but yeah, for bootstrapping, it makes sense09:28
popeyom26er: no problem09:28
om26erpopey, thanks09:28
popeyom26er: I generally do one before run and two after runs.. so this will take some hours to do all 6 runs09:30
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om26erpopey, some hours = 5-6 hours ?09:43
om26erif its regression free everything is fine09:44
popeyom26er: yes, about an hour each run10:13
Saviqpaulliu, can you https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity-lens-applications/phablet.release-for-quantal/+merge/157071 ?10:23
tsdgeosSaviq: he said he was off today, no10:25
Saviqtsdgeos, can you, then?10:26
tsdgeosdamn! /me hides10:26
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guschSaviq: what's the status here? https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/gallery-app-app-icon/+merge/15665910:41
Saviqgusch, right, jenkins didn't give up a package, so I failed to look at it10:41
Saviqgusch, will do so soon10:41
guschSaviq: thx10:42
tsdgeosgusch: there?11:02
guschtsdgeos: yep11:02
tsdgeosgusch: there's something weird in the gallery app11:03
tsdgeosi am on the phone running top11:03
tsdgeosand when opening a photo11:03
guschtsdgeos: well - only "something"? ;)11:03
tsdgeosthe cpu use of the gallery is like at 30% all the time11:03
guschtsdgeos: that's a new one11:03
guschtsdgeos: which build?11:03
tsdgeoson the "Events" view it's fine, i.e. doesn't show on top since nothing is being done11:03
tsdgeosbut viewing a photo gives me 30% of gallery-app and 10% of surfaceflinger11:04
tsdgeosgusch: 55 i think11:04
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guschtsdgeos: ok - I'll check that11:04
tsdgeosgusch: want me to file a bug?11:05
kgunnSaviq: hey...sorry, meeting w/o reminders again11:05
guschtsdgeos: ok - use the goodhope project11:06
Saviqkgunn, hum?11:06
kgunnSaviq: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/eb9b3dff4b681118ba7bfbce0281dc50686bb26711:06
Saviqkgunn, nothing in my calendar...11:06
Saviqkgunn, coming11:06
kgunnSaviq: totally my fault....didn't add you11:06
nic-doffayUp for review again: https://code.launchpad.net/~nicolas-doffay/unity/page-header-test/+merge/15524211:07
tsdgeoshas anyone experienced that using run_on_device11:50
tsdgeosand then Ctrl+Cing11:50
tsdgeosthe next run_on_device doesn't get any of the lenses up?11:50
tsdgeosit's a bit of a pain to have to reboot it all the time :/11:54
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kgunnSaviq: massive apologies for being a goofball & missing you on the invite12:04
Saviqkgunn, that's fine12:05
Saviqgood I didn't miss it12:05
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kgunninteresting.... http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/04/how-to-run-unity-next-on-your-desktop12:21
kgunnwonder if we'll get an earful today...let's hope hud keeps building :)12:22
guschSaviq: no idea how to test it, but I now install one png, and do it in /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mobile/app/14412:23
Saviqgusch, « Image { source: "image://gicon/gallery-app" } » needs to work12:24
Saviqgusch, that's all12:24
guschSaviq: ah - good point - I'll test it12:25
Saviqkgunn, should be fine, we've put a fail prevention system in ;)12:25
Saviqkgunn, i.e. hardcoded revision numbers of hud and friends known to be working ;)12:26
kgunnSaviq: yeah...there's just a real life race condition on when that went up people pulled vs when we fixed12:27
Saviqkgunn, it's going to be fine, really ;)12:27
Saviqkgunn, and anyway, that post is two days old ;)12:28
nic-doffaySaviq, I pushed more changes to that test again. Mind taking a look? https://code.launchpad.net/~nicolas-doffay/unity/page-header-test/+merge/15524212:31
Saviqnic-doffay, will do12:31
jibelfginther, FYI ps-generic-autopilot-release-testing is running for nearly 4hours and there is an error on the console12:31
jibel<13>Apr  4 08:33:41 dx-autopilot-intel in-target: /home/jenkins/utah_ap_stuff/resources/pin_ppa.sh: line 8: /etc/apt/preferences.d/custom-ubuntu-unity/experimental-prevalidation-400: No such file or directory12:31
MacSlowSaviq, when you have a moment... I'm almost done with addressing all the remarks on https://code.launchpad.net/~macslow/unity/phablet-notification-renderer but I'm currently stuck with the getting margins work again inside a notification and the labels no longer wrap correctly12:32
jibelfginther, could you have a look?12:32
SaviqMacSlow, the label need « width: x - parent.width » probably12:32
SaviqMacSlow, and body anchored to summary on the right12:33
MacSlowSaviq, ah... ok.. I though I was meant to avoid that as much as possible... in that case that'll be easy12:33
SaviqMacSlow, you can't in that case12:33
MacSlowSaviq, I bet you like the overall layout better now12:33
SaviqMacSlow, a Row requires its children to be sized explicitely12:34
SaviqMacSlow, and since you want to fill the row, you just find out the width of the label that will fill the row12:34
SaviqMacSlow, make that « width: parent.width -x », of course ;)12:35
SaviqMacSlow, yeah, using positioners makes the code much more readable (and flexible, for that matter)12:35
MacSlowSaviq, only drawback... I'll probably have to redo the work on the confirmation type12:37
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MacSlowbut maybe it won't be as much now that the layout adapts more dynamically12:37
SaviqMacSlow, hmm yeah, there's no way to center in a Row, but should be relatively easily workaroundable12:38
SaviqMacSlow, why sourceSize == 2 * parentSize?12:39
MacSlowSaviq, if I use the same size as the normal width/height the icons get very blurry... 2 times seems like a fair compromise between reducing memory-consumption and visual quality12:40
SaviqMacSlow, they shouldn't get blurry, something's wrong, then, if source size is exactly the size you're using them at12:41
SaviqMacSlow, btw, for the confirmation... I think it the layout difference is big enough to warrant a separate component12:42
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SaviqMacSlow, there isn't ever going to be text in a confirmation, just icon and bar, right?12:42
MacSlowSaviq, regarding the blurriness... maybe I'm just to picky :)12:43
SaviqMacSlow, no no, if you can see the difference, then there's something wrong12:43
MacSlowSaviq, regarding the confirmation... separate component sounds like an easier approach compared to trying to stuff it in the same12:43
SaviqMacSlow, yup12:43
paulliuSaviq: sorry, missed that MR.12:44
Saviqpaulliu, ?12:44
MacSlowSaviq, the interactive one can probably stay in the current component... as it basically just adds a mouseArea12:44
paulliuSaviq: aacid just approved it.12:45
Saviqpaulliu, k12:45
SaviqMacSlow, yup12:45
SaviqMacSlow, I'm seeing two components, really - Confirmation+Placeholder, and then the rest12:45
MacSlowSaviq, there's really a difference in quality between using and not using sourceSize12:47
SaviqMacSlow, that's for PNG?12:47
MacSlowSaviq, yes12:47
guschSaviq: yep - current version works12:52
SaviqMacSlow, here's some comparison http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5676539/12:59
SaviqMacSlow, I can see what you're seeing12:59
SaviqMacSlow, but don't necessarily understand12:59
Saviqgusch, that's weird, I don't get it... the ebay webapp, for example, just ships an icon in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/128/ebay.png13:03
Saviqgusch, and it works13:03
guschSaviq: but someone installs /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mobile/app/144/ebay.png13:04
Saviqgusch, ah13:05
guschSaviq: package ubuntu-mobile it is13:05
Saviqgusch, yeah13:05
Saviqgusch, can you try with putting them in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/128/apps/ ?13:06
guschSaviq: no, doesn't work13:09
guschSaviq: moving to hicolor/128x128/apps/ works13:11
Saviqgusch, I say let's go for that, then13:11
guschSaviq: why not ubuntu-mobile? or in addition?13:12
fgintherjibel, looking13:13
guschSaviq: the "128" is not in the index.theme file of the hicolor theme, no wonder it does not work13:14
Saviqgusch, 'cause this icons are not theme-specific, I'd say13:15
guschSaviq: but the 144 pixel size is - so what about adding it to the ubuntu-mobile and the hicolor theme?13:16
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nic-doffaymzanetti, mind taking another look at this now too? https://code.launchpad.net/~nicolas-doffay/unity/page-header-test/+merge/15524213:20
Saviqgusch, hicolor is not a theme, but anyway, I don't care as long as it works :)13:20
Saviqnic-doffay, he's off until tomorrow13:20
nic-doffayAh ok13:22
guschSaviq: ok - so I'll add 64, 128 and 256 versions to hicolor as well (in addition to the ubuntu-mobile 144 version)13:22
* tsdgeos kicks ActivityIndicator13:24
tsdgeostakes between 40 and 60% of CPU in the Nexus413:24
Saviqkgunn, tsdgeos won't make the standup, can you please take over minutes?13:28
tsdgeosSaviq: kgunn: i can13:29
fgintherjibel, did you do anything to the autopilot run? It just finished...13:45
jibelfginther, nothing, timeout maybe ?13:48
fgintherjibel, ahh, maybe that was it. I was going to suggest aborting so no harm done.13:49
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guschSaviq: I had to do a new MR (or loose some history) so it's here now https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/gallery-app-app-icon/+merge/15711614:02
Saviqgusch, thanks, will get to it when jenkins picks it up14:03
guschSaviq: one update was needed - upsi14:06
cyphermoxmterry: good morning14:09
cyphermoxmterry: you reran the unity tests?14:09
mterrycyphermox, I didn't, I'm guessing didrocks did14:09
cyphermoxnah, he didn't :)14:09
cyphermoxfginther: was it you? ^14:10
fginthercyphase, not I14:10
fginthercyphermox, not I14:10
cyphermoxactually, not that it matter much, but I'll run the indicators next14:10
fginthercyphase, sorry, ignore that14:10
cyphasefginther, no problem, i get that sort of thing all the time :)14:11
mterrycyphase, heh14:11
seb128cyphermox, jenkins tells you who started the job14:12
seb128cyphermox, e.g the most recent unity run ( was from mterry14:12
seb128though that's quite old14:13
mterryseb128, that's Head, not Raring14:13
mterryseb128, trying to get me in trouble...  tsk tsk  ;)14:13
seb128that didn't work though, you got out of it :p14:14
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cyphermoxseb128: well, thinking of it it also doesn't really matter who did start it, it was just curiosity14:19
cyphermoxit was an automated run of unity-raring14:21
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tsdgeosdednick: ping14:29
dednicktsdgeos: pong14:30
tsdgeosdednick: you got that "make sure indicators can be seen in greeter" thing, right?14:30
dednicktsdgeos: correct14:30
tsdgeosdednick: there's a branch with that14:31
tsdgeosyou aware of it?14:31
dednicktsdgeos: no.14:31
tsdgeosdednick: mterry did it14:31
tsdgeoslet me see14:31
tsdgeosnot sure how "done" it is14:32
tsdgeosbut you may want to check with him before starting anything14:32
dednicktsdgeos: ok. thanks.14:32
mterrytsdgeos, dednick: it's "done" in the sense that it works, but there are open questions, like should we disable drag, which features should we disable from the greeter14:33
mterryBut the branch doesn't have bugs that I know of14:33
dednickmterry, tsdgeos: also should open be available if there is no pin. not sure how that is supposed to work on multiuser.14:33
seb128cyphermox, will we have an indicator daily landing today?14:34
cyphermoxthat's what I'm looking at14:34
seb128ok, good14:34
tsdgeosmterry: ok, i was just afraid dednick was going to repeat work that you'd done alrady14:34
Saviqanyone https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity-lens-applications/phablet.release-for-quantal/+merge/157125 ?14:35
seb128cyphermox, we need indicator-messages & co to land first so we can land the fixes from Trevinho for e.g empathy14:35
tsdgeosSaviq: again? :D14:35
mterrydednick, well, if my branch is helpful to you, please steal it14:35
dednickmterry: ta. :) i will14:35
Saviqtsdgeos, stoopid PPA rejected14:35
Saviqtsdgeos, cheers14:36
Saviqdednick, we're going for a single, unlocked, user experience there for now14:36
Saviqdednick, too many open questions with security for multiuser14:36
Saviqdednick, but we do need to know whether we want to disable tapping for the overview menu14:37
dednickSaviq: about tapping. i think that's the only way to get to the device overview panel now isnt it?14:37
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Saviqdednick, it is14:38
Saviqdednick, but we might want to disable it in locked state14:38
Saviqdednick, we need design input there14:38
dednickSaviq: ok14:39
Saviqdednick, I'll try and get that answered in a meeting in 20 mins14:39
dednickSaviq: ta.14:39
cyphermoxseb128: those didn't get caught by the indicator run though, but I'll rerun14:39
cyphermoxseb128: hud, appmenu-gtk, bamf from yesterday's run are still in the queue, anything you can do about that?14:40
dednickmterry: one question about your branch. you removed hiding indicators when greeter shows. surely they shouldnt show together?14:40
mterrydednick, the whole point of the branch is to be able to show both together, right?14:40
seb128cyphermox, ask on #ubuntu-release but I think we are still frozen for beta214:40
dednickmterry: oh right. it's just so it isnt faded out behind.14:41
cyphermoxwell, until that goes through the release stuff is broken :/14:41
didrockshum, how broken? it's pushing a new package with -v<last_version_published_in_distro>14:43
cyphermoxdidrocks: cf. hud, appmenu-gtk, and bamf in indicators-raring, they seem to be just about to upload again with 13.04.0414:44
cyphermoxsince the upload yesterday doesn't show in the archive, since it's not14:44
cyphermox(anyway, I guess that's the reason)14:44
didrockscyphermox: right, because it's not published, but the upload makes sense :)14:44
didrocksand it's doing the -v against the right version14:44
cyphermoxwell, more or less14:44
didrockscyphermox: one thing we could do is request if there is something in the queue14:45
seb128is there any content change compared to the version in the queue?14:45
cyphermoxI can't tell that all the files don't have the right permission14:45
didrocksnot sure if launchpad enables that14:45
cyphermoxdidrocks: it's an issue because once bamf 04.03 clears and I publish, it's going to upload another 04.04 with the same changes14:45
didrockscyphermox: well, with the changelog of the release day, so not exactly the same, but yeah14:46
didrocksso "not an issue", just suboptimal14:46
cyphermoxthe result will still be that I might need to hack changelog again14:46
didrockscyphermox: hum, why?14:46
didrockscyphermox: it will merge it back14:46
cyphermoxah, yeah that's true14:46
didrocksmaybe getPackageUploads() will enable to check a version in the unapproved queue14:47
didrocksbut it needs to enable downloading the source as well14:47
cyphermoxway suboptimal anyway for a freeze period14:47
cyphermoxyou'd get an upload with no bugs closed, etc, not idea what's going on14:47
didrockscyphermox: well, right now, it's not even releasable as the test didn't work :)14:48
cyphermoxthere is that :)14:48
didrocksbut yeah, it's suboptimal, just not "broken"14:48
cyphermoxI disagree14:48
didrockscyphermox: and re: touch apps, did you get any progress btw? :)14:49
cyphermoxfreeze means don't do frivolous uploads ;)14:49
cyphermoxyeah, some14:49
didrockscyphermox: see my question on hud and libhud-qt14:49
cyphermoxI'm having a bit of trouble with testing on powerpc14:49
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didrockscyphermox: also, on daily, patch welcomed btw :)14:49
didrockscyphermox: if you can query the queue, download the source :p14:49
didrocksI'll have a look later14:50
didrocksI don't think though it's the first world problem right now TBH14:50
cyphermoxerr linky the questions you're referring to?14:51
didrockscyphermox: see other channels you are in ;)14:52
dednickmterry: i think the hide has to be there. otherwise if you greeter.show(), it wont hide the indicators. Showing the indicators shouldnt hide the greeter, but actively showing the greeter should hide the indicators.14:52
didrocks16:43:55       didrocks | cyphermox: can we merge lp:hud/phablet in lp:hud? it seems to be the next "big thing"14:52
mterrydednick, where hiding the indicators is just putting them back in the panel, right?  Not hiding them from the panel itself?  Then yah, I agree14:53
mterrydednick, that might have been my confusion originally14:53
dednickmterry: yep.14:54
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tedgSaviq, LOOK A BUILD IN A PPA!  AT LAST!  https://launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/+archive/hud-phablet/+build/446688915:29
Saviqtedg, nice ;) how do you expect to get it on the phone?15:30
tedgSaviq, I don't?  :-)15:30
tedgSaviq, Trying to get it in Ubuntu right now.  Then I'll be ready when the phone uses that.15:31
Saviqtedg, k15:31
* tedg hopes that's soon15:31
dandraderSaviq,  What's that foo@NUMBER.png naming scheme on image filenames?15:32
Saviqdandrader, the NUMBER is what GRID_UNIT_PX value the asset is for15:32
Saviqdandrader, the image loaders will select one with the closest NUMBER to current GRID_UNIT_PX15:33
Saviqdandrader, to avoid unnecessary scaling15:33
dandraderSaviq, once you prune the UnityNext history, do you also plan to move all the remaining graphics from it? (e.g. fake app screenshots)15:35
Saviqdandrader, the fake app screenshots are still used on the desktop, so those would probably remain for now15:35
Saviqdandrader, or we can replace them with a generic "app name" component, too15:36
Saviqdandrader, that will only hold some text15:36
Saviqdandrader, we probably don't care about the images themselves15:36
Saviqdandrader, obviously app icons need to go away when we get to a point when we can replace them with working backends15:37
dandraderSaviq,  they're relatively big. and we could in theory be asked to remove some of them as we are using some trademarked material without the respective holder's authorizations and [more legal bla-bla-bla here]15:39
Saviqdandrader, I agree, but we can't just get rid of them now (we could move them to the demo-assets package)15:40
dandraderI think I saw a bug about it flying around somewhere in launchpad already. of Microsoft asking they Skype icon to be removed from some repo15:40
seb128Trevinho, are you happy with lp:~3v1n0/empathy/empathy-activate-with-platform-data or do you want to do any change after the upstream review?15:40
Saviqdandrader, we simply don't yet have all the backends in place to fill those in dynamically15:41
Trevinhoseb128: upstream asked me to split it... so it should be fine for us how it is anyway15:44
Trevinhoseb128: however, if you want perfectly matching upstream/ubuntu patches wait few minutes :)15:45
seb128Trevinho, ok, let me know when your merge request is ready15:45
Trevinhoseb128: cool thanks15:45
bschaeferSaviq, hey, was just running the phablet branch, and I saw the Installed category bar is a bit off: http://i.imgur.com/R5sZe7K.jpg15:46
bschaeferjust in case you weren't aware :)15:46
Saviqbschaefer, yeah, it's a QT bug15:46
Saviqbschaefer, https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-28403?page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels:changehistory-tabpanel15:47
bschaeferSaviq, o cool! Hopefully that gets fixed soon15:47
Saviqbschaefer, it looks awesome with the desktop launcher next to it :D15:47
Saviqlooks like we're almost there ;)15:47
bschaeferSaviq, yes it does! I really like the look of it :), I got stuck in phone mode for a bit though haha15:48
Saviqonly the top bar is duplicated unnecessarily ;)15:48
bschaeferyeah, but that wont be a problem when its not running on its own standalone app15:48
bschaeferor, there will have to be some work with the decorator, but thats later work15:49
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dednickSaviq: any decision on that indicator tap from design?16:10
Saviqdednick, nope, we'll need to wait for next week when Katie comes back16:10
dednickSaviq: ok, no problem. I'll just put it on hold.16:11
sil2100ChrisTownsend: ping16:18
seb128mterry, hey, do you know if there is likely going to be an unity landing today?16:23
WaltherHello folks! I'd like to propose a small feature - the split screen feature is awesome as is, but would it be possible / feasible for you to add a quarter-screen split possiblity as well?16:24
WaltherIt's basically the only thing I'm currently missing from Unity, and the sole reason why i've tried some other wm's (tiling ones)16:25
mterryseb128, let me check the rebuild16:25
mterryseb128, check job is still running  :-/16:26
dandradergreyback, is there a design on how the "closing an application from its dash tumbnail" should work and look like?16:32
seb128mterry, is that normal or is it stucked?16:32
greybackdandrader: nope16:33
greybackdandrader: long press should engage a delete mode. In that mode, close buttons appear on the top right of the icon. If oyu tap the icon, the app is closed16:33
greybackdandrader: I think tapping outside the list of icons  stops delete mote16:33
greybackdandrader: You could also darken the area that is not relevant. But that's really all I've got.16:34
WaltherBut yeah, any opinions on possible quarter-screen split?16:34
dandradergreyback, so all running app thumnails will get on delete mode, right?16:34
greybackdandrader: yep16:34
mterryseb128, it takes 2 to 3 hours total to do a build/check run, I think this is probably normal.  It seems to almost be done16:34
WaltherIt could for example be binded to ctrl-super-(two arrows according to which corner), and hence be consistent with the current keybindings16:35
seb128mterry, ok, I was mostly asking because the current raring version has a "unity segfault when closing nautilus" that quite some users seem to be hitting (and which is fixed in trunk)16:38
mterryseb128, :(16:38
Walther...or do you guys think I should post it to brainstorm=16:39
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kgunnguys, check out what kdub has done https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZ_iIZg4Xbw17:08
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kgunnSaviq: dandrader greyback paulliu Cimi dednick  ^17:09
greybackvery nice17:10
dednicknice. that res is that running at?!17:10
Saviqkgunn, nice17:12
kgunndednick: i think its 1280x76817:13
kgunnwxga....or close to it17:14
Cimihere we go with our hero :)17:16
Cimikdub, nice video17:16
kdubthanks Cimi17:17
mterryfginther, mmrazik: are the current autopilot jobs on jenkins OK?  They seem to be running long17:19
mterryseb128, ^17:20
seb128mterry, thanks17:20
fginthermterry, didrocks and I implemented a change yesterday to consolidate the autopilot jobs into 1 generic job. I'm investigating what's wrong17:46
mterryfginther, cool, thanks!17:47
Siekaczquestion about current unity: Sandy Brigde + Active blur in dash is a disaster, any hope for 13.04 to resolve that?17:54
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SiekaczI bet it is a harder problem and wouldn't it be solved like this http://cl.ly/image/1p3B3X163x0b? (just blurred, static wallpaper)17:57
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dandraderping greyback20:07
greybackdandrader: pong20:10
dandradergreyback, do you known where the ApplicationImage component (presumably from Ubuntu.Application module) comes from (which package or dir)?20:10
greybackdandrader: your presumption is correct. Look for the qtubuntu package20:11
dandradergreyback, hmm so it comes along ubuntu's qt platform plugin? interesting...20:13
greybackdandrader: yep20:13
greybackdandrader: lp:qtubuntu I think is the repo20:14
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WaltherBtw, any unity devs around?20:30
WaltherI'm just wondering if in addition to the window split feature there could be a quarter-split option (familiar from tiling window managers). At least imho it would be very useful and convenient, and the keybindings could logically be ctrl-super-(two arrows at once)20:31
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