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grantbowMarkDude: is the Pi running Ubuntu?20:22
bkerensagrantbow: Ubuntu does support the Pi20:25
bkerensawell not any supported releases of Ubuntu anyways20:25
bkerensaThe arm chip on the Pi is too old20:25
* grantbow nods20:33
philipballewpleia2, Must be nice to see your home state in the news!22:26
darthrobotTitle: [Georgia high school to host first integrated prom | kvue.com Austin]22:26
pleia2philipballew: haha, I only lived there for like 18 months :)22:28
* pleia2 has too many home states22:29
philipballewthat could be nice!22:30
* philipballew is unsure where to call home these days22:30
raevolmounting remote folders by ssh in nautilus23:11
raevoli love linux23:11
philipballewraevol, it sure is easy sometimes23:13
raevolyou know what is strange23:14
raevolso our router doesn't have QoS23:14
raevolso anything that wants to shut it down basically can, with too much traffic23:14
raevolbut consistently that is the mac computers on our network23:14
raevoland i have no idea why...23:15
raevolwell, i mean it's when they run system updates23:15
raevolbut what is it about mac system update traffic that just houses a network?23:15
raevolreading about how to set up a local apt-mirror23:24
raevoloh linux23:25
raevolyou so nutty23:25
philipballewlinux is weird23:41

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