nuvolariafternoon Squirm 00:56
Kilosmorning superfly and others05:30
superflyhi Kilos06:22
Kiloshi Vince-0 07:00
* Kilos sitting on maverick. trying to build up the courage to install 12.02 unity on it09:40
Kiloshi henkj inetpro 09:47
Kiloswonder what happened to jurgens09:47
henkjhi Kilos 09:49
Kiloshi Tonberry 10:01
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
Kilosyo Trixar_za 10:16
Trixar_zaHey Kilos, you've been pretty scarce hey10:16
Kilosyeah been trying to save a 160g drive but looks like its sicker10:17
Kilosmight work as storage only10:17
Kilosalso been sleeping lots10:21
Trixar_zaYeah, I have a old laptop drive I put in an external. It's 160GB drive too and USB 310:21
Trixar_zaYou can use it with a USB 1.1 system, but then it needs you to plugin into two sockets10:22
Kilosthis one does weird things. shows disk sleep on and off10:22
Trixar_zaAnd if you do that, 9 times out of 10, Windows will corrupt the partition10:22
Kiloswhy you use windows on it?10:23
Kilosi formatted my external to ext4 and windows cant even see it10:23
Trixar_zaSo I can copy things from other people10:23
Trixar_zaWorks fine in Linux, even when the partition gets broken10:24
Trixar_zaOh, been meaning to tell you about sakis3g10:25
Trixar_zaSomebody tested the new version I made and his 3G modem could connect where before it wouldn't10:26
Trixar_zaMeaning the modification I made to the 67 files helped10:26
Kilosive never had probs connecting with it, only installing without the site working10:27
Kiloswhy dont you make it a .deb file as well then installs will be easy10:28
Kilosis that major work?10:29
Trixar_zaDebian packages aren't my forte and I probably need to make a site for it now10:29
Trixar_zaOh and find people to make the 64bit and ARM versions10:30
Kiloswell at least you keep busy hey10:30
Kiloswerent you going to capetown after work a while back?10:31
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
Squirmanyone here happen to know if a decent Android phone for sale?13:31
SuperhumanSquirm: what is you budget like?14:29
Superhumanwhat are you looking at spending for the phone?14:29
SquirmSuperhuman: at a stretch, R3k14:29
Squirmmeh, now I like the Nexus 4 :P But it's $300usd, they don't ship to SA so it's a mission to get it here. 14:30
SuperhumanThe best would be to look at the phones in your price range, and the start comparing them on gsmarena.14:35
SuperhumanTook me 2 weeks to decide which phone to take on my upgrade. Settled for the Huawei Ideos X5. Great low/mid range phone.14:36
SuperhumanThe only thing your decicion should be based on; is the hardware. Do you want a big camera, look at Sony Ericsson (they used to have the best cameras in their phones, don't know now).14:39
SquirmSuperhuman: I had the Ideos X515:19
Squirmuntil it was stolen15:19
Squirmnow I can't find where to pay cash for it15:19
ThatGraemeGuySquirm, have heard that that one is pretty good, but don't know personally15:28
ThatGraemeGuyseems decent enough on paper at any rate15:29
Kiloseeek winter has arrived. expected 11°chere tonight and 6°c in joburg16:01
Kiloshi Mezenir ThatGraemeGuy 16:01
ThatGraemeGuy'ello :)16:01
ThatGraemeGuyooooh is it home time already :o16:02
ThatGraemeGuyok i'm off, later peeps!16:05
Kilosgo safe16:05
Kiloshi nlsthzn 16:06
nlsthznhiya uncle Kilos16:06
nlsthznbye :p16:07
Kiloshi superfly 16:49
Kiloswhats actually the diffs between hello and hallo and which one you use when?16:50
superflyKilos: hello = english, hallo = afrikaans16:55
Kilosyou sure superfly .16:55
Kilosim  sure ive seen engelse using hallo16:55
superflyas far as I know16:55
Kilosai! 8ta sick. under 30 kB/s download speed17:09
nuvolario/ alloha17:33
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 17:33
nuvolarilo superfly 17:33
nuvolariand ThatGraemeGuy 17:33
Kilosnaand nuvolari 17:33
nuvolariaand ja dis aand oom17:34
Kilosis die interweb siek of is dit net 8ta nou?17:34
* nuvolari sal liewers ophou stuitig wees, nou-nou kry oom Kilos 'n oorval en bevlieg my :P17:35
nuvolarihmm, my interweb is deels gesond17:35
Kilosai! 8ta baie stadig hier17:35
nuvolaridit lyk my 8ta maak beurte om ons siel te versondig17:36
nuvolarioh hi 40417:36
Kilosja hulle was lang ruk goed en nou ewe skielik grrr17:36
Kilosonder 30 kB/s. was altyd naby 300kB/s17:37
charlgood evening17:37
Kiloshiya charl 17:37
charlhi Kilos 17:38
Kilosdit you read maia's mail about where you are17:38
Kilossmile4ever, you too! good evening17:38
smile4everthanks :D17:38
charlhi smile4ever :)17:38
smile4everslept well? :p17:38
Kilosyes man dod arent you on our list17:38
smile4evernuvolari: waar 404? :p17:39
smile4everhi, charl :)17:39
charlKilos: you mean the mailing list? actually no :)17:39
charli don't belong to any mailing lists anymore17:39
nuvolarismile4ever: http/404: not_found 17:39
not_foundsmile4ever, >.>17:39
charli can't keep up with the flood these days17:39
Kilosmaia wants peeps from all over the world to send pics or something. she is making  a goodie to keep them all17:39
not_foundmaia forwarded the message from a user in US17:40
Kilosai! charl thats sleg17:40
nuvolaridefying the laws of physics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWRwxjh9H_Q (Tareq Alsaadi)17:40
not_foundwould like postcards from all over the world from Ubuntu users17:40
charlis it this mail? https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-za/2013-April/010287.html17:40
not_foundnuvolari, Emirati with to much time :p17:40
nuvolarinot_found: yeah, and money too17:41
Kilosim sure you can snap a pic or 2 there and email them to her17:41
charloh i see this is a forwarded message from Philip Ballew but they didn't include an address of where to send post cards to17:41
not_foundoh, that you can be sure of nuvolari 17:41
not_foundI added the address17:41
not_foundnext post in the thread17:42
nuvolarinot_found: just waiting for my transmitter, I got a Blade MCP X v2 BL to start my 3d training :P17:42
charlah i see it thanks: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-za/2013-April/010290.html17:42
smile4evernuvolari: I know ;) but which link :p17:42
charlinteresting idea17:42
nuvolarismile4ever: heh17:42
smile4everI get it.17:42
nuvolarithat one17:42
Kilosanother idea. what about a photo of you guys as well to add to our ubuntu-za goodie17:44
Kilosso one can put a face to a nick17:44
* not_found is to privacy conscious for that >.>17:45
Kilosai! neelsie. really?17:46
charllol with a nickname like not_found i bet :)17:46
charlobvious is obvious as i say :)17:46
charlwell people who want to can do it, it's optional of course17:46
not_foundwell, my ugly mug is on my wiki page etc :p17:47
Kilosnot_found, would be inna loco book or something man 17:47
nuvolarioom Kilos: 158 kB/s tydens my upgrade17:47
charlsmile4ever: is it still so cold in belgium too? i can't believe it is april17:47
charlit was like a bad april fool's joke except that it isn't over17:48
charlactually the 1st was quite a sunny day here, maybe that was the joke :P17:48
Kilosdis sleg nuvolari  hulle het baie beter gedoen paar weke terug17:48
Kilosgemiddeld van 250 kB/s17:48
Kilosupgrade na wat nuvolari ?17:49
nuvolarinet 'n maintenance upgrade vir ubuntu oom17:49
Kilosjy band kde en unity ne17:50
nuvolarioh, ja maar ek het begin met 'n stock ubuntu, so ek kry al die ander updates ook :-/17:50
nuvolariek jeuk vir Archlinux17:51
nuvolaribaie baie17:51
Kilosek hou meer van altwee as vir xubuntu17:51
nuvolarinee hu uk17:51
nuvolari*hu uh17:51
Kiloskde is lekker maar die gesoek vir desktop is moeite17:52
nuvolariek't op 'n kollega se kde gewerk, dit is uiters frustrerend!17:52
Kilosdit vat n ruk om gewoond te raak maar dan is dit lekker17:53
nuvolarinee jinne, 'n mens moet orals kliek17:53
* not_found going to sleep now... night all17:53
nuvolarinight 40417:53
Kilosnight not_found  sleep tight17:53
Kilosoh ya 40417:53
Kilosthats actually a lekker nick17:54
Kilosaw dont work17:54
Kilosinetpro, ping17:56
inetprogood evening Kilos17:57
Kiloswow are you still alive goosie?17:57
* inetpro never sleeps17:59
Kilosor anything else either lately18:00
inetproKilos: you been very quiet18:00
Kilosive greeted you everyday18:00
Kilosi been busy too18:01
Kiloscontemplating putting 12.04 in place of maverick18:01
inetproKilos: sorry18:06
Kilosfor what?18:07
inetproKilos: for not greeting you18:07
Kilosdont be sorry be careful18:07
Kilosbut you are forgiven anyway18:07
inetprota :-)18:08
inetproso Kilos, what's the problem with 12.04?18:08
inetprowhy just contemplating when you are used to re-install 5 times a day18:09
Kilosnothing but my 160g drive is sick. thats what was causing the disk sleep thing18:09
inetproKilos: you sure?18:09
Kilosonly have kde and maverick working18:09
Kilosyeah went to other drive and no probs at all18:10
inetprokde and maverick?18:10
Kilos2 drives with working 12.04 kde and this 80g with maverick on18:11
inetprokde is not an OS18:11
Kilosyou know what i use man18:11
Kilosmust be ubuntu18:11
smile4evercharl: Yes @ "(19:47:57) charl: smile4ever: is it still so cold in belgium too? i can't believe it is april"18:11
inetprokde is just a de18:11
Kilosja ja18:11
smile4everinetpro: MATE 1.6 is awesome :D18:11
inetproand maverick also had a kde18:11
Kilos12.04 kde18:11
smile4everjust so nostalgic good :)18:12
smile4everI consider using it daily18:12
Kiloshe is a kde man smile4ever 18:12
inetprosmile4ever: I haven't tried MATE18:12
superflyI don't need to try MATE or Cinnamon or Unity or Gnome Shell or XFCE or LXDE18:13
smile4everhttp://www.webupd8.org/2013/04/mate-16-released-install-it-in-ubuntu.html , inetpro18:13
smile4everIt's just GNOME2: fast, logical and straightforward :)18:13
Kiloshim and the fly are die hard kde peeps smile4ever 18:13
* inetpro agrees with superfly, time is better spent on other challenges in life18:13
smile4everKilos: hehe :)18:14
inetprowith kubuntu everything just works18:14
smile4everDon't like their "style" (Qt style in general)18:14
Kiloswith the odd alt+shift+f12 sometimes18:14
superflysmile4ever: then make sure you steer clear of Ubuntu18:16
smile4eversuperfly: hehe, Mint / Debian? ;)18:23
inetprosmile4ever: what's wrong with Qt?18:24
smile4everIt looks like 1990 :)18:24
smile4everGTK+ looks modern18:24
smile4everGTK+ code sucks, Qt code is great :p18:24
smile4everMake Qt with GTK+ looks and we have a perfect gui toolkit18:24
Kilosoh superfly according to the oxford dikpensmerrie hallo and hello are english with same meanings18:27
Kiloseither a call or a greeting18:27
superflysmile4ever: you can make Qt look like whatever you want, either through QSS or via an actual QStyle18:27
Kilosbut the old webster adds hullo and leaves out hallo18:30
smile4eversuperfly: didn't like the default Qt behaviours on all platforms :)18:30
smile4everbut everyone has a different taste :)18:31
* inetpro is seldom happy with any defaults18:32
* smile4ever leaves18:32
smile4evergood night18:32
inetprogoeie nag smile4ever18:32
Kilosnight smile4ever sleep tight18:32
smile4everdankie! :D18:34
Kilosnight all. sleep tight.18:40
magespawngood evening all18:44
magespawnsuperfly i got the travel plans18:46
superflymagespawn: great18:47
magespawnyou are very organised18:48
inetpromagespawn: you mean him or mrs_fly_?18:53
magespawnahh was it mrs_fly_ who did the spread sheet?18:53
* inetpro wonders18:53
superflymagespawn: no, it was me19:33
Squirmdoes anyone know how to check what processor Android is running without installing an app?19:49
magespawnhey Squirm 19:59
magespawnnot too sure butnusually there is something in the settings under about i think20:00
magespawnbut usually20:00
superflySquirm: gsmarena.com ?20:02
Squirmsuperfly: uh20:02
Squirmchinese high clone20:02

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