slestakjcastro: you in?00:19
jrwrensnap-l: how did you declare teh jury duty on your taxes when you were contracting? I missed how to do that and just ate the loss.02:03
snap-ljrwren: IIRC they send you a form for it03:16
snap-lI don't remember, as we were in Belleville when it happened03:16
snap-lor I kept the stub or something03:17
jjesseso here's something awesome I use beautiful widgets on my phone and nexus 7 and both of them are displaying the time as 17:54 instead of 9:5413:54
jjesseand it seems they randomly switched13:54
jjessei don't even know what time zone is 17:5413:57
rick_h_no, I mean we're -4 or -513:57
rick_h_so that'd just be 14/15:0013:57
jjessewell thats silly13:57
rick_h_time.gov is still a java app?!13:58
brouschJava is the only language we can trust with such a task13:59
rick_h_so yea, we're at -4 right now so it's almost 14:00. So you're 4 hours ahead of that. lol, so that's UAE. Time to move14:00
brouschThe Arabs have hacked jjesse!14:01
jjessewoot woot14:01
snap-lhttp://www.geek.com/microsoft/windows-blue-to-be-called-windows-8-1-official-this-summer-1550824/ <- I want to know if this is directly related to the new Marajuana laws that took effect in Washington14:29
brouschug, pypi is flaky today14:59
jrwrenmirror pypi!15:26
rick_h_I didn't say it!15:27
Blazeixisn't pypi always flaky?15:52
Blazeixi think every time i've tried to use it i've had connection issues15:53
rick_h_yea, but there are mirrors, a-d at least. and B/C were up while this was down while A/D where down17:38
rick_h_so if you have mirrors setup ok you should have been ok17:38
rick_h_http://about.travis-ci.org/blog/introducing-mac-ios-rubymotion-testing/ cool19:53
brouschRubyMotion is expensive19:56
snap-lAlso in crack-pipe news: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/geary-a-beautiful-modern-open-source-email-client22:42
snap-lI could probably pledge $20,000 and never have to pay it out.22:42
snap-lI <3 the $2500 goal22:43
snap-lI can travel to your office, at my expense, and sit and code with you.22:43
snap-lI wonder if they have the option to put me up for the night, because JoDee would likely not even let me sleep on the couch after that. :)22:44
brouschDue to pledging $20,000 or due to the geeker in your home office?22:45
greg-gugh, 100k? on indiegogo? never going to happen22:48
greg-gthey didn't even do the flexible option where the get whatever is pledged even without hitting the goal22:48
snap-lbrousch: Due to flying out to San Francisco to hang out and watch them code.22:49
snap-lgreg-g: Honestly, I think it's better that way22:49
greg-gthat they wasted their time making a video? ;)22:49
snap-lThat level of hubris needs to be nipped.22:49
greg-gheh, true22:49
greg-geffing san franciscans22:49
greg-gI guess I shouldn't say that much, Rowan is more san franciscans than most (he was actually born here)22:50
brouschHe is doomed22:50
snap-lBest make plans for homeschooling, or he'll learn all sorts of things in school22:51
snap-llike that the world revolves around him.22:51
brouschHe is in SF. It does!22:51
greg-ggawd, CEO at CC said something just like that once. Mentioned something about timezones and how Pacific is really hard to schedule with anywhere else in the world, and she was like "but we're the center of the world!" in a serious, deadpan, way.22:57
snap-lHow dare she23:02
snap-lAfter all, Eastern Time Zone is God's TImezone23:02
greg-gsnap-l: according to the New Yorkers, you're just biggy-backing off of them23:03
snap-lHey, Detroit has it's own Timezone, so nyah23:05
snap-lAmerica/Detroit, muthafuckas23:06

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